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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 442: A Calamity Upon Earth

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Chapter 442: A Calamity Upon Earth
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An azure wolf was pulling a chariot slowly atop the golden beam. It had a strong physique and a wide mouth filled with fangs.

It looked like it was going very slowly with relaxed strides, but its figure was flickering with every step and constantly disappearing. It approached from the depths of the starry skies countless kilometers away and directly arrived at the solar system.

The azure wolf pulled the chariot with terrifying might. This part of outer space trembled as boundlessly vast and soul-crushing fluctuations filled the air.

The golden beam directly approached the earth with the azure wolf pulling the chariot at a steady rate. They arrived in a flash as if they had transversed through an ancient time tunnel.

Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan shuddered and, losing control over their own bodies, fell in prostration. Even kowtowing was something they ought to do as they faced an expert of such incredulous stature.

"The quasi-sage Golden Wolf!"

Yang Xuan immediately knew who was coming the moment he caught sight of the azure wolf pulling the chariot. The quasi-sage from Sirius had arrived. It was a fearsome quasi-sage warrior from the wolf race, and many said he had already been anointed as quasi-sage despite his young age.

A so-called quasi-sage wasn't too different from a real saint. Granted that there were no accidents, they were destined from the very beginning to be sanctified.

A man looking to be in his thirties was sitting upon the chariot, and an exorbitant golden brilliance tore through the sky when his eyes opened. It was extremely terrifying.

His golden hair was plaited into hundreds of little braids, hanging in front of his chest and down his back. Formidable energy waves were being emitted from his entire being.

Here were golden mushroom clouds in the vicinity, and these had radioactive properties. If anyone were to approach them, they would be exterminated immediately.

"Greetings to sire quasi-sage!"

Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan were all from age-old aristocratic families. As such, there were real saints within their clans. Nevertheless, they were still excessively subservient, trembling as they performed a ceremonious kowtow in greeting.

This was because the word "sage" in a title indicated a great difference between their abilities. They were on a completely different level to those who were not saints.

In other words, to Yang Xuan and the others, the quasi-sage was like a god!

This quasi-sage, in particular, had a great backing. Because of his age and recognition as someone naturally gifted, he was an exceptionally "young" quasi-sage!

The chariot opened—it wasn't sealed. Its faint golden luster was not comparable to that of the quasi-sage Golden Wolf, whose brilliance dazzled the starry skies.

At this moment, the Golden Wolf became the center of the world. His human-form body sat cross-legged upon the chariot with incessant grandeur while golden mushroom clouds filled the air like an everlasting existence.

Nearby, the battleships approaching Earth from outer space froze and were motionless.

"Stay back!"

At this moment, the azure wolf who had been pulling the chariot spoke. He let Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan rise and leave this place.

At the same time, these words were also directed towards those in the battleships.

In a flash, the battleships pulled away and were no longer traversing across the space outside the Earth.

During all of this, the Golden Wolf remained seated in the chariot without saying a single word. This was the power of a quasi-sage. Even if Yang Xuan's seniors showed up, the Golden Wolf would have disregarded them unless they had the word "sage" in their titles. Furthermore, no one would dare provoke him.

At that moment, all was quiet here.

Yang Xuan and the others were covered in cold sweat as they tried to restrain their bodies from shaking and their minds from quaking. They retreated accordingly and watched from a faraway location in space.

"What's going on? Why is the quasi-sage Golden Wolf here?" Suspicious, Hu Qingcheng communicated to the other two telepathically as they watched from a distance.

"Rumor has it that the quasi-sage Golden Wolf's sanctification opportunity was given to him by the machine race. That's why he can look down on part of the starry skies at a relatively young age. Most likely, this visit is to return the favor to the machine race."

After pondering over it for a long time, Qing Lan realized this rumor mustn't be too widespread.

The three of them had come to Earth long ago and had noticed there were machine race troops lingering around here. They had stopped on several planets, including on Pluto and Mars. Naturally, the three of them deduced that they were conspiring something big.

"Relatively speaking, the machine race has always used scientific measures to evolve. Although they still don't really understand the processes by which saints transform or how peerless holy weapons gain sentience, it didn't hinder their advancements in this field. Above all, they have managed to analyze domains to a certain level. My guess is once they have collected certain results, they will want to unravel the earth's domains and descend in hordes! However, they are probably not at ease and so have invited the quasi-sage Golden Wolf to come along."

They made such assumptions.

During all of this, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf remained taciturn.

That was until he suddenly raised his head and stared into the starry skies. Turbulent undulations broke out across the area and broke the silence.

"This piece of derelict land is taking too long to recover. I have come to aid the machine race, but also to break the balance and transform the wasteland here so that saints and goddesses can successfully descend earlier."

This cold, emotionless voice echoed through the starry skies as if it were eternally reverberating.

Without a doubt, he had a goal in mind. It seemed like he was trying to explain and justify something to a certain existence.

At this moment, Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan were on the brink of a mental breakdown. Their souls almost faded away, and their vital signs almost stopped functioning.

This was because they felt some sublime fluctuations behind them as if a certain existence were indeed monitoring this place.

Once they recovered, they turned around and faintly saw an eye as big as a planet at a boundless distance. It eventually grew dim and closed.

The three were horrified!

Then, a roll of beast skin scroll flew out from the biggest battleship among the massive mechanical army. That was the result of the analysis the clan had been studying for so many days.

Now, they were offering it earnestly and reverently to the quasi-sage Golden Wolf to facilitate his effort.

The quasi-sage Golden Wolf waved his hand and summoned the beast skin scroll from far away. It flew through the air and landed in his hand. The machine race had made a scientific analysis but used the celestial wolf language to describe their results as a form of veneration.

Within an instant, the beast skin scroll turned into ashes and the Golden Wolf closed his eyes as he nodded his head.


Next, he began to attack, looking for weak spots according to the machine race's analysis. He raised his faint golden palm and smacked down upon certain special points on the Earth.

The palm, vast and boundless, hid the sky and covered the earth. It was a horrific sight to behold—the palm practically covered entire regions on Earth!

Down on the ground, countless people trembled with inexplicable palpitation.

There would've been a huge disaster if it weren't for the earth's domain shield. All life would've been annihilated and nothing would've remained.

Upon Mount Longhu, Chu Feng suddenly lifted his head, sensing the changes of the scene on the firmament. His heart pounded and it felt as though the sky was going to collapse with the end of the world approaching.

The quasi-sage Golden Wolf had incredibly extraordinary means. He was assaulting special nodes to bring about an unimaginable amount of damage on Earth.

An ordinary planet would have already crumbled by now!

But the Earth was too mysterious. The domains overlapped each other and radiant light surged up in progressive layers. The densely packed runes were reflected boundlessly into the starry skies.

The people on the ground stood in fear with their hearts palpitating. However, they didn't know what was happening as they didn't understand the dangers of the outer realms or the devastating crisis that was about to occur.

Bang, bang, bang...

Golden mushroom clouds blossomed in the space outside the earth, each as expansive as a vast body of water.

Unfortunately, the Earth's surveillance equipment including its outer space probes couldn't detect this. It was almost like they were in two different dimensions.

Indeed, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf had been attacking the earth from an inexplicable secondary dimension in order to rip the domains apart. He was starting from the weak spots they had discovered from the analysis, then he would charge inwards.

In the distance, Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan looked on in awe with wide open eyes. Their bodies, souls, as well as the war chariot they were sitting within, were shaking.

Weak and feeble, they watched it all unfold from far away and were ineffably stunned.

"How can this be? The machine race has already reached such a stage in their analysis? Can the quasi-divine Golden Wolf really rupture the Earth's supreme domains?"

"Impossible. Even saints don't dare to act so carelessly, as there have been incidents in the past where saints have died!"

Regardless of whether they accepted it or not, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf cracked open one of the domains' layers with his pale gold palm. He reached into the mysterious space and was planning to head deeper in.

At this moment, Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan were completely shaken.


However, a ray of divine brilliance also flew out from the Earth's special domain at this very moment. It filled the sky and sliced open the space in the outer realms like a holy sword.

The Golden Wolf retreated decisively, and he even abandoned his chariot. At the same time, he also snatched up his azure wolf mount with one hand.


The quasi-sage's chariot exploded. This kind of carrier contained incredibly frightening energy particles. Once damaged it could wreak havoc and rip apart the starry skies, creating all kinds of wormholes.

However, as the chariot exploded as it was hit by the sword-like light beam that flew out from the Earth. It was thoroughly destroyed and faded into the darkness.

On closer inspection, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf had drops of golden blood on his right wrist. He was wounded during the previous attack when he pierced through the space, and his wrist was almost severed.

"But this is a quasi-sage! He can easily destroy hundreds of billions of lives and can devour the sun and the moon in one mouthful. Yet he was actually injured here!"

Yang Xuan's heart trembled—even if such existences couldn't be called completely invincible and immortal, they weren't too far off. It was difficult to sustain injuries after reaching such a level, and they would hardly have their blood spilled.

However, he was at ease once again when he remembered this was Earth.

"This planet can't be cut open and the machine race's analysis is still unsuccessful. The legend of sages falling here isn't a rumor!" Qing Lan muttered.

Hu Qingcheng felt her scalp growing numb and said, "The analysis is effective to a certain extent. Moreover, most likely doesn't involve the quasi-divine Golden Wolf alone. A huge storm is imminent!"

Just as she finished speaking, a pair of planet-like eyes opened in the depths of the starry skies. Their minds froze, and their souls almost burst.

Soon afterward, an enormous bird flew over, rushing across the river of stars. Its coat was scarlet red like blood, and it carried the semblance of a saint.

This was a vermillion bird. Its sturdy, powerful body was completely blood-red and split the sky as it traveled at a speed beyond comprehension. It flew directly from the outer realms into the solar system and approached Earth.

The vermillion bird was a divine bird. They were known to be accompanied by a surging auspicious aura, yet now it was overflowing with malice and ferocity.

Its size, at the moment, was astonishing—after materializing, it was almost half as big as the Earth. It was uncertain if this was its real form, but it shook the entire solar system.

"The quasi-sage Nine Yin Sparrow!" Qing Lan took a gulp of cold air. He dared not to speak and was only brave enough to communicate telepathically to the other two.

They couldn't believe it. Another quasi-sage was here to attack the Earth!

"The Nine Yin Sparrow was… a member of the heavenly knights of old. It became sworn brothers with the others and was ranked as ninth. Originally, it was a Yin Sparrow, but after murdering countless lives, it advanced triumphantly and evolved to obtain a sage vermillion bird bloodline!"

The three people trembled.

Last time when Chu Feng came out of the secret realms on the moon, he had asked them about heavenly knight's former affairs. It baffled them because their knowledge was limited. Later when the interplanetary network had extended across the whole solar system, they had quickly looked it up and discovered many old affairs.

The heavenly knights weren't considered as the main force then, but there came about some ruthless characters. They chased down the so-called rebels, regardless of whether they were elderly or women. They wouldn't even let infant children slip by, killing all with barbarous methods. They were nicknamed the Executioners' Legion!

"Reports say that within the Star Knights, Yuwen Chengkong had already become a saint, and the Nine Yin Sparrow had become a quasi-sage earlier than that. It too will be sanctified in the coming days!"

To have two saints come out from an army not considered as the main force, it was really a miracle, even legendary.

The Nine Yin Sparrow, the heavenly knights' member who had once battled Earth and was a well-known figure among the executioners, had returned here once more after many years!

"Something big is going to happen! Quasi-sage beats won't just show up so easily, yet today we've had two show up. This most likely is an omen. Are there even more horrific tides to come?" The three people's mind swayed and they drew back constantly, desperate to leave the solar system.

At this moment, the Nine yin Sparrow attacked.

This vermillion bird had an air of immortality on its body. It was painted completely blood-red, looking as if it just flew out from a sea of blood. It seemed as though it was as big as half the Earth. At this moment, it opened its mouth and spouted endless flames, directly submerging the Earth!

One should know that this was after all a quasi-sage. It could wipe out all life forms on a planet and tear open the starry skies with one strike as it wished. Now that it was launching an all-out attack, it was incredibly terrifying.

After so many years, this age-old member of the heavenly knights had once again come to earth to massacre!
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