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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 441: The Saint Hath Come

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Chapter 441: The Saint Hath Come
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"At last Boss Chu has extended his 'evil demonic hand' towards those patronizing and condescending people from the outer realms. Even the saint child himself was riled to the extreme, his anger soaring through the firmament!" The clairvoyant, Du Huaijin, murmured.

"Hereafter, in the land under the heavens and all throughout the outer realms, who wouldn't know Chu Feng?"

Ouyang Qing, Ye Qingrou, and the others were rather emotional. Ever since they had met Chu Feng, he has been incessantly "tormenting" everyone's nerves. One after another, his martial accomplishments became more and more preposterous.

The whole world had been passing on this incident, conjuring up a great deal of commotion. The fact that Chu Feng had slain a saint child's party alone was earth-shaking and made evolvers both from the East and the West flabbergasted.

This was also the case in the oceans, where many marine clans became dumbstruck once they had heard of the news.

They say that the Elder Dragon King in the Southern Seas had pledged to the heavens that he must obtain the draconification fruit!

Did Demon King Chu really want to defy the heavens? The entire realm shook as everyone was deeply startled.

As for the goddesses and saints in the various famed mountains and star passages, they were all spellbound once they heard of the news and stayed quiet for a long time.

"Ah…"Chen Sheng bawled as he drifted across the ocean just outside the Penglai Immortal Island in a large tattered ship. He was sullen and unwilling.

From today's events, he had become a laughingstock through and through—no doubt people would be talking and laughing about him in their leisure time.

Although he was not the antagonist in today's events and had a much less horrifying aftermath than Yu Wenfeng, the consequences he had suffered were not inferior in any respect.

He had set off with domineering momentum today but had fled in a panic after he had learned of Chu Feng's terrifying combat success. The Demon King had managed to blast off his arm and he bolted off just like a stray dog.

He was sure that in the eyes of others, he seemed ridiculous, and he only had himself to blame for rushing in to throw away his life.

"The heaven's chosen one? What a joke! For our Penglai, killing him would have been as easy as crushing a bug, but... we can't dispatch our masters. Now, who can tell me, how do we handle him now?!" Chen Sheng growled, his voice incomparably cold.

An elder tried to encourage him and said, "Don't be perturbed, Young Master. Your uncles and the ancient seniors can't come out because the earth is recovering and there is no way to open the secret realms. Naturally, they can't appear in the secular world and perform their miracles."

Another elderly woman also started to talk, "As a matter of fact, your brothers and sisters may be able to come out soon. Then, they'll be able to avenge you."

Chen Sheng's expression darkened on the mention of his brothers and sisters. Clutching his broken arm, he said, "I accidentally reversed yin and yang while practicing the Yin Yang Breathing Technique and half crippled myself. They, on the other hand, are doing quite well, each more stable than the next. Even my youngest brother is stronger than me by a mile."

"Young Master, you are too impatient! The Yin Yang Breathing Technique is incomplete and missing quite a lot of components. As one of the Earth's strongest breathing techniques in the olden days, it's definitely perilous to use it without a complete tome to overturn life and death to achieve a nirvanic rebirth. Yet if you have the spirit for it and allow your body to rehabilitate, perhaps your achievements will be limitless in the future," said the elder.

"My arm is mutilated and I am already crippled. What future is there for me?" Chen Sheng's eyes were deceitful. Although he said this, he wasn't dejected and hadn't given up all hope completely.

"While the Earth is recovering, many great medicines will appear. Because of this, it won't be too difficult for a broken arm to regenerate. Even now, there is already this kind of mutant fruit growing within the depths of Penglai."

"I have a heart demon inside of me now. I don't want to let Chu Feng live. I want him dead immediately! The caves and cavern residences left outside of Penglai, I want them excavated. We must extract the heavy weaponry and bombard him immediately!"

"Young Master, this… please consider carefully! Those places are too dangerous, and we might perish if we go!"

"I don't care. I must kill Chu Feng promptly. Besides, I think his breathing technique is rather strange. Perhaps there is a tremendous background to it. I must have it! Henceforth, gather some information for me and find out all the characteristics of his breathing technique. I want some confirmation." Chen Sheng's expression was gloomy and cold as if his heart had been gnawed at by a ferocious beast. He couldn't wait any longer.

As all throughout the world were shocked and tumulted, Chu Feng had arrived at Mount Longhu.

Gazing at the Ancestral Court of Taoism from afar, it stood imposing and majestic.

The properties of the soil here were rather extraordinary and the rocks were red, just like the danxia landform.

In ancient times, the entire mountain was surrounded by clouds of fire, which legend has it was caused by pill refinement.

And in the depths of the mountain, there was a divine city. This was known as the capital of Taoism and was connected to many celestial regions. Many decades ago, numerous orthodoxies within the starry skies would make a pilgrimage here.

But all of this was short-lived and such a splendid period had withered away long ago.

Revisiting Mount Longhu once again, Chu Feng felt all the more peculiar.

The mountainous regions here weren't as beautiful as Mount Yandang, or as elegant as Mount Huang. Yet the ambiance was extraordinary with the spirit of immortals. Nowadays, the special energy particle "immortal mist" was even thicker and denses, pervading the mountain.

The topography on Mount Longhu was out of the ordinary on Earth. Red mist lingered upon each mountain peak and gave off a medicinal fragrance.

There were many mountains, but the main peak was the most special. This was the demon refinement grounds where that demoness had come into being. Consequently, she jolted the heavens and startled the world, shaking everyone's hearts.

Presently, there was a palace made of copper halfway up the main peak. Supported by copper pillars, its walls were made of jade and covered in copper roof tiles unearthed from the ruins within Mount Longhu. It had become the residence of that mysterious woman.

"Guests must halt here!"

A magpie opened its mouth and warned him as it stood atop a large pine tree outside the copper tiled palace.

"I want to meet the owner of this place," said Chu Feng.

The dimensions of the copper tiled palace weren't small, and it would probably be quite comfortable to live here. One could see this mysterious woman didn't want to live in discomfort.

With surging scarlet radiance and the special immortal mist revolving around the mountain, the atmosphere here was amazing. It was just like an immortal residence.

"Master is not here," replied the magpie.

At this moment, a lynx walked out from within a pine forest near the copper palace. Taking gracious steps, it looked closely at Chu Feng and, with a slight hesitation, said, "Are you Chu Feng? Master has said if you come here, we are allowed to tell you her whereabouts. Following the star passage, she had gone to visit an old friend of hers in order to relieve boredom."

As Chu Feng listened, he became stupefied. What was going on?

That person… could easily step through the starry skies? Running through the universe to relieve her boredom? How frightening!

However, he felt that it was slightly exaggerated. Ever since he met the demonic girl, or rather, goddess, his mind had been blown away and she seemed as though she particularly liked to brag!

If she was so talented, how come she was sealed within Mount Longhu?

Although the energy pagoda on the moon had said that this woman had superb natural abilities, there was no mention of how good her cultivation level was.

In fact, Chu Feng suspected it wasn't referring to the same woman.

"Are you sure that's what she said?!" Meanwhile, Chu Feng released his spiritual powers, suppressing the two mutant beasts.

He could tell that these two mutant beasts had only just become kings. If these were really her underlings, then she had been rather crude in taking in a beast and a bird.

"Ah, don't kill me Demon King Chu!" yelled the magpie in a panic.

He was affected by Chu Feng's reputation, and as a native evolver, he was incredibly scared of Chu Feng. The calmness he showed before had completely vanished.

The lynx fled and jumped up on top of the copper-tiled palace with a hiss. It appeared fierce at first, but in fact, it was cowardly at heart and trembled with fear. In the end, it gave in completely and quickly confessed.

"Master said it doesn't matter if we can't fool you," the lynx said with a guilty conscience.

What was this? There were black lines all over Chu Feng's face. He felt there was something fishy going on here. Could it be that this woman was really a swindler?!

"Where did she really go?" Chu Feng asked.

"She has gone looking for fortunes and should still be on Earth," the lynx said in a small voice. It was becoming less and less confident.

"This cheating bluffing woman. She probably isn't even part of that clan and had only happened to learn of matters from the past before placing various identities on herself!"

The more he thought about it, the more Chu Feng believed it was possible. If she really was an heiress of a supreme clan from the Earth's glorious days, how could she still be so young at heart? How could she still be tittering with joy even after experiencing the death of loved ones and the pain of betrayal from her fiancé?

"Where is she actually? What is she looking for?" Chu Feng asked sternly.

The lynx was nearly in tears from fear. The muscles in its calf cramped and it replied quickly.

"She may have gone to the Home of the Myriad Gods in search of the peach of immortality. She wants to find its origin and gather some peaches. I think… she wants to use it to bring back someone who is buried under Mount Longhu."

Chu Feng's heart leapt. Was this really true?

Now it seemed as though this woman was indeed quite strange. Unexpectedly, there were other people here who were waiting for her to save them. Who could it be?!

He shot a glance at the lynx. It was scared so easily—it had confessed fully with only a slight bit of intimidation. The magpie was even more intolerable and almost fell out of the tree, trembling.

Undoubtedly, the woman had casually taken in two mutant beasts to look after the house and hadn't trained them at all.

The Home of the Myriad Gods was situated in the depths of Mount Kunlun and had not been activated yet. Since that woman had dared to venture there, it indicated that she had outstanding strength, and was sure to be much more powerful than Chu Feng.

Mulling this over, he didn't pursue after her. Instead, he remained on Mount Longhu.

He wanted to explore the area and see if he could find that person who was waiting to be rescued.

He stayed here for two days and constantly searched through the mountains but couldn't find traces of any undead.

On the contrary, his expression grew grave as Mount Longhu was more frightening than he had expected. Even though his domain attainments had risen dramatically, he still couldn't ascend up onto the main peak.

From a distance, he could see some blood-red corpses upon the peak, as well as a horned dragon severed into pieces. Yet he couldn't get close.

This aside, he laid eyes on an even more astounding sight. A hazy immortal city was faintly discernible, reflected through the mountainous regions.

"Is there really a Taoist capital here?" said Chu Feng, stunned.

In any case, he believed that the place, in reality, was rather daunting. But it was quite far away, and what he saw was just a reflection.

At the same time, Chu Feng found several star passages within the depths of Mount Longhu. There were quite a lot of living creatures in the folded spaces here, with no shortage of divine son level characters roaming about.

He didn't take much notice of them as he wasn't in the mood to.

Over the next couple of days, it was fairly peaceful upon Mount Longhu, and other regions across Earth were also rather unperturbed. The disturbance Chu Feng had created was still present but was no longer causing everyone to quake as it had done several days ago.

Yet, at this moment, a terrifying unforeseen event occurred in the outer realms.

Tremendous fleets had departed from Neptune, Mars, and other planets, and were approaching Earth.

What was even more terrifying was, in the depths of the starry skies, the aura of gruesome war beasts filled the air. Beams of auspicious light rose and suppressed the stars across the sky!

A chariot slowly appeared, giving off vast and indescribable suppressive might. It shook the starry skies and made the warships rattle and sway like rootless duckweed.

Then, a tremendous golden beam spread out from the depths of the starry skies and entered into the solar system.

A chariot, pulled by a great war beast, moved slowly atop the golden beam path. The ensemble emitted a powerful aura.

For a moment, the starry skies were still as the sun and the moon darkened.

In the space outside of Earth, Yang Xuan and Qing Lan were overwhelmed. Then they shuddered, shivering from head to toe and couldn't help but bow in salute with their hair standing on end.

"There is… a saint… coming... to attack this place!" Their teeth chattered, and their voices quivered.
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