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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 439: Taoist of Many Treasures

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Chapter 439: Taoist of Many Treasures
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Somewhere deep inside Mount Lu, everyone was shocked.

Chu Feng suddenly became iron-willed as he actually stormed into the folded space and the result was amazing. Everyone couldn't believe what was happening and were stiff like clay sculptures.

He was still laughing and joking just now, which made people think that he wasn't a serious person. But who would have known that his disposition would change abruptly and that he would attack thunderously like a demonic god!

Chu Feng stormed in by himself and made them suffer a crushing defeat—there were rivers and pools of blood with a group of knights lying in the middle of it. What a glorious victory was this?

How could a local evolver be so powerful?

Most of the people were muddled because this situation was out of everyone's anticipation.

The knights were howling in anguish at the moment while everyone was just watching quietly.

It was a tragedy. The lawn was dyed into red color, and there was still a pungent bloody smell even from a distance. None of the knights and creatures who had been ground to death were complete, hence there were damaged bodies everywhere.

Domain qi interweaved like endless silken threads as they slashed those horses one after another and dismembered those strong knights.

Yu Wenfeng groaned, his long hair was drifting in the air and he glared so hard that his eyes were about to be ripped apart—the circulation of his breathing technique produced a frightful aura between his mouth and nose as the surrounding forest exploded into pieces.

It was beyond his endurance—he was attacking frantically like an injured beast, trying to rescue his underlings.

It was too disastrous. Like a spectacle in hell, there were broken arms, fragmented legs, and even rolling heads, all of them belonging to the knights.

They hadn't even set foot on the main space of earth when they were already annihilated by Chu Feng and had nursed grievances.

"Chu Feng, you rebel, you son of a b*tch!" Yu Wenfeng roared with a terrifying expression in his eyes. At this moment, he didn't have many knights left beside him. He became ferocious and wanted to get out there to stab that person to death.

At this moment, the light beam disappeared and the domain became dim because the materials couldn't get through. Many of the magnets disintegrated since they were one-off consumables.

More than two-thirds among the dozens of knights were dead, and now, there were only ten-odd knights left by Yu Wenfeng's side. Moreover, they were all badly injured and drenched in blood.

As for their mounts, some were crippled, some had their tails chopped off, and there were even some with white bones showing through their bodies. A lot of them were lying on the floor almost dead.

Yu Wenfeng and his men had suffered heavy losses in this desperate battle, never to recover from this setback.

A saint child-like Yu Wenfeng had lost his due prestige and had his halo torn down. He was beaten by a native into this dusty and dirty appearance, and his men were even devastated by more than half. It was a huge massacre that shocked everyone.

It was beyond doubt that this news would be spread to the various star passages and his prestige would be damaged, or perhaps he would even be ridiculed by others.

His status as a saint child would rapidly decline once he became despised by others. So much that behind the star passage he was in, there might be someone in his base camp eager to replace his position in the future.

This battle was too terrible for him and its effects were extremely bad.

"Rebel!" Yu Wenfeng stood on the edge of the folded space gnashing his teeth, his shining long mirror-like hair was standing upright like a black waterfall flowing in reverse.

He had never suffered this much before and felt as if his entire body were burning. The flames of anger made him almost explode—he couldn't accept a crushing defeat like this.

At the same time, he had understood what the consequences would be.

Even though he didn't battle personally, his troops were in complete disarray. The responsibility for such a result would fall on him completely.

It was rare to see all parties silent in Mount Lu. That was because everyone was apprehensive. This Chu Feng—the chosen one of the natives—was too surprising.

Chu Feng looked around and saw Huang Tong unharmed inside the folded space. This made him quite upset.

Lion-headed Huang Tong was very attentive and didn't even get close to the danger zone from the start and so he succeed in escaping this time.

Presently, he was very cautious and stood behind those knights with a guilty conscience.

He was terrified of Chu Feng's methods because they were too heaven-defying. He had wiped out the greater half of a saint child's troop all by himself. Regardless of whether it was coincidental or if he had a remarkable strategy, the most important thing was the result—and the native chosen one had won!

This made him horrified and he felt chills running down his spine. He somehow felt that he had stirred up serious trouble. If there were options, he really wouldn't have tricked Chu Feng because he knew it would be extremely dangerous.

Chu Feng felt distressed and stared at Huang Tong for a long time. He wouldn't feel good as long as this bastard wasn't dead.

"Just you wait, pekinese, I'll find a dog chain and tie you up!" yelled Chu Feng.

Huang Tong cursed inwardly, but he didn't dare utter a word.

The big prismatic net at Chu Feng's side erupted with light. Bai Qing was tied up and unable to move in the least.

"Recognize me as your master," Chu Feng asked her to be his servant in front of everyone, ignoring the angry Yu Wenfeng because he didn't want to speak with that lunatic.

"Ptooey!" Bai Qing was indignant but also disdainful. Although she was caught alive, she still refused to yield.

"You must be willing to lose if you want to bet. Are you not going to fulfill your promise?" Chu Feng smiled as he looked down at her while revealing some killing intent.

This lady had long since crossed over successfully. Earlier on, she was dancing on the mountain peak and had then ushered Chu Feng into this ambush. She was once an evolver at the carefree realm, but in order to enter the main space of earth, she crippled her own cultivation, and now she was at the 12th level of the shackled realm.

Moreover, she wasn't a combat personnel, therefore, she didn't focus on attack. Even though she could come over, she no longer dared to attack without careful deliberation.

Now, she had been caught by Chu Feng and her situation was dire.

"Want me to yield? That's impossible." She sneered repeatedly and leaned her head toward one side.

"Let go of her! State your conditions," Yu Wenfeng stopped shouting and spoke loudly from within the folded space as he stared at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng paid no attention to him but instead began to skilfully plunder secret treasures from within the large net. The woman had quite a lot of good stuff with her in the first place.

First was an umbrella with lazurite as its frame and unknown animal skin as the cover; it was quite extraordinary.

But unfortunately, this incredibly powerful defensive weapon was damaged in the battle just now. Were it not for this umbrella, Bai Qing's body would have been twisted apart by the domains and she would've died on the spot.

"You broke my umbrella." Chu Feng felt extremely distressed and put down the secret treasure helplessly.

People around them were speechless. "Is that your umbrella? It seems… it is now yours."

Bai Qing had an embarrassed expression on her good-looking face. This was truly humiliating.

As for inside the folded space, Yu Wenfeng's chest was filled with rage, and the ten-odd powerful knights were so resentful that their eyes were scarlet red. They wanted nothing more than to eat up Chu Feng's meat.

"This golden lamp is also broken with cracks all over it. Oh, my secret treasure," Chu Feng cried.

The demon race saintess, Ji Xuan's face took on a weird look as she gently said, "This guy..." She didn't know how to evaluate him. When she offered to let him follow her, this native even wanted to make her his servant.

"You... take your hands off me!" Bai Qing was resentful. It was unavoidable that Chu Feng would touch some parts while randomly searching on her body, which filled her with hate and anger.

She was now a defeated prisoner—she felt wronged and humiliated.

"Oh, my secret treasures! Finally, there's one that's undamaged." Chu Feng was delighted as he held a light golden hemp rope in his hand. This wasn't the first time he had seen it. Additionally, he was attacked by it every time.

It was a Spirit Binding Cord. It was exceptionally useful against shackled realm cultivators. One accurate bind and the enemy wouldn't be able to escape.

Were it not for Chu Feng borrowing the essence flames of extreme yang within the diamond chakram to contend with it, he would've been tied up by Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue the first time.

"Don't tell me this is a standardized item and that every major power has one. But it is still pretty good." Chu Feng was quite satisfied and put it away.

After that, he collected a very terrifying and heavy lance. It was dark-red in color as if it were dyed in blood. It was an undamaged heavy weapon.

And at last, he got three feather arrows which were made from ground beast bones. They appeared rather outstanding and carried with them a horrifying baleful intent. Presumably, they would be extremely astonishing when shot.

Chu Feng was already quite satisfied although there were no heaven-defying secret treasures.

At the present stage, overly extraordinary weapons couldn't be brought over. It was difficult for them to cross the boundary.

As for the monastic robe on his body, there was definitely something odd about it. It contained a domain within, but he simply couldn't link everything up completely. It required him, the domain researcher, to activate it with his own methods.

An ordinary creature simply couldn't use it at all and would've considered it a defective weapon.

It was no doubt that a part of the weapons usable at this stage after crossing over was with Bai Qing. She was like a small treasure trove—the only unfortunate thing was that some of them had been completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng only then raised his head and looked at Yu Wenfeng who was in the folded space, he said, " Speaking of which, you did give me some secret treasures before. Thank you so much, wealth spreading boy."

And then, he laughed and said, "From now on, please call me the Taoist of Many Treasures. Erm, no, this name is ominous. Please call me the sagemaster of many treasures."

"@# you…...." Yu Wenfeng was extremely mad. How did he become a wealth spreading boy? It was clear that he would become a laughingstock once this name was spread.

"Wealth spreading boy, this is such a suitable name for you." The saintess of the demons, Ji Xuan, was the first to agree with him. She made no effort to disguise her laugh.

"Ha!" divine son Ji Ling expressed his interest.

All this made Yu Wenfeng boil with rage as he stared at the two of them. He knew that, after this day, he would definitely be mocked for a really long time.

Princess Lin stared at the figure of Chu Feng's back and felt overwhelmed. A native evolver was actually able to torment a saint until he was so miserable. This was too extraordinary.

Especially when she thought of Chu Feng's domain techniques, she couldn't stop trembling. At this age, he was definitely a heavenly talent. She knew that she had missed certain opportunities!

She sighed lightly—if she had tried to be friendly earlier, the results would have been totally different. This was a big crocodile growing at high-speed.

The next moment, she felt some changes in the divine son, Ji Lin. His fiery eyes stared intently at Chu Feng. Everyone was respectful to domain researchers regardless of the planet.

Especially such heaven-bestowed talents were rare in the outer regions. Usually, they would be fought over by famous constellations to be their disciples.

At the same time, the saintess of the demons, Ji Xuan, revealed an odd expression in her eyes as she stared fixedly at Chu Feng. She valued his domain techniques and she thought that he was certain to become a grandmaster, given enough time.

Such a character was worth roping in.

It should be known that domain researchers at the grandmaster level were of an incomparably respected status. All parties would want to win him over to their side. Even aristocrats had to hold such a person with respect and dared not offend him.

Ji Xuan held a jade cup in her hand, the green wine within suffusing the air with a clear fragrance. She drank it all at once and placed it back on the table. And then she stood up, immediately revealing her slender and elegant figure, her sweet smile filling the place with brightness and beauty.

"Brother Chu, would you consider joining the holy land of the peacock lineage? We will supply you with endless books on domains. We can make your future even more resplendent."

Everyone quivered when they heard what she said.

In their eyes, the saintess of the demons was humbling herself and seriously roping in the chosen one of the natives.

This gave the others pressure because even an orthodoxy with a peerless demonic sage was craving for this heavenly genius.

"Oh, Brother Chu, how about coming to our lineage? The Heavenly Note Church will meet your needs as much as possible. There are numerous domain books here that you can browse to your heart's content." The divine son, Ji Lin, spoke with a smile, and was also drawing Chu Feng to his side.

Princess Lin's mood was complicated—even the divine son she was relying on was drawing Chu Feng to his side.

The hearts of the Peacock King and Nine-lives Cat King were trembling; they felt somewhat uneasy.

Yu Wenfeng's face was ashen and quite unsightly. He had just taken a beating and lost his prestige, but now the two of them were already beginning to poach his enemy without worrying about his feelings. It was outrageous!

"I'm very interested." Chu Feng didn't reject any of them because he didn't want to offend any one of them at the moment. He wore a smile—it would be best if he could gain benefits from all of them.
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