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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 438: Domain Frenzy

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Chapter 438: Domain Frenzy
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Chu Feng stepped forward. He had a solemn look on his face as if he were about to immediately cross the boundary. This made the group of people in the folded space rather nervous as they waited for that moment.

Following his sudden halt, Yu Wenfeng, Bai Qing, and the others' hearts all unexpectedly hung in suspense.

Yu Wenfeng saw him knit his brows and stop there, and his pupils constricted. Afterwards, he knew that he was at a disadvantage. How could the actions of one person cause a glorious saint child of the outer realms to feel a variety of emotions and lose composure!?

However, he was unsatisfied, and the anger in his heart grew increasingly vigorous. This was mainly caused by the day's events—he had been repeatedly defeated, his dignity trampled, and he was close to being immolated by the flames of fury.

"You traitor, in the end, you still have no courage. You say you are unrivaled, but you do not dare put it into action!" Bai Qing was furious. She thought that he was conning them again.

Chu Feng suddenly lifted his head with a grave expression and said, "Shut up! You are the ones who truly lack courage. Why don't you dare to come out!?"

Soon afterwards, he asked with a solemn look on his face, "You said before that so long as I cross over into the folded space, I will become your master. Is that so?"

As soon as he said this, Bai Qing responded without thinking and said in a sharp voice, "Naturally, but I'm afraid you don't have the courage to do so. You'd never dare take one step over."

"Very well, I'll just go capture and kill you lot. I'll show you what it means to swallow the world and dominate the universe. I'll kill you all! You cowards don't even dare to cross over. And how can your horsemen be worthy of being called the heavenly knights when they can't even advance courageously? I think they should be called the shameful knights! And you, Yu Wenfeng, how can you be worthy of the name saint child? How are you qualified? I think now you're only a saint grandson!"

Chu Feng's taunting was practically enough to cause Yu Wenfeng to suffer internal injuries from being so stifled!

In the olden days, his ancestor had gone on an expedition to this planet, where he beheaded countless traitors. Their blood had flowed beneath his feet like a river, and their skeletons were endless. Because of this, he was able to obtain a grand destiny, and eventually, he defied natural order to become a saint.

As for him, he hadn't yet left the star passage, yet again and again, he was insulted by a native traitor. The obvious stark contrast made him seeth with extreme anger.

He had once proclaimed that he would walk in his ancestor's footsteps. He would go on an expedition to this planet, mercilessly kill the traitors, and lay down the foundation for becoming a saint!

Now, he had been thoroughly discredited, and it was all thanks to that native!

"You… you… you…" Bai Qing pointed at Chu Feng. Her face was ashen, and for a time, she couldn't get a single word out.

"All of you, fall back for me. This king is about to go in and kill you all. If the battlefield is too small for me to move about, you'll all lose your heads in an instant!" Chu Feng commanded them to make some room in the area. From head to toe, he had a murderous aura about him and looked like he was about to slaughter them.

Nearby, everyone was stunned. Was this native really going to come over? He didn't take the opportunity to escape, but was instead going to burst in?

Many thought that he was acting recklessly and that his ego was excessively inflated. If he truly dared to storm the folded space, they could guarantee that he would be killed in both form and soul!

Despite being scolded so severely by Chu Feng, Yu Wenfeng and Bai Qing pinched their noses and put up with him. They fell back repeatedly to leave a vast battlefield. They wanted to see if he truly dared to enter.

If he dared to set foot in the folded space, Yu Wenfeng pledged, he would make him wish he were dead and make him regret coming into to this world. He would make Chu Feng endure such bloody torture that he would neither be able to survive nor seek death!


Chu Feng moved under everyone's watchful eyes. He had really burst in and set foot in the folded space.

"Very well, you have guts!" shouted Yu Wenfeng in haste. He was deeply surprised. In a cold voice, he said, "Come over and fight!"

His hand was trembling slightly out of agitation and excitement. After patiently enduring for so long, he could finally attack this traitor. He wanted to make him howl in anguish and regret living in this world!

Bai Qing was astonished—she hadn't imagined that Chu Feng would really go so far as to come to his death. He had overestimated his own abilities and was acting recklessly.

The Divine Son Ji Ling and the demonic saintess Ji Xuan were also stunned in disbelief. They hadn't predicted that Chu Feng would be so unwise as to leap to his own death.

Princess Lin stared blankly. She thought this was no different than Chu Feng committing suicide!

However, before everyone's expressions had completely steadied, Chu Feng made another move that left everyone dumbstruck.

He took his first step in, then for his second step, he withdrew with a whooshing sound. He had retreated especially far and was as slippery as a loach.

What was going on?

Nobody could understand. Wasn't he supposed to be great in strength and impetus, imbued with a spirit that could devour the rivers and mountains? Why, then, would he escape in such a cowardly way?

Was he getting cold feet before the battle? Was he thoroughly terrified?

It wasn't until Chu Feng's awe-inspiringly righteous and deadpan shout that everyone finally understood what was happening. They were immediately petrified and looked as though they'd seen a ghost.

"Bai Qing, you still haven't rushed over to recognize your master. I just entered the folded space. Come and fulfill your promise!" He had a grave look on his face like he had just done something extraordinary.


Everyone was petrified, dumbfounded by his attitude.

The Peacock King and the Nine-Lives Cat King were at a loss for words. They exclaimed inwardly, how could he have such a thick skin!?

"I underestimated him," exclaimed the demonic saintess Ji Xuan. She added on, "He's even more shameless than I'd imagined. To be precise, he is shameless and greedy. No wonder he can remain alive and kicking."

As for inside the folded space, Bai Qing suddenly went from being confused and stunned to being absolutely furious; this was going too far. She wanted to curse out loud. Did this native cause such a commotion just to toy with her?

"Bai Qing, are you going back on your word? You still haven't come to greet me appropriately!" yelled Chu Feng from a distance.

"[email protected]#[email protected]$...." Bai Qing flipped out—she started spewing a whirlwind of profanities as she screamed and cursed endlessly with a sharp voice. Additionally, she rushed to the edge of the folded space and made full use of her secret technique, a long-distance attack.

In actuality, the group of steel-blooded horsemen's eyes had also become red. They arrived near the border and began to bombard the place indiscriminately. They wanted nothing more than to blow up Chu Feng directly.

However, the distance was too great, and their efforts were useless!

In their eyes, this native had no sense of shame whatsoever. He was totally playing tricks on them. It was absurd!

Chu Feng squinted his eyes and secretly assessed the situation. These results were quite extraordinary!

This group of people was all infuriated, and they had all come to the edges of the folded space.

Only Yu Wenfeng was quiet. He stood motionless in the depths of the folded space and, at this moment, was still and silent like a statue.

Most importantly, he was beyond indignation. He had been tormented by the native once again. If word of this were to spread, how could he retain his dignity?

Even if he were to kill that native, it would be useless. He couldn't change what had already happened!

Yu Wenfeng was confident about his status. He stood motionlessly in the far reaches of the folded space because he believed Chu Feng wouldn't come in and that his actions were only meant to humiliate him.

At this moment, his eyes were cold, faint, and almost empty as he thought things over in silence. He was thinking about how he would eliminate the nine generations of Chu Feng's family when he stepped onto earth in the future. He would kill them until the latter's heart was dripping with blood and he wished he were dead!

The corners of Chu Feng's mouth was held in a smile, albeit slightly cold.

He had anticipated that he would probably have to torment them quite a few times in order to get this kind of a result. He hadn't imagined that it would go so extraordinarily smooth! Everything had gone according to his assault criteria from the start.

Now, Yu Wenfeng, whose true strength was impossible to estimate, was in the distance. Only Bai Qing and the group of horsemen were at the front. They stuck to the edge of the folded space, ranting and raving, wishing they could kill him.

Chu Feng was preparing. There was a clear glimpse of spiritual brilliance in his eyes. He had already thoroughly observed the nearby terrain!

After that, he launched into action!

At this time, almost nobody believed that he would burst into the folded space. They believed that he wouldn't dare attack and that he was just toying with Yu Wenfeng.

Some even revealed looks of disdain. They thought this was too frivolous, that it didn't fit his identity as the heaven's chosen one. They felt that he wasn't earnest enough and that he couldn't do anything significant!

However, as the time arrived, everyone's eyes grew wide open and then they all became horrified. All of them were stunned!

Chu Feng moved frantically and was as fierce as an erupting volcano. A pair of luminous wings emerged on his back and his kidney qi was boiling, giving them energy as he charged into the folded space at an extreme speed.

It was too sudden. Almost nobody had anticipated that he would mobilize at the last moment. He dared to attempt the impossible!

Of course, this was only their misconception. They were mistaken in thinking that this kind of action would be his downfall.

The result was apparent instantly. The monastic robe that Chu Feng was wearing lit up, and scarlet radiance undulated like the ocean waters. He had activated this domain treasure's true might.

Of course, the most crucial part was underground. A spiritual light rose up—it was the domain contained within the famed mountain. After being restored and activated, it ground everything to death.

This wasn't just any ordinary place. No, it was Mount Lu, one of the most famous mountains in China!

There was no shortage of domains in such a place, and, of course, Chu Feng was able to perceive them with the abilities he had brought back from the moon. He had already observed this a while ago!

Added to that the full activation of his Fiery Eyes, he was able to understand everything thoroughly.

He hadn't just activated the domain but had also altered them. Using his spiritual power, he was able to complete the magnificent feat of inscribing the runes!

At the same time, countless magnetic stones flew out from his spatial bottle and buried themselves in the area in front of him. This was a domain frenzy; he attacked like crazy!

At this moment, the red monastic robe trembled and was poised to engulf the earth and sky. It coordinated with the surrounding domains and filled the place with an overwhelming murderous qi!


The heavens collapsed and the earth split apart. A torrent of multicolored light filled the area surrounding the folded space amidst surging domain qi.

One could see beam after beam of divine light interweaving. They ran criss-cross and turned the area into a hellish scene of bloody slaughter. It became a slaughter grounds composed of energy.


One of the horsemen let out a miserable shriek as he was ripped apart along with his mount, and burst into a mist of blood.

Next, the second horseman bellowed as he was cut apart by the domain qi and his head decapitated.

In quick succession, the situation had reversed and everything had turned on its head in the blink of an eye. The area had become a massacre ground—it reeked of blood, and the ground was covered in broken limbs which made people feel shocked and inconsolable.

Who could have imagined that such a fierce and unfortunate event would happen so suddenly?

Just now, the group of knights was surging with killing intent and possessed such exuberant vitality. However, in the blink of an eye, they had been reduced to a mess of casualties and butchered relentlessly!

Everyone was stunned and felt their hair stand on end. It happened so suddenly. They just hadn't imagined that the goofy Chu Feng would transform in an instant. He was no longer frivolous, no longer smiling. Rather, he had become a steel-blooded devil!

At this moment, he was cold-blooded and peerlessly callous. Draped in the monastic robe, he rushed forward with his forehead glowing. All kinds of magnetic stones fluttered around and submerged themselves in the earth, constructing assault domains one after the other. A murderous aura overflowed in the sky.


A horseman's forehead was pierced. He was shocked up until the moment he died and hadn't anticipated it would be like this.


A horseman was entangled by the domain and directly turned into a meat paste. His entire body had been engulfed by the domain qi, and his bones had turned to mush with blood spraying out in all directions.

The divine son Ji Ling and the demonic saintess Ji Xuan were both completely shaken. This kind of bloody scene caused them to tremble with fear. They had actually been deceived. This native was somewhat frightening. He had unexpectedly launched a counterattack at a critical juncture, and the most crucial point was that, to their surprise, he had the ability and methods to do so!

He was truly a heavenly talent among domain researchers!

This was their unanimous evaluation. Such steel-blooded methods and such a formidable domain weren't something the average person could just unleash in an instant!

Princess Lin's face turned pale. While she felt shocked, she also felt her heart tremble. Was this still the same Chu Feng she knew? This was simply a killing god! He could really challenge people at the saint child's level. Earlier, she had been gravely mistaken. This was absolutely no pitiful lamb, but rather a steel-blooded demon king.


Yu Wenfeng howled—nobody's reaction was as strong as his—his eyes were red like blood. What calmness? What culture and refinement? These traits were already irrelevant. His hair was disheveled as he traversed several kilometers with a single step and arrived immediately.

In reality, his reaction was faster than everyone else's. He rushed to the rescue immediately.

He was itching to slap Chu Feng into mush. He wanted to blow up the scoundrel, this cold-blooded executioner, but he was unexpectedly stopped by his own people.

Between him and Chu Feng stood a group of knights!

He wasn't able to launch a powerful attack from such a distance!

Chu Feng was fairly decisive and relied on his domains. He attacked like a thunderbolt, arranged the magnetic stones, and then instantly fled far off. He didn't do a sloppy job of it either—he was extremely decisive.

Of course, at the last juncture, he cast out the rainbow net. This was looted from a group of Yu Wenfeng's troops early on, and now it was conversely used to deal with them!


When he retreated, the rainbow net covered Bai Qing and dragged her into the "Death Mire", capturing her alive.

This woman was no simpleton. She carried many treasures with her, and her defensive powers were amazing. She had not died in the domain, but now, she had been captured by Chu Feng and directly bound up!

Behind Chu Feng was a field of dismembered limbs and rivers of blood akin to an asura ground. Only half of the horsemen remained alive.

And in his hands was a captive. He had struck and retreated far away, returning to Earth, where he could stand on safe grounds.

The results of this battle were astonishing!
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