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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 437: I Have A Dream

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Chapter 437: I Have A Dream
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Chu Feng surveyed the terrain with a spiritual brilliance flashing in his eyes.

Up on the mountain nearby, luscious pine trees gave off a bright green glow. A waterfall was suspended in segments in a rather spectacular fashion. The mountain was extremely beautiful, overflowing with rising mist and rosy clouds

He took a few steps, looking around all over the place from time to time. At the same time, he was spying on the road ahead with flickering eyes.

People stared on blankly before they began to see the truth. This guy was fierce in his words, but could it be that he was, in fact, going to run away?

In an instant, they became positive that this was his style, thick-skinned and evil-minded. After taking so much advantage, what was he waiting for without running?! He hadn't lost out in confronting a saint child and even made Yu Wenfeng and his party dejected and depressed. It was enough to make him proud of himself!

Everyone was speechless. It was too cunning and slick of him to run after beating them up. The more they thought about it, the more they were certain that he was on the verge of fleeing far away.

Within the folded space, Yu Wenfeng's expression darkened. He was quite aggrieved—who would've thought a formidable saint-level character would be disgraced on Earth and repeatedly defeated.

Furthermore, he couldn't even retaliate if he wanted to, as the native was clearly about run away!

Bai Qing was also aware of this. The traitor was all talk, and in reality, his actions were wretched, fleeing after taking all the advantages.

This time, they had suffered great losses. Not only had many perished and their secret treasure the bronze loop cracked, the big multi-colored net had also been snatched by the native. They had lost lives as well as wares; it was too embarrassing.

"Traitor, are you afraid?!" Bai Qing, the Swan Fairy, shouted. She was dressed in snow-white, free of dust and dirt, yet her fair face showed traces of anger.

"Afraid of what? You are all my defeated opponents, and I can conquer you all just by myself. This king is unequaled!" Chu Feng appeared proud but was cautiously seeking a way out, worried that he would be ambushed in the road ahead.

Upon seeing this, Bai Qing showed a hint of anxiety.

It would be shameful for the saint child if they let him go, and their reputation was bound to be damaged. Once the news spread out, they would definitely be despised by other saint children and goddesses, and it would be extremely detrimental.

If they were considered to be weak, the other divine sons could deliberately suppress them and seize their opportunities when it came to contesting over this planet's fortunes,

"Come in if you have the guts!" Bai Qing was deliberately taunting him, her pretty face cold with contempt.

"Just you wait. I will come in at once, and then we'll see who's begging for forgiveness!" Chu Feng said pompously, but as before, he kept an eye on the topography behind him.

"Then hurry up and don't be a coward!" Bai Qing rolled her eyes, waiting for him to get closer as she prepared a ruthless attack.

"Why are you so impatient? Will it kill you to wait a little longer?!" Chu Feng replied nonchalantly as he secretly used his fiery eyes to thoroughly examine the area.

Now, everyone was speculating whether he was indeed planning to enter the folded space or if he was going to run away.

At this moment, someone laughed, finding the conversation between the two people rather funny. It turned out to be Ji Xuan, the saintess from the demon race.

In an instant, several people became baffled, with some displaying strange looks as they recalled the events.

Bai Qing first blushed, then her expression became incomparably unsightly as she saw the peculiar glances from those around her. "You filthy despicable traitor, how dare you take advantage of me!"

Chu Feng wore a completely innocent expression. His thoughts were on the domains and didn't have the time to think too deeply into the words.

Now, even Princess Lin had her head down, her fair face slightly reddening. The two were too filthy—just what were they even talking about?

However, if one was to think about it, the demon saintess had been too bold. If she had not laughed, no one would have misinterpreted anything.

At this moment, a knight stepped forward and whispered, "Your Majesty, he's going to escape!" His face was gnarly as fury burned within his bosom.

Initially, these knights were very calm and maintained a steel discipline, just like a band of stone statues.

But now as they watched Chu Feng leave, they could bear it no longer.

Their comrades had been murdered in succession, and as knights of the starry skies, their honor and dignity had been crushed ruthlessly. They all wanted to kill the native and didn't want to let him escape!

At this moment, Chu Feng suddenly said, "Mn, I need to go to the bathroom. Wait for me here, I will be back soon."

Everyone was stunned!

Did they hear him correctly? What sort of reasoning was this? As an evolver, shouldn't he be more reserved?

The crowd unanimously believed he was going to escape brazenly and that all of this was a deliberate act to ridicule Yu Wenfeng the Hundred Transformation Saint Child.

As a matter of fact, Chu Feng was indeed provoking and luring them out. Why shouldn't he make use of the topographical advantages offered here? He would be extremely delighted if the cavalry really rushed out in anger.

At this time, nevermind other people, even Yu Wenfeng himself couldn't stand it anymore. He was itching to trample this traitor to death with one stomp after having his prestige provoked time after time.

"Your Majesty, let me go!"

"Master, I'll go and kill him."

Several insisted on going out and fighting the enemy. They would rather cripple a part of their cultivation and fall to the shackled realm. This way, they could go and demolish the traitor Chu Feng.

Of course, they also made it clear they must hold powerful secret treasures for it to work. After all, the native did have an extremely bizarre monastic robe and was in a somewhat indomitable position.

"Alright, go! Bestow treasures!" Yu Wenfeng nodded. He had to admit he was furious and was desperate to slay the native. He didn't want to delay it for a moment longer.

If not for this, he normally wouldn't have approved the knights' requests. It hadn't been easy to train them, and they already had the seeds to become heavenly knights implanted within them.

With an indifferent expression on her pretty face, Bai Qing prepared several remarkable secret treasures according to the orders. She was to deliver them the moment someone successfully crosses over.

Chu Feng was constantly paying close attention to the folded space even though he was retreating. He was ecstatic because he saw clearly with his fiery eyes that he had successfully provoked them to venture out.

That moment, four knights riding golden leopards ran forth in an imposing manner akin to a rainbow.

Sure enough, domains emerged and the Earth's inexplicable rules moved into action. They began to suppress them comprehensively and were poised to obliterate them.


The four people and their massive golden-scaled leopards howled. They overwhelmed and startled many others as their roars shook Mount Lu.

Originally entities of the carefree realm, now they had to cripple their own cultivation to cross over and charge into Earth's territory.

Many descenders who had themselves escaped from the predicament of famous star passages tensed up with them as they watched from the side. They had personally experienced it and could sympathize with the knights. They knew how dangerous and scary it was.

Bang, bang!

In a flash, two of the knights exploded in succession and burst into flames. They were annihilated in body and soul; the same occurred to their mounts.

Heartbroken, Yu Wenfeng's expression became ashen.

The remaining two knights howled in grief. With their mounts roaring, they stormed out amidst the blaze.

"Receive secret treasures!" shouted Bai Qing. She quickly hurled the appropriate weapons for them to go and kill Chu Feng.

However, these two knights were not completely safe yet, as their bodies were still covered with some of the markings from the domain. But, they should be able to get away successfully provided that no accidents happen.

However, Chu Feng was like a fierce hunting tiger. He had been waiting for a long time. With the monastic robe draped over himself, he erupted in scarlet radiance as he transformed into a flash of red lightning. He shot over swiftly and attacked with great ferocity.


He attacked thunderously while reciting Buddha's name.

Yet in the ears of Yu Wenfeng and his group, the words were neither divine nor charming. To them, it was a demonic sound from hell and carried great terror.


The red monastic robe on Chu Feng's body trembled, its golden threads emitting fragmented markings. These intertwined together and pressed forward, activating the famed mountain's existing domains. This made the dying flames on the two knights' body erupt to their peak.


The two men screamed in agony as they were burnt to ashes along with their mounts. The scene was frightening.

At the same time, the two secret treasures were also destroyed.

Seeing this, Chu Feng was pained and sighed in pity!

It was extremely quiet in the surrounding wilderness—everyone else was stunned.

"Ah…" Bai Qing shrieked in disbelief. She was about to go crazy due to the complete destruction of the four carefree realm knights. Two of them were on the verge of success but had been forcefully interrupted by the native, leading to their annihilation.

Yu Wenfeng clenched his fists, his eyes spewing flames. This was the first time he had felt such anger and wanted nothing more than to bathe the planet in blood. He couldn't help but let out a low-pitched roar.

By his side, there were even more powerful knights. The corners of their eyes were about to split apart with fury. They were all bawling like bloodthirsty monsters, wishing to demolish everything.

The divine son Ji Ling looked on pensively and the elder beside him also gazed intently.

Qi Lin stood shocked and shivering on one side. She felt that she had underestimated Chu Feng. Although he seemed goofy, he had created and taken opportunities where he managed to embarrass a saint child again and again.

But she felt that Chu Feng's situation was rather dangerous unless he could directly overthrow Yu Wenfeng. In the future, he would likely encounter bloody retaliation and his fate would be dire. Yet was it even possible to defeat a saint child?

"Cruel and ruthless enough, I like it!" laughed the demonic saintess Ji Xuan. She was enchanting even with her imposing might withdrawn. She said to Feng, "I want you to become my follower!"

With a calm, collected expression and the monastic robe draped over his shoulders, Chu Feng stood in front of the folded space and said, "Boundless Deity!"

The crowds couldn't stand it at all. The Buddha clan hadn't beckoned him, yet the native was getting intimate with them.

To Yu Wenfeng and his people, it was even more grating on the ears, and they wished to chop him up immediately into eight pieces!

Chu Feng turned his head at this moment and said to the demon race descendant Ji Xuan, "I have a dream."

Everyone was speechless. Why was he going on in earnest about a dream in a situation like this? It was really enough and many were felt embarrassed for him.

"What is it?" Ji Xuan asked, interested.

"To hunt for goddesses, saintesses, and pretty girls. To dance and sing with them, as well as to... warm up my bed," he said, casually and pompously. These words instantly shocked many others—his skin was so thick it could be used as a chopping board!

How heaven-defying was this? Ji Ling the divine son, Princess Lin, and the demon race saintess Ji Xuan were all at a loss for words.

"Can you satisfy me?" Chu Feng looked towards Ji Xuan.

"Go to hell!" Ji Xuan blushed lightly. Despite her boldness, she couldn't stand this and wanted to slap him in the face.

Now, let alone other people, even Yu Wenfeng who had almost gone insane from anger, felt his face twitching. As for Bai Qing, she was completely dumbstruck.

Standing under the pine tree, Qi Lin was petrified and completely flabbergasted.

The Peacock King and the Nine-Lives Cat King looked at each other as if they had just seen a ghost. In the end, they could not help but sigh—this Demon King Chu was heaven-defying—he possessed terrifying courage and was indeed stronger than them!

"Chu Feng, you incompetent scoundrel! Are you just all talk? You say it thousands of times, but you are still cowardly and apprehensive about coming in. Come over if you have the guts and I'll kill you with a single slap!"

Bai Qing screamed wildly. She really didn't want Chu Feng to flee away just like that as it would make them too aggrieved.

Chu Feng turned and looked at them with meager interest.

Of course, he had to go in. He didn't know the limits of saint children or just how powerful Yu Wenfeng was, but he still had a degree of certainty in launching a sudden ruthless attack to kill some knights. Did they really think he went to the moon for nothing?

But in order to maximize the fruits of this war, he couldn't just simply go in with one step. He had to continuously torment them and kill a few more before going in. The results were quite fruitful, as proven by the facts.

Of course, in the eyes of Yu Wenfeng and his party, Chu Feng was undeniably repulsive and vile. In fact, they found him lowly and wished to crush him.

"Ok, I'm coming," said Chu Feng, holding the corners of his mouth in a smile as he stepped forward. Just like before he was provoking them and pulling at their heartstrings, stirring up their emotions.
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