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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 429: Chapter 429: Over-fulfilling Completion

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Chapter 429: Chapter 429: Over-fulfilling Completion
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Chu Feng would usually feel pity for the old and weak who had no one to rely on, let alone the scene playing out before him. Those cold-blooded armored knights, in his eyes, were even crueler than wild beasts. It truly makes one furious.

They weren't even willing to let go of infants still in their swaddling clothes and had to fling them into the air amidst splashes of blood. Even that old lady with turbid eyes and had already lost both legs had to be finished off.

Chu Feng's heart was filled with an indescribable emotion. It was like a mass of anger which made his spirit tremble. He wanted to wipe out this group of cruel enemies and evil foes!

"Endless threads."

Although Chu Feng was furious, he didn't lose his calm. His eyes were suffused with a clear spiritual glow as he shot out magnetic stones with great focus and laid down an attack domain. He sensed the extremely mysterious "domain qi".

They were like strand after strand of glowing threads connecting the several magnetic stones. They appeared rather thin and harmless, but now they possessed astonishing destructive powers.

"Haha... where do you think you're going? We'll massacre everyone today and leave no one alive!"

A knight clad in heavy bronze armor laughed loudly while revealing his snow white teeth. Wielding a dazzling white sword and mounted on a scaled beast, he leapt out and hacked towards a group of children.

However, something frightening happened at the exact moment this man and mount leapt up. A fine glowing thread sharper and even sturdier than a blade's edge cut through the beast's neck and severed the knight at the waist.


The scale-covered beast became a headless mount, while that knight was split into upper and lower halves. This was equal to being chopped in half. The knight let out a mournful wail and fell to the ground.

Behind him, there were three more knights still laughing maliciously. They brandished their vicious sharp weapons as they leaped through the air and attacked with great cruelty.

But at this very moment, they encountered a similar fate—one of them had his head severed and sent rolling on the ground. A crisp clang resounded as his weapon fell to the floor.

Another was cut obliquely along with his mount. The sinister smile on his face was frozen as he collapsed into a pool of blood.

Even Chu Feng himself was shocked. So it turned out domains could be operated in such a way. This so-called domain qi couldn't be seen by normal people when, in fact, it truly did exist. It appeared so fine, thin, and flexible, yet it was so tenacious and incomparably sharp!

Domain qi was the qi of domains, a manifestation of magnetic stone resonance. It resonated with the runes carved within the magnetic stones and poured out a special type of powerful energy.

This domain qi was as fine as thread, flexible and endless. But it could nurture one's body, weapons, and it was even more terrifying when deployed as an offensive domain!

In the system of domains, it was a rarity for even researchers with high attainments to be able to see the domain qi!

"What situation is this?"

In the distance, a tall knight as big as a small mountain was talking in a bizarre language. However, Chu Feng was able to understand his meaning.

There were people from different races and star systems here. All of them communicated with spiritual waves and sensed each other's thoughts.

"A mature traitor?" The mountain-sized knight revealed a furious expression. "Did nobody see him? Who let this mature man off? How come such a traitor hasn't been killed?!"

He was obviously addressing Chu Feng and, at the same time, blaming the other knights.

Chu Feng didn't know whether he should be angry or if he should laugh after hearing this. These cold-blooded butchers and executioners were calling his forebears traitors. To them, a male traitor above 18 years old was someone who must absolutely not be left behind and should've been killed sooner.

How cruel was this? What tyranny and cold-bloodedness! The current situation was dire—those women, children, and elders were dismayed.


A small group of ten charged over. All of them were wearing bronze armors and crying out in an odd language. They had excited smiles on their faces and ruthlessness in their eyes as they charged towards Chu Feng while revealing their cold snow-white teeth.

Chu Feng's forehead lit up along with a large patch of magnetic stones on the ground. All of them were immediately illuminated by the spiritual light from his forehead and engraved with runic symbols, causing them to resonate.

Later on, the entire array of magnetic stones flew out. The countless strands of fine thread appeared once again and began to glow lustrously. They were densely packed and even greater in number than the previous time.

The glowing threads connected with each other like a resplendent spiderweb and enveloped the incoming men. This was completely different from the sparse domain qi just now.


Following which, the first knight mounted on an odd beast was covered up and his body was transformed into tiny pieces of meat as if he was cut apart with a blade. Later on, the other roaring cavalry who were charging over with excited expressions also followed in his footsteps.

Soon, the area started reeking of blood. After the glowing net fell, only the mesh holes were safe. The other areas were as if a sharp blade had slashed past, thus causing both men and mounts to be diced into tiny pieces!


Someone cried out before his death. They were extremely vicious, but they felt fear as they died and sounded extremely mournful.

This scene shocked all the women and children who were fleeing. Unexpectedly, there was someone who had killed those executioners.

"A bug with fangs has actually snuck into this group of elderly handicaps. You dare harm my subordinates?! Seize him!"

That knight who looked like a small mountain issued the order once again.

He was a giant, and with his dark purple skin color, he looked extremely fierce. At the same time that he gave the order, he also charged over personally with a long halberd in hand.

Under him was a big ferocious mammoth, hundreds of meters in height. Its two long tusks were like two broadswords and even the mountains would shake when it ran.

There were many puddles of blood nearby, all of them belonging to the forebears who had been trampled to death by this ferocious mammoth. It was extremely tragic.

Chu Feng became even calmer and his mind clearer despite the surging killing intent in his chest. He chose the most logical domain to kill the enemy.

The group of charging knights were all veterans and began to attack from far away. Energy was amplified and shot out by their weapons as they attempted to slash at Chu Feng from a long distance.

But this time, Chu Feng had laid down a defensive domain in front of him. Like a mire, the glowing threads piled up densely together and absorbed the incoming energy to reinforce itself.

Defensive Domain: Mire was deployed perfectly.

When the group of knights charged over, it had already absorbed enough energy. Those cavalrymen couldn't see the domain qi and thus charged over like a swarm of bees.

As expected, they seemed to have fallen into a mire—the more they struggled, the more they sank.

In the end, the group wailed loudly as their vitality was drained clean. They had been buried alive.


That dark purple giant on the mammoth roared as he arrived personally.

He was terrifyingly huge. The halberd in his hand thrust out and erupted with astonishing beams of light which fired towards Chu Feng through the air. With a boom, the defensive domain was pierced through and exploded.

Chu Feng shifted sideways. The energy beam flew past him and blasted a rocky mountain behind him into pieces.

The mammoth howled and erupted with vicious intent as it leapt up. It was actually not clumsy at all and traversed the great mountain as if it were flying. This sight was shocking.

Its speed was very fast. When it landed with a boon, several pitiful forebears who had lost their legs in the previous battle couldn't evade in time and were crushed into meat paste. They didn't even have the chance to groan.

"You animal!"

Chu Feng was furious. He had guessed that these weren't real people and that it was a type of training ground reenacting the situation from back then. Even so, he felt greatly stifled at heart.

The next moment, Chu Feng disappeared. This giant knight was too powerful. Even his mammoth mount was too vicious—ordinary evolvers had no way to deal with him.

Chu Feng had laid down Defensive Domain: Ghostly Mist.

In the area, the magnetic fields were sent into chaos and began to emit killing intent. The bewildering mist made people lose their way and get trapped within. This was the upgraded version of the ghostly labyrinth.

As expectedly, the giant knight could no longer find Chu Feng after entering.

Chu Feng tried several times but normal attacks domains just couldn't kill the giant knight. He possessed powerful defense and vast amounts of energy in his body, capable of abolishing all kinds of killing intent and defeating the domain qi.

This was a true expert.

But if one type of attack domain couldn't do it, he could use two... If two didn't cut it, he only needed to use three… He upgraded numerous times and laid down domains on top of each other continuously.

"Traitor, come out and die! Your race should be annihilated by now. Those heaven illuminators have been beaten to a pulp and have become food for the big-shots' mounts. What sagemaster? He's also about to die. A major character has personally descended to kill him. None of you will defy the heavens again. All remaining traitors will die!"

The giant knight's voice was calm but very cold.

He was retreating in hopes of leaving the Ghostly Mist, but couldn't extricate himself for the time being.


In the end, Chu Feng overlaid four types of attack domains, pinned him down, and then attacked madly.


The giant's right shoulder exploded and his arm fell down. Amidst furious roars, he switched his halberd over to the other hand and swept about in all directions.

The next moment, a beam of light shot through the mammoth's forehead and blasted its head apart. Its gigantic body also fell down with the giant in tow.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft…

Bloody mists exploded continuously, seriously injuring the giant. His dark purple skin was torn apart by the four kinds of different domain qi—his body had been cut apart.

The giant roared and struggled as his neck came under attack, but to no avail. A gigantic head soon came rolling down.

It was a massacre. Chu Feng had utilized domains to kill his way through!

In the end, the 100-men unit was completely wiped out. That dark purple-skinned giant was the leader.

Chu Feng was spiritually drained and began to gasp for air. He had been continuously using his spiritual power to carve runes and this exhausted him greatly.

He leaned against a giant rock and breathed deeply. A mass of white mist enshrouded him as he utilized the special breathing technique to recover his stamina and spirit.

A group of children nearby were anxious. They were worried about him and stood nearby to watch over him. There were also the old and weak who were observing him in silence with thankful expressions.

In the end, Chu Feng recovered.

He knew he had passed the second stage of the inheritance, but this wasn't the end for him. He had to push forward to kill more enemies.

At last, he killed ten hundred-men units in succession and slaughtered ten unit leaders similar to the purple giant. All types of attack and defensive domains were utilized to his heart's content.

During this time, he also encountered lethal peril and almost died on a number of occasions after being surrounded by the cavalry.

After wiping out over a thousand enemies in total, there were no longer any evil faces in this land. The laughter of the pursuers was no longer heard as the entire group of cavalry had been wiped out.

Chu Feng lay on the ground, almost unable to move and some bloody wounds on his body were see-through from front to back.

He had walked through countless perils and almost died here.

But he had ultimately succeeded in wiping out all of those executioners.

He respired according to the special breathing technique and enshrouded himself with white mist. Additionally, he possessed astonishing restorative abilities after severing the shackle in his heart.

Even so, it took a lot of time before his wounds began to heal and he struggled back from the verge of death.

"Thank you!"

Those women and children transformed into a shower of radiant specs and surged up in large patches to eventually disappear into the starry skies. Their faces before disappearing were full of gratitude.

"Big brother, see you. Thank you!" Those children waved at him with large clear eyes and also transformed into a shower of light before disappearing into the starry skies.

"See you!" Chu Feng clambered up and waved at them. His heart ached a little bit because he knew this "see you" would never be realized.

Only at this time did the tattered dark red energy pagoda emerge. Its tone was no longer cold as it said, "Everything learned has been applied. An over fulfilling completion."

This was its evaluation. It was another "over fulfillment". It seemed he had far surpassed the normal examination standards.

At the same time, it was swaying as if it were... giving the disappearing specks of light its regards. It seemed incomparably sad.

Chu Feng didn't say anything and only gazed at the starry sky.

A long time afterwards, the dark red energy pagoda said, "Killing ten enemies is considered a pass."

Only at this time did Chu Feng realize just how much he had over-fulfilled. But there wasn't any joy in his heart as he let out a sigh while gazing at the starry sky.

"This kind of over fulfilling completion is too dangerous. You shouldn't do it. During this period, you came close to dying eight times." The damaged energy pagoda was no longer cold and heartless. It spoke some extra words to Chu Feng and seemed worried about his safety.

"Why aren't these corpses disappearing?" asked Chu Feng.

That was because there was still a lot of blood on the ground as well as the corpses of those cavalry.

"They were originally here so how can they disappear?" the dark red energy pagoda replied.

"What? So what I experienced just now was real" Chu Feng shook as he turned back to look at the pagoda.

"Only the corpses of the cavalrymen are real. Those kids, women, and children have dispersed throughout the vicissitudes. Perhaps some of them did get away," the energy pagoda replied.

It told Chu Feng that the true calvary were incomparably powerful and could move unhindered through the starry skies. The ones were only puppets.

Chu Feng was silent. He naturally knew this because he had seen these people in the imagery on the starry sky. They were existences who could step on the star passages and journey through wormholes.

"If you had died here just now, you would've truly died and won't come back to life. Additionally, you would've died in the hands of these executioners."

Later on, the third stage was activated.

This time, there were no dangers. He only found himself facing numerous books. They were simple, unadorned, and suffused with the aura of vicissitudes.

Some of them would shatter at the slightest touch. One had to be extremely careful.

These ancient volumes were exceptionally valuable. Contained within them were things Chu Feng had always longed for. All of them were domain patterns. He needed to commit them to memory without the slightest bit of error.

This process was extremely arduous for most people, but for Chu Feng, it was a completely new experience. It seemed to him like a new wondrous world from which he was allowed to absorb and derive continuously.

What he couldn't understand, he would study them by heart because he simply couldn't let so many valuable classics just pass by.

Some secret volumes only described the structure of a single domain. They were profound and difficult.

Chu Feng felt that several months or even a couple of years had passed by when he finally completed memorizing all of them. He was afraid of missing out on this opportunity and thus gave it his all to stuff it into his brain.

"You finished in even a shorter time than was expected. All is done! It's an over fulfilling accomplishment!"

The dark red energy tower appeared and told him thus.

Afterwards, it added once more, "Everything has ended. Everything has been accomplished and over-fulfilled!"
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