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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 427: The Ancient Sage

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Chapter 427: The Ancient Sage
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The old man's body was frail and thin, and his hair was withered. He had lost both legs and was left with only one arm, his clothes long since ripped and torn.

His body was badly damaged from the burns. With a roar, his dim and turbid eyes presently erupted with astonishing brilliance. As a last ditch attempt, he ignited the last of his hot blood and pounced towards the enemy.

It was somewhat tragic. He knew that he would die, yet he continued to rush to his death like a moth to a flame!

"Go, you all have to find a way to survive!" he howled.

His body shook within the flames, wanting so desperately to hinder all the enemies. But his chest was suddenly pierced through by a spear. Even then, only a bit of blood spilled out because all of his blood had been ignited and he was nearly dried out.


The old man disregarded the spear pierced through his chest as his body slid forward along the cold lance. At this point, his single remaining arm lit up and pressed forward violently. With a bang, the strong enemy was blown to pieces.

Then, he rushed forward, taking with him the spear which had pierced through his body and flew directly towards another expert and blasted him apart.

However, there were too many enemies and experts were as numerous as trees in a forest. Off to the side, a man in silver armor came rushing forward with a blade, decapitating the old man and sending blood flying everywhere.

"We'll die together!"

Even so, the old man's head cried out telepathically as his body was torn apart and exploded in all directions. Some people were struck by the dazzling light and immediately lost their lives.

His head and broken body could be considered weapons, but they eventually dissipated and were gone just like that.


In the distance, a young boy in his teens shouted as his eyes began to bleed. He appeared like a small tiger with his bare upper body as he killed his way back disregarding the perils.

He was very strong, talented, and possessed amazing strength despite his young age. But he was still too young and tender in the face of such fierce enemies.


The divine sword in his hand had barely touched a man wearing copper armor when he was thrown away with a single strike from his opponent. The youth's body maintained its forward momentum even as his head was chopped off. Blood spurted out from the cavity, then his body collapsed.

"Little uncle!"

At the back, a child, no more than four or five years old, started crying with tears rolling down his cheeks. He struggled to escape the embrace of an old woman covered in blood. His eyes were red and had long since become swollen from crying.

At this moment, he was heartbroken and started bawling. "Little uncle… you can't die! My dad and the rest of my uncles are all dead, my great-grandfather just died. You've all left, and I'm the only man left in our family… I don't want you all to leave me!"

He sobbed his heart out, his small body struggling with all its might.

The old woman was also crying bitterly with tears flowing down her face, but she pulled him away with all her strength and quickly followed the others to escape into the distance.

The star passage was destroyed and corpses lay in heaps.

On the verge of racial destruction, they began to execute a great escape away from their mother star. Many tragic scenes were unfolding on stage.

At this moment, Chu Feng's eyes were red. He stared at the starry sky with grief and indignation in his heart. He wanted to tear apart the sky and rush towards the past to join the fight.

The group of pursuers were too cold-blooded and wouldn't even spare women and children. Chu Feng felt so angry after witnessing the tragic scene that his eyes felt as if they could pop out. Even the children in swaddling clothes were treated so cruelly; they were pierced by halberds, then lifted up and tossed away.

"Those animals!"

Chu Feng's nose felt sore while his eyes were astringent and already red. He wanted nothing more than to go back in time and join the fight!

"This is too tragic!" he muttered. The events of the past weighed on his heart. It was still difficult to let go even though he knew these things had passed long ago..

This was because he knew that those pursuers, the group of executioners, might still be alive. They might even be basking in the glory of their cold-blooded deeds, with stories of their glory being spread among the tribes.

And those who had their families broken apart and those who fled their planet—the old, the feeble and sick, and the women and children with no one to rely on, where were they now? Had some survived?

These past events made people's' hearts ache. Back then, people had lost all hope and could not see a way out. Their race was on the brink of destruction, and they had no choice but to flee.

They couldn't see a way out. The strong enemies that filled the skies made people feel completely powerless.

Chu Feng felt stifled in his heart and couldn't help but let out a sigh.

Many events of the past were tragedies which left people without a sense of hope.

He watched just like this, and it was almost as if he had experienced it all—struggling and resisting in that era of despair but still unable to find a way out.

Everything only ended when the sky suddenly was blasted open with a bang, and the starry sky was transformed, or perhaps this was another type of beginning.

A number of figures emerged and, with an indomitable spirit, suppressed the stars. They swallowed the world and stood towering over the starry skies, illuminating the sea of stars as if they had existed throughout time.

At this time, their eyes were even more terrifying than the moon and the stars. They could open their mouths and swallow planets whole.

The stalwart silhouettes stood with their huge bodies half-hidden in the darkness of the universe. Only their eyes blazed brilliantly accompanied by boundless anger and murderous intentions.

They saw the elderly, women, and children escaping. They saw the cavalry laughing as they pursued.


They were no longer able to restrain their anger. It was absolutely unbearable. The pursuers warping between the star passages and the countless cavalry with cruel smiles were beaten with a forward slap and burst into pieces. Even the star passages and wormholes burst open!

"The proud elites among the descendants have been killed, leaving only the old, the weak, the women, and the children. Yet they still won't let go until all are annihilated!" a person said sorrowfully.

They didn't make it in time to help as they too had enemies who were even more powerful. There were secret and forbidden arts being used everywhere.

Not long ago, they were still in a bloody war in which some had died. They had killed their way out but paid a hefty price for it.

At this time, a stalwart figure walked over. He was the sagemaster of the domain researchers. His eyes were fierce, and he was holding a star-studded whip.

It was not a common soft whip, but rather a blunt instrument like an unsharpened sword and consisting of many knots. As the sagemaster waved the whip, starlight filled the sky and all the wormholes in the area were reversed.

He hoped those elderly and weak, and those women and children were all able to escape. As for their group, they would still have to fight the final battle.

"They killed our heirs and destroyed our tribe. We'll also go to their star field to slaughter them. Blood demands blood!"

The group saw the enemy in the distance. At the edge of the starry sky, there were many figures descending, causing the stars to shudder. Each of them was emanating a matchless aura!

Seeing that the enemy had arrived, the group left right away. The sagemaster held the star-studded whip which slashed open the starry sky, forming the outline of a magnificent star path and directly killing their way into the enemy's main camp.

This was a heaven-defying blow. A strike from the star-studded whip in his hand connected them to the other side. Several of them disappeared from the area and set foot on the other side of the starry sky.

"Kill them!"

A bloody war broke out in the enemy's base camp.

However, the group underestimated the strength of their opponents. In a flash, the stars shuddered as a group of enormous figures appeared, towering over the vast starry skies.

It was a bloody battle which caused the heavens to overflow with death. In the end, stars were shattered, sages fell, and groups of stars were left dim.

The group ran away, and everyone had sustained heavy injuries.

This war did not last just one or two years, but many years. The stars they passed broke apart, and from time to time, saints would perish.

One day, the sagemaster, along with a few other people, stopped and looked up at a certain region in the sea of stars. All of them revealed sad expressions because the area was exploding continuously and entire arrays of stars were being extinguished.

Those were two other people from their home planet who stood at the highest peak in the field of evolution, but today, they had ultimately been defeated and killed.

Illuminating the heavens!

That was the strongest fight for hegemony, the biggest contest for the unrivaled apex.

It was truly a pity—two such strong and brilliant characters, who could look down on the experts across the ages, had ultimately died. The fight there had already gone on for many years.

"Our two brothers, the two strongest people on our planet, they were so young yet suffered an untimely death at their hands!" The sagemaster was heartbroken. He looked up to the sky and wailed like a wounded beast.

The others were also emotional and cried silent tears. At their level, they knew not what they cried for, but they still felt dejected as lustrous tears rolled down their faces.

Two of the strongest and relatively young experts from their home planet were gone from this world!

At the same time, all throughout the universe, every star field turned silent as all creation suddenly looked up!

The fall of a heaven-illuminating expert was felt by myriad heavens and realms!

At this moment, certain starry projections above the altars of each planet exploded—a heaven-illuminating expert had been destroyed in both form and spirit.

Blood poured down from above each altar.

This scene was so terrifying that it shook the stars!

"A peerless character capable of illuminating the heavens has died, yet another brilliance has been destroyed…"

Everywhere, countless people were shaken as they discussed this matter.

The sagemaster was dejected. He revealed his true face and was actually quite young, precisely the age where one's heroic disposition flourished. But now, in his heart, he was like a ten-thousand-year-old man.

"Our two brothers have died. They have fallen completely a contest to illuminate the heavens. Next, it's our turn, and maybe we too will be destroyed!"

His voice was very low and sentimental but was also unyielding. He suddenly looked up and said, "But I still have the means. I am, after all, a sagemaster!"

The enemy came even faster than they had expected. It was boundlessly terrifying.

"Kill them!"

Several silhouettes appeared and rushed forward.

The sagemaster revealed his youthful face and grasping the star-studded whip, he waved it repeatedly. At this time, the heavens trembled and began to change, forming a vast starry domain!

The next moment, the stars shone resplendently and illuminated the heavens.

"What? Another heaven-illuminating expert? The planet is too frightening. They want to occupy three positions among the top one hundred experts?"

"No, but I'm superior to the heaven illuminators!"

Several old experts sighed in amazement and were indescribably stunned.

"You..." At the scene, saints perished and their blood stained the heaven and earth. Up until death, they were all horrified and unwilling.

"How can you have such great power?!" Another golden bodhisattva growled.

"I am a sagemaster, one capable of becoming a teacher of the saints, now die!" the sagemaster growled. His long black hair became snow-white in an instant, and his body became like that of an old man.

He went all over the world, combing the river of stars and using the planets as magnetic stones to lay down an unparalleled domain. This battle eventually became a perfect sound...

The pursuers were all destroyed, but the sagemaster's fate was difficult to confirm.

A white-haired figure appeared at the last moment, his face still handsome but his body was emanating an aura of decay. He laughed, at times heartrending and at times brilliant. His demeanor was complicated but still as proud as before. He looked down at the starry skies and said, "You sought to kill us, but your visions determined your accomplishments. How ridiculous to be so fixated on a pond in a corner of the universe!"

He swung the star-studded whip and summoned several bronze coffins from faraway places. He and the several experts lay inside each of them, and with a soft swing of the sage domain whip, the dying group broke the sea of stars and thereafter disappeared.

Their oaths were heard throughout several star fields.

"One day, lightning will slash the universe apart. That is the light of my fist and it means I have returned!"

"When the stars are in array and the universe blooms full of sage flowers, they are laughing for me, for I have recovered, I am returning!"

Some say they all died, and their final oaths were just to intimidate people in order to protect the people who fled—the women, the children, the old, the weak and the sick.

Many years later, some people couldn't help but start to hunt down the fleeing women and children, the disabled veterans, and even want to destroy their home planets.

That day, lightning struck the universe, and some people really did come back to fight a bloody battle. The starry sky was stained with blood and many planets from the enemy faction were destroyed.

However, he also died in this campaign, never to stand up again.

After that day, the will of their home planet once again recovered.

For many years, no one dared to step on it for fear of encountering a suicidal attack.

After a long period of time, countless people had already forgotten those events of old, and those who knew of the terrible war of the past were skeptical. Were those people still alive? Would the sagemaster appear again? They believed that all of them were already dead!

But some people have reportedly seen ancient bronze coffins occasionally at the edge of the universe. They were floating aimlessly with no beginning and no end. They flew away rapidly along an unfathomable path. At this time, the world would tremble once again.

Chu Feng stood in the starry sky, his eyes red and his heart aching. He knew that most of them would never appear alive.

Here, he saw their desolation and the invincible loneliness in their hearts.

"Everything on the earth is already useless and is no longer protected. From here on out, I'll rise from the ashes, recover from the silence and I will fight my way out of earth!" This was Chu Feng's whisper. This was his oath.
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