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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 424: Upon the Moon

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Chapter 424: Upon the Moon
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The azure ocean rippled gently, transforming the rays cast by the sun into a field of golden fragments. The swift and elegant seagulls flitted across the ocean while whales would occasionally leap up from the sea, throwing up white waves and disturbing the serenity.

Chu Feng steered the dark green bamboo raft pensively into the Eastern Sea. Somewhat entranced, he admired the beautiful scenery en route.

He had come to borrow a flying saucer from the Dragoness, or to directly bid on one at the bottom of the ocean. Afterwards, he would charge towards the moon. He would not hesitate to take risks for the domain sagemaster's inheritance.

At last, he arrived and approached the Eastern Sea's crucial waters. A hawksbill sea turtle as big as a small hill emerged with a body equivalent to a little island. It looked intently at the uninvited guest who had just intruded into these waters.

At the same time, a group of sharks appeared. They were fairly large in size and looked like a group of submarines floating on the water surface. With coldly gleaming teeth, they were accompanied by an intense killing intent.

"Report to Her Majesty the Dragoness that her old friend Chu Feng has come to visit."

"So it's King Chu." The island-like turtle nodded its head in a deeply courteous manner as it dived down towards the seabed and disappeared. As for the warship-like sharks, they too receded.

The marine race was incredibly proud of themselves, but they were incomparably scared of the legendary Demon King Chu. This person had even murdered and eaten Long Ze, the sworn brother of the Elder Dragon King of the Southern Seas.

As Chu Feng was entering the sea, the Young Master Chen from Penglai happened to come ashore at the same time. He soon learned of what happened in the depths of Mount Hua and immediately became enraged!

What his errand boy encountered was, in a sense, his own experience, as Chu Feng only treated him in such a way because he had mistaken Chen Cheng for himself.

"How dare someone with such an impure bloodline declare himself as the chosen one? He doesn't heed my summons and has repeatedly offended the Penglai orthodox lineage. He can only drop dead since he refuses to submit!" His eyes had an eerie chill in them.

The bottom of the sea was filled with prismatic clusters of coral in all shapes and sizes. They glowed like lanterns and illuminated the grand city.

This was Chu Feng's second visit to the Dragon City of the Eastern Sea. He was riding a flying saucer the last time he had come here. This time he directly followed the Dragoness and came down personally, strolling through the water while communicating telepathically.

Holding his breath under the water pressure no longer had a great impact on him now that he had evolved to such a level.

Chu Feng had made great progress with his breathing techniques after severing the ninth shackle. His skin could breathe like the fish in the ocean and draw upon the oxygen in the water.

In fact, he could even directly devour energy particles and could go without oxygen for some time.

The Dragoness swam through the ocean—she possessed long, aqua-blue hair and an excellent physique. She was as quick and agile as a mermaid.

When she found out Chu Feng wanted to borrow a flying saucer to leave for the moon, her eyes widened with awe and her face was full of amazement. It wasn't that she was unaware her friend often behaved outrageously, but because this operation was really an overkill.

"There are descenders within space. If you drive the flying saucer up there, it's very possible you'll become their prey!" She solemnly warned him.

"I know dangers exist, but I have no choice. If the situation becomes unfavorable I'll flee and come back here. I want to give it a try for the domains."

The Dragoness was shocked as she said, "You know that there are domain inheritances upon the moon?"

"Yeah, you know that too?" Chu Feng was rather alarmed.

Different colored corals glistened on the seafloor in Dragon City, radiating various colorful hues. The submarine streets were brightly colored, and all kinds of architectures glowed lustrously.

It was incredibly beautiful here, just like a fairytale world.

Dragon City was quite busy with people from the marine race coming and going. Aquatic medicine and even flying saucers were being auctioned, and many areas were bustling with activity.

The Dragoness brought Chu Feng directly into the Dragon King's palace for conversation since it was quieter there.

"The stone inscriptions I gifted you previously were taken from the dragon's lair. In addition to that, we also discovered records describing how that domain master had obtained inheritances upon the moon."

The Dragoness recounted the situation. In the past, she had presented Chu Feng with many flagstones engraved by a domain master in the dragon's lair.

"He...actually went to the moon." Chu Feng was astonished. He began to inquire about the details and asked the Dragoness for guidance.

The Dragoness had someone bring over some jade stones inscribed with numerous characters. These were part of a domain master's records and originally belonged to the dragon race's precious collection. Such secrets could not be leaked as they chronicled a hidden treasure!

However the location of such a treasure was too far away—it was on the moon!

During his visit to the East Sea this time, he gifted the Dragoness a blue pill when he met her. This pill was enough for her to sever her ninth shackle.

The Dragoness was delighted and greatly moved. Thus, she didn't hold anything back from Chu Feng and showed him the jade stone records documenting the hidden treasure.

"He had accidentally entered a domain, which took him onto the moon. There, he narrowly escaped death and only gained some superficial knowledge. On his return, he researched intensively over many years to become a great master of domains?!"

Chu Feng was rather shocked when he learned of these situations

A great domain master was born from superficial knowledge—how heaven-defying was this?

So, was there really a domain sagemaster's orthodoxy upon the moon? Fervor burnt within Chu Feng's heart, and he wanted nothing more than to leave immediately.

Moreover, from the notes engraved upon the jade stone, he had already learned there were secret domains leading to the moon. These domains were located on an island in the Eastern Sea.

The domain master was originally a wandering cultivator from the sea. Otherwise, he would not have appeared regularly on that island and near the dragon lair.

The Dragoness and her clan wanted to go and search for the orthodoxy too. But they gave up in the end as they found it incredibly challenging and strenuous to comprehend even the most basic books on domains. Even if they managed to narrowly escape death upon the moon and find the orthodoxy, they reckoned it would be too hard for them to fathom.

In accordance with the dragon race's words, they were more suited for the path of evolution and not domains.

"I cannot thank you enough for your kindness," said Chu Feng wholeheartedly. The information was too important to him—going to the island was a lot more feasible than maneuvering a flying saucer through outer space.

He didn't want to stay for a single moment longer and was desperate to leave immediately.

However, he still wanted to bid on a flying saucer in case an accident occurred in outer space.

"If I remember correctly, wasn't the Eight-Clawed King auctioning his flying saucer?" asked Chu Feng.

"You should take my flying saucer to avoid additional problems," suggested the Dragoness.

This was because Chu Feng was truly a magnet for enmity. Should the Dragon clan of the Southern Sea find out he had come here to bid, they would mobilize in full force to try and stop him.

"Then bid one for me later when there is a good opportunity," said Chu Feng. He gave the Dragoness another blue pill with the ability to sever the ninth shackle. For many marine clan rulers, it would be worthwhile to exchange a flying saucer for such a pill. Who didn't want to become stronger?

As the Eastern Sea Dragon clan had already found it before, Chu Feng discovered the deserted island swimmingly.

"You must be careful. I won't go onto the island because that place is too eerie," warned the Dragoness, before she turned and retreated back into the ocean.

"I won't say anymore thank yous!" With that, Chu Feng turned around and climbed up onto the island.

"Take care!" said the Dragoness. This was because she knew Chu Feng would come across a narrow encounter with death. From the domain master's notes, she knew that the orthodoxy upon the moon was not a kind place and was extremely dangerous. It was only by pure luck that the domain master had been able to return alive.

The fog on the island was so dense that it felt like an island of death. There was no sound, and the place was eerily silent.

The magnetic field readings here were abnormally turbulent, fluctuating wildly between high and low. After entering the depths of the island, an aurora-like radiance could be seen surging up in a splendid manner from time to time, only to be engulfed by the thick fog soon afterwards.

It was evident there were domains here, but they were heavily damaged.

Chu Feng frowned, hoping the path through to the moon had not been destroyed.

There were no plants or animals upon the island and stones were strewn everywhere. Of which, many were magnetic stones, and there were even some fine magnetic crystals. All of them were good materials.

Chu Feng was astounded and then began to collect them. These items were great for domain researchers as they were equivalent to their weapons.

Soon afterwards, he came to the center of the island and saw a black and white altar. The magnetic fields here became increasingly unpredictable and it was severely terrifying.

In an instant, Chu Feng's eyes were frozen after realizing that this so-called black and white altar was made of heaven-defying materials. The material greatly resembled the divine magnet described in certain records as one of the highest-quality materials.

This was exactly what domain researchers loved!

The two types of holy magnets, black and white, were the embodiment of yin and yang. Domains built using these spiritual materials could create small worm-holes, and this was not something ordinary people could achieve.

Chu Feng studied here for a whole two days and two nights before finally stepping onto the black and white altar.


The black and white divine magnets erupted with light as he activated the domain here. The altar was constructed with modules formed from domains. Presently, it was surging rapidly as a small stable wormhole appeared amidst tearing sounds.

Chu Feng was shaken—he was currently far from having such methods—would such feats become possible once one reached a profound level with domains?

He looked up and saw the scenery on the other side of the wormhole. Seeing the circular pits close by, he suspected that it was the moon!

Then he looked up at the sky in search of the bright moon, but unfortunately, it was secluded by the mist.

It was still really weird. The moon was 390,000 kilometers away from Earth, but now he could see it up close just by peering into the narrow path of the wormhole.

Chu Feng held the bronze sword given to him by the saintess Yang Shan in his right hand. Now, he must use it to defend himself as he didn't know what there was upon the moon.

At the same time, he held the small silver shield gifted to him by the demoness Hu Ruoxian in his left.

Stepping onto the narrow wormhole path, he entered directly!

Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan had already arrived on the moon two days ago. They were gathering fortunes and searching for opportunities.

There were some areas they could step onto. They traversed the area and entered the circular craters one after another.

"There are too many pits on such a small planet. It must have suffered many strikes. It's a miracle that it hasn't been destroyed yet," murmured Yang Xuan.

Hu Qingcheng rolled her eyes and said, "What do you think? Who could demolish such a place with a domain sagemaster holding the fort?!"

Their expressions changed at the mention of the domain sagemaster. Such a legendary existence could obliterate demonic sages, Bodhisattvas, and comb through the river of stars. He was practically omnipotent.

"I can vaguely sense the lingering traces of a demonic ancestor's aura!" Qing Lan's face suddenly discolored, and his complexion grew pale.

"It's over there!" Yang Xuan hovered in the air with a grave expression, pointing ahead.

There, there were five great big pits, and it looked like they were made by five fingers pressing down into the surface. Upon closer inspection, they found it was an enormous Five Finger Pit.


They drew in breaths of cold air as the five indefinitely tremendous craters were emitting a horrible atmosphere.

"Back then, a demonic sage had come to engage in a war, and with an earth-shattering claw, it left five holes upon this moon. How unimaginable!"

It should be noted that a demonic sage of such kind would have turned an even greater celestial body into ashes with a single strike, to speak nothing of a small planet.

"With a domain sagemaster overlooking the moon, it's already considered fortunate that the demonic sage could leave alive." Hu Qingcheng sighed.

Following this, they no longer felt dull and began to wander upon the moon. Here and there, they found strange markings. While in the eyes of others these seemed to have been left from the impact of meteorites, they knew these were caused by the divine wars from the previous years.

This made them rather interested, and they studied the area while they walked.

Finally, they found the right place marked on Hu Qingcheng's beast skin map.

"Oh? How come we can't approach it?"

"There's an invisible domain energy blocking us from nearing it!"

The three people frowned and stopped here.

A great ring-shaped pit covered a wide area, and there were remnants of buildings. Their eyes widened when they beheld something resembling a cassia tree.

"A divine tree dried up on the moon!"

They tried their best but it was of no use. They could not get close at all.

"Such a shame! We found the right place but can't get inside!"

"Nevermind, we were already mentally prepared. Whoever could enter a domain sagemaster's territory?"

They weren't actually too disappointed. After all, they had been prepared psychologically that it would be their fortune if they obtained something, but even if they didn't, it could only be attributed to fate.

"We haven't paid attention to Earth for two days. I wonder what has been going on," Qing Lan said.

Yang Xuan let out an air of disgust and said, "The mind is calm when the eyes don't see. My frame of mind has been great with that disgraceful native out of my sight for these last two days."

Hu Qingcheng nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, it has been a lot quieter. I don't even want to see that kid again. He actually dares deceive someone from our Hu family!"

However, at this moment, Yang Xuan's eyes open wide as he was dumbfounded.

Hu Qingcheng likewise turned back suddenly, and with one glance, he too was immediately at a loss of words.

Out of nowhere, a young man casually appeared before their eyes!
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