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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 418: The Saintess

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Chapter 418: The Saintess
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Chen Rui suddenly realized a disaster was imminent when people threatened to kill the unicorn one after another.

"What are you trying to do?!" The unicorn was so terrified that the silver scales on its body were shining, and the single horn projecting from its forehead was generating crackling sounds accompanied by bright electric sparks.

"A mere beast of burden! How dare you argue with us?" Huang Tong, a creature from Alpha galaxy with the body of a human and the head of a lion, started to close in on it.

The unicorn was scared. It set itself up as a descendant of an orthodox lineage from the Penglai remnant race and looked down on the local evolvers of the earth with scorn. But the unicorn completely lost its confidence when facing the outer-realm entities.

With a whoosh, a group of outer-realm entities walked toward the purple gold chariot of Penglai Immortal Island. Every one of them was super capable.

Even Ye Lan from Andromeda took action and was ready to fight. She was a classic beauty with her purple clothes fluttering about as her body generated radiant energy.

There was only one reason why outer-realm entities were willing to lend him a hand of their own accord. The native heaven's chosen was one who had received the favor of the planet's will. Following such a person, in the beginning, would bring great benefits.

"Everybody, calm down." Chen Rui's forehead was filled with beads of cold sweat. He tried to stop the situation from worsening since the group of outer-realm entities was surrounding the unicorn. What if they killed it?

He knew that the young master of the Chen family valued the unicorn and wanted to train it to become a real quasi-divine beast. Therefore, nothing must happen to it.

"Don't be ridiculous. This is earth, not your galaxy. I was talking to the local entities, which is none of your business." The unicorn pretended to be tough.

"Brother Chu, how are you going to deal with it?" Huang Tong asked. He looked very fierce with his dense lion mane.

Chu Feng shrugged as if he didn't care about this.

However, his stomach began to growl at an inopportune moment, and it sounded like thunder. After severing the shackles on his kidneys, the after-effects of the evolution had finally emerged.

This was an old disease. Chu Feng suddenly experienced an indescribable sense of hunger and even began to hurt from the acid reflux.

Ye Lan smiled. "Brother Chu, you just finished your evolution and improved your physique dramatically. The lack of high energy food must be causing you hunger and tiredness. This unicorn has a part of quasi-divine beast's blood and can be used as a supplement."

The warm and kind smile of this classic beauty was fairly terrifying in Chen Rui's eyes.

"Everybody, stop!" Chen Rui tried to stop them.

"Out of the way!" But there was no way for him to obstruct such a group of people alone.

The unicorn panicked. Even though it possessed great strength, it would still be killed immediately if he were besieged by a group of extraterrestrial entities. There was no chance for it to survive.

"Chu Feng, this is just a misunderstanding between us," the unicorn screamed, "the remnant races from Penglai Immortal Island and other areas are responsible for protecting the earth. We are the orthodox lineages. Both of us are local entities. It shouldn't work this way."

Chu Feng didn't say anything. Both Chen Rui and the unicorn regarded themselves as part of an orthodox lineage—they were quite arrogant when treating local evolvers, but would swallow their pride when facing the outer-realm entities This felt quite offensive to Chu Feng.


Finally, the unicorn was killed by the group led by Huang Tong and Ye Lan. Although he tried to fight, all of his efforts were in vain.

Chen Rui's face turned pale. That was the mount of the young master of Chen Family. How was he going to explain his death later on?

In a short while, the unicorn was turned into food and the delicious smell of meat pervaded the air as the group of chowed down on it. Additionally, some people brought out wine from other galaxies.

Chu Feng had solved his problem; his hunger was no more and his entire body was filled with vast amounts of energy.

Chen Rui almost passed out from the extreme anxiety. He had no idea what to do and could only hang his head in dejection as if he was mourning for his mother.

In the distance, people from certain corporate powers glanced at each other. People from the Penglai Immortal Island regarded themselves as the orthodox lineage, and even a cart-pulling mount was so arrogant, but its consequence…was miserable.

Today, the Penglai lineage had failed utterly.

Chu Feng didn't do anything. He didn't even get involved in today's incident at all. Even the unicorn was something other people had invited him to eat after they had roasted it.

It had to be said that the grilled quasi-divine beast blood unicorn was quite delicious. The meat was roasted until it was golden, tender and crispy.

Chu Feng was greatly satisfied and almost burping in satiety. He felt that the unicorn meat could be ranked first on his Gourmet Rankings.

Huang Tong said with laughter, "Brother Chu Feng, isn't the wine from our Alpha galaxy great? I will give you two more bottles. It's unfortunate that I didn't bring a lot of them."

"Thank you very much, Brother Huang." Chu Feng laughed and accepted the wine.

Huang Tong said, " Brother Chu. I've always been a straightforward person. As the chosen one of this land, you'll be invincible if you work together with our golden divine son."

Ye Lan hastily invited Chu Feng to Mountain Hua to have a face to face conversation. She said the fairies from Andromeda were unique and unbeatable.

In the distance, the evolvers from earth revealed odd expressions—those outer-realm entities paid no attention to the people from Penglai. After eating Penglai's unicorn, those outer-realm entities were still hanging around and talking loudly.

Many people couldn't help but curse silently, especially when they saw the extraterrestrial entities crowding around Chu Feng as they tried to rope him in. Everyone felt that his change in fate went against all reason.

One had to know that Chu Feng was at odds with these outer-realm entities before, but everything changed after it was revealed that he was the chosen one.

Actually, Chu Feng realized these changes as well. The Inexplicable fame brought many benefits to him, so he naturally wouldn't explain that he was not the chosen one.

Under such a situation, he would pretend to be holy at all costs.

Shortly, another person with strong backing came to see Chu Feng. He was from the remnant race of the Himalayas.

However, compared with Chen Rui and the unicorn, this person's attitude was much better. He politely invited Chu Feng to visit the secret realm in the Himalayas when he had the time.

Chen Rui was mad. What the hell? The agent from the Himalayan remnant race humbled himself when trying to snatch Chu Feng away? Didn't it make him and the unicorn look extremely domineering?

Although an envoy, all the same, this person had immediately defeated Chen Rui and left a favorable impression.

Through their conversation, Chu Feng understood that the remnant races lived in special areas which were perennially isolated from the rest of the world. Their evolution didn't happen only after the upheaval. Instead, they had always retained their inheritance and foundations. That was why they could call themselves orthodox lineages.

Chu Feng realized there were experts with unfathomable capabilities in these remnant races.

Finally, the group dispersed. Chu Feng left alone and temporarily declined all the invitations. He neither went to visit the secret realm of the Himalayan remnant race nor did he go to meet the extraterrestrial divine sons and saintesses.

He disappeared in front of all the people and was soon headed towards the sea, driving the bamboo raft at lightning speed towards Mount Eternal.

He wanted to see whether he could contact Yellow Ox, the black yak, and the others. He wanted to send them some medicines to aid their breakthrough.

On the way, he tried using the luminous energy wings to fly and crossed several kilometers within the blink of an eye. The speed was absolutely shocking.

It could be said that as long as the energy within his body was dense enough, his kidneys would, without doubt, be filled with energy and materialize the pair of wings. It would allow him to fly through the air, escape into the earth or attack his enemies.

Finally, Chu Feng successfully found the Mount Eternal as he had carried a stone from the island which served to guide him there.

"Yellow Ox, Ole Blackie, Ouyang Feng, Brother Tiger, Golden Condor King!" Chu Feng kept shouting outside the mountain gate.

The atmosphere around the seven mountains was lifeless. Additionally, there were numerous bony creatures of various races. All of them were like zombies and showed no reaction at all.

In the outer space, Yang Xuan and Qing Lan were surprised with Chu Feng's disappearance after he entered a part of the sea. Despite having the crystallization of a clairvoyant and clairaudient's dao fruits, it was still impossible to find out the situation there.

They knew that it was probably a bizarre location.

Chu Feng let out a soft sigh. Ultimately, he wasn't able to meet the group and thus turned around to leave. He assumed that they had already entered the secret realm of Mount Eternal.

Chu Feng quietly returned to the continent. He visited his parents and found the Elder ape was there as well. After being beaten up by the Dark Roc King, the Elder ape was dispirited and had left Mount Song.

Chu Feng left them some medicinal pills and left in secret.

Then he met the great demons of Mount Kunlun and the old grandmaster of Mount Wudang. Chu Feng gave them some of the newly refined blue pills to help them break through.

Chu Feng then roamed through some of the famed mountains. It wasn't to meet the divine sons and saintesses but, instead, to break domains in search of mutant fruits. He wanted to continue is evolution.

"Brother Chu Feng, how come you've come to Mount Yandang? Are you planning to meet our saintess?"

Inevitably, Chu Feng met Yang Lin and the other outer-realm entities here. All of them were the followers of that so-called saintess.

As one of the three mountains from among the three mountains and five peaks, Mount Yandang was very famous. Chu Feng confirmed a short-term goal and decided to check out all three mountains.

He planned to say no, but after some consideration, followed Yang Lin to see what this saintess looked like.

Maybe he could gain some information after talking with her.

But, he definitely wouldn't go into the folding space.

In outer space, Yang Xuan's face twitched momentarily, when he saw Chu Feng meet Yang Lin and reluctantly agree to meet their saintess—He felt horrible.

Qing Lan was speechless as he glanced down at Mount Yandang and then at Yang Xuan's face. He even felt a little bit sorry for Yang Xuan.

"Hey, don't do anything crazy. We've crossed the boundary by projecting the silver lights before. It'll be bad for us if other people find out." Qing Lan warned Yang Xuan not to do anything unreasonable.

Yang Xuan didn't say anything and kept on staring at the ground. In the end, his expression immediately turned dark after seeing the brat successfully meet his clan sister.

Within Mount Yandang, Chu Feng finally a saintess in the strictest sense of the word. With her tall and slender figure, she was simply dazzling as she stood in the forest within the folded space. Her entire body was radiant and surging with divine splendor.

No matter how one looked she didn't seem like an ordinary person at all. She was like a god capable of illuminating the entire forest just by standing there.

Yang Shan was simply too brilliant—every inch of her body was radiating with divine light, even her hair.

She apologized for temporarily being unable to control the outflow of radiant energy, caused by a sudden increase in her comprehension of the breathing technique she was cultivating. Currently, she was at a critical stage where both her form and spirit were undergoing a transformation.

Chu Feng knew that this lady was incredible.

Yang Shan possessed an exceptional figure and beautiful voice. What made Chu Feng feel some regret was that her face was veiled. Only a pair of eyes were revealed and the rest of her true countenance was hidden.

He thought about using his Fiery Eyes but ultimately gave up because golden lights would shoot out of his eyes when using this skill and it was almost impossible to activate it quietly.

If he really saw her entire body, this saintess would, no doubt, turn into his enemy. That wouldn't be a good outcome for him.

Later on, they had an enjoyable conversation.

"I heard that you did a great deal of research on domains. I have a secret tome on domains. Let me gift this to you." Yang Shan was quite generous and presented Chu Feng a great gift in their first meeting.

In outer space, Yang Xuan couldn't sit still. He wanted nothing more than to break through earth's domains and descend immediately so that he could slap that brat away and take back the secret tome.

It belonged to Yang Family. The saintess, his clan sister, explored widely, and had thought to study domains at one point, but didn't follow through. Obviously, the book came from their race and was an item of great value.

One had to know that there were saints with flourishing vitality in their race who had lived through the long years. How could this kind of race be common? The books in their collection were absolutely terrifying.

When Yang Xuan saw the brat's smile blooming like a flower as he put away the secret volume, he could no longer endure the depression and wanted to cough up blood.

"You're still laughing?! I really wanted to slap you to death!" Yang Xuan ground his teeth as he worried helplessly in space.

Next, Yang Xuan was even more perturbed. His face turned green when he saw that his clan sister was about to give away a secret treasure.

"Stop giving things away!" Yang Xuan wanted to gobble Chu Feng up.

But he recalled why the saintess was doing this. Back then, he had constantly advised her that she should go all out in roping in and forming an alliance with the native heaven's chosen should she encounter him. In that way, she would gain the approval of the planet's will and receive endless benefits while seeking her fortunes.

"I want to kill someone. Ah, ah, ah…" Yang Xuan was truly upset.
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