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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 417: Revered

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Chapter 417: Revered
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Near the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace, the soil was light purple and had a slight metallic luster. As there were often fires, naturally, there were no trees; however, the area was by no means devoid of life.

Chu Feng was suspended in mid-air, his body like that of a glass, golden god, clear and clean. Accompanied by a treasured radiance, his body was filled with an explosive power. It was a truly wonderful feeling.

He stretched his limbs and the vitality flowed through his body like the sea. With a gentle wave of his hand, he brought a massive brown boulder to the palm of his hand, rested it there, and then suddenly hurled it away.

It broke the sound barrier and disappeared, leaving behind only mist in the air.

The many people nearby were all shocked, feeling the terror behind the power of a single throw—a boulder weighing tens of thousands of kilograms was thrown away just like that!

Both the evolved creatures of the Earth and beings of the outer-realm were in shock.

At their level of evolution, it wasn't that they couldn't lift it, but rather to throw it like this and have it disappear into the depths of the mountains it... it was truly shocking.

After all, this was no mere sandbag. No, it was a boulder weighing tens of thousands of kilograms, thrown away without leaving so much as a trace. It was quite frightening!

It was said that Buddha could hurl an elephant... but it was nothing like this.

Chu Feng was satisfied, having experienced the strength and power of his own body. While in a trance, he felt as though he could lift up mountains and subdue an ancient dragon.


Suddenly, Chu Feng, carried by a pair of energy light wings, flew away at a blazing speed. Surging with holy light, he crossed in front of a rocky mountain with his light wings spraying out energy essence.


The mountain was cut in half and fell.

The light wings were brilliant and built with energy. They were like a heavenly sword, breaking the mountain in two.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng flew back and landed on the ground.

His waist was no longer emitting light, and the pair of energy wings had disappeared. It was only a manifestation of the intense energy from his kidney area and not real wings.

There was a slight fragrance on Chu Feng's body; it was still in metamorphosis and his cellular activities were still strengthening. His entire body was luminous and clean.

The area was quite lively, and many people crowded forward to warmly greet Chu Feng.

"Brother Chu Feng's power is amazing! No wonder you're always creating miracles." Qi Honglin, a senior researcher from the Pre-Qin Research Institute, appeared with a smile on his face.

Many people had complicated looks on their faces, especially those from the corporations, for they knew that Chu Feng's rise was overwhelming—he had evolved to the ninth level of the shackled realm!

One had to know that the descenders whom most of the corporations rely on were nothing more than this; the heights they reach couldn't even compare to this.

Not only that, they could see that Chu Feng, at the ninth level of the shackled realm, was far superior to those at the same level and would have little trouble suppressing the experts at the tenth level of the shackled realm.

This made their hearts stir like waves in the ocean!

Just what kind of abomination was this? Before this, he was already capable of contending against those stronger than him. Now, he would be even more extraordinary!

Their feelings of loss soon disappeared because even a group of extraterrestrials had surrounded and started talking with Chu Feng. They were very enthusiastic.

Some beings from the outer-realms came to invite Chu Feng to meet the saintesses and divine sons behind them.

Earth's evolvers were visibly moved. Teams led by the divine sons were positively terrifying—after all, they did come from an incredibly strong orthodoxy from the outer-realms.

"Brother Chu Feng, I am Huang Tong of the Alpha Galaxy..."

An imposing being with the face of a lion and the body of a human began chatting with Chu Feng. He possessed a long mane and was smiling as he used broken Earth language to introduce himself.

Some descenders were visibly shocked upon hearing mention of the Alpha galaxy. The beings of the Alpha Galaxy were well known for their strength and high evolutionary levels.

"On behalf of my host, the Golden Divine Son, we invite you to visit a place deep in Mount Lu," Huang Tong stated politely. Although his appearance looked very rough and wild, his mind was very delicate and gentle.

Nearby, some extraterrestrials secretly sighed in understanding. That Golden Divine Son had really come after all!

Among these descenders, some had come from other forces the Alpha Galaxy, while others were evolvers who had visited other realms of the Alpha Galaxy.

One look at their expressions revealed just how powerful the Golden Divine Son was.

Chu Feng estimated that this person certainly could not leave the folded space; his evolutionary level was too high.

A girl in purple clothes quickly approached. She was young, around 20 years old or so at most. She had a soft and graceful figure, a kind of classical beauty with a sweet smile.

Her Earth language was fairly standard, enabling her to communicate with Chu Feng. She introduced herself in a pleasant voice. Her name was Ye Lan.

"In earth terms, I'm from an extragalactic system near the area of Andromeda."

Ye Lan continued to smile as she discussed Andromeda with Chu Feng, eventually inviting him to meet with a fairy.

The fairies from Andromeda hadn't yet left the folded space behind Mount Hua, but they had always paid attention to the outside world.

Several people were moved. There was a powerful vital planet in the Andromeda area and its reputation was known throughout space.

The fairies from Andromeda were extraordinarily talented, and it was impossible to refuse them.

At this time, Chu Feng was already surrounded by three or four messengers of the divine sons, of goddesses... it was truly amazing.

There were many outer-realm descenders, and they couldn't all have the backing of queens or divine sons. The ordinary evolutionary sects made up the vast majority, and at this moment, many of them were gathered here.

Actually, Chu Feng felt suspicious throughout this entire process. What was with these people? Why were they being so enthusiastic over nothing? He was already prepared to do battle.

One had to know that he had beaten up extraterrestrials along the way. But now, he was actually seeing some familiar faces! Even those that he had beaten mercilessly were now here today, enthusiastically joining in the commotion.

He was at a loss for words, and even a little bit dumbfounded.

There were divine sons inviting him for a meeting and saintesses extending him olive branches—it all seemed somewhat fishy.

Of course, this state did not last long since, after all, this area was full of people. Chu Feng heard some comments and learned unexpectedly that he had, for some inexplicable reason, become a heaven's chosen one.

Chosen one my a*s! He was dumbstruck. All of this, just because that silver light fell and entangled him.

However, since these outer-realm beings were so enthusiastic and wanted to associate with him, he naturally wouldn't voluntarily pluck the halo from atop his head.

In outer space, Yang Xuan stood there feeling very uncomfortable, because he looked around and found that this native brat had, in the end, taken to the role of the Heaven's Chosen One like a fish takes to water. He was being revered and surrounded by people.

At Mount Zhijin, Chu Feng became more calm and natural. He would happily talk with those from all walks of life, promising to take them to the depths of the famed mountains to visit the divine sons and saintesses one by one.

At this time, an Imperial bell rang out as a chariot arrived not to far away... This was quite out of the ordinary.

The carriage's purple body, enshrouded in a dense fog, was crafted from a type of rare metal. Originally, it was a top grade material used for casting weapons, yet it had been used to cast this vehicle.

Pulling the cart was a beast similar to a horse, but its body was covered in a layer of glistening silver scales and with a single horn growing out of its forehead...

"Interesting, a unicorn with some quasi-divine beast blood," observed the lion man Huang Tong.

The driver of the chariot was a mutant with eight severed shackles. The man, looking to be around 30-years-old drove the chariot over slowly and confidently...

"This unicorn with sacred animal blood is still quite young, yet it's already severed the ninth shackle. Not bad. Given the opportunity, the blood could be further purified," said the Andromeda fairy Ye Lan, nodding her head.

Obviously, their planet was very prosperous, and the local flora and fauna were more widely known. As such, they knew this kind of creature possessed the blood of a quasi-divine beast.

The members of the corporations changed their countenance, and the people who rushed to the car tore the eighth shackle. Shockingly, it was actually the creature that was the ninth shackle—quite surprising at this stage.

In fact, Earth's native evolvers were all in awe.

The man who drove the chariot was by no means the owner. No, he was just responsible for driving it. However, he was quite confident and even filled with a touch of pride while facing the crowd of earth's native evolvers.

He did not stop even when the chariot arrived at the crowded area. Instead, he continued toward the crowd, forcing people on the road to hurriedly make way.

However, when he happened upon a group of outer-realm beings, he was no longer so confident. He stopped the chariot and jumped out.

He smiled and greeted the descenders with a pleasant attitude.

"Is Chu Feng here?" He had come for Chu Feng.

Just like that, everyone knew he had come from the Penglai Immortal Island.

The Earth's evolvers were moved. They were familiar with the myths and legends of this island, but they had no idea it actually existed. And yet, here was proof.

No wonder this driver had been so self-assured, not bothering to stop for the crowd and instead drove on through.

As for the beings of the outer-realms, they were quite calm.

"My family's young master asked me to come find the domain researcher Chu Feng. He would very much like to meet him," the middle-aged man named Chen Rui explained.

He ignored the native evolvers, and yet he embraced the outer-realm entities with a smile on his face.

This greatly upset Chu Feng.

While he was at the True Dragon's Lair of the Eastern Sea, Chu Feng had encountered a person from the Penglai Immortal Island. Back then, the dragoness had explained to him that these people were considered themselves the orthodox lineage.

"Why is he looking for me?" Chu Feng questioned.

Chen Rui was surprised. Chu Feng had walked out of the group of outer-realm beings, and by the looks of it, they previously had a good conversation.

He was originally quite arrogant. He had wanted to announce the summons and make Chu Feng go with him directly to visit the Chen family's young master.

But now, he did not dare command Chu Feng to come with him. Instead, he said with a smile, "Brother Chu, my family's young master would like to invite you over to visit. He admires you very much. There's no other reason."

In reality, the purpose behind inviting Chu Feng to travel with him was to have him help that young master research the domains on a certain famed mountain.

Chen Rui added, "The young master is visiting a friend right now, so we're in no hurry to leave."

The young master of Penglai's Chen family had gone into the mountain and saw a saintess. He was amazed, thinking it was heaven, and hadn't returned to this very day.

Of course, Chen Rui could not speak of such matters.

At this time, some members of the corporations secretly used spiritual transmission to inform Chen Rui of what had happened here recently. They told him that Chu Feng was now considered the Chosen One.

"WHAT!?" Chen Rui's face was drained of all color. So, this was the situation... If Chu Feng really was the Chosen One, he wouldn't dare to casually "invite" Chu Feng away even if there weren't any extraterrestrials nearby.

Then, the unicorn raised its head to look at Chu Feng. He said with a cold smile, "Chosen One? Ha! What audacity! The remnant races from places like Penglai are the orthodox lineages of earth. How dare an outsider consider himself a chosen?" "

Chen Rui quickly stopped him, yet he could not bring himself to scold the beast, for he knew that this unicorn with a quasi-divine beast bloodline was beloved by the Chen family's young master, and he wanted to raise it to be a true quasi-divine beast.

Chu Feng was very uncomfortable—a chariot from Penglai had driven over, and immediately, they were so proud and disregardful toward the native evolvers of earth, and yet they were smiling when facing the beings of the outer-realm? Was this the so-called orthodox lineage of earth?

Especially that beast. It actually dared take on such a stance. This made Chu Feng's expression sink.

"A simple beast of burden pulling a cart, daring to come here and spout nonsense with no regard for rules. We should just chop you up and eat you." Among the outer-realm beings, some spoke out and went straight for the kill, afterward they looked at Chu Feng with a slight smile on their faces. This was obviously selling him a favor.

"Not bad. A beast of burden coming in here to criticize, truly it has no manners. Cut it down!" Again, people walked out to kill the unicorn.
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