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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 416: The Accidental Heaven’s Chosen

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Chapter 416: The Accidental Heaven’s Chosen
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Yang Xuan almost turned completely black. He really wanted to go down and slap that brat to death. "Fool around with my sister? I'll beat you to death!"

Qing Lan broke into a hearty laughter after his period of petrification. Seeing a native unintentionally enrage is companion and rival into such a pitiful state made him feel extremely comfortable.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

With a dark expression, Yang Xuan shot out even more beams of light and bombarded the area indiscriminately.

Chu Feng felt somewhat lacking in confidence. These silver beams that had appeared out of nowhere were so intense and possessed shocking momentum. He became somewhat apprehensive within this short moment.

But he soon grasped how things worked after some time. The sky was sparkled as the brilliant beam tore through the sky but it didn't contain any power.

"It's bloody useless!" He mumbled disdainfully. These lights were only a bluff.

Of course, he didn't really want to get into a conflict. He only mumbled in a soft voice and a somewhat disdainful expression, "Damn your sister!" He was targeted out of nowhere and was naturally extremely upset.

However, the ones up there were using the crystallization of a clairvoyant and clairaudient's dao fruit. They could see and hear everything with extreme clarity. They saw his expression and heard his mumblings.

Yang Xuan was burning and his head was almost aflame. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. He was actually being looked down upon and cursed repeatedly by a little brat.

How important was his identity? This kind of situation was horribly comical.

If this news were to be spread back to the starry skies and noticed by the other illustrious heirs, he would become a real laughing stock.

"You're not allowed to speak of this when we return!" He warned Qing Lan.

Qing Lan smiled and seized the opportunity to extort Yang Xuan. "A five-star battle beast that can win ten battles in a row and help me win a certain great medicine."

"Why don't you just rob?!" Yang Xuan glared.

The ground, Chu Feng had set out on his way and discovered that there were many outer realm beings in the area. All of them had appeared after being attracted by the silver light.

One had to know that he didn't hold back on his attacks at all and beat up all the extraterrestrials as his mood dictated. There were many victims among this batch.

The next moment, these people began to team up with prior agreement and rushed towards Chu Feng to settle the scores.

In outer space, Yang Xuan's eyes lit up after seeing this scene. Were these people attracted by his silver beam to hunt down this bastard?

However, the smile on his face didn't last long before it turned into a frown. Although the group held the advantage in numbers, they were unable to contend with Chu Feng and were beaten black and blue.

In the end, they had fallen into miserable state and were beaten up badly.

They were simply too wretched—even his clan sister's follower Yang Lin received yet another round of beating.

Now, not to mention Yang Xuan, even Qing Lan who was enjoying the liveliness felt that it was too unbelievable. A native of this fallen star was actually unfazed while fighting 12 against one!

In truth, Chu Feng also encountered dangerous situations. However, in the end, he beat up all the outer realm evolvers until they were sent flying. There was teet, blood and knocked out people all over the floor.

The group of people was knocked down quite miserably.

Among them, at least three or four of them had severed ten shackles. Compared to them, Chu Feng was lower by two entire levels. But all the same, they were beaten until they were rolling on the ground.

Additionally, what was that bastard doing? Yang Xuan and Qing Lan focused on him and were absolutely dumbfounded. That goddamned native bandit took everything on their bodies and robbed them clean.

Afterwards, that bandit began to interrogate everyone. He questioned each of them about their origins and even recorded everything in a small notebook.

He was recruiting… henchmen?!

How embarrassing! How humiliating! A group of extraterrestrials was beaten up until they were as swollen as pigs and had their names marked down as owing debts… who would believe this?

At least, Yang Xuan and Qing Lan glanced at each other and felt that this brat was too unusual!

In truth, the incident today had been witnessed by certain people and have been reported already. This caused a huge commotion.

"Demon King Chu will always come out and shock people after a period of silence. But aren't his movements too big this time?"

He had disappeared for a couple of days after the incident on Mount Lao, but in the end, he had appeared once again to beat up extraterrestrials. This truly made one speechless.

Presently, the extraterrestrials were descending like rain and walking out of the various famed mountains. The earth was shaken since many of them were extremely terrifying and their intentions were unknown.

The various corporations and top-grade powers were silent because they didn't want to get involved with the large batch of descenders.

Under the present circumstances, all parties were incomparably cautious. However, Chu Feng was acting unconventionally.

Currently, the major media platforms were filled with pictures of Chu Feng beating up the extraterrestrials. Everyone who saw them was rendered speechless and found it almost unbelievable.

This Chu Feng was actually beating people like this while others were feeling apprehensive.

"Look at this photo! I'm feeling pain for those extraterrestrials. Look at this photo! Too miserable. The extraterrestrials are scared witless and being rolled around like gourds."

There were also many youngsters who found this exciting. They instantly became Chu Feng's fans after reading the reports and viewing the photos. All of them were extremely excited.

"From these photos, it's obvious how easy it is for Chu Feng to beat up those extraterrestrials. This truly makes one speechless!"

In truth, Chu Feng had already fled because he had sensed the danger. He knew he was in trouble.

That was because experts with ten severed shackles were appearing one after another and this posed a great threat to him. He rushed towards Mount Zhijin in Jiangnan.

According to his judgement, the odd corpse below the area with the essence flames of extreme yin should be asleep by now and wouldn't interfere with his medicinal refinement.

But the silver light appeared once again while he was passing through some mountain ranges and pointed towards him continuously like a symbol marking his position.

The silver light was very special and divine. Thus, it naturally attracted everyone's attention. Many descenders began to appear and chase after it.

In outer space, Yang Xuan was laughing. He already used this method to lure a couple of batches of experts towards that native and caused him a fair bit of trouble.

Unfortunate, Chu Feng was able to extricate himself every time.

Finally, Chu Feng arrived on Mount Zhijin. After a round of detailed examination, he found that everything was peaceful and that ancient creature hadn't yet woken up.

Many people had already discovered that he had come here due to the interference of Yang Xuan.

But after arriving here, this was Chu Feng's home ground and there was no danger for him as long as that creature didn't wake up. He could hide within the safety of the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace and burn anyone who dared attack him.

Chu Feng activated his domains and began to refine medicine.

Last time, he had obtained a fair number of mutant fruits from the qilin's former lair and now it was time to reap the benefits.

Within moments, the whole area began to light up with eight types of energy flames that engulfed the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace and roasted the entire area. Meanwhile dense smoke arose within the divine furnace cave as medicine fragrance assaulted one's senses.


In outer space, Yang Xuan drew in a breath of cold air. Even with the clairvoyance and clairaudience, the area was fairly mysterious and illuminated with eight types of divine light.

"This is a land of fortune. That brat has found an extraordinary divine cave!" Qing Lan said with a solemn expression.

It was just that they had no way to see through everything. The activated domains on Mount Zhijin were blocking the clairvoyance!

Domain researchers were always extraordinary and respected in every galaxy because of these unique methods.

They were able to build divine caves out of mountains and rivers as well as plan out saint tombs, etc. All of them were inconceivable.

Chu Feng was completely silent as he refined the treasured medicine. At the same time, he was also refining that jade green bamboo raft within the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace in order to repair it.

During this period, the world outside wasn't calm.

In outer space, Yang Xuan would occasionally shoot down silver beams of light towards Mount Zhijin. The phenomenon was amazing and felt like a miraculous sign.

This didn't occur just a couple of times but almost continuously. He wanted to draw in as many evolvers as possible to give Chu Feng trouble. This could be considered a punishment for him.

Unfortunately, things turned out contrary to his wishes. The mysterious silver light did indeed attract many experts but none of them could enter the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace region of Mount Zhijin. They would be burnt to death midway if they tried.

After a long time, the incident here became tinged with the colors of mystery.

Chu Feng was here and silvery beams were descending continuously upon him. This made him appear rather divine. It seemed as if the light were resonating with him.

And those busybodies also knew that the phenomenon had also appeared on his head when he was being obstructed by extraterrestrial beings.

Right now, no one said anything but they were shocked and their hearts were beating. This was a divine omen!

Chu Feng achieved a perfect circle after one day and night of medicinal refinement.

In truth, he didn't even need to do anything. The Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace had refined everything. This place was simply too extraordinary.

Within the Revered Furnace, the bamboo raft was glowing with jade green hue. It had been fully repaired, appearing rather clean and clear. It was a wonderful tool.

On the ground, a fair number of blue medicinal pills were emitting a rosy light and surging with energy mist. The intense fragrance was capable of making one feel as if he were floating like an immortal.


Chu Feng was delighted and immediately ate one of them. He didn't want any delays and hoped to evolve immediately.


The blue pills contained an indescribable catalytic material within along with dense energy. As he glanced down at his body, he noticed himself enveloped in a bluish glow.

Amidst a rush of energy, the catalyst activated all the cells in his body and made him erupt with explosive strength. Every inch of his body was now releasing divine light.


In the end, Chu Feng broke through and severed his ninth shackle. Blinding light shot out from his body as his constitution underwent a rapid metamorphosis!

The process was like a complete transformation; the changes were fierce and he was even more powerful than before. His strength had increased by leaps and bounds!

It could be said that his momentum with each evolution was significant and his increase in strength was far superior to the others. This was a transition in vital levels and a straight-line increase.

His ninth shackle was severed, activating his kidneys!

At this moment, Chu Feng's kidneys glowed with dazzling light as it spat out brilliant halos and raged with dense vitality.

It could be said that his kidneys were full of strength!

In the end, a pair of dazzling luminous wings grew out from his kidneys. Not only could it be used to attack, but it would also allow him to fly in the air and escape into the earth.

"This…" Chu Feng was both delighted and surprised.

From now on, he could fly!

He didn't gain any new limbs or wings, but his kidneys were so full of energy that it could extend out of his body and form a pair of luminous divine wings.

This pair of energy wings could not only be used as a broadsword in battle but could also be used to soar into the sky.

This was a complete change for Chu Feng because he could finally fly in the air and thus his attack radius had grown much bigger. Additionally, his strength had also increased by leaps and bounds!

Chu Feng emerged from his isolation and spread is luminous energy wings to gradually soar into the sky. Accompanied by a rain of light and resplendent radiance, he was like a god coming into being.

At this time, Yang Xuan also noticed Chu Feng and once again shot down the beam of silver light towards him. This was so to reveal his location so that nearby people would flock over to attack him.

In truth, the area was already full of people.

When this dazzling silver beam came down and fused together with Chu Feng, the scene shook many people.

Not a single person attacked or confronted him. Everyone was filled with apprehension, envy, and even admiration!

"An auspicious omen has descended from the sky. This phenomenon is too shocking, this… does this mean he's the one chosen by the heavens?!"

When someone finally declared his speculation, the whole area erupted in a commotion.

Before this, many people already had such notions and suspicions. Why was there a silver beam connecting him to the heavens?

Additionally, they recalled Chu Feng's previous martial accomplishments and noticed how he had been creating endless miracles. This made him seem even more extraordinary.

Currently, both the evolvers on earth and the large crowd of descenders from the outer-region who had gathered here felt complicated emotions. They felt that this kind of auspicious omen indicated that Chu Feng's fate was extraordinary and that he was likely the true heaven's chosen.

He looked especially astonishing as he emitted a powerful aura and stood hovering in the air with a pair of divine wings on his back. He looked quite like a god. Many people felt their hearts tremble because they were far from being his match.

More and more people began to believe that Chu Feng wasn't an ordinary person and that he was being supported by the fortunes of the heaven and earth.

"Correct! There such a saying in our star system and there are also records of such phenomena. He is definitely a chosen one!"

In the end, many people believed this.

In outer space, Yang Xuan was dumbstruck and almost vomited blood. He had wanted to chastise this native, but had, in the end, made him a heaven's chosen?!

He was anxious, angry and wanted nothing more than to go down and slap everyone awake, rebuking them for their blindness.

Qing Lan was also speechless and glanced that Yang Xuan with a bizarre expression. His meaning was: you overdid it!

At this time, the area around Mount Zhijin was peaceful. There was neither battle or killing.

Even the extraterrestrials were trying to approach Chu Feng harmoniously.

That was because, back in their own galaxies, some ancient elders had taught them not to make enemies of the heaven's chosen before they set out for earth.

They were told that there might be such people even among the natives and that they should form a close relationship with such a person should they encounter him.

Hence, the whole area was filled with exceeding peace and harmony.

In outer space, Yang Xuan was so enraged that he was about to cough up blood. What had he done? This was equal to giving that native brat a huge hand so that everyone would think of has a heaven's chosen.

From here on out, that brat's life would likely be smooth sailing with all parties trying to rope him in.

"Goddammit!" He couldn't help but spout some curses. He hated himself. What the hell had just happened?!

Chu Feng was an imposter, but he was incidentally made out to be a heaven's chosen due to Yang Xuan. "Was there any justice left in this world?" Yang Xuan truly wanted to roar out loudly.

At the same time, he recalled an even more important matter. Back then, his race had indeed mentioned certain matters regarding the heaven's chosen.

They believed that, if such a person appeared among the natives, they must be the first to rope him in and form a good relationship. After all, the natives were the most accepted by the will of the planet.

Yang Xuan remembered quite clearly that he had personally advised his saintess clan sister that she should put down her pride and form an alliance with such a person.

"F*ck!" He simply couldn't endure anymore. He wanted to curse himself because he felt that he had dug up a big pit for his saintess sister.

And this pit was incomparably large!
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