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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 408: Beating Gongs and Drums

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Chapter 408: Beating Gongs and Drums
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The jade green bamboo raft was made from a mysterious plant called the void bamboo. This kind of bamboo was extremely rare and could soar into the skies, the best material to refine into a flying device.

Chu Feng stood on the jade green bamboo raft and poured his rich energy into it, causing it to rise into the air and fly off like a bolt of lightning.

The ride was quite bumpy and the raft kept undulating controllably at first, but Chu Feng got the hang of driving it after a while. He then urged the raft at lightning speed towards Jiangning.

The item was indeed quite extraordinary; it was faster than his own running speed by a great margin and could reach speeds of up to ten times that of sound. It was shocking!

Chu Feng stood upon the bamboo raft and traveled high above the clouds. He was now able to truly experience the joys of flying in the sky and escaping into the earth as he roamed the dawn sky.

In the end, he arrived at Jiangning from Mount Lao in a mere half an hour. He landed on Mount Zhijin after traveling over 6000 kilometers.

Chu Feng felt a certain urgency—he had returned here to upgrade himself by borrowing the power of this place to refine medicines.

He had stayed on Mount Lao for a whole night and had no idea if the ancient corpse had once again fallen asleep. This thing was too terrifying. There was no way to use the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace while it was still awake.

Now, the land was silent and there was no one lingering around here.

Chu Feng scanned the area with his divine instinct and felt that things weren't calm under the ground. Would he be unable to refine medicines at the critical juncture?

"Let's try drawing out some extreme yin essence flames."

He brought out the diamond chakram and, unlike the last two times, went to extract some extreme yin essence flames instead.

In the end, the snow white diamond chakram extracted a large amount of dense black energy. This caused the diamond chakram to be covered by a black radiance.

"Oh? It's indeed unstable!" Chu Feng's heart trembled. He felt an ineffable movement underground. It seemed the thing down there hadn't yet fallen asleep.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng left decisively on the bamboo raft without further delays.

"I still have a few days. Let's hope it falls asleep soon," Chu Feng muttered.

There was no way for him to evolve for the time being since he couldn't refine medicines. Thus, he turned his attention to other matters.

"Old man, let's use a nuclear carpet-bomb!" Chu Feng communicated Lu Tong. This was an all-out effort. As long as the people from the Great Qi Dynasty dared to cross over, they would use nuclear weapons at the critical juncture to draw out the most terrifying domain energy of the earth in order to eliminate them!

"Are you mad? You're going to use a nuclear carpet bomb?!" Lu Tong shouted in shock. He had been in hiding after leaving the Hollow Jade Temple, but he still had a fair amount of resources in his grasp.

Last time, the Lu Tong had sent people to override the two underground organizations and send the launch command in their stead. With that, he was able to launch a direct attack against the extraterrestrials.

Chu Feng required their help because the strength of the enemy this time was unprecedented.

He deeply suspected that it was an enemy at the carefree realm.

He didn't hide this from Lu Tong and, at last, the old man agreed. He got to work and began to get in touch with his old contacts and subordinates.

Lu Tong was even more assured of his success after he realized that Chu Feng had finished off the Hollow Jade Temple Master.

Later on, Chu Feng contacted the horde of great demons from Kunlun and asked them for help. He had them visit the peripheral areas such as the peninsular regions.

What he wanted was to use their powerful strength to take control of some military bases. When the time came, they would saturate the folded space in the depths of Mount Lao with firepower.

As long as this Great Qi Dynasty dared rare its head, they would bombard the place indiscriminately and activate earth's defensive domains. This will increase the destructive powers and grind these people to death!

These rockets displayed great effect last time when Chu Feng obstructed the descenders in the air. The extraterrestrials had to utilize their powerful energies to defend against them and that in turn had brought about a terrifying backlash from domains in the sky.

The great demons of Kunlun were speechless and felt that this was beyond their ability. Only after a long while did they agree to make the necessary arrangements.

Chu Feng sighed secretly. As expected, things like this would go perfectly well only when the two ruffians, the black yak and Manchurian Tiger, were around.

At the same time, Chu Feng tasked the bird kings of Mount Kunlun to monitor Mount Lao and inform him as soon as there were any unusual movements.

He was truly worried that the group would cross over in advance.

In such a scenario, all of his preparations would've gone to waste. So he had to make good use of the time and hurry.

Afterwards, Chu Feng contacted the Wudang Grandmaster and asked him to head towards Mount Longhu to invite that demonic sister aka fairy sister to take action.

If that sister possessed a great origin as she had boasted in Shuntian, there was nothing to fear of this Great Qi Prince even if he had a legion of carefree realm warriors. She would slap them all to death!

In order to eliminate the Great Qi Prince, Chu Feng had thrown all caution to the wind. He began to utilize all kinds of methods to ensure success. He had truly gone into murder mode and wanted to wipe them all out.

Later on, Chu Feng entered isolation. He found a silent place beside a clear spring and went into hiding while studying domains.

There was a fair number of domain books in his hand. The very first one had obtained could even be called a heavenly book because it recorded a whole series of mature domain patterns.

For instance, the weapon nurturing domain, attack domains, defensive domains, etc. All of them were perfectly constructed greater domains. It would be terrifying if one could study them thoroughly and replicate them.

Chu Feng naturally had his eyes on attack domains. His devoted both mind and soul to comprehending it.

He had recently gone to the Eastern Sea sea eye and into the depths of the qilin's former lair. He had seen the profundities of many top grade domains.

This was greatly beneficial to him. It stirred a touch of insight within him.

As for increasing the scope of experience in actual battle, it was needless to say because the only true way to understand things better was to experience it by oneself.

Presently, he had already studied the domains left behind on Kunlun, Wudang, the Pilgrimage Grounds, Mount Zhongnan, etc.

Chu Feng's attainments in the field of domains rose rapidly and had now reached a special stage. If he could just push himself one step further, he could easily deploy a complex killing domain.

He wanted to rapidly understand the rules related to these domains and give the Great Qi Dynasty a nasty surprise by wiping them all out.

He had already gone into the depths of Mount Lao and understood the local geography. Currently, he was deducing constantly and planning how he should draw out a terrifying killing power.

That day, Lu Tong told him that everything went smoothly. The old man had gone all out and told Chu Feng that it would be no problem to launch a nuclear carpet bomb if he gave it his all!

One day later the old llama's party also told Chu Feng with a surging killing intent that they were also prepared. They had visited all the peninsular regions and launch a rain of missiles when the time came.

Apparently, the Mastiff King's humiliation had upset the group of great demons. Even the kind old llama had immediately turned sinister.

"I'm sorry about this. Originally, this kind of work should've been given to the black yak and the Manchurian Tiger," said Chu Feng.

"Our Buddha is merciful. Don't worry. Kill, kill, kill!" the old llama replied.

Chu Feng was speechless. Why did he feel that the old llama had abandoned his creed?

Later on, he began to focus on his research once again.

Two days later, the old grandmaster of Mount Wudang told Chu Feng a bad news. Mount Longhu was completely silent and that mysterious lady was nowhere to be found.

Chu Feng frowned—that mysterious lady was the most important character who possessed unfathomable combat power. If she were to take action, she might be able to slap everyone to death.

But the situation was bad. There was no way to get in touch with her after reaching Mount Longhu.

"It seems we can only depend on ourselves!" Chu Feng sighed.

If not for the grim situation, he wouldn't think of asking for reinforcements, but now it seemed he could only depend on himself.

"It's better to do things on one's own!"

Chu Feng continued to study domains and comprehend the diagrams. If he could really construct the domain, he would be able to wipe out at least six or seven parts of them even if he couldn't annihilate them completely.

Those people were all exceptionally powerful and additionally they believed themselves to be extremely noble. The expression on their dying faces would be quite interesting if they were slaughtered by the people whom they believed were simply natives.

"I have to make good use of the time. Those people might come across any time now!" Chu Feng felt urgent.

On the third day, he achieved some enlightenment on the rules of domains and was able to study many profound topics!

At this time, some news began to circulate.

"A dynasty of evolvers has appeared. They are about to cross over and land on earth. This is a group of unimaginably powerful experts unrivaled in this era. They are unmatched life forms!"

This news spread by the people from the qilin's lair immediately caused a storm of commotions and caused people from every faction to grow nervous.

A dynasty of evolvers? Just how terrifying must an orthodoxy be in order to dare call themselves a dynasty? This must be an absolutely frightening top-grade power.

The people from the qilin's former lair had once gone to help Mu Qing on Mount Lao. Both parties had cooperated before and thus, they naturally knew of the details.

They didn't just reveal this, but also mentioned that Chu Feng wasn't amenable to reason and actually wanted to stop them. He had successfully ambushed Mu Qing and had gotten into a serious conflict with the dynasty of evolvers.

This ignited an even greater storm. Everyone had their eyes on the matter.

Now that the dynasty of evolvers was about to cross over, how would Chu Feng react? Everyone wanted to know how he would survive. Was he going to challenge such a colossal entity?

Even the most confident of people were sighing at the moment and revealed depressed expressions. That was because the difference between their powers was too great!

"The carefree realm experts from the dynasty of evolvers are about to descend. This is a peerless power!"

The people from the qilin's old lair were descenders. The matter was clear since even they were lowering their stance like this and praising them.

Everyone sensed that a storm was approaching. An unprecedented level of tension filled the air and pulled on everyone's nerves.

Would the invincible evolver's dynasty sweep through the world and topple the eight desolations? No one was confident because such a terrifying force shook everyone's hearts.

The people from the qilin's former lair felt as if they had confessed their love to the wrong person because the Great Qi prince from the depths of Mount Lao wasn't happy with their high-profile actions. He had wanted to descend silently.

"We will act as dao protectors!"

Some people from the qilin's former lair headed towards Mount Lao, hoping to remedy their crimes with labor.

They had always worked together with Mount Lao beginning with Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue. Now that the imperial prince of Great Qi was about to descend, it was time for the group from the qilin's old lair to perform.

The wind sweeping through the tower signified the storm within the mountains. Presently, the world was filled with a tense and austere atmosphere. People were silently waiting for the ensuing tempest.

All the evolvers felt stifled. This kind of ambiance was frightening because everyone believed a violent commotion was about to arrive.
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