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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 405: Sinister

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Chapter 405: Sinister
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Chu Feng's long legs erupted with pure physical power as he sped forth like a human-shaped battleship. He rushed past the mountain range as if he were flying.

Eight times the speed of sound was a truly overwhelming speed.

There was a ball of white mist enshrouding his body as he started accelerating. This was caused by the rapid change in speed.

The ancients believed that immortals could ride mists and clouds when they traveled. It was indeed reasonable to think so because such a natural phenomenon would occur during a rapid increase in speed.

Soon, Chu Feng found that there was something wrong with the Mastiff King. He was unable to speak and was as weak as an ordinary beast. He had been suppressed to less than half a meter long and couldn't recover.

He wanted to break apart that silver chain but it was astonishingly sturdy. It likely wouldn't come off even if the Mastiff King's neck were to be broken.

What made Chu Feng surprised the most was that the jade bamboo raft was incredibly fast and about to disappear over the horizon. Its speed was greater than eight times that of sound!

Chu Feng ran frantically across mountains and hilltops to arrive on the plains. All of his clothes had torn to shreds apart from the shorts and vest made of beast king leather. Even then, he was unable to catch up to the raft.

He wanted to curse out loud after being unable catch up to his objective. This was probably his first time experiencing such an outcome.

It felt like a mistaken love confession—all of his battle and killing intent were washed away by the eastern river. He wanted to get revenge for the Mastiff King and help him vent some anger, but in the end, he couldn't even catch up to her shadow!

What made him almost cough up blood was that the woman didn't even notice he was chasing after her. What did this mean? This signified that the bamboo raft's speed was frighteningly fast!

Originally, it was the best opportunity to kill Mu Qing. There was no need to heed how high her evolutionary level was because she had been burnt by the by the essence flames of extreme yin. Even though she didn't die, it was inevitable that she would be wounded.

However, this bamboo raft crafted from mysterious jade was too bizarre. It disappeared just like that with a speed that was even greater than a flying saucer.

"Is this a sign that evolutionary civilizations are going to suppress scientific civilizations?" Chu Feng was speechless.

He helplessly slowed down his steps and came to a halt within the plains. It was extremely regretful.

This wasn't a good thing at all. Although she was just a maid, she possessed many treacherous methods. She would become a sharp blade at Chu Feng's back after the latter losit the opportunity to weed out this potential threat.

She had jogged to Mount Taihang, then went to suppress Mount Kunlun. All of this was targeted at him. This time, there was no telling what this woman would do after he let her go.

"Mastiff King, what's wrong?" Chu Feng communicated with him through telepathy since he couldn't talk.

The Mastiff King was so humiliated that he wanted to end his own life. At this time, his emotions were fluctuating quite a bit after being rescued by Chu Feng.

This was one of the fiercest warriors of a generation. Even Chu Feng felt furious in his stead after being abused by the woman like so.

"That woman is very strong. Don't take risks!" Chu Feng sensed the Mastiff King's thoughts.

Even though he was boundlessly enraged and humiliated, he had to warn Chu Feng not to act recklessly. He told him that the woman was oddly powerful.

The Mastiff King wanted revenge, but he didn't want to implicate Chu Feng. He swore that he would cut the woman down himself and wash away the shame once he had evolved to a certain level.

Chu Feng replied, "Killing her on the spot is too easy on her. Isn't she the maid of a heaven-chosen prince? Then we should go and wipe out her master and let her personally witness this. We must smash her superior mindset. So what if they are people from an evolver's dynasty? All will be eliminated just the same!"

"Very well!" The Mastiff King nodded.

At this time, a long cry was heard in the sky as a fierce avian landed near them. This was a bird king from Mount Kunlun who had been in charge of keeping an eye on the woman.

"Mastiff King!" it cried out in surprise.

"You should carry him back to Kunlun for now. Later on, I'll think of a way to deal with this silver chain," said Chu Feng.

The Mastiff King asked where Chu Feng was headed to.

"I'm going to Mount Lao to kill that woman. Even if we plan to leave her alive so that she can watch her prince's demise, I still can't let her pass the days in comfort."

Afterwards, Chu Feng said with a frown, "Under present circumstances, it's best we abandon Kunlun for a while. Large batches of extraterrestrials are about to descend. Anyone occupying the number one divine mountain under the skies is destined to become a sitting target for everyone."

"We've also thought of this. We'll begin moving away soon," the bird king from Kunlun said with a sigh. That woman ascended the mountain and suppressed everyone forcefully. This dealt a huge blow to all the great demons.

They realized that the stage called earth would soon explode with the entry of geniuses from various star systems.

Chu Feng knew that it would be a difficult time for the evolvers on earth. An intense clash between different civilizations was about to begin.

Outsiders might perhaps find it to be a brilliant era with divine sons moving unhindered, dao children vying for hegemony, and stunning fairies and sons of Buddha spreading their beliefs, but to the lifeforms on earth, it signified an exceptionally bitter period built upon a foundation of blood and bones.

Chu Feng informed everyone he knew, including the Wudang Grandmaster. He told them to leave their dwelling places while they could and go into isolation.

The Mastiff King and the bird king saw his determination. They were worried after realizing that he was going all out.

"Chu Feng, don't take such risks."

"I have plans," said Chu Feng. In the past, he had done the same when he contended against the beast race and fought against the marine race. There was no use in negotiating with them. One had to kill his way to peace and use strength to speak with one's adversaries. Otherwise, everything was empty.

Chu Feng left. He ran all the way to the north towards Shandong.

The maid had left too quickly and didn't realize him chasing after her. This was better for him because he could catch her unprepared. Perhaps he might even succeed in a long range attack.

8000 kilometers was nothing to Chu Feng and could be crossed within an hour. He approached the Mount Lao area and saw the waves rising and falling on the vast blue sea.

Chu Feng slowed down his speed and passed silently through the mountains like a specter. He was searching the area thoroughly with his superior divine instincts.


Apart from a number of personnel from Deity Biomedicals, the first one he found was actually Lin Naoi. She was upon a spiritual peak wherein grew an ancient silver pine tree rooted upon the precipice. It possessed dense energy and was enshrouded in white mist.

Chu Feng was somewhat hesitant as he left silently and continued his search.

"There she is!"

On another spiritual peak not far from where Lin Naoi was, there was a woman sitting cross-legged within a bamboo forest. The jade bamboo raft was actually half-burnt and had been tossed to one side.

As for the woman, she was enveloped in surging white mist. Her energy was retracted as she focused on treating her wounds.

Her burns weren't light at all with many parts of her body still emitting strands of extreme yin energy. The dark flames had long since been extinguished. Evidently, she wasn't simple at all.

There were large defects on her abdomen and waist. Presently, some glowing spiritual medicine paste had been applied to them. The medicinal effects were astonishing—one could see the burnt flesh gradually restoring itself.

"This woman is at least at the level of ten severed shackles!" Chu Feng revealed an odd expression. This was just a maid, so how powerful was that imperial prince?

Chu Feng's spirit had merged with his body in a complete unification. This allowed him to blend into the mountain and rivers, making it difficult for other entities to sense him. It was an outstanding advantage.

He approached the spiritual mountain and was prepared to launch an attack and take down the woman in one go.

But for some reason, his body became somewhat tense. The breathing technique taught to him by Yellow Ox began to circulate peacefully, allowing him to experience a sense of emptiness and clarity.

Chu Feng was terrified and decisively backed away. There was an inexplicable danger here which he actually hadn't discovered earlier on.

Later on, he began to circulate the Thunderous Breathing Technique. This wasn't to cause his bones and tendons to vibrate but to achieve a state of spiritual respiration and blend in with this area.

At his level, after his understanding of breathing techniques increased, he began to realize that one could not lack the foundational factors on the path to evolution.

Both his mind and body were still as the Thunderous Breathing Technique tempered his blood, fortified his bones, and strengthened his innards. It also refined his spirit and granted him greater tranquility. This recent enlightenment was like a complete rebirth.

After calming down and reaching his present condition, Chu Feng once again felt his heart beating faster—that mountain peak was indeed not simple.

Both Yellow Ox's breathing technique and the Thunderous Breathing Technique gave him the same feeling. Chu Feng believed this wasn't an illusion. There really was a great danger therein.

In the end, he realized that there was an extraordinary secret treasure on the peak. It seemed to be concealed by something and couldn't be sensed if not for his ultimate breathing technique.

Chu Feng blended into the vegetation around him as he sat in meditation at a distance, paying constant attention to the spiritual peak.

He didn't activate the Fiery Eyes for fear that it would be easily detectable. He wasn't at the stage where he could retract the golden light into his eyes and use the ability stealthily.

One hour, two hours turned to three… and then five hours passed by before the woman stood up. The wounds on her body were still overflowing with extreme yin energy. It would take a long time to recover from a corrosion by such a high-level form of energy.

She scanned the mountain range and sighed with great disappointment.

It was at this time that some mysterious figures suddenly appeared within the bamboo forest. It was extremely bizarre.

Chu Feng's eyes constricted because it was quite odd. There was an ineffable apparatus on the mountain for concealing auras. Just now, it had concealed these figures and laid down a murder formation.

If Chu Feng had charged in just now, he would definitely be ambushed.

At this time, Chu Feng focused his vision upon the entities and saw that three of them were familiar faces. He immediately recognized their origins.

They were from the qilin's lair!

Back then, he had seen three of these people!

Chu Feng was speechless; this woman was truly sinister. After being wounded on Mount Zhijin in Jiangning, she ran away without even looking back. It turned out that she didn't return to Mount Lao directly.

It was easy to see that she had gone to the qilin's lair first to invite a number of people since both locations were in the Shandong region.

This wasn't just to help guard her, but to ambush anyone who dared come to Mount Lao with the intention of harming her.

This woman was truly cautious and cruel. She was still plotting against others while escaping.

Chu Feng frowned. He had seen, from this woman, how difficult the prince would be. Any other person in his place would've slipped up and died here.

Since he had seen through things, Chu Feng was natural and tranquil. He waited in silence for the perfect opportunity. He wouldn't let her off easy no matter what!

Before long, someone came to call upon the spiritual peak. Lin Naoi appeared to visit Mu Qing, wearing a rare smile which immediately brightened up the whole peak.
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