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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 402: Slap All to Death

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Chapter 402: Slap All to Death
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Yuan's scalp went numb and his body tensed up. This was too sudden—he was on cloud nine just a while ago.

Within moments, only coldness was left of his good mood as it fell deep into the ravines. The feeling was too horrible.

One foot in heaven and the other in hell. This was a classic case of extreme joy turning to sorrow.

He hadn't even gone very far when his path was actually blocked. Chu Feng had been waiting here to kill him all along.

Yuan wasn't an ordinary person. He immediately realized that Chu Feng had concealed himself near the qilin's former lair and caught the former red-handed. That was why he had been waiting here.

He wanted to cough up blood after realizing his misfortune. How come he just had to arrive at the exact moment and bump into this Demon King Chu!

Additionally, he felt his fate this time was too tragic—if he hadn't tried to frame Chu Feng after arriving at the qilin's old lair, he might not have met such an ending.

Although this problem was indeed Chu Feng's, him proactively highlighting Chu Feng's blame was a surefire way to court death.

Even Yuan himself sighed. He had courted a great disaster this time.

"I've been waiting for quite some time!"

Chu Feng's words drove away the small number of fortunate feelings he had. He couldn't deny that he was regretful, especially because he had just broken through. He still wanted to live a brilliant life, but now it seemed he would be finished off immediately!

A stifling sensation came over him. He had just found a shortcut towards his meteoric rise by cooperating with the qilin's lair, and he was destined to bask in strength and glory.

But a single Chu Feng had shattered his beautiful dreams and consigned him to eternal damnation.

"Child, can't there be peace between us?" Yuan spoke in an amiable tone.

"What audacity!" Chu Feng glance at him coldly. Just a while ago, this person was trying his best to make enemies for him. He had exhausted all methods to urge the qilin lair's experts to kill Chu Feng.

And now he was calling Chu Feng child? Chu Feng didn't feel the least familiar and on the contrary was full of disgust.

"There's no need for us to really reach such a stage." Yuan sighed.

"I was once very respectful of you, but what did you do?" Chu Feng gazed at him coldly, "I had killed my way back into the bloody battleground while fighting against many marine races just to save you. I carried you out and saved your life, but you immediately tried to harm me with the black substance. Because of you, I was almost unable to recover."

Chu Feng was surging with killing intent. His lowest point in life was when he was infected by the black substance. He was almost crippled!

Any other person without a strong will like him would have collapsed already. Even then, he had to experience numerous dangers before the black substance turned into the black and white grinding stone in the end.

Any other person would've died without a doubt!

"That was an accident. I had no intention to harm you," Yuan explained. He wasn't willing to admit.

Chu Feng said differently, "Is there any meaning in saying such things? After you saw me crippled, you were intent on making me stay and putting me under house arrest. You've long since exposed your intentions although they weren't that obvious at the time."

At this point, Yuan's expression turned sinister. He raised his head rapidly after realizing that there was no use in quibbling since they were the only ones around.

"I'm quite regretful that I didn't insist on making you stay. I should've slapped you to death after you had outlived your value!" He knew that today was the end for him, so he abandoned all pretenses.

"Very well. I'll be glad to end your life with your own methods. I'll slap you to death!" Chu Feng said coldly.

"In truth, I admired you a great deal. Killing the Ash Wolf, suppressing the beast race and marine race... all of your accomplishments are brilliant." The Hollow Jade Temple Master calmed down and said in a dreary tone, "Everything is for your ultimate breathing technique. Why couldn't you just give it to me on your own? If I had it, I would've become the number on expert under the heavens!"

"So, this is your motive?" Chu Feng glanced at him.

"Yes, indeed. If you had let me studied it on your own, none of this would've happened!" Yuan complained.

Chu Feng's expression was cold. Not to mention the fact that this technique couldn't be transmitted since Yellow Ox had transferred it into his mind, he wouldn't impart it to someone like Yuan even if he could.

"Did you think everything under the sky belongs to you?" Chu Feng chided.

"The victor is king and the defeated are bandits. I would've ascended to the number one position if I had succeeded in obtaining your breathing technique and, at that time, everything I say will be priceless advice. Right now, I've lost and everything I say is disgraceful!"

After saying this, Yuan shouted, "Do it!"

He proactively rushed over with a swoosh. Lights flickered in his hand as he shot out a small glittering pagoda.

This damaged pagoda flew against the wind and rapidly expanded to suppress Chu Feng. Doubtlessly, this was a magical weapon!

As the leader of a national mutant organization, how could he not have powerful weapons on him!


The tower descended with an astonishing aura, accompanied by strands of energy radiance which resembled a brilliant golden curtain.

Chu Feng paused his steps and threw a slap forward without much care for the broken pagoda.

The scene was somewhat frightening. His palm was as brilliant as the sun and looked like an exploding star, accompanied by surging energy particles.


The entire broken tower cracked and then exploded into pieces.

Yuan was astonished to see that such a powerful magical weapon was actually smashed apart by a slap from Chu Feng. His body was bleeding after being struck by some of the fragments.

"Your power truly exceeds all expectations…" Yuan said calmly. But his expression immediately turned sinister as a silver paper shot out from his left hand—it was even sharper than a flying knife and even more resplendent. It flew towards Chu Feng like a river of stars.

It seemed invincible. Even its energy fluctuations were enough to make one palpitate. The surrounding grass and giant rocks were all shattered. Even the river evaporated as if it would dry up soon.

This item was similar to the golden arhat talisman and could injure anyone in the shackled realm. It was a coarse product made by a powerful being and left behind by ancient Taoists.

Anyone struck by it would be immediately pulverized!

Chu Feng's instincts were astonishing and his speed was even more overwhelming. His feet erupted with radiance as his Divine Feet were activated, traversing over 2000 meters in the blink of an eye.

He now possessed eight times the speed of sound, comparable to that of the continental gods in ancient times!

Presently, he could traverse several kilometers with just a light leap. It was terrifying.

Thus, he immediately dodged after sensing something was off.


Boulders were shattered and rivers were evaporated in the area behind him. The whole of the mountainous woods was completely destroyed. The terrifying energy melted the mountain rocks into rolling lava.

After Yuan tossed out the energy talisman written by an ancient powerhouse, he immediately began to flee towards the Daye Pond, in hopes of returning to the qilin's lair.

As long as he could get there, there would naturally be powerful extraterrestrials to protect him.

However, he had just taken a few steps when his vision blurred for a moment. Chu Feng had overtaken him and was blocking the way. Moreover, a kick flew towards him.


Yuan felt extreme pain from the lower part of his body, and then his whole person was sent flying backwards.

He was drenched in sweat and shocked out of his wits when he looked down. Just from that single kick, the entire lower half of his body had turned into a bloody mist and disappeared.

Just what kind of strength was this? A casual kick was able to cripple him!

"You, ah…" Both furious and astonished, he let out a howl of anguish. No one was willing to die, moreover, it was such a humiliating death.

"I said I would end your life in the same way you had intended to end mine. I'll slap you to death and fulfill your wishes!" With that, Chu Feng took a step forward and caught up to the Hollow Jade Temple Master midair.


Chu Feng's ruthless slap swung towards him, his palm emitting a faint golden luster after absorbing dense energy particles.


The next moment, Yuan let out a miserable scream. But soon, his eyes went wide as he lost the ability to even cry out. That was because his body had burst apart immediately as if he were stuck by a falling comet. The immense power was absolutely indefensible.

The temple master had just severed his seventh shackle and opened his path to glory. He would cooperate with the extraterrestrials and was destined to become a top expert of the human race.

But now, everything was over.

At the last moment, he was filled with terror and regret. He wanted to scream but couldn't even do that.

The cluster of spiritual power was also slapped apart.

A mass of flames shot out from Chu Feng's palm and torched all the remains to ash. With that, Yuan died completely in both form and spirit.

Chu Feng walked away into the distance in leisure.

Since he evolved some days ago, his strength had increased by leaps and bound. He was now extremely fierce and could slap an expert with seven severed shackles to death.

This kind of incident would shake the world if it were to spread!

Yuan, who was one of the top ten powerful experts of the East, had been slapped to death right after his resplendent transformation. This was absolutely shocking!

Chu Feng didn't leave the Daye Pond just yet and, instead, sat waiting silently on a mountaintop by the road towards the qilin's lair.

Before long, a group of six extraterrestrials returned. This was precisely the small group that had wanted to seek revenge for Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue. They had set out with great fanfare but was now returning without anything to show for it.

"Ah, look who's there!" A certain entity among them possessed keen perception and immediately sensed Chu Feng's energy fluctuations. Chu Feng wasn't trying to hide himself either.

"Chu Feng!" A man with a crocodile tail shot through the sky and charged up the thousand-meter peak with a sinister smile. "We were looking to kill you!"

He immediately made his move. The small drum in his hand began to beat rapidly, emitting a divine sound which shook the ears. Even the mountaintop was blasted apart.

No wonder he dared to rush up on his own. The magic weapon in his hand was indeed extraordinary!

With such a weapon in his possession, he was more powerful Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue. It was rather astonishing.


Afterwards, the mountain burst apart from the middle and collapsed into rubble amidst a cloud of dust.

"Is he dead? Don't tell me he's turned into a blood mist," the extraterrestrial muttered to himself as he descended.

However, his head immediately went numb at this point. He felt exceedingly terrified because he saw Chu Feng descending together with him, completely unharmed and throwing a punch towards him.

"No!" He roared furiously, but his voice stopped midway.

Chu Feng's fist had blasted him apart and turned him into a bloody mist.


Chu Feng snatched the little drum. Even if he couldn't use it, he could still gift it to people around him. In addition, this item possessed great power.

If he hadn't evolved a while ago and increased his constitution by a great deal, he might really have been badly wounded with bloody lacerations all over his body.

But currently, his constitution was sturdy, and his spirit was high. He could suppress evolvers at this level even if they had weapons like that war drum.

Dong! Dong...

Chu Feng beat the drum as he descended to the ground, sending out black ripples towards the enemies.


One of them directly exploded and disintegrated under the force of the divine sound waves.


Another one was also blasted apart and died in both form and spirit amidst the sound waves.

Within the blink of an eye, three out of six people had passed away. This was absolutely petrifying.

How could this be? How could this Demon King Chu be so powerful that he was able to snatch away the drum and kill them with it?

"You're courting death!" A man resembling a yaksha charged over with his fist raised. He was surging with energy and appeared extremely powerful

Chu Feng was shaken. This entity's level was extremely high and had probably already severed the tenth shackle. No wonder they dared come out to the outside world to kill him. This was frightening strength!


Chu Feng's previous blast wasn't able to wound the other party, so he could only put the item away and fight with his own body.

He wanted to try and see if he could fight against someone who was two levels higher than him.

He had severed eight shackles, while the other party had severed ten. Logically, the distance was too great, but he could already kill those at the level of nine severed shackles with relative ease. He felt that he was becoming stronger and stronger with each evolution. Perhaps he could even fight against entities at this level.

Presently, Chu Feng had decided to take the risk and try out how powerful his true strength was after an evolution at Mount Zhijin.

Bang, bang, bang…

The fighting was intense in this terrifying showdown.

Dozens of giant rocks, thousands of kilograms in weight, flew about as mountaintops were blasted apart. As for those ancient trees and vines, they were all shattered.

Energy boiled with great intensity like the vast ocean.

The two fought each other in a fiercely bloody battle.

"How is this possible?" The Yaksha who had severed ten shackles was full of surprise. His finger webs were bleeding and his body had bloody holes. He had suffered grievous injuries.

He said with a shocked tone, "How could such a saint-child-level character appear among the group of natives from a withered planet?!" He couldn't believe it.


In the end, he was blasted apart by a fist from Chu Feng and blood sprayed out in all directions.

The other two were shocked out of their wits and began to escape.


However, Chu Feng shot out a beam of sword intent and beheaded one of them.


A spear shot out from his back. It was like a draconic serpent and its might couldn't be stopped. The remaining person was nailed through with a pfft and exploded.

Six people had all been eliminated!
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