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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 401: Enemies Meet On A Narrow Road

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Chapter 401: Enemies Meet On A Narrow Road
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The six fruits were as big as eggs and possessed an intoxicating fragrance. Lustrously red and translucent, they were enshrouded in prismatic lights and surging with vitality.

Chu Feng felt excitement in his heart, for he had collected all of these in the Pristine Jade Bottle. On this journey the Qilin's Lair, he knew he had completed his task, and could now successfully retire.

He had enough fruits, to refine at least two medicinal pills, enough to allow him to sever the ninth set of shackles.

And with the dangers of the outside world, this was as good as gold for the hard times ahead. He would be capable of rising to power within the chaotic world!

The extraterrestrials inside the stone houses were fast asleep and were completely unaware of anyone outside because of their unconscious state.

Chu Feng knew that this was because he held the ultimate breathing technique and was able to integrate his spirit into his blood energy achieving a state of mind and body as one.

Under such circumstances, even the terrifying divine instincts of these evolvers would be rendered ineffective. No one apart from a heaven-chosen entity would be able to sense him.

"This alien is quite powerful. He's able to emit such a powerful suppressive force even though he's sleeping and his blood energy had been retracted. He's definitely not ordinary!".

Chu Feng's expression looked serious; there was one amongst the extraterrestrials who was stronger than the rest.

He retreated quietly from the extraterrestrials but didn't leave immediately. He wanted to first craft a couple more furnace worth of pills to give to people like the Wudang old grandmaster.

"There are fruits on that old tree over there!" Chu Feng exclaimed.

The center of the stone forest was the region where the qilin lived.

And scattered like little stars around the forest were the stone houses wherein lived the strongest group of extraterrestrials.

In front of the individual stone houses were ancient trees. The fruit they bore hadn't be picked all this time. This was a sign of their strength, for they were so powerful that the fruit could no longer add to their evolution.

"Is this a pear tree?"

Chu Feng was shocked; the old pear tree must've been over a thousand years old. The trunk was very thick, the bark cracked. It had only four fruits on its branches, but golden and fragrant fruits were the size of a man's head.


With a wave of his hand, all four gold pears fell into his hands. He had succeeded once again.

He counted his fruits and realized that he was going to need to find much more fruits if he was to help acquaintances like the old master and run to Mount Eternal to send some of these pills to Yellow Ox and the others.

He wanted to pick some more, but at the same time, he felt satisfied that he had found these fruits. He had already made a profit.

One had to know that, in the outside world, people would kill for such a fruit. Blood would flow like rivers amidst the dog-eat-dog conflict.

How precious was this fruit? Even without refining it into medicine, just its original form was able to help one sever the seventh shackle!

Chu Feng stayed and continued to search for more fruits. He wished he could gather all of it, but that, of course, was just his fancy. This place was wrought with dangers, and he knew there was no way to set foot in it.

Some of the mutant trees were heavily laden with fruit and surging with heavenly light. They were like flowing fire and emitting a shockingly strong fragrance. These definitely had enough power to help people break even higher-leveled shackles.

But there was no sense in thinking about the fruits one couldn't pick.

The extraterrestrials wouldn't stand around watching if it were so easy to succeed.

"No way, I must know when to stop!"

Chu Feng was not blinded by this joy, because he knew this place was too dangerous; if so much as one extraterrestrial were to wake up, the consequences would be fatal.

This was their territory; if one were to wake up, they would call for a swarm of their strongest extraterrestrials. They would attack incessantly until he died without a burial.

Chu Feng crept gently and silently towards the exterior of this mist-enshrouded lair. He wanted to escape.

There were a lot of rocks here, some a couple hundred meters tall, and, upon closer inspection, one could see that they were all meteorites.

There were also many stones piled together to form massive piles of rubble.

It was very easy to get lost in this region because the terrain looked the same.


Chu Feng was shocked. He sensed some spiritual fluctuations and surging blood energy as he walked out.

Was an extraterrestrial waking up? He felt his hair stand on end.

In a flash, he tossed out some magnetic crystals and arranged them around him. The area was suddenly filled with white fog and became hazier and hazier until his figure disappeared.

Chu Feng hid behind a wall of vines. The gravel below him was in disarray.

"Please, this way."

He heard a voice. Then he actually saw an acquaintance!

It was the Lord of the Hollow Jade Temple, Yuan!

Yuan, to the average person, was very mysterious.

He came to the qilin's Lair, to meet with the extraterrestrials.

After some thought, Chu Feng realized that, as head of the national mutant organization, he had access to and could study rare and ancient documents at any time. It was no wonder he could find the qilin's Lair.

But what we don't know, was why Yuan had come here in the first place.

Chu Feng held his breath as he hid within the small domain and paid attention to them.

Accompanied by many extraterrestrials, they walked further away towards the central area. Clearly, the Hollow Jade Temple Master wanted to meet with someone far more powerful.

Because the further in one went the stronger the extraterrestrials.

For a time, Chu Feng could not leave because some of the descenders in this area began to recover.

Additionally, he heard a whistle in the distance.

Chu Feng knew he was in trouble; earlier, he had killed the stone man and slew the giant winged-lizard. It was likely that the deed had been discovered by now.

"We're under attack! We're missing two men!"

To make things worse, people in the distance began to shout and raise the alert.

Chu Feng frowned. —there was no way to leave at the moment. He moved away quietly and relocated to a new hiding place before most of the extraterrestrials woke up.


He quickly entered the bamboo forest and hid. Other people rarely set foot in the forest because of the dangers within.

Even Chu Feng hadn't been able to break through the domains despite having studied the area for several days. He wanted to pick the white grape-like fruit, but he was helpless.

He arranged magnetic stones to form a maze and conceal himself.

"What is going on?!"

Some extraterrestrials woke up and began to emit powerful energy fluctuations.

"We're missing two men, and we found blood on the ground."

"Who would have the gall to kill our men!"

A clamor arose in the area because no one had ever dared to come and act unbridled in so many years. The 22 years had passed by in relative peace.

Hollow Jade Temple Master Yuan left with a group of extraterrestrials to investigate the outer area.

"I believe this was Chu Feng's doing. Everyone, please check if anything has been lost," said Yuan.

Chu Feng overheard their conversation although they were separated by a significant distance. Thanks to the immense acuity of his divine instinct, he is able to hear everything within a couple dozen kilometers.

To the average person, this could be considered clairaudience!

His face was gloomy—this person was truly going all out with the hostility. and did not forget to send trouble his way even at such a time.

And even though this was indeed Chu Feng's doing, Yuan was very obviously helping Chu Feng make enemies. His methods were unreasonable and completely scrupulous, and all of this was just in order to keep the latter in check.

Chu Feng's expression was gloomy. He couldn't leave at the moment, so he could only stay here.

There shouldn't be any danger in the short term, but he was quite upset after being "sort of" framed.

"Yuan, I've always been sentimental about the Hollow Jade Temple. I wouldn't even have paid you any attention if you hadn't provoked me. Who would have that you would dare aggravate things for me!"

Chu Feng's eyes were cold—he absolutely wouldn't be soft-hearted against his enemies after making a decision.

If a convenient opportunity were to present itself, he would directly chop off the Hollow Jade Temple Master's head.

"Everyone, Chu Feng is fierce and evil. Even though we are from the same human race, I was never his ally. He has cheated his ancestors, betrayed the Hollow Jade Temple, and done much evil."

The Lord of the Hollow Jade Temple said these things calmly.

When he saw the blood on the ground, he believed it had been there for days. Thus, he suggested that the qilin's lair should send a group of troops to attack Chu Feng.

"Even Han Wenze andHuang Weiyue were killed by him? This person is quite bold to actually dare touch the descenders from our qilin's lair. Doesn't he know that we are a strong alliance?!" A certain extraterrestrial expert said with a cold voice.

"Indeed. It's definitely because Han Wenze and the others went to encircle him, and were unfortunately killed. He must've fumbled his way here and certainly is out for revenge."

The group of extraterrestrials was very unhinged—each and every one of them was surging with killing intent.

In the distance, Chu Feng was furious. It was clearly Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue who had come to kill him first. Were they expecting him to wait for death without any resistance?

"Be quiet! Only the weak make noise and form alliances. If you want to go kill the man, then do it directly. There's no need to disturb my slumber!"

At this time, someone shouted from within a stone house within the mist.

At the same time, a number of powerful fluctuations surged out. It was a warning for them to keep quiet.

"Whoever wishes to kill Chu Feng may go. Whoever wishes to stay, keep quiet!"

Apparently, they weren't very united. After all, they were from different star systems and this was just a loose assembly ground. They hadn't actually formed a solid alliance.

There were only a number of small groups.

For example, the ones who are shouting were all friends with Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue.

Finally, there was a small group who wished to go out and kill Chu Feng.

Yuan did not leave because he wished to meet the supreme expert of this area to negotiate some terms and gather some referrals.

Chu Feng cursed because the whole place wouldn't see any peace in the following days. There would always be extraterrestrials moving about.

Coincidentally, the stone house of supreme evolver whom the Hollow Jade Temple Master had come to meet was one which Chu Feng had visited to pick fruits just a while ago.


Chu Feng heard a deep roar. The surging blood energy was extremely shocking and comparable to a tumultuous river!

Even though the fruit was useless to the creature, he couldn't stand anyone stealing it.

"Fruit thief?!" Yuan looked uncertain; he had come the qilin's Lair to build a strong relationship with the extraterrestrials and form an alliance when necessary.

Also, he had another goal; he hoped to obtain some powerful mutant fruits from this place so that he could break his shackles. Afterwards, he wouldn't have to worry about Chu Feng attacking him.

Recently, His days had been quite sad. There was a dense haze in his heart because he was afraid that Chu Feng would suddenly come and kill him.

"It has to be Chu Feng!" He exclaimed.

But in any case, he felt that he had to frame Chu Feng first.

Chu Feng stayed in the qilin's Lair for a long time. It was only after most of the creatures in this area fell asleep that the land became quiet.

He took advantage of this opportunity to leave swiftly.

Presently, he felt more and more that his breathing technique was incredible.

At this moment, he spirit had merged into his blood energy and was pulsating along with his heartbeat. His spiritual magnetic field was also continuously spreading towards his four limbs and had fused thoroughly with him.

His body and soul were becoming one!

To have this sort of power is extremely rare among creatures at this stage.

Others, apart from the descendants of those evolutionary holy grounds, would find it extremely difficult to achieve.

This made him like a ghost, so he could disappear without so much as a sound.

Chu Feng didn't rest until he was very far away. He waited on the outskirts of Daye Pond to kill the Hollow Jade Temple Master.

Because Yuan hadn't left yet!

This scourge couldn't be left alone. Since he was intent on becoming enemies, Chu Feng was already irreconcilable with him.

Finally, Yuan came out feeling quite content. His steps were brisk and his lustrous body was emitting powerful energy fluctuations.

Because he had reached some kind of agreement with the people of the qilin's Lair. That expert had gifted him a mutant fruit, allowing him to evolve rapidly, and sever his seventh shackle.

Also, he was given a promise that, over a period of time, he'd be able to receive even stronger fruits!

Yuan was very satisfied with the great profits he had gained this time, especially since his strength had grown by leaps and bounds. This gave him greater confidence—even if he couldn't kill Chu Feng right away, at this rate, he would have a chance later on.

Because this was the qilin's lair. Certain divine medicines would gradually recover and germinate!

Yuan was very happy. In the past, he was solemn and restrained. He was in a great mood and couldn't stop smiling as he strode along the banks of the Daye Pond.

However, his smile became stiff when he looked up.

His originally happy demeanor instantly became cold. He felt a chill run down his spine and his hands became clammy. That was because he saw Chu Feng!
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