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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 399: Capturing a Qilin on the Western Hunt

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Chapter 399: Capturing a Qilin on the Western Hunt
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Chu Feng's eyes were burning brightly with pale golden color. He was prepared to head to the qilin's former lair!

Before taking action, he cleared away the traces of battle at the scene.

"What a fraudulent era. Even saintesses can be fake. They're at least 50 in age, but supposedly look like 16-year-olds with breathtaking beauty and slim waists." Chu Feng complained.

He felt that, as a descender from 22 years ago, Huang Weiyue was already a grandma even if she was able to maintain her looks quite well.

He recalled that his original intentions were to capture fairies and goddesses. He had even announced that he would bring them back to warm his bed. But now, he shivered at the thought.

A 50-year-old saintess?! He would have to politely decline. If all of them were people from that generation, he wouldn't capture any even if he were beaten to death and would instead just run away.

"This is fraud!"

After Chu Feng finished cleaning up the scene, he carried the golden chakram to the place where the essence flames of extreme yang were being nurtured and absorbed the ardent special energy.

The high-level rare energy displayed astonishing effects in the battle today. It was worth preparing some in advance.

Afterwards, he set out!

The current Chu Feng possessed true divine speed. Running at full speed, he could easily swim in the Northern sea in the morning and watch the sunset in Cangwu in the evening. He could achieve this with just his legs.

If this were the ancient year, he would've been considered a god on the continent.

Although he couldn't fly, he could cross the continent and traverse the vast oceans.

Chu Feng left Jiangning and traveled due north. His destination, the qilin's old lair!

The silver-horned man just now didn't reveal any useful information and became even more unyielding towards the end because he had already realized that Chu Feng would kill him either way.

He mentioned Mount Lao but didn't reveal any secrets. His real aim was to make Chu Feng walk to his death because he believed the imperial prince would beat Chu Feng to death!

To him, this was an insurmountable gap. Those from the imperial dynasty of evolvers possessed terrifying talent and superior evolutions.

On the way, Chu Feng traveled due north at the speed of lightning and was headed towards a certain area in Shandong.

That was because he felt the qilin's former lair was around that place.

The entity didn't tell him everything in the end, apparently to trick Chu Feng and bring him to harm instead.

"A fake lair would probably be ridden with traps, while the true lair will inevitably be a nest of tigers and dragons."

Just a while ago, Chu Feng had read certain documents out of curiosity. They described the legendary dragon lair of the sea, the qilin lair of the land and the Wutong Phoenix nest, etc.

As such, he had already had some idea about it.

Presently, he had combined what he knew with the information given by that entity and was able to accurately pinpoint the location of the qilin's former lair.

There were records of it in the book, "Records of the Grand Historian"—Duke Lu Ai, at the age of 14, went hunting in the west and found a giant beast which was, in the end, trapped by his steward's party. They had, at first, believed it to be an inauspicious beast. Only when Confucious arrived did they know that it was a qilin!"

"There were kings, qilins and literary sages within this incident. It is truly a terrifying lineup," Chu Feng muttered to himself.

Similar records could also be found within the "Master Zuo's Annals".

It was quite unfortunate that it had died in silence despite being an auspicious beast. There was a phrase within the Spring and Autumn Annals, "Capturing a Qilin on the Western Hunt".

Chu Feng had deduced the qilin's ancient habitat from these records in addition to the information from the descender. Naturally, he was able to obtain an accurate conclusion.

The location brought up within the Records of the Grand Historian, was the Daye Pond, also called Giant Beast Pond.

It was located within the Shandong Region, which was the Heze Prefecture.

"This location is also the birthplace of the most powerful ancient race," Chu Feng pondered. This Daye Pond had given birth to a legendary tribe because it was located near the qilin's lair. This is indeed logical because the qilin was the totem of the forebears.

Chu Feng's speed was incredibly fast. He traversed the land explosively—everything he touched, including rocks and shrubbery, were all shattered.

Jiangning, after the upheavals, was over 6000 kilometers away from Heze Prefecture in Shandong. But Chu Feng had arrived before an hour had passed.

If ordinary people were to hear about or witness this kind of god-like sprinting speed, they would all be dumbfounded. It was truly frightening.

To be more precise, the location was north of Heze Prefecture.

Chu Feng arrived and found that the lay of the land had changed greatly. He had come here before the upheavals, but he was astonished after coming here once again.

The place was like a primitive landscape filled with towering ancient trees and steaming ponds.

"How odd!" This had changed completely.

Chu Feng acted cautiously. He didn't dare act carelessly after recalling the various legends surrounding this place.

"There are records within the Mountains and Seas Annal about Jing Wei, the daughter of the Flame Emperor. The sea described herein refers to the Daye Pond." He paused his steps.

Before him, was a great pond with hazy mists and boundless borders.

Twisting old vines lined the shores. Bestial roars could be heard as primitive birds soared through the skies. He saw a giant bird carry an elephant off into the distance. The place was savage and terrifying.

Chu Feng suspected whether he had arrived at the wrong place or if he had charged into a foreign land.

The folded spaces in other regions had a transitional area beginning from the great mountains, but this place was different. It directly appeared as a primitive land and a boundless great pond.


Chu Feng was as light as a feather and moved extremely fast. He traveled along the pond in search of the ancient land that had given birth to the strongest tribe.

It was fortunate that he was so fast. Otherwise, ordinary people wouldn't see its border even after several months and would be circling around the great pond.

While Chu Feng was searching for the qilin's old lair, the world outside was in turmoil.

That was because Mount Zhijin was flowing with blood. It seemed Demon King Chu had battled here, but just who was it that he had harmed?

"Extra! Extra! Chu Feng suspected to have killed more extraterrestrials!"

Everyone was speechless after hearing these words. The word "more" sounded extraordinary vicious.

"I knew it! One should never approach this god of calamity. Death follows him wherever he goes. Whoever harbors bad intentions towards him will encounter serious misfortune!"

Some corporations sighed. This was a lesson they had learned through blood and tears. Even though they didn't go against him and only cooperated in a friendly manner, many people had died along their excursion to Mount Qinlin, Mount Zhongnan, and Mount Huang.

A person was reporting the situation to Mu Qing on Mount Lao. "Something has happened at Jiangning."

"No rush," Mu Qing was drinking tea calmly; her current demeanor wasn't like a maid at all. Her countenance was beautiful and her eyes profound as she sat peacefully at the stone table within the bamboo forest.

At this time, there was no longer that friendly smile on her face. Her expression was somewhat indifferent as she finally put down her teacup and said, "Both the natives and the current descenders are only dogs and chicken before the imperial prince."

Chu Feng finally found some clues after searching around the great pond.

That was because, as a domain researcher, he had studied the terrain and topography. He was able to accurately pinpoint the place with the highest energy density and spirituality. He corrected his bearings along the way and progressed along the correct path.

After crossing the pond and passing through a stone forest region filled with gigantic vines, he finally arrived at a flatland.

Chu Feng realized that he had come to the right place; he was closing in on the qilin's former lair.

White mist filled the plains; this was the legendary immortal qi. In truth, it was a form of energy particle which was highly beneficial to creatures.

In the past, such energy particles hung constantly in the atmosphere. Living in such a place would naturally prolong one's life and, to evolvers, it would serve to improve their constitution.

"No wonder it's called the former lair. The qilin has already abandoned this place after an earth-shattering battle destroyed everything here. The whole area had been destroyed, leaving only a few dilapidated ruins." Chu Feng frowned.

If it was so, this place surely wouldn't be as heaven-defying as the true dragon's lair under the eastern sea eye. Otherwise, it would be another astonishing land of fortune.

"Eh? That's not right. It's not completely ruined. There are some ancient domains enveloping it. This place isn't simple."

Chu Feng was cautious. He closed off the pores on his tense body to cut off his aura as he entered the mist approached the holy land on the plains.

There were ruins here left behind by an ancient tribe. The large piles of ashes, broken down cities and numerous beast bones, etc. were a testament to the desolate era of the past.

But that many high-level evolvers existed during that era and some were even close to the level of a demonic god!

"Mn, I was careless!"

Chu Feng shivered inwardly. He hadn't even entered the lair but had been discovered while passing through the ruins. It was a stone golem.

It didn't have any aura at first and didn't move at all. There wasn't even any energy seeping out of its body. It felt just like an inanimate object.

Even someone with powerful divine instincts like Chu Feng hadn't sensed this living creature and overlooked it.

Now, it had opened its eyes. A terrifying energy wave erupted from him as its stony eyelids opened and immediately shot out two beams of brilliant silvery light.

"You dare trespass into the qilin's sacred land. You're courting death!"

This was an extremely powerful entity and was also a descender. It was in charge of guarding the passage outside of the qilin's former lair because it could blend well into its surroundings and stay completely motionless.

Despite staying outside for many years, its position wasn't inferior. It ranked higher than most extraterrestrials.

Normally, he would always get a share whenever there was a fortune to be obtained. This was a powerful expert.

Chu Feng was shaken—this stone man appeared grey and simple. The stony material constituting it was already very old. It rose rapidly and pounced towards Chu Feng. Additionally, it opened its mouth and was about to sound the alarm.

Chu Feng reacted with extreme speed. He leapt up and charged over with reckless abandon to meet this 3 meter stone giant head on.


The next moment, the two had disappeared. Chu Feng had dragged the enemy into the Pristine Jade Bottle to prevent alarming the creatures within the qilin's lair.

Bang bang bang…

An intense battle ensued. The stone golem was supremely powerful; it had severed nine shackles and, in addition to its stony exterior, possessed surging blood energy within. It possessed internal organs, blood, and even spiritual magnetic fields.

This type of entity was very rare and powerful. Its combat strength alone surpassed Han Wenze, Huang Weiyue, and the others combined.

Its loud roars and boiling blood energy seemed to almost surge into the sky if he weren't currently contained within the bottle. It was enough to shake a mountain into pieces and tear a forest into fragments.

Superhuman strength!

But, at this time, Chu Feng had already severed his eighth shackle and had, once again, gained astonishing strength like a prehistory desolate beast.

Bang bang bang…

He met the stone golem head-on and launched a barrage of continuous attacks. He attacked the other party forcefully and suppressed this special entity.


In the end, he blasted the stone man into fragments. The spreading blood energy caused the spatial bottle to shake intensively and rolled about. It was extremely frightening.

The Pristine Jade Bottle's tenacity allowed it to withstand such a degree of damage. Chu Feng had tested it before and wasn't really worried about it.

After being refined by the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace, the bottle seemed to have unlocked a seal within. The space inside was now a thousand square meters.

With a flash of his body, Chu Feng appeared in the ruins again.

"Eh?!" He was astonished to see a lizard-like monster with wings in the distance. It kicked up fierce winds as it flew through the mist towards him. It seemed to have sensed something wrong here.

It looked like a Western dragon, but it clearly wasn't. Accompanied by an intense malicious intent, it rushed towards the area to check on it.

It was another sentry in charge of guarding the path into the qilin's old lair.

Chu Feng arched his body and charged out with full power. A long energy spear appeared behind his back—it was invincible and absolutely terrifying.

This was the ability he had obtained after severing the shackle on his spine. A golden spear resembling a draconic serpent was being nurtured therein.

In order to finish this quickly, Chu Feng had immediately utilized an ultimate move right off the bat.

He had tried it out along the way and found its might to be absolutely terrifying.


Its speed was too fast. The invincible divine spear suddenly shot through the air like a draconic serpent—it immediately pierced the flying entity's lower jaw and went right through the skull, spraying out blood in all directions. This ferocious looking extraterrestrial with a cold demeanor was immediately killed and fell to the ground.

Chu Feng charged over with a swoosh and caught it into the Pristine Jade Bottle.

A one-shot kill! That was a successful ambush.

Chu Feng was quite satisfied with the effects of his evolution this time. His strength had soared and didn't need to exert too much effort to kill these extraterrestrials.

As such, he was even looking forward to the next evolution even more.

After passing through this region, he found the ruins of the qilin's old lair in the depths of the plain. It was shrouded in mist with giant rocks strewn across the place.

Additionally, he could already see some old trees outside of the qilin's lair with ripe golden fruits hanging upon them. The fragrance of medicine filled the air.

"A fruit that can help sever the sixth shackle!" He was astonished. And this was just the exterior.

Chu Feng felt that there should be even more astonishing mutant trees in the depths of the lair. His anticipation grew.
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