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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 391: Why Are the Flowers so Red?

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Chapter 391: Why Are the Flowers so Red?
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"Why are you not leaving yet?!" The purple-robed man shot a sidelong glance at Long Ze's group with a displeased expression.

Long Ze had actually wanted to retreat at first, but turned quite ugly after hearing such words because this made it difficult for him to back down. The people from the Penglai Immortal Island were indeed arrogant.

"May I ask if you're from a guardian lineage of the island?" Long Ze spoke.

That was because he knew that the marine race powerhouses were all shocked after the immortal island came into being. There were actually a group of ancient people living there!

In the past, they had seen this island before in the sea, but all sorts of changes took place after the Rubik's Cube fell into the ocean.

The legendary Penglai Immortal Island came into being at that time.

"Why are you asking so many questions for?" The purple-robed man glanced at him.

Long Ze replied, "My elder brother is the Elder Dragon King of the Southern Seas. He has lived for over a thousand years and possesses unfathomable cultivation. If only he has the draconification fruit, he's destined to transform into a flood dragon and soar into the sky. He thinks highly of the Penglai Immortal Island and has reminded me a number of times that he wishes to see the dragon race and the island enter an alliance."

He brought out the Southern Sea Elder Dragon King because he knew the man from the Penglai Immortal Island understood his intention.

The Elder Dragon King's accumulations were profound enough. Along with the upheavals and the earth's recovery, the Fusang Tree, seagod, and draconification fruit would appear in succession. The Elder Dragon King was destined to rise and couldn't be stopped.

The Penglai Immortal Island was indeed powerful, but a number of hegemons from among the flood dragons were also destined to be heaven-defying existences who could look down on the world. There were already such signs at the moment.

This was what Long Ze wanted to convey.

The purple-robed man said, "Ah, before talking about rising to power, he'd better get the draconification fruit first, condense a true flood dragon bloodline, and then charge into the ancient dragon lair. Only then will it become evident who'll actually become a true dragon."

His attitude was somewhat gentler because he knew that among the current elder dragons, a couple of them would rise to power and that it wasn't wise to offend them completely.

Long Ze smiled—face had to be reciprocated like so. At least it was better than him being unable to pull back. That was why he treated the Penglai Immortal Island with respect.

Later on, he brought up the subject about capturing Chu Feng and that the Southern Sea dragon lineage was willing to give the immortal island a draconification fruit later on.

"My elder brother has already found the dragon tree and is currently preparing to approach it." Long Ze smiled lightly.

The Dragoness frowned. She knew that Long Ze wasn't negotiating, but was representing the Southern Sea dragon race in forming a long-term relationship with Penglai.

Things were usually like this. There was always give and take. Mutual appeal was the way to form a profitable community.

Chu Feng was astonished. This Long Ze's expression was extremely ugly just now and had no way to back off. But in the end, he had actually wanted to form a relationship with the Penglai Immortal Island. His face was truly thick.

The ancients on Penglai would certainly be inferior to the marine race once they were to enter the ocean to search for ruins and divine trees. But on the island, however, they were confident in their unbeatable status.

As such, the Penglai Lineage had also considered working together with the marine race.

The purple-robed man revealed a smile and began to chat harmoniously with Long Ze.

"Why are you intent on targeting Chu Feng?" the purple robed man asked.

Long Ze replied, "My elder brother has lived for a long time and his children can't be considered few. There are three who can be considered quite accomplished, but two of them had died in Chu Feng's hands during the recent months. This was like gouging out his heart."

According to Long Ze's words, this had already become a demon in the Southern Sea Elder Dragon King's heart. If he wasn't occupied with finding the draconification and seagod fruits, he would already have gone ashore to kill this person.

"So it's like this," the purple-robed man sighed, "but this Chu Feng is a human and also knows domains. He can be considered different from the random cats and dogs as he's still somewhat capable."

Behind them, Chu Feng's expression sank. Since the very beginning, this man from Penglai was making him terribly upset. What were those words just now?!

Apparently, this middle-aged man was so arrogant that he had never put anyone from outside of the island in his eyes.

Long Ze smiled. "I know that one has to heed the owner when beating the dog, but I'm not going to kill him personally. Doesn't Penglai also want Dragon Blood Grass? Just let him enter the lair and pick them for us."

Some green veins popped on Chu Feng's forehead as anger welled up from within.

He hadn't made his move during this whole process, not because he was patient, but because he was making certain arrangements. He silently called the black yak, the toad, and problem lady towards him.

"Everything on the Penglai Immortal Island—every blade of grass, every man, and every dog—is highly valuable." The purple-robed man revealed an odd expression and turned to Chu Feng. "How confident are you in picking some Dragon-Blood Grass after entering the dragon's lair?"

Chu Feng didn't pay him any heed. He was already extremely upset during this period, and presently, he had completed his preparations. He had already calculated the dangerous and safe areas around the dragon's lair.

He secretly told the Dragoness to have the old Yaksha pull back for a distance and prepare for a massacre.

The Dragoness was shaken. She wanted to dissuade him because she knew just how powerful the Penglai Immortal Island was. There was a group of ancients there who considered themselves to be of earth's orthodox bloodline.

From their point of view, their bloodline was the true master of the earth.

It might incite a huge incident if Chu Feng killed this purple-robed man.

"Relax. I'm not going to do anything to him. What does the dragon lair's eruption have to do with me? It's just his own rotten luck." Chu Feng casually transmitted a telepathic message to the Dragoness.

He was upset after being looked down upon by other people. What was this about hitting dogs and cats? Those Penglai people think they're all that and now, they were even trading benefits. They wanted Chu Feng to brave death and enter the lair to pick Dragon's Blood Grass for them.

According to his character, how could he be willing to bow his head before such humiliation? He would definitely do something to finish these two off.

"Chu Feng, I'm talking to you. Can't you hear me?!" The purple-robed man raised his voice. His expression sank and was quite upset after realizing that he was being ignored.

"Who do you think you are? Acting so tough in front of me!" Chu Feng replied coldly. He then kicked the toad and said, "Start cursing!"

"Swear what?" The toad didn't realize Chu Feng's meaning immediately.

"Bring out the troll [1] in you and curse them to oblivion. Make me feel better," Chu Feng said while glancing sideways.

"Who's the troll here? Damn your grandpa! I've always been very civil, okay? Who said I'm a troll? Say that one more time if you dare?!" The toad began to curse angrily.

"You're still trying to deny it. Your spittle is almost on my face." The black yak wiped his face furiously. That was because Chu Feng was using him as a shield for fear of being sprayed with saliva.

"There!" Chu Feng made the toad turn around and spray his spittle at the right people. Additionally, he thumped it unceremoniously a couple of times.

"F*ck!" The toad was extremely upset after taking a beating. It began to… shoot out obscenities just to vent.

In any case, it no longer dared to curse Chu Feng, so he could only swear at Long Ze and the purple-robed man with saliva showering down like rain.

"Dammit!" Long Ze and the purple-robed man weren't careful enough and became drenched from head to toe in saliva. They were absolutely infuriated.

At first, the purple-robed man was shocked and furious at Chu Feng's words. Now that he was suddenly ambushed, his wrath was almost surging into the skies.

He and Long Ze heard Chu Feng telling the toad to spray them. At first, they thought the toad was going to swear at them, but at the same moment, they heard the series of obscenities, a downpour of saliva also fell upon them… Goddammit!

The toad started to swear with all sorts of different profane words. Additionally, half a gallon of spittle flew out at the same time.

At this time, the Dragoness and the black yak were both stunned. Even the problem lady's mouth was round as if she had just seen a ghost.

"This brother is truly a sprayer!" the Manchurian Tiger's wore a dumb expression and said involuntarily.

"Indeed, he's even more talented than I am," said Chu Feng calmly. When they first met, the toad had attacked him with saliva. It was a horrible experience.

"Courting death!"

Long Ze was absolutely furious and the purple-robed man was angry and humiliated. All of them erupted with killing intent.

In truth, Chu Feng's group had been edging backwards during this whole process. They were moving towards one of their "preselected" positions and were prepared to harm the enemies.

"Old Donkey, it's your turn. Call out to them and let me feel satisfied," Chu Feng said.

The donkey was fairly cooperative. He raised his ears and revealed his bucktooth while shouting at the Long Ze and the purple-robed man, "Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw…" [2]

"Goddammit, I'll slap you to death!" Long Ze and the purple-robed man were absolutely mad. At first, they seemed rather imposing and were quite mindful of their demeanor. But now, they were infuriated to the point of no return."

That was a buck-toothed donkey actually calling out to them in such a manner. How hateful!

"You're probably just a thug from the Penglai Immortal Island, right? Or a servant?" Chu Feng asked the purple-robed man at the critical juncture.

Afterwards, he and the group of people vanished. To be precise, they had entered the Pristine Jade Bottle along with the flying saucer.

At the same time, he ignited the whole place.


It seemed the whole area was turned on its head and filled with ghastly howls.

Some patterns lit up amidst the ruins and shook the whole area. This 50-kilometer area quaked violently as energy interweaved and surged.

Precisely speaking, the ruins had erupted. As a result, a portion of its frightening energy had gushed out and was wreaking havoc on the area.

Doubtlessly, the dragon's lair had become a terrifying place. Even experts at a higher level would die if they entered at this moment, to say nothing of these people.

Fortunately, they were all outside of the ruins.

Even so, the energy which had seeped out devastated the space with incomparable destructive power akin to an overflowing river.

Long Ze and the purple-robed men were shocked. They immediately pulled back to escape this place.

Their reactions were rapid. They had distanced themselves in the blink of an eye and were ready to leave the sea eye. However, they were still struck by the energy waves as they approached the borders.

Long Ze let out a miserable cry as his body was pierced through and coughed up large amounts of blood. His underlings couldn't even groan as they exploded on the spot and turned into bloody mists.

The purple-robed man was in a wretched state. His strength was inferior to Long Ze and thus it was natural that he was heavily injured. His body was almost torn into two.

The pristine jade bottle flew rapidly along the safe route amidst the chaotic energy flow, driven by Chu Feng's spiritual energy.

Even though it was struck by some energy waves, the power was blocked by the mysterious bottle.

Seeing that the purple-robed man hadn't died completely upon approaching the border, Chu Feng drove the pristine jade bottle directly into him and tore his upper body into several pieces. Even his head bloomed into ten thousand flower petals.

"Why are the flowers so red…" Chu Feng sang.


At this time, Long Ze cried out in agony as his body was struck by yet another wave of energy. Although he had escaped the sea eye and charged into the ocean, he was already on the verge of death.

Before long, a flying saucer rushed out of the water. Within the cabin, Chu Feng was laughing loudly with the dead-dog-like Long Ze in his grasp.

"You…" Long Ze was furious and terrified. He hadn't expected such a result.

The energy fluctuations within the ocean were intense. The old yaksha was wounded and fairly terrified. He didn't die because of the Dragoness' warning, but his body was drenched in blood.

"Where's the man from our Penglai Immortal Island?" someone cried out from within a ship on the sea surface.

"The domains in the dragon's lair erupted. He likely didn't make it out," the Dragoness appeared and informed them of the situation.

Chu Feng didn't pay attention to these things and was busy dealing with Long Ze. This blood serpent had fallen into his hands but still dared to view him with such enmity. He was already badly wounded and about to die but his eyes were still cold and hostile.

Before long, people discovered that Chu Feng had refreshed his Gourmet Rankings.

"Eh? Roasted tiger kidney and braised roc meat are no longer in the first and second places. It's been replaced by a Southern Sea dragon soup. Oh mommy, has Chu Feng gone to eat Southern Sea dragons?"

"Oh heavens. It's really a flood dragon! Such a gigantic body has been braised, steamed, stewed… it's been cooked in many different ways. I'm drooling just from looking at it."

People immediately discovered that Chu Feng had refreshed the rankings on social media. They also saw the original ingredients and cooked dishes. Everyone was shocked quite a bit.

Chu Feng didn't hide this because his enmity with the Southern Sea Dragon Race was already undispellable.

"This… this looks like the number two character of the Southern Sea Dragon Race. He's actually been eaten by Chu Feng and placed on the Gourmet Rankings? How could he be so heaven-defying?!"


An old dragon roared in fury within the Southern Sea, causing huge waves to rise up into the air!


[1] The wordsprayer/ troll/ hater are similar in Chinese.

[2] Recall that hee-haw means "oh, my son" in Chinese.
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