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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 386: Bearing Chu Feng’s Monkey Babies

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Chapter 386: Bearing Chu Feng’s Monkey Babies [1]
Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy

The five extraterrestrials had all died. Not a single one survived.

The whole world was plunged into a short period of silence. Many people had personally witnessed this scene via global livestream. They were all stunned and their throats turned dry.

Before this, many people were guessing various possibilities, but they had never expected this group of extraterrestrials would be completely annihilated. This was a group of undefeatable entities who were very difficult to contend with.

People had originally guessed that there would be an episode of extreme commotion on earth and that, when the time came, there would be dead bodies and flowing blood.

Who would've expected Chu Feng to rush up into the sky in a flying saucer and actively attack them? He actually produced such an outcome!

The current scene had truly overturned their imagination. Five terrifying extraterrestrials were finished off even before they could land.

Presently, Chu Feng's words were ringing in many people's ears: "Extraterrestrials are as weak as hell!"

These words were too tyrannical. Only Chu Feng would dare say such things—everyone thought that he was incomparably crazy after they snapped back to reality.

"Great killing! Those extraterrestrials are so arrogant and conceited. They look down on our people as if they were looking at an inferior species. They were already planning to kill this and slaughter that even before descending. This is the outcome they deserve for despising the people from earth."

"Immortal Chu is mighty. He is capable of finishing off a number of extraterrestrials. This is truly satisfying and delightful."

Every area was boiling over.

In truth, the five extraterrestrials were extremely powerful.

Some were like demonic gods as they stood upon a meteor hundreds of meters in diameter. Some were like the angels from Western mythology with snow-white wings upon their backs. To many people, they were akin to god!

However, all of them had died to Chu Feng in the end.

People around the world watching this battle were flabbergasted. The five extraterrestrials who had come down with great imposing momentum were all killed off. This almost seemed unreal.

The various corporations were shocked quite badly—this Demon King Chu was mad. He had charged up into the air and actively killed the extraterrestrials. Which ordinary person would dare do this?

They felt that he was an absolute madman who shouldn't be provoked.

These extraterrestrials were all done in because they had threatened him!

Currently, the corporations would go pale whenever someone mentioned Chu Feng. They knew they shouldn't provoke this person in the future. This fellow was simply too bold and unrestrained, an absolutely dangerous character.

"Boss, are you trying to defy the heavens? You directly wiped out all the extraterrestrials!" Xiong Kun, Hu Sheng, Du Huaijin, and Ouyang Qing were all dumbfounded.

On Mount Putuo, Jiang Luoshen felt it was unreal and her mind was in chaos. Her bright red lips and formed an "O" shape and her countenance was the picture of astonishment.

An old man on Mount Putuo said with a smile, "Luoshen, you're not young anymore and you've also slept together with Chu Feng before. Won't you consider him? I feel that this young man is extraordinary and won't fall even after a hundred battles. If you don't catch him at this time, there might not be an opportunity later on."

"I'm not even 23 yet, why am I not young anymore?!" Jiang Luoshen rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile, in Shuntian, the Hollow Jade Temple Master and the Eight Visions Temple master were silent after witnessing the battle.

The Infernal Association and the Blood Demons immediately announced that they had expressed their choice with action. They would always stand on Chu Feng's side from now on.

The truth was that the leaders of the two organizations were shocked out of their wits. Since even the extraterrestrials had failed, they would likely die without a burial if they dared act opportunistically.

At the north pole, those from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave were feeling complicated emotions. Some wore dark expressions, while others were shaken—they were also extraterrestrials, so they felt quite uncomfortable after hearing Chu Feng's words.

They had always treated the newcomers as rivals, but after seeing their miserable deaths, they felt some sympathy.

"Fortunately, we had descended much earlier. He would have to depend on his own ability if he wants to fight us. There's nothing to worry!" someone said.

Princess Lin's emotions were peculiar—she truly hadn't expected such an outcome. Every time she heard news about Chu Feng, it was always such an explosive incident. This man simply wouldn't stop until he shocked someone to death.

Naturally, her heart would be in turmoil whenever she recalled her bet with Chu Feng. She muttered to herself while trying to calm herself down, "The proud experts from the outer realms, the divine sons of various regions, and even princes from ancient dynasties are about to arrive. Let's see if he can continue to defy the heavens."

Following which, she shook her head—the proud young men of those stars were all chosen by the heavens and outrageously powerful. Even as descenders, people from her father's generation were thinking about joining the banner of an inheritor from the top 100 stars.

"This Chu Feng is somewhat extraordinary. Do you think he'll really defeat those sons of Buddha and princes?"

"This star has declined completely and has lost its fortune. There is no way it can give birth to a terrifying entity like in the past. This Chu Feng is indeed not bad, but he's still a long way from being comparable to the divine sons and saintesses!"

This was the attitude of some people from the north pole.

Even though they were also descenders, there was still some degree of difference. Some of them who had walked out from the orthodoxies on historically famous stars could be termed a heaven's chosen son.

How could those who had come from a desolate and backwater place compare with those from a brilliant and advanced civilization?

"Truly regrettable. I've broken my vows. Sigh!" High in the air, Chu Feng was acting disappointed atop the golden condor.

What was the meaning of this? People viewing the live broadcast were puzzled as to what he was sighing about.

"What's the matter?" The black yak and the others approached on the flying saucer. They were worried.

Chu Feng shook his head and said, "Didn't we say that we'll suppress the divine sons as servants and capture the saintesses to warm our bed? In the end, I killed them off by accident."

Everyone: "..."


Everyone was speechless. This fellow was simply too unbridled. Such words should have been spoken privately, but he actually blurted it out on live television as if he was feeling depressed.

Mount Lao. The famed mountain occupied by Deity Biomedicals—Lin Naoi was also watching the live broadcast in silence. At this moment, her expression had immediately turned dark after hearing his words.

What kind of words were those?!

"Brother, calm down. We're on live television. Many people are watching you!" the black yak reminded.

"Ah, say so earlier!" Chu Feng immediately vanished with a swoosh and entered the flying saucer.

"Chu Feng, I want to give birth to a monkey with you!"

At this time, many female evolvers were restless and called out at the screen. Although they knew Chu Feng couldn't hear them, they still wanted to cry out the urges in their heart.

In any case, Chu Feng's fame suddenly exploded because this battle had great effects on the world.

Before long, a flying saucer flew towards Mount Kunlun.

The current Kunlun was being jointly governed.

The corporations, the Hollow Jade Temple, and the Marine race all had forces stationed here. Back then, the great demons of Kunlun fell in rank and had to move away helplessly. These people moved in afterwards to occupy this place.

Currently, people like the old llama and the Mastiff King had returned but the people here were unwilling to withdraw. These days, they had been demanding things because they wanted a share of the profits on Mount Kunlun.

The old llama was very powerful because he had mastered the Golden Arhat Breathing Technique. His temper was also good—he had never used excessive violence despite his profound attainments.

The Mastiff King was no exception. He was a fierce warrior who had long since severed his sixth shackle. Right now, he was even more powerful.

The great demons of Mount Kunlun refrained from forcefully driving them away, and thus these people entertained some wishful thoughts and kept on tarrying with hopes of obtaining some territory.

Presently, the deadlock was broken and many people began to run away in panic.


"What happened?"

"Chu Feng has come and it's said that he's come to slaughter anyone who doesn't leave right away."

Kunlun was in chaos as the peace therein was broken and the deadlock thoroughly cracked.

Chu Feng saw a horde of frantically escaping figures as he exited the flying saucer. He wore a dumb expression and was even puzzled.

"Everyone, why are you running? Let's sit down and have a chat!" he shouted from behind.

"Run quickly! Demon King Chu is about to kill. He wants to bath us in fresh blood. Run!"

The group went crazy and ran for their dear life. They only hated the fact that they didn't have another pair of legs as they ran away like lightning. It was as if they were rushing to reincarnate.

Many people turned pale and were shocked.

The Mastiff King, the Snow Leopard King, and the Weaver King all walked out from the mountains and laughed after seeing this scene.

"Brother Chu's signboard is certainly effective. He had just emerged and hadn't even said anything when this group of people immediately fled, abandoning their rights on Mount Kunlun. This was simply… too mighty!"

In truth, many people felt that Chu Feng could be used as a god of pestilence. He only needed to stand there and the area would become empty within moments.

With a woosh, the horde of Kunlun demons had surrounded him. They were friendly and intimate upon their reunion. This was a friendship built while overcoming the trials and tribulations together.

"Brother Chu, you're truly becoming more and more powerful. Your name now shakes the world after your bold killing of the extraterrestrials. It was quite satisfying!"

The group of great demons had improved quite a lot during this time. Many of them had reached a higher level, but none had yet severed their seventh shackle.

The old llama was very powerful but he still wasn't able to take that final step.

That was because the pollens and fruits on the continent were only capable of helping one break through to six severed shackles.

The Elder Lion gazed at Chu Feng with complex emotions. He was subdued by the old llama and had become a part of Kunlun as his mount.

Back during the East-West battle, the Elder Lion was unstoppable and was an almost unbeatable existence. It had never expected, back then, that Chu Feng would grow so powerful.

The place was quite lively. People began to celebrate because Kunlun had once again returned to the hands of the horde of greater demons. What was even rarer was that Chu Feng had returned—they were celebrating this occasion.

Chu Feng finally saw the Horse King's daughter. She was a full two meters tall!

The Horse King, with his shining bald head, dragged his daughter through the crowd in search of Chu Feng. The latter was so shocked that he immediately ran away.

"Brother, what are you running away for? I feel that the Horse King's daughter is very beautiful," the black yak shouted.

The Horse King's hearing was very keen and heard these words from far away. He was immediately enraged and shouted, "Old Black, what's the meaning of this?! Are you having designs on my daughter again? I'll fight it out with you."

"Handsome Big Brother Chu, I want to give birth to a monkey with you!"

Chu Feng had just escaped towards some peace and quiet when a sudden voice rang out. This shocked him greatly.

He turned around and just happened to see the astonishing beautiful problem lady walking over with her hips swinging. She was exceedingly charming as she ran towards him.

"How come you're here?" Chu Feng was astonished. If the problem lady had run off to Kunlun, then where was the old Taoist? He was also probably nearby.

"Grandpa wanted to enter the home of myriad gods. We've arrived here for quite some time. Handsome Big Brother Chu, I missed you so much!" The rebellious lady blinked her large eyes charmingly.

Chu Feng was shocked out of his wits. Although this outrageously mature young lady was a rare beauty, she was still only 12 or 13 years old. She was far from being of age.

He still felt somewhat insecure about being with his granddaughter behind the old Taoist's back. If, by any chance, that old fellow discovered this, he would probably go into a fit of temper.

This was especially true because the girl was simply too bold and even dared to speak words like giving birth to a monkey. He wondered if the old Taoist would misunderstand after hearing this.

Suddenly, Chu Feng heard the old Taoist shouting and the toad cursing.

"You ox-nosed Taoist, you old clapper, you black dog spirit, don't you know who this grandpa is? I'm the brother of Kunlun's former master, sister fairy. You dare act so unbridled before me? Aiya! You damned Taoist, you dare hit me? This grandpa will fight it out with you!"

Chaos ensued in the distance.

Chu Feng went over hurriedly and found Ouyang Feng the toad with his face and nose all swollen. It was badly beaten up, but its mouth still wasn't satisfied and kept on spewing obscenities at the old Taoist. This made the old Taoist's expression turn dark like the bottom of a pot.

"You ox-nosed Taoist, hit me again if you dare! Goddammit, you really hit me! Damn your grandpa, if you dare hit me again, I'll let that Demon King Chu take your granddaughter away! Owww! How painful. Where did this Taoist pop up from and why is he so powerful!?"

The toad was in a miserable condition, but still, its mouth wouldn't submit.

As the Taoist turned around, he just happened to see his granddaughter pulling Chu Feng over. At this point, his dark face immediately turned green and said furiously, "Brat, are you still fooling around with my granddaughter? The toad really was speaking the truth!"

Chu Feng felt quite wronged!

"Taoist priest! I hope you're well?" Chu Feng greeted with excessive friendliness. "You seem even more immortal-like after a long period."

"Immortal-like my ass! This despicable old Taoist is a local ruffian. He was truly unreasonable just now!" the toad said.

Bang, bang, bang…

Ouyang Feng the toad was sent flying.

On the second day, a flying saucer took to the air and set out towards the Eastern Sea, just as he had promised the Dragoness.

Together with him was Yellow Ox, the Manchurian Tiger, the old donkey, the Golden Condor, and the black yak.

Of course, it wouldn't do without Ouyang Feng the toad. It had even used Chu Feng's name to invite the problem lady onto the flying saucer and whisked her away.

This was an undisguised retaliation towards the old Taoist because he wasn't actually brought along. The toad left him a letter saying that he should wait to become a great-grandfather.

"Wah!!!" At dawn, on Mount Kunlun, the told Taoist flew into a rage. He then ran frantically towards the east, but the flying saucer had long since disappeared into the distance.

[1] Internet Slang — something along the lines of I want your child.
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