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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 380: Boundless Origins

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Chapter 380: Boundless Origins
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Chu Feng entered the private room with the lady and stood at a certain distance. To his great astonishment, he found that the other party was even taller than him by a small margin with her crystalline high heels.

Her complexion was exquisite, lustrous, and even somewhat crystalline. Her one-shoulder dress revealed one side of her shoulder and her lotus-like arm. The exposed parts of her long white legs were as fair and luminous as suet jade.

There was a certain clear scent on her body which didn't seem like perfume. It was a faint but enjoyable natural fragrance.

She gazed at Chu Feng and Chu Feng, in turn, stood observing her.

Her silken hair fell down to her waist. Her clear, limpid eyes and her exquisitely beautiful countenance perfectly complemented each other. She was almost completely silent, calm, and composed all this time.

Chu Feng felt anxious in his heart. Back then, he had immediately turned and fled after picking the fruits without turning to help her. What would happen today?

She shouldn't go so far as to settle this score with him? If she wanted to do him in, he likely wouldn't be able to defend even a single wave of her hand.

He was pondering how to address this great demon and perhaps worm his way into a friendship.

Enchantress? She might slap him to death if he addressed her like that. Senior? Such a beautiful lady would likely be sensitive about her age. He knew he shouldn't touch this area. Little sister? That's too corny. She would likely beat him to death all the same.

"Sister Demonic God, is there anything I can help you with?" This was the first time Chu Feng was acting so "clever and obedient".

That was because he knew clearly how terrifying this ancient evolved being was. She was suppressed under the Ancestral Court of Taoism all this time and only god knew what her background was.

The most important part was that the Ancestral Court of Taoism couldn't completely suppress her and she was able to free herself with the passage of time. However, she was still young, beautiful, and peerlessly talented.

"Demon?" Finally, the lady spoke with a peculiar expression. This was the first time she spoke out loud; her voice was attractive and pleasing to the ears.

Chu Feng's expression froze. Could he have been mistaken? Wasn't this person a greater demon? Back then, she had escaped from the most dangerous demon refinement grounds under the Ancestral Court of Taoism!

"Sister Immortal!" Chu Feng immediately changed his words. He had never been so well-behaved. This was quite odd compared to his usual talkativeness and sometimes profane way of speaking.

Apparently, this excessively beautiful woman who could be considered unmatched in this generation felt satisfied with this address and no longer questioned him.

The group outside had gathered near the wall to eavesdrop on them.

"So corny! This Demon King Chu actually called her Sister Immortal!" Someone laughed.

"Demon King Chu has truly fallen and sounds just like a naive little boy. But this is pardonable because the woman's charms are absolutely irresistible. Can't you see that even that monk over there has been moved?"

In the distance, Master Qian Ye's face immediately darkened. The old monk had only come to enjoy a meal—he had merely glanced at her a couple of times after encountering this interesting incident.

Some people recognized his identity. Master Qian Ye was a senior monk from Bodhi Biogenetics who had fought with the White Snake on Mount Taihang. Together with Master Qian Jia, they were known as Buddha's Disciples.

For a relatively long period, people thought he had died in battle but he actually didn't encounter any mishap.

Chu Feng's face had turned dark within the private room after hearing the discussions outside. He immediately released his energy and locked down the area to prevent them from listening in on their conversation.

The lady was relatively calm and didn't show the slightest bit of emotional fluctuation up to this point. Apparently, she was already accustomed to such attention.

"I want to know where you found the divine beast that's following you around?" she asked Chu Feng proactively. She was actually asking about such a matter.

Chu Feng was astonished. This lady was simply too extraordinary—she had immediately discerned, at a glance, that the toad was a divine beast.

Within their group, only the toad hadn't transformed and retained its original appearance. Everyone who saw it would avoid it. No one had ever associated it with a divine beast.

That was because its appearance was quite deceptive.

"I picked up that toad on Mount Tai," Chu Feng informed. Of course, he had to make himself look good and say that he had picked it up. He didn't say anything about how he had beaten it into submission.

"So, it's like that. No wonder it looks so familiar. It feels just like the one I lost from my house." The lady nodded repeatedly and said quite naturally.

Chu Feng was flabbergasted but quickly came to his senses. Was this lady about to rob him of his divine beast? Was she planning to kidnap the toad?

But wasn't the reason too outrageous?! How could this toad be lost from her family? This truly makes one not know what to say. The reason was simply… too crappy!

The lady's neck was snowy-white like a swan. She looked at Chu Feng with her head bent slightly and said, "You don't trust me?"

Chu Feng went dizzy. Was she threatening him?

He truly didn't want to compromise here so he opted not to reply.

"Mn, it looks very much like the divine beasts raised by our family. The bloodline also seems very pure. It can't be wrong," the lady continued.

Chu Feng was speechless. Was it from your family just because it had a pure bloodline? What arrogance! Just how powerful was her family?!

"Sister, I really picked it up on Mount Tai. I don't think it was raised by any family. It's definitely a wild animal," said Chu Feng because he wasn't willing to be extorted. He didn't want her to usurp the toad for such absurd reasons.

No matter what, it was still a divine beast, a sage beast!

This kind of animal, once matured, could easily destroy a whole star and possess shocking strength. Even those supreme sects from the outer regions would be jealous.

That was why, if possible, Chu Feng wasn't willing to hand Ouyang Feng the toad over.

She spoke calmly, "There's no mistaking it. Long ago, there was someone from our family who liked to stay on Mount Tai. I presume it was lost back then."

Was she planning a robbery? Chu Feng was quite upset because he simply couldn't believe this lady's words.

"How careless would one have to be to lose even a divine beast?" he mumbled resentfully. This matter was simply too odd and difficult to believe.

The lady nodded and said, "Mn, we had more than just one back then. Something unexpected must have occurred after encountering the sudden events."

The more Chu Feng listened, the more unreliable he felt about the whole story. It was difficult to find even a single divine beast throughout the cosmos. It was said that they could only be found on the ten most powerful ancient stars. They were almost extinct in all other places.

But this lady was actually saying her family used to raise several of them? How outrageous! She truly has the audacity to speak such things!

Chu Feng wasn't happy and said, "Sister, what do you do with so many divine beasts?"

"For drawing carts, refining medicine, and their meat," the lady replied.

Chu Feng went dizzy.

He was completely dumbfounded. What audacity! This woman's tone was completely without boundaries. Using divine beasts to draw carts! And the most unbearable was that they were also used as livestock?!

"Is divine beast meat tasty?" Chu Feng asked out of curiosity. He himself didn't really know why he had asked this. He clearly knew the other party was unreliable and that he shouldn't be asking such questions.

The lady replied, "My family only eats the most vicious divine beasts. Back then, the ones we raised were all auspicious beasts, so I've never eaten it."

This meant that her family had eaten divine beasts long ago?

The lady said calmly, "I know that you have some doubts. If you don't believe me, you can call that divine beast in. There should be a seal in its body left behind by my family."

"When was this?" Chu Feng was puzzled.

"A long long time ago. Before the earth withered," replied the lady.

Chu Feng was momentarily distressed. Did he guess wrong? Perhaps he shouldn't have rejected the possibility since the beginning?

If he chose to believe what she said, it was truly a frightening thought!

A family from countless years ago had raised a number of divine beasts… how frightening!

Which era was this lady from? If she wasn't a demon, then could she be an evolved being of the human race?!

"Sister, could it be that you passed through the desolate cosmos and condensed the heaven and earth? Are you actually an old senior who's lived through countless years?"

As expectedly, the word senior made the beautiful lady somewhat unhappy. She replied indifferently, "I'm still quite young. The years experienced by that divine beast isn't short either. But it's still young, isn't it?"

Chu Feng was shaken after hearing this. He was moved because her words seemed to be somewhat credible now!

Without saying anything else, Chu Feng opened the private room door and called over Ouyang Feng the toad. He then resealed the area with energy to prevent others from listening in on their discussion.

The lady was a kingdom toppling beauty. She said nothing and only lifted her luminous wrists and pointed a jade finger towards the toad whereupon a beam of light flew out and entered the latter's body.

It was momentarily frightened and began to shout, "Chu Feng, have you sold me out?! What kind of benefit did you get? This grandpa isn't satisfied. You and I are irreconcilable!"

At this time, a beam of light suddenly flew out from its body. This was its spiritual energy which contained a certain seal within resembling a racial emblem.

"See it? That was left behind by my family," the lady said.

The toad was stunned. What was going on?

Chu Feng was astonished. He thought about it for a moment and then told the toad everything in order to let it decide for itself. At the same time, he told it to think hard about whether it had heard about its family or master during its time in the eggshell.

"Are you saying that this sister goddess has come to visit me as a relative?" The toad's eyes went wide.

The lady calmly corrected, "Wrong. We're not relatives. You are a lost divine beast that belongs to our family. Back then, you were only an egg."

The toad immediately defected after hearing this and cried out, "Ah, that's awesome. Sister, let me follow you. I'll definitely recognize you!"

From its point of view, this lady was much more powerful than Chu Feng. God knows just what level of evolution she was at. Following her would be absolutely safe and more beneficial.

Most importantly, this lady was so beautiful that its eyes were almost frozen. She was such a delight to watch that following her would be a wonderful thing.

"Do you still have any integrity? You're defecting immediately!" Chu Feng was quite upset.

"I originally have nothing to do with you. It's you who kidnapped me and brandished your martial power in front of me every day. You beat me up all the time and gave me no choice but to work for the thief. Now, I can finally return to the light! This is the moment where I abandon the darkness. I'm… too happy. Naturally, I must draw a line with you!"

The toad announced flamboyantly with a righteous expression.

Chu Feng was greatly pissed off and glared at him. "Let me remind you that this sister raises divine beasts at home. Usually, they're used to pull carts. They're also refined into medicine or eaten."

"Nonsense!" The toad glared sideways at him with a doubtful expression.

"It's true." The lady nodded calmly. She didn't deny this at all as if she felt it was beneath her to do so.

The toad was so shocked that it staggered and fell.

He then immediately hugged Chu Feng's legs and cried, "Big bro, please take me with you. We're so intimate that we can't get any more intimate than this. You mustn't leave me here! I'll follow you for life and won't leave you even if I'm beaten to death!"

Its cheap attitude made Chu Feng's jaws itch. He couldn't help but want to stomp on it.

The lady sighed. "The long years have passed and the blue seas have turned into mulberry fields. Of all the divine beasts in my family, you're the only one left. At first, I wanted to keep you beside me and treat you well. But everyone has their own ambition. Since you're not willing and have chosen him, then I'll grant you your freedom."

The toad was petrified after hearing this.

It wanted to curse out loud. It wanted to say that it didn't want to choose him!

But it had already defected once just now. If he was so immoral as to switch again, how would she see it? She might really slap it into meat paste!

"Sister Goddess, actually, I…" The toad couldn't say the words.

"Don't worry. I won't make it difficult for you. You just follow him from now on," the lady said indifferently.

The toad: "..."

It really wanted to cry out loud. It didn't mean what it said just now. Why did the other party not understand? Why didn't she urge it to stay a couple more times?!

Afterwards, the lady stared fixedly at the diamond chakram in Chu Feng's hand and said, "This material used to be mine."
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