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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 377: Too Filthy

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Chapter 377: Too Filthy
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People all around the world were dumbfounded. Chu Feng was hunting down the extraterrestrial entity?

Everything had turned around. People thought he would hide into the deep mountains and uninhabited wilderness. But in the end, he was the first the arrive at the scene to slaughter the extraterrestrial tiger.

Both Eastern and Western experts around the world were flabbergasted!


The patterns on the vicious tiger's body began to erupt with strong radiance as it sprayed out a black stream of gas from its mouth which swept towards Chu Feng's group.

"Dodge quickly!" Yellow Ox shouted.


The Golden Condor King spread its wings and immediately moved away. He was simply too fast. The speed of his movement produced a huge explosion in the air which almost produced a mushroom-cloud-like airflow.

In the forest, a certain mountaintop was struck by the extraterrestrial tiger's gas stream, causing half of the mountain to disappear silently. This scene shocked everyone greatly.

Yellow Ox's face was solemn as he said, "The vicious tiger lineage's primary technique is based on baleful intent. This tiger intent is enough to invade and annihilate an ordinary person in both body and spirit. Even powerful evolved beings would have a hard time resisting it!"

But he stressed that even the vicious tiger lineage wouldn't have a lot of baleful intent stored within its body.

The extraterrestrial tiger was furious and wanted nothing more than to swallow these people. He had used his origin baleful intent because he wanted to finish them off.

"Sick cat, hand over your life!" the black yak shouted as he raised the Buddhist staff over his head and erupted with black light, instilling the weapon with energy.

Being beaten up passively wasn't his style!

A gigantic and incomparable divine golden figure appeared behind the black yak. This was the condensation of an old Buddha's golden body. His treasured appearance was extremely solemn.

Within moments, resplendent Buddhist lights poured down and illuminated the sky.

Buddhist energy circulated like a mountain flood and gushed out like a volcano. The sky in the region immediately boiled over and was filled with vague echoes of recited scriptures.

People all around the world paying attention to this incident revealed surprised expressions. They were apprehensive after seeing the Buddhist staff and the old Buddha.

The black yak cried loudly and waved the staff to smash down towards the forest with a boom.

Within moments, Buddhist lights rolled forth like magma and swept through the mountains woods. The old golden Buddha in the sky began to move and actually slapped down along with the staff.


The special ability of the Buddhist race was extremely terrifying and could restrain deviant races. The giant palm formed from Buddhist lights tore through the air and smashed downwards, immediately scaring the extraterrestrial tiger.


It let out an angry roar as baleful intent gushed out once again. At the same time, it also waved its gigantic claws towards the air to defend.

Of course, it also moved to evade as best as it could despite its hind body being limp and its movements impeded.

Baleful tiger intent and Buddhist lights erupted at the same time in the area…

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The mountainous woods collapsed, great trees were blasted apart, and the mountaintops were broken. The destructive force was astonishing.

The vicious tiger let out a long howl because this attack had placed it at a great disadvantage. The tiger intent had only blocked the Buddha's hand. His own body was suppressed and he began to froth at the mouth while spasming uncontrollably.

A portion of the baleful intent it had spat out of its mouth surged to the sky and almost struck the Golden Condor King's giant body.

"Moo, I can't do this anymore. This king needs to rest for a while." The black yak immediately went limp after activating the Buddhist staff and was almost exhausted.

That was because this weapon was too odd and could madly draw away all of the wielder's power. That was also part of the reason why it was so powerful.

"Chu Feng, foolish cow, and that wild hawk, I'll kill all of you. Don't even think of running away!"

The vicious tiger roared on the ground, its anger about to swallow the heaven and earth. Currently, energy was surging around his body to form a light barrier which enveloped its whole body.

This was especially true for its injured waist area. It was glowing even more brilliantly as it attempted to repair it.

At this moment, its skin and fur had lit up like molten metal and was accompanied by glaring energy fluctuations.

The vicious tiger lineage was terrifying. This was the seal left behind by its ancestors, its inheritance was stored within these patterns representing the principles of the heaven and earth.

"Give it to me!" Yellow Ox spoke and took the Buddhist staff to activate an attack.

At the same time, Chu Feng actually jumped down from the Golden Condor's back and, activating his strong spiritual power, drew the diamond chakram from within the soil into his hands.

The vicious tiger's eyes were cold. He glared at Chu Feng with boundless killing intent and rushed over with a swoosh, planning to launch a lethal attack.


In the air, Yellow Ox raised the Buddhist staff with both hands and smashed it down.

The old golden Buddha, once again, appeared. He was hundreds of meters tall and accompanied by sounds of scriptures. A Buddha's hand pressed down amidst rolling Buddhist lights which illuminated the whole mountain range.


The vicious tiger let out a furious howl and proceeded to evade and resist. Its condensed aura was thus momentarily weakened.

Meanwhile, the fearless Chu Feng threw out the diamond chakram once again. The speed was was simply too fast, and the force behind it was absolutely shocking. The bright silver beam was like a bolt of lightning falling from the nine heavens. It was accompanied by flashes of lightning and terrifying amounts of energy.

The air exploded. The scene was somewhat odd; it seemed as if spaced itself had burst apart.

The extraterrestrial tiger roared in fury. It was extremely powerful, but it realized that it was about to suffer against this weapon because its movements were impaired and it couldn't evade. It could only resist it forcefully.

Originally, Chu Feng had aimed the diamond chakram the tiger's head, hoping to make ten thousand peach blossoms bloom and shatter its skull completely. The tiger, however, extended its giant claws and did its best to defend.

Blood splattered everywhere with a pfft, followed by earth-shattering tiger's howl. Leaves flew everywhere within the mountainous woods. Tens of thousands of leaves were shattered due to the tiger's roar.

The vicious tiger was filled with both fear and fury in equal measures. The bones in its claws had been fractured and it was drenched in blood. At the same time, the tiger claws hidden under its paw pad were broken and fell onto the floor. The pain was unbearable.

A single attack had almost crippled its right claw, and the battle had only just begun. It could hardly believe this.

It had arrived full of confidence but was wounded by a group of natives immediately upon arrival.


At the same time, a Buddha's hand tore through the air and sent it flying with blood pouring out of its seven orifices.

This was Yellow Ox's second strike!

Apparently, since the climb in rank and severing of his sixth shackle, the mysterious apparatus within his body had been completely activated and his strength increased explosively.

That was because Yellow Ox could utilize the medicinal mortar and pestle left behind by a sage to continuously draw energy particles from the environment and replenish his requirements.


Chu Feng shouted softly—the diamond chakram had evolved after being refined in the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace on Mount Zhijin and had formed an inexplicable connection with him. Add that to his own transformation and increase in spiritual power, he could now immediately seek the diamond chakram.

"Croak, let me have a go!" the toad shouted. It was incredibly excited as it snatched the Buddhist staff from the Yellow Ox's hand. At the same time, it circulated the defective version of the Thunderous Breathing Technique which it had learned recently.

At the current phase, Chu Feng didn't dare impart the complete version because he was afraid some major incident might happen. He was worried the Buddhist race would come to settle the scores regarding this.


The Buddhist staff erupted with light as the characteristic energy of the Buddhist race surged and raged. The toad then shouted, "Go, my baldy!"

The old golden Buddha appeared once again amidst his cries and swatted down towards the vicious tiger.


This extraterrestrial tiger was extremely miserable today. Encountering these people could be considered its great misfortune. It was actually being beaten up like this, and what was worse was that it couldn't evade.

The most important reason was that it had received a serious injury to its flank during its descent. Chu Feng, with his fiery eyes, promptly saw through and added injury upon injury with the diamond chakram. The attack smashed its spine and crippled its movements.


The extraterrestrial tiger was flung away and, this time, its shoulder was fractured. Its hide and fur were stained with blood.


Chu Feng shouted as he threw the diamond chakram once again without moving from his original place and smashed the tiger's remaining claw into a mess of flesh and blood. The sound of breaking bones resounded.

People around the world were flabbergasted. They simply couldn't believe their eyes. This was an extraterrestrial expert. How miserable! It was being suppressed and beaten down completely.

What was this about looking disdainfully at the East and washing the famed mountains with blood?

The creature that had threatened to kill Chu Feng's whole race was considered an unbeatable existence even before it had descended. But in the end… what had happened to this extraterrestrial tiger?

Especially those "guides", the human powers who had sided with the extraterrestrials—they felt it was unacceptable and couldn't believe this was happening.

They saw, through the live stream, the scene of the bloody tiger rolling around on the ground. They were all flabbergasted and incomparably distressed.

This was completely different from what they had expected. This peerless extraterrestrial tiger was being abused almost to its death.

The battle in the mountainous woods was intense, but in the end, the scene that the defectors hoped for didn't appear.

The battle was completely one-sided, but it wasn't the vicious tiger suppressing the earthlings, but rather Chu Feng, Yellow Ox and the toad beating it violently and chasing it around.

Yellow Ox was also drained and could no longer use the Buddhist staff. This item was simply too draining.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was also breathing heavily—he had to instill his own energy into the diamond chakram before shooting it out. Without the little grinding stone in his body, he wouldn't have been able to use it continuously like this.

The extraterrestrial tiger was extremely miserable. Its whole body was drenched in blood, and it was roaring continuously. It had no idea just how many bones in its body had been broken, and its combat strength was diminishing at an astonishing rate.

It was scared and shocked.

"According to measurements, the extraterrestrial's energy levels are dropping rapidly. It dropped from a level of nine severed shackles and is now at an equivalent of six or seven shackles."

Some organizations were monitoring the battle closely because the readings in the apparatuses wouldn't lie.

"Brother, don't worry. I've come to save you." [1]

The Manchurian Tiger finally arrived at the scene just as the extraterrestrial tiger was about to be beaten to death. It pounced forward with fiery eyes and roared continuously. The unsuspecting spectator might truly believe it was full of affection.

"Brother, do you have any inheritances that will help me increase my strength as I fight off these people?" the Manchurian Tiger cried out.

"Scram!" The vicious tiger naturally wouldn't fall for this and only returned an incisive glare.

"You forced me to choose righteousness over family. You refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. Come, come, come, let grandpa tiger show you what a king's demeanor is, you embarrassing trash. You were beaten viciously from the beginning to the end. I'm even ashamed to associate with you. A tiger king must act like one!"

The Manchurian tiger spoke smugly and then had the Yellow Ox, black yak, and the toad help him hold down the extraterrestrial's arms and legs.

Afterwards, he pounced up and said ferociously, "Look, this is called a kingly demeanor. We've beaten you down until you can't even raise your head!"

"Brother Tiger, can we not be that shameless? We're helping you hold him down!" The black yak simply couldn't watch on any longer.

The Manchurian Tiger wreaked havoc on the extraterrestrial tiger's body with loud bangs. He then said with a dark expression, "Where's your weapon? Where's your spatial treasure? Why don't you have anything?"

He was simply too disappointed because he found nothing. That was because the secret treasures were all fragmented during the descent.

"Roar!" The extraterrestrial tiger was so angry that its chest had almost burst open. It flipped them over madly and was about to fight it out with them.

"Thump, thump, thump…" They were all knocked flying.

"You still want to come back? The Overbearing Dragon Has Regrets!" the toad cried loudly and slapped out with both its palms, accompanied by raging winds.


The extraterrestrial tiger was slapped until it coughed up blood and was incomparable weak. Its wounds were simply too serious.

"Not bad, toad. Your strength is extraordinary. You should take advantage of this to name yourself." The black yak was gradually seeing the toad in a more favorable light because he felt that its strength was shocking.

"Mm, I hereby name myself before the world. Whoever dares call to me a toad, I shall beat him to death! From here on out, I'm called Ouyang Feng!"

"The Western Poison Master Ouyang Feng? And it's a toad?!" The old donkey's mouth twitched.

"I'll beat you to death! It's the character Feng as in magnificent, understand?!" The toad Ouyang Feng gave it another Overbearing Dragon Has Regrets.

Many people across the world were slack-jawed and dumbstruck. They found this livestream to be too unconventional. No one could believe the extraterrestrial descender would meet such a fate after landing, and these people were still fighting among themselves!

Many people felt that it was quite unreal after thinking about the extraterrestrial tiger's fate.

"Enough, slaughter it! Let's not leave any future trouble!" Chu Feng spoke and personally took action. He shot out a beam of snowy white sword intent from within his lungs and caused the tiger's head to fall to the ground, its carcass stretching across the wilderness.

"Is Chu Feng about to defy the heavens? He just killed another extraterrestrial!" People everywhere were shaken.

"Good stuff. Let's clean it up quickly. Skin the carcass, extract the meat, and refine the tiger race's true blood!" the black yak cried out.

"Leave the tiger's whip for me. It's very nutritious!" Ouyang Feng the toad cried out. [2]

"You're asking for a beating!" The Manchurian Tiger immediately flew into a rage after hearing this.

"Goddamit, I'm not asking for yours! I'm saying we should cut off the extraterrestrial's. Besides, Chu Feng asked me to help him gather it!"

"Ouyang Feng, you want me to beat you up?!" Chu Feng's forehead was full of black lines.

"Where's the justice? You guys won't even let me speak?!" The toad felt aggrieved.

"Also leave the tiger bones. We can use it to make wine. It's good stuff!" the black yak shouted. He then added a few words, "Everyone can have a share of the tiger's whip. No one is allowed to take the whole thing. This is a divine item of the legends!"

"I'll beat you all to death!" the Manchurian Tiger roared.

"Brother Tiger, calm down. I'll make sure you get your share!"


The place was a complete mess.

The people in the outside world were dumbfounded. This was supposed to be a serious business and, to many people on earth, this was a great calamity that might be accompanied by a storm of blood.

But what did they just see through the livestream? This was simply too uncomfortable to the eyes!

Many female evolved beings were cursing secretly. For instance, Jiang Luoshen and the Dragoness. This was simply too filthy for the eyes and ears. None of them could endure this.


[1] the word actually means a member of the same family or clan, but it wouldn't sound good here.

[2] Tiger's whip refers to the tiger's genitals.
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