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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 376: Killing the Extraterrestrial Expert

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Chapter 376: Killing the Extraterrestrial Expert
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The fierce tiger pounced; its thousand-meter body was as vast as a mountain as it entered the atmosphere from outer space whereupon it encountered the terrifying energy corrosion.

Numerous runes lit up in the air and intersected to become a net which enveloped the vicious tiger to kill him, accompanied by astonishing energy fluctuations.


Dazzling light erupted in the sky as if a divine sea had erupted. Great tidal waves of light surged and spread out in all directions to obstruct the tiger.

Behind the tiger, there was a burning meteor crossing through the sky. It was extremely brilliant like a sun smashing down onto earth. It was accompanied by an overwhelming aura and erupted with intimidating light between the radiant heaven and earth.

Upon this meteor stood the unmoving figure of a man clad up to his face in dark metallic armor. Only a pair of cold and eerie eyes could be seen.

Two extraterrestrial experts descended one after the other and rushed towards the earth's surface.

With their physical strengths, they apparently wouldn't die even if they smashed into the rocks.

Furthermore, they should have some coarse products made by powerful beings which would allow them to fly.

At this time, the scene in the sky was astonishing—two extraterrestrials were diving down towards the earth. This had long since drawn the attention of the world.

After this news was spread, the governments didn't hide this and instead broadcasted the images they had captured.

Currently, countless people from around the world were staring fixedly at the screen and paying rapt attention to this matter.

Now that the extraterrestrials have invaded, they would likely pursue a bloody retaliation if there were no accidents. It wasn't difficult to guess that they were targeting Chu Feng and wanted to kill him.

"It's over for Chu Feng," some people said thus because the tiger's descent was even more imposing than the Dark Roc King's. He seemed to be stronger than the latter by a wide margin.

The demonic-god-like figure descending behind the tiger was even more terrifying and was releasing wisps of energy clouds.

The powers that had joined the extraterrestrials had long since communicated with the entities in outer space and sold themselves. Now, they revealed cruel and indifferent smiles.

They hoped that the two entities would descend successfully because then they would have obtained a powerful backer.

"This world is destined to be flipped over. It's better to join them and live a comfortable life instead of foolishly resisting and being suppressed."

Someone muttered with a cold expression in an attempt to justify his own betrayal and calm himself down.

Among these people, some used to be enemies of Chu Feng who had been enduring silently for a long time. Right now, they gradually began to smile.

"Chu Feng, you're indeed powerful and can be considered a heavenly genius. You alone made us unable to even raise our heads back then, but this time, it'll be difficult for you to defy the heavens."

That was because they saw the thousand-meter tiger rush down and began to approach the surface of the earth. It had extricated itself from the energy corrosion and broken through the obstruction of the runes. It was about to succeed.

Meanwhile, the burning meteor was illuminating the sky as it rapidly approached. It had almost reached a low altitude.

This was quite overwhelming because this signified that both these extraterrestrials were about to successfully land on earth!

"Chu Feng, it makes no difference and is no longer worth arguing if you're just pretending to be crippled or if you've really suffered some misfortune. That's because you're bound to die!"

"Oh, I really want to know how Chu Feng will struggle because all of his efforts will be in vain. I think he ought to be running away right now and hiding himself in the wilderness."

Some people began concluding thus. They thought that Chu Feng would try to escape, and that there was no other opportunity for him.

However, they had never expected Chu Feng to be so crazy as to be planning to conquer the East in one hour. He wanted to kill his way over as soon as he had confirmation of their landing points. He wanted to take the initiative to kill!

"Will there be any problems? It's two experts we're talking about, not just one!" The Donkey King was lacking in confidence and it could be said that it was still spineless at the critical juncture.

Yellow Ox shot it a sideways glance, his long lashes trembling like a doll. But he was so calm and unperturbed that even the old donkey felt embarrassed.

"It seems they'll land on Eastern land. Prepare to attack!" Chu Feng spoke.

"Very well! Go big or go home!" the Manchurian Tiger said.

"Brother Tiger, it's your relative that has arrived. Will you be able to take action when the time comes?" asked the black yak.

"What are you talking about? Today, I'm putting placing justice before family!" the Manchurian Tiger said righteously. In truth, it was still pondering how to knock that tiger out and rob the extraterrestrial tiger's inheritances.

The black yak glanced askance and said, "Brother Tiger, aren't you ashamed of speaking as if you were so righteous? It's quite the contrast from your usual scoundrelly character."


The vicious tiger roared through the skies like an exploding thunderbolt!

A thousand-meter long extraterrestrial tiger arrived in the skies above the Eastern land. The runes on its whole body were flickering and intersecting.

The people on the ground were overwhelmed!

During this process, the tiger's roar reverberated through the skies and was heard by the people as it approached.

But some changes were taking place in the sky. That meteor began to burn before suddenly exploding to form a brilliant mass of flame which threatened to burn the skies.


At this time, the armor on the demonic-god-like entity erupted with black light. The energy surrounding his body was incomparably frightening and unimaginably powerful.

The towering mountains began to tremble and even crack even before he reached the ground.

One had to know that he was still quite high up in the sky. Even so, he was able to transmit such shocking amounts of energy, almost as if he could eliminate everything.

The surveillants from various countries turned pale. This demonic god-like entity should be even more powerful than that vicious tiger. He was absolutely terrifying.

However, he encountered trouble and was being invaded by the energy in the air. Otherwise, the hundred meter long meteor beneath his foot wouldn't have exploded.

"No!" he suddenly cried out. This was a telepathic cry which rang out high in the sky. He was actually terrified and actually seemed as if he were struggling.


No one understood just what had happened, but this demonic-god-like entity's body exploded in the air, ground apart by the mysterious rune, and turned into a bloody mist.

Following which, blue flames turned into spider-lily-shaped energy and began to burn his blood, bones, and other remains to ash.

A powerful extraterrestrial entity had just been destroyed in body and soul!

This shocked many people, especially those defectors. The powers that wanted to rely on the extraterrestrials were all dumbfounded.

So much that the smiles on some people didn't have time to fade and were frozen in place as they trembled all over.

The more powerful the descender, the greater the difficulty of descent and the price they would have to pay. This was what Yellow Ox had said once. Now, it was proven.


The extraterrestrial tiger roared because it was also being entangled in trouble. It was enveloped in a radiant barrier before reaching the earth, and was being burnt until it let out miserable cries. Any mistake would turn it to ashes.


At last, it landed and produced a gigantic pit on the earth. Earth and rocks flew in all directions and high up into the sky like tidal waves.

It had a coarse item made by a powerful being which emitted light and encompassed it at the critical moment, preventing it from striking the earth's surface. Otherwise, this whole region would likely cave in.

Even then, this place had become a valley owing to the impact.

The vicious tiger raised its head and roared. Its sound shook everything within hundreds of kilometers. Although it was wounded quite badly, its life was not in danger. Additionally, it had also received no injuries to the core.

"I've come, I'll conquer!" It leapt up, rushed out of the huge pit, and stood towering over the earth with its thousand-meter-long body.

The thousand-meter tiger body was like a gigantic mountain. It roared at the sun with killing intent surging towards the sky. It opened its large mouth as if it could swallow all life on earth.

"Reporting. This vicious tiger's energy levels are abnormal and exceed the Dark Roc King's!"

The relevant people were all stunned after seeing this test.

The extraterrestrial tiger's energy levels were off the charts and should be stronger than the Dark Roc King by a huge margin. It should be close to or perhaps even severed its ninth shackle.

"Roar…" The tiger's roar echoed through the mountainous woods, shattering countless great trees, and causing the leaves to burst open. A great commotion rose in this area.

"It's possible that one of its legs has already entered the ranks of the nine severed shackles. It's no longer at its peak and seemed somewhat weaker than in the air because of its injuries." Someone made such a judgement.

This vicious tiger had been wounded at the waist and would tremble slightly when walking. It seemed to be enduring the pain.

"Chu Feng have you hidden yourself? This is your last chance. Run away as far as you can before the tiger recovers!" Lu Tong sounded anxious.

The others were more or less the same. They sent Chu Feng text messages, telling him to hide for the time being and not go against this frightening descender.

"Chu Feng, I've come down from space in advance just so I could kill you. You aborigine! I'll flip you over wherever you're hiding!"

The vicious tiger roared and sent its voice hundreds of meters into the distance. It was simply too powerful and seemed to be announcing this to the world.

"Conquer the East within an hour!"

In another region, Chu Feng was sitting on the Golden Condor King's back with the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, the toad, and Yellow Ox. It seemed as if they were driving a supersonic bomber plane at six times the speed of sound, heading towards the place where the extraterrestrial had landed.

They arrived before long and their vague figures were picked up by certain satellites.

At this time, the extraterrestrial tiger was still roaring at its original place. Its whole body was emitting light and surging with energy. It was quite terrifying when its energy was flaring up because it was treating its wounded body.

Its body slowly began to shrink and was soon only about ten meters long. That was because it was afraid the large body would be an easy target for ambushes.

At this moment, people were astonished to see a giant bird approaching through the skies at six times the speed of sound. It was simply too fast and arrived at the destination after crossing numerous great mountains.

"You wanted to kill me?!" Chu Feng stood on the Golden Condor's back with a cold smile. He held nothing back and immediately went all out with the diamond chakram in his hand.


Within mere moments, the snow-white bracelet became brilliant and dazzling after being instilled with energy. It was even more resplendent than the great sun.

The Golden Condor was already incomparably fast and was charging at six times the speed of sound. Now that Chu Feng had shot out the diamond chakram, the bracelet's speed was even more astonishing.

Presently, no one could calculate clearly how terrifying this attack would be. This was Chu Feng's all-out attack in addition to his original moving speed.

The shrinking vicious tiger discovered the Golden Condor King in the air and also saw Chu Feng raise his hand, but he had no time to evade or defend at all.

That was because the bracelet was unreasonably fast and smashed towards him like a beam of resplendent silver light.


The vicious tiger's body erupted in fresh blood accompanied by a terrifying energy explosion. The enormous force of impact ground away everything. The silver diamond chakram was extremely powerful and simply couldn't be resisted.


The vicious tiger let out a mournful cry!"

That was because the energy contained within the diamond chakram was simply too terrifying. Despite being quite small, it was absolutely destructive after erupting with power.

Additionally, Chu Feng's bracelet struck a critical area: its wounded waist. The diamond chakram ground apart its body and had at least shattered its spine.

The extraterrestrial tiger cried miserably—its hind body immediately fell down limp and was almost torn apart. It had suffered a terrifying injury and could no longer move.

People were flabbergasted.

What situation was this? Chu Feng had attacked proactively and immediately slaughtered the extraterrestrial tiger?

Earlier on, they were glancing at each other and smiling. They thought that the tiger would chase Chu Feng around the world after recovering from its injuries. No one had expected that Chu Feng would be so bold as to charge at the enemy directly and kill off this extraterrestrial expert!
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