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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 374: Number One Under the Heavens

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Chapter 374: Number One Under the Heavens
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Even though Qi Lin was quite outgoing, she wanted to run away in front of the livestream. That was because she knew this was likely a global broadcast being watched by people everywhere.

It felt terrible discussing how she had gambled herself under public eyes!

Within moments, the outgoing princess who had once thought of Chu Feng as prey could no longer bear it and had to run away.

"Hey, don't run! You have to keep your words," Chu Feng shouted from behind.

Even though the cameramen were also evolved beings, none of them could compare to a rare genius with six severed shackles—she immediately ran away and vanished from the camera.

"Missing person announcement! If anyone sees her or picks her up, remember to hand her over to me. This is someone I won." Chu Feng gestured towards the group.

Within the dense forest, Princess Lin rolled her eyes and ground her teeth. His words were simply too unpleasing to hear. What was this about seeing her or picking her up? Did he think she was a little puppy or kitten?

A group of people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave was furious. This bastard was simply too direct and really wanted to take possession of Qi Lin. This was the true princess of the north pole.

But no one dared step forwards. Even such powerful descender scions actually didn't dare to annoy Chu Feng.

The truth was right before their eyes—Chu Feng had done in the Dark Roc King and was roasting his meat. Who wouldn't be afraid of such an accomplishment?

Not to mention them, even those old sleeping demons from the north pole would need to consider whether or not they should take action because this Demon King Chu was truly difficult to see through.

Currently, no one was clear as to how he had killed this extraterrestrial entity with eight severed shackles.

"Just how powerful is he?" in the mountains, Princess Lin asked the mysterious hooded person beside her.

This was an expert from the north pole who had come into being, a true descender. They originally wanted to climb Mount Song, negotiate with the Dark Roc King, and perhaps avoid battle.

They could bring Chu Feng along in passing and also help him speak a few words in an attempt to save his parents. Of course, the most important part was still the conversation between the old and new descenders. Other things had to be placed on one side and done in passing.

However, Chu Feng had directly taken down the Dark Roc King. This had far surpassed their expectations. Even the expert from the north pole was somewhat stunned.

He stared at Chu Feng from afar and replied, "He seems almost ordinary. I can't sense any powerful aura from afar, but he's definitely not simple since he can kill the Roc King!"

"Could he have used domains to capture and kill the Roc King?" Princess Lin was suspicious.

"We can't exclude such a possibility. However, I'm more inclined to believe that he's actually not a cripple and that his own strength is astonishing. Additionally, his evolution must've been quite rapid," said the hooded descender.

In truth, the whole world was discussing this matter. Everyone was stunned by Chu Feng's strength.

The extraterrestrial was killed, roasted, and eaten. This was a display of Demon King Chu's tyranny. This strength was almost heaven-defying.

But people simply couldn't understand how he, as a cripple, had killed the Roc King. Some people were like Princess Lin and thought he had utilized domains to kill the enemy.

At this time, the outside world wasn't peaceful. People from every major faction, from ordinary people to the top-grade corporations, was discussing this matter. Everyone wanted to know the truth.

Some corporations couldn't calm down. They had only just recovered their confidence and felt that Chu Feng was no longer a threat or even someone they could look down upon. But in the end, such an explosive incident had taken place.

Some powers were even feeling apprehensive. They thought back carefully whether or not they had recently offended Chu Feng, lest he comes knocking on their doors to settle the score.

After much discussion, many people were dripping with cold sweat. Many people felt that Chu Feng might actually be a true expert hiding his strength with evil intentions, waiting for everyone else to jump into the pit.

"This malicious bastard! We're fortunate that this descender Dark Roc King had stepped on the mine for us and forced him to reveal his true strength. Otherwise, we might be the ones encountering misfortune."

"True. What a fraud! What a no-good person. He's been waiting for us to jump into the pit all along. He's truly immoral."

Agents from every faction felt apprehensive after talking about this matter.

This was especially true for the higher-ups of certain corporations. They were shocked out of their wits, and even their spirits were almost frightened out of their bodies. They truly didn't want this demon king knocking on their doors again. He was truly too savage.

Of course, some people also believed that he was a cripple all along, but that his talents in the field of domains were overly astonishing. They felt that he had walked along an outstanding path.

Some people believed that Chu Feng had completely utilized domains to kill the Dark Roc King.

The two voices began to conflict and evolve into a fierce debate.

In any case, Chu Feng's strength was extremely astonishing and was the focus of the world. It was difficult even if he wanted to avoid all the attention.

"Number One Under the Heavens!"

Someone even started shouting this slogan. They felt that Chu Feng was the strongest evolved being or perhaps the strongest domain grandmaster, and that his strength was unfathomable.

Chu Feng's face turned dark after hearing this. He knew someone was doing this with bad intentions.

He left everyone and returned to the Greatwoods Temple to personally interrogate the Dark Roc King. He wanted to extract some valuable information and for him to submit.

That was because he didn't want to form a vendetta with the descenders. It would cause great waves after killing this bird, and the other descenders would be cautious of him.

The first native to kill an extraterrestrial—from a certain perspective, this was like being blacklisted. He would become the focus of all extraterrestrial entities. This wasn't a good thing.

Therefore, he wanted to subdue this Dark Roc King. If he could make this bird withdraw his enmity and reach a mutual consensus, the other extraterrestrials might not target him relentlessly.

But this Dark Roc King was quite stubborn. It was still sneering coldly even after Chu Feng lowered his stance and offered to deal with him on equal footing.

"You also know fear? To tell you the truth, a total of four people came from our star, and I'm only the weakest. If something happens to me, the other three will come to find you after they descend," the Dark Roc King said coldly.

Chu Feng naturally knew about those three entities: the winged blonde man, the beautiful purple-robed lady, and the multi-colored tiger.

The surveillance equipment in outer space had clearly captured their images. Currently, they were still on the satellite orbit.

"If you let me go, I can consider letting bygones be bygones," the Dark Roc King said thus. That was because it was shocked after suddenly sensing a cold intent.

He realized that if he upset Chu Feng with his current imposing attitude, the latter might actually eliminate him completely.

"No need. I've thought about this at length and feel that it's best to send you on your way!" Chu Feng said coldly. His attitude had changed completely.

He felt that this bird was already unredeemable—he would not submit and definitely wouldn't just forget their enmity with a smile. He would definitely fight a bloody battle with Chu Feng after the other three descenders arrive.

Rather than leave such a potential disaster alive, he would rather kill it off and save some energy.

"Don't I'll dissolve all our enmity. We'll pretend not to know each other and avoid fighting again. How about we call it even?" In the end, the Dark Roc King became nervous and was no longer unyielding.

"It's better that you go in peace!" Chu Feng said resolutely with a dark expression.

The Dark Roc King said anxiously, "You have to know that it'll be difficult for you after my three friends descend. If you reconcile with me, everyone will be your friend."

His strong attitude and arrogance were all but gone.

"If they dare come to find me, I'll simply kill them. I'll eliminate everyone from your star without leaving a single potential disaster!" Chu Feng said decisively.

"You… you're walking a tightrope. You're digging your own grave!" the Dark Roc King cried loudly. He really didn't want to die. His previous arrogance was only there before Chu Feng's killing intent descended. Now, he was truly afraid.

"I'm a person determined to hunt fairies and capture divine sons and saintesses. Would I fear such things?! I've been laying low recently and might've become used to this peacefulness. Let them come! Those descenders are all people more or less at your level. I'll roast and stew as many of them that come to me. Mmm... naturally, I can also consider capturing goddesses alive."

Chu Feng's words shocked and petrified the Dark Roc King. It was completely scared out of its wits. He was, in truth, also afraid of dying and didn't want to throw away his life.

"Do we really kill him?" the toad asked.

"There's no other way. This big bird isn't willing to convert and is bound to become my enemy. It's better to kill him sooner rather than later!"

With that, Chu Feng stepped forth, directly opened his mouth and spat out a mass of metallic sword intent which shot through the gigantic entity's forehead!

He didn't dare behead the beast for fear of the overflowing blood. There was no telling how much there would be in this 800-meter long body. If all of it gushed out, then it might form a river.

In the distance, the Elder Ape was flabbergasted. He felt that it was too decisive to kill this extraterrestrial roc just like that.

The group of young apes was scared silly, but very soon revealed expressions of worship towards Chu Feng. This was the Demon King Chu with his soaring overbearingness!

At this time, Chu Feng's communicator rang out. It was Ye Qingrou, Ouyang Qing, Du Huaijin and the others.

"Boss, are you really about to soar into the skies? You just killed an extraterrestrial. You almost shocked us to death!"

Following which, people from various powers began to contact him. His communicator kept on ringing nonstop. Chu Feng took the calls selectively and told them to hurry over because there was too much roc meat and it would rot if they didn't eat it quickly!

Following which, he contacted Yellow Ox and asked him if there was a good method. It would be too much of a waste if he waited for an 800-meter long divine roc to rot away.

Even if he placed the meat inside his spatial bottle, the energy within would still drift away.

"Refine its blood. This is really good stuff that should contain strands of the ancestral roc's true blood. It should prove really useful after refinement!" Yellow Ox told Chu Feng not to waste it at all.

He was in a great mood, saying that both he and the black yak would soon emerge from isolation. Not only had they recovered their previous cultivations but had also found mutants fruits to break through to six severed shackles.

Chu Feng was delighted because Yellow Ox's strength would be shocking once he broke through to higher realms. That was because he possessed the ultimate breathing technique and extraordinary talents.

"Ancestral roc true blood can be refined along with mutant fruits into treasured medicine," Yellow Ox told Chu Feng.

"Great. It'll be much more stable now. You two come out quickly and I might be able to help you to break through again before long. Even I might be able to transform a step further," Chu Feng said in delight.

Presently, extraterrestrial entities were descending continuously. It would allow him to challenge them without fear if his strength was raised further.

Later on, Chu Feng brought the toad and the Elder Ape together to begin the operation immediately. They would refine and temper the Dark Roc King's true blood in a hundred different ways according to Yellow Ox's method.

Apparently, this was hard work.

Deep that night, they finally completed it.

They couldn't wait too long because the energy was drifting away by the minute.

Finally, Chu Feng only obtained a small bottle of golden blood. It was extremely dazzling, and the viscosity was astonishing. This was the true blood of an ancestral roc.

This thing could still be refined further. The so-called ancestral blood was so rare that a younger-generation descendant wouldn't have too much of it.

There was currently a small bottle of it, but the true ancestral blood should be even lesser than this. But Chu Feng felt that there was no longer a need to continue the refinement because he would still need to cook it some more while refining medicine.

That very night, Chu Feng brought his parents and left Mount Song. In truth, the Elder Ape had also left along with him.

They were afraid that the extraterrestrials would come to Mount Song after they descend. It was best to temporarily evade the blade's edge and hide somewhere.

At least, Chu Feng felt that he should eliminate the three who came from the same star as the Dark Roc King.

"Number one under the heavens!"

"Extra, extra! Demon King Chu's heaven-defying rise and his aspirations for the throne of number one under the heavens!"

All kinds of news were flying around within a single day with people everywhere discussing this matter.

Chu Feng's face turned dark. He felt that someone was doing this on purpose and pushing him to become the focus of attention so that the descending extraterrestrials would go and find him.

Chu Feng hid his parents and the Elder Ape before he and the toad hopped away to appear in public eyes.

Princess Lin came to find him immediately.

"Those willing to gamble should be willing to admit defeat. So you've come to deliver yourself up at my door?" Chu Feng asked.

"I'm a person who keeps my word, but naturally I'm a lady and not a nobleman. So, part of the gamble can be kept but another part will drift away like the clear wind. In short, we can keep close contact and hang out often."

Princess Lin appeared quite detached and transcendent when not smiling. Once she put on a sweet smile, her large watery eyes and her flower-like face made her as charming as a demoness.

Currently, she was smiling brilliantly and her rippling gaze was enough to move one's heart with its charm.

"You're shameless." Chu Feng wasn't willing to accommodate and spoke directly.

Princess Lin rolled her eyes and replied, "Who told you to be so dishonest and hide things like this. You keep making me feel uneasy. Can you tell me how you killed the Dark Roc King?"

"I'm an evolved being whose strength is number one under the heavens," Chu Feng boasted shamelessly.

This, on the contrary, made Qi Lin suspicious. She couldn't believe his words and directly grabbed his hand to test it out boldly. In the end, she cried out in astonishment, "You're still not at the king level?!"

The black and white grinding stone within his body could disperse his energy at will and make him appear like an ordinary person. Others couldn't see through everything.

This made Qi Lin suspicious and puzzled. She began to waver—could it be that Chu Feng won purely by utilizing domains?

Afterwards, she seriously extended him an invitation, saying that the people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave and a number of corporations were about to join forces to explore the various famed mountains and great rivers. They wanted to invite Chu Feng to join them and offered to prioritize his benefits by letting him have the first pick of mutant fruits.

Exploring the mountains and rivers, on one hand, was a necessity, but additionally, she also wanted to reconfirm just how deep Chu Feng's attainments were.

This time, some experts from the north pole would join them and the procession would be greater than the previous one.

Chu Feng agreed delightedly. They immediately rushed towards Mount Zhongnan as their first stop. This was a divine mountain considered the best paradise under the heavens. It was also an ancestral ground of Taoism.

Here, Chu Feng revealed his skills, broke through parts of the domain and brought the party deeper inside.

Finally, a number of north pole experts were lost along with dozens of corporate personnel. Chu Feng obtained four mutant fruits and told them not to enter any deeper because this place was comparable to Mount Longhu.

They went to Mount Huang secondly. This was a top-grade famed mountain ranked within the three mountains and five peaks.

The ancients had a saying: "Those returning from the five peaks no longer need to visit any more mountains. Those coming back from Mount Huang no longer need to visit any more peaks."

Here, Chu Feng discovered a divine mutant fruit which he felt could help a person sever the seventh or even the eighth shackle. However, that tree was rooted in a mysterious domain which even he couldn't enter.

This time, more experts from the north pole fell and the corporations suffered heavy losses. Chu Feng and the toad were also wounded.

After returning from the Mount Huang, Yellow Ox, the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger and the old donkey appeared. They shouted from afar, "Hey, who dares kidnap my brother? Do you think our Kunlun has no experts? Hand over your life!"

In truth, both the north pole and the corporation parties were about to cry. They were truly regretful and felt that Chu Feng was a bringer of bad luck. They had lost so many men in just two stops.

Now that someone had come to berate them, the people from the corporations cried out in misery, "We beg you. Please take him away quickly!"
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