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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 373: Global Livestream

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Chapter 373: Global Livestream
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Fragrance filled the whole of Mount Song akin to unearthing a thousand year wine. The sweet fragrance rushed into the nostrils like a mixture of sage medicine and immortal petals. The scent seeped into one's spirit.

The most important part was that it stimulated one's taste buds and sense of smell, causing saliva to well up on its own and flow out of the mouth. One's stomach would immediately start growling in hunger.

A beautiful Western reporter cried out in astonishment, "What kind of delicacy is this? I can't resist any longer. Oh heavens, I've eaten fine food from many places but have never desired anything so strongly. I'm itching to go and partake in a gluttonous feast. What lethal allure!"

She swept her blonde hair to reveal the expression of astonishment on her fair face. Her blue eyes were opened wide.

This wasn't just an individual case. Many evolved beings were swallowing the saliva pouring out of their mouths.

"In truth, it's recorded in certain documents that human flesh is quite fragrant after roasting and can attract wild beasts from miles away."

Up till now, those from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave still couldn't believe Chu Feng would be able to emerge victorious. How could a cripple win against an extraterrestrial expert?

"Perhaps, the Vajrapani Bodhi Tree in the Greatwoods Temple has borne fruit and is now fully ripe."

Some people revealed astonished expressions. They felt this explanation was logical.

"In any case, Chu Feng can't have triumphed over the Dark Roc King. That's an extraterrestrial expert with eight severed shackles. The two are of vastly different levels and can't be compared."

The man from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave who made this prediction was firm in his standpoint. But this made it seem as if he was lacking in confidence and that he was, in fact, encouraging himself. That was because he was truly afraid that a petrifying incident would occur. That would truly collapse his beliefs.

People from all around the globe were watching the livestream. All eyes were on Mount Song because they had heard the reporter's surprised cry and felt amazed.

Unfortunately, the taste and scent couldn't be transmitted through the screen.

"It's a monkey!"

Very soon, they saw that the emerging figure was a what furred ape.

"It isn't Chu Feng. I knew it! No matter how powerful he is, he can't defy the heavens. Oh, and moreover, he's crippled. It's too difficult just by relying on domains."

The man from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave revealed a smile of relief and let out a long sigh.

The blonde lady reporter immediately rushed over with great boldness and asked enthusiastically, "May I ask about the fragrance coming from your esteemed temple? What is going on there? Oh heavens, I'm terribly unreserved. I'm even about to drool now. Can you invite me in as a guest?"

This young and sexy female reporter was quite proactive. She wanted nothing more than to rush up immediately.

There were also other evolved beings who asked, "Where's Chu Feng? Has he been killed by the Dark Roc King? Has the Vajrapani Bodhi Tree of Greatwoods Temple matured?"

Those watching the livestream were all staring attentively at the screen. Their curiosity had been piqued and wanted to know the true situation.

The ape spoke, but the words weren't clear because its mouth was full of food. He had walked out while eating.

The blonde reporter cried out, "Oh god, the fragrance from your mouth is so intense. I want nothing more than to snatch it from you. This is truly a sin."

The group of people was flabbergasted. When the ape opened his mouth, he was full of resplendent and golden radiance. The texture of the meat was almost sparkling, tender, and especially lustrous.

Everyone's head began to swim!

This definitely wasn't human meant, but neither was it a divine fruit.

After excluding these possibilities, there was only one answer left, and everyone felt dizzy after thinking of it. They almost went mad!

Some evolved beings revealed shocked expressions. Could Chu Feng really have succeeded? Had he roasted the Roc?

Was there any justice left in this world?!

Some people's eyes froze and their throats moved continuously. Their mouths were parched as they tried hard to swallow. This was all too crazy.

A crippled Chu Feng had actually defied the heavens?

Some people found it hard to believe. Their faces were petrified and they felt lightheaded.

The man from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave felt a boom in his brain as he mumbled, "Impossible!"

In their eyes, Chu Feng would be killed by the Roc King, and he would be chopped up and cooked. This was the only reasonable outcome. The other possibilities were unreliable and too outrageous.

At this time, the beautiful reporter was talking to the ape.

"Oh god, please forgive me but I can't help but want to eat Roc meat. Mr. Ape, please tell me if that's the meat of the extraterrestrial?"

"It's… rooster meat," the ape replied.

Rooster meat… Who are you kidding?!

The group glared at him and felt that his words were unreliable.

Countless people were watching the livestream around the world. All of them were confused and couldn't help but want to rush into the screen to give the ape a slap.

"I just knew it. The matter can't be that simple," the man from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave said with a confused expression.

But he felt like slapping himself very soon. Why did he have to talk so much? He felt that he was just being reluctant to admit his mistake.

As expected, the ape's following words mercilessly beat upon his heart. "Chu Feng said this is rooster meat."

It said this with all due seriousness. This caused the group to be quite dissatisfied.

Following which, a commotion broke out, and the vicinity of Mount Song was sent into an uproar.

At this point, everyone knew Chu Feng had emerged victorious and had roasted the Dark Roc King. How heaven-defying was this?

At the same time, the people who were watching the livestream felt shaken. The extraterrestrial had been defeated and roasted? Everyone was dumbfounded.

A while ago, people were still worried with a haze in their hearts. They felt that this 800-meter long invincible Dark Roc King was too terrifying and could even blot out the sun and sky.

After all, it just appeared at Mount Song had had easily suppressed one of the most powerful experts of the east. He was an expert with eight severed shackles and was the very example of an unbeatable opponent.

But only a few days later, a cripple had emerged and, under everyone's pessimism, roasted him!

"Croak, this big rooster is simply too tasty." The toad appeared with a big piece of golden yellow meat and began to chew on the meat while showing off.

Countless people were watching this scene including those from top-ranking research facilities. Their eyes erupted with green light. That was an extraterrestrial, a legendary roc—its flesh and blood were priceless!

Currently, these researchers had vaguely grasped the path of evolution after studying many evolved life forms. They wanted nothing more than to capture this most powerful life form on earth and understand it thoroughly.

"Mr. Toad, may I ask how Chu Feng triumphed over the extraterrestrial demonic bird?" the beautiful reporter asked. Of course, her large beautiful eyes were fixed upon the golden yellow piece of roast meat.

"Please call me divine beast!" The toad corrected seriously. It announced its true name in front of the world, but, no one believed it. People everywhere broke into laughter.

"Divine beast, please explain to us about the outcome of the battle." The blonde reporter was quite respectful.

"Chu Feng is just like me. His divine might is unrivaled and is peerless in this world. His magnificence is peerless in this generation and is exceptionally enchanting. Yes, he can be considered a rarely seen genius. After seeing that little bird, he immediately slapped it to death!" The toad's tone was full of over-bragging.

People would still believe him if he were humble, but this attitude made one doubt his words. Everyone was in a daze and felt that his mouth was running off like a train. It was likely that none of his words were true.

Evolved beings from various places had arrived here, including many people from news media. At this time, they were no longer afraid because they knew the roc had been dealt with. All of them stepped forth to ask questions.

Chu Feng finally appeared in an even more exaggerated state. He had eaten too much that his face was glowing red and red light was seeping out from his pores. The intense energy couldn't be digested and was flowing out continuously.

At the same time, he was surrounded by an extremely attractive fragrance. Just how much roc meat had he eaten to reach such a state?

When he was interviewed, Chu Feng said, "I use morals to subdue my enemies. This Dark Roc King felt that his sins were too grave and immediately committed suicide before me."

The crowd at Mount song: "[email protected]#!%[email protected]$"

People around the world: "#^@#[email protected]"

Couldn't he be a bit more reliable?!

"It's true. I hate violence the most and I don't like martial arts. I reasoned with the Dark Roc King and made him repent." At this point, Chu Feng stuffed another piece of tasty meat into his mouth. He talked and ate at the same time in front of everyone.

Everyone was at a loss for words. Against violence?! His name used to be Demon King Chu and was considered a great demon by many beast races! Additionally, he spoke so grandly as if he were so peaceful and virtuous, but he was eating roast roc meat! This glutton!

"I came to honor my promise to everyone. Come, come, I'll invite everyone to eat the little bird I roasted!" Chu Feng gestured with his hands.

Following which, a continuous stream of apes appeared in pairs, carrying large pieces of meat that were glowing with rosy light. Immediately, the whole of Mount Song was perfused with an irresistible fragrance.

Afterwards, the group of people couldn't maintain their image any longer. They rushed up and began to divide the rare and tasty meat amongst themselves. It almost seemed as if an insurgence were raging throughout Mount Song.

Very soon, even more evolved beings rushed over. Not to mention such a peerless delicacy, they would definitely eat this legendary roc meat even if it tasted horrible because it was bound to contain mysterious energy.

Eating enough of this kind of food might help with their own evolution.

"Oh heavens, this is too delicious. My tongue is about to melt!" Confusion ensued on Mount Song. All of them became… gluttons.

Even some of those from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave went up the mountain to join the procession. Naturally, those people avoided Chu Feng to prevent the awkwardness.

"Everyone hello, I'm Lucy and we're currently live on Mount Song. Oh, god, this is too delicious. Please allow me to report while eating." The beautiful reporter was quite capable—she didn't forget to talk towards the camera even though her mouth was full of roc meat.

This was a gluttonous feast!

Currently, everyone around the world was stunned. What situations was this? The whole mountain was… filled with gluttons?

Everyone around the world was speechless as they stared at the live report and watched as people fought over the food. The scene was so beautiful that it was stressful to the eyes. The spectator's eyes were about to be frozen.

Very soon, everyone watching the livestream began to see some familiar figures. Some of them were actually famous characters—all of them were top-grade kings and celebrities of the East. They were actually fighting over large chunks of meat and joining in this procession of gluttony.

This scene was too fascinating. This was a global live stream showing famous characters fighting over food.

The toad had returned to the Greatwoods temple on Mount Song to threaten the half-dead Dark Roc King. "If you don't submit, there will soon be nothing left of your body, not even a feather. Do you want to be broadcasted across the globe? I can help you realize that by bringing you out naked."

Outside, Chu Feng was still announcing that he would recompile the Gourmet Rankings.

Very soon, he saw the people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave and said, "Hey, where's your princess? She lost the bet, so now she's mine!"

At this time, many cameras were on Chu Feng and the people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave. Those watching the liveliness weren't afraid of making things big. They just reported this news without any restraint.

Princess Lin had also come onto the mountain in order to rope Chu Feng in. She felt that there was something evil about him and that he possessed some extraordinary abilities. In the end, she immediately turned around to flee after hearing such a speech.

"There she is!" A certain reporter noticed her and turned the camera towards Princess Lin. He was immediately stunned because this lady was too beautiful. So much that she could be described as kingdom toppling.

But very soon, Chu Feng's voice rang out and disrupted his mood.

"Those willing to gamble must be willing to accept the loss. You lost yourself to me."
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