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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 372: The Beauty of Violence

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Chapter 372: The Beauty of Violence
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The Dark Roc King was stomped upon. There were traces of blood around his nose and mouth while his whole body was aching. His face had received a barrage of blows and was almost deformed.

Especially since, at this moment, Chu Feng was stepping on and looking down at him. This proud and haughty Roc found this extremely humiliating.

He was someone who had come from among the stars and was once incomparably brilliant. He was full of anticipation after coming to this declined earth because he knew there were vast numbers of astonishing items beneath the ground.

But he had never imagined that he would be beaten half to death soon after his descent and, moreover, by a native of at that. He was beaten, trampled to the ground, and looked down upon.

He had long since understood everything—the powerful race on earth had been wiped out completely and even their inheritance had been severed, leaving only some mixed breed descendants.

From his point of view, this star was completely crippled and withered for many years. There couldn't be any powerful evolved beings. However, he was currently being beaten black and blue by a human.

He felt that it was unacceptable. He was a young genius who had come from millions of miles away. Did he arrive here just to be beaten up by a native? What a joke!


A foot came down. He felt extreme pain from his chest as bones began to emit cracking sounds. Two ribs were immediately broken.

One could imagine just how powerful this foot was. One had to know that this was a roc, an animal with a rare bloodline and extremely powerful physical body. Normal evolved beings could hardly do any damage to him.

"Come on, talk! What about my savage techniques? I believe that simple and direct moves are much more powerful than your flowery techniques," said Chu Feng.

The Dark Roc King glared furiously at Chu Feng. He struggled free from underfoot and rushed towards the sky.

However, waiting above was a fist. Chu Feng had apparently done this deliberately. He let the bird go but then smashed down from above as he flew upwards.

The Roc King flew out with a bang, bleeding from his seven orifices.

At the same time, Chu Feng chased after him at seven times the speed of sound and delivered more blows in the air. He was practically about to blast the bird apart.

This time, the Dark Roc King had almost gone mad. He let out a shrill cry which made Chu Feng feel as if his head was about to burst apart!

The whole sky was filled with black ripples in the blink of an eye. This was a terrifying sound wave technique!

Seeing that he was about to be killed, the Dark Roc King pulled out all stops and let out this ghastly wail which reverberated throughout the mountain peaks.

Within the blink of an eye, the air exploded and the world became blurry. The space within this whole area became unstable.

Any normal person would be torn to shreds if they were standing in the area because the sound waves were too frightening.

One could see tens of thousands of giant rocks and the huge precipice crumble into dust.

Even domains in the temple area behind the Dark Roc King were being blasted apart and turned to ash. Various buildings were destroyed and the whole summit was in shambles.

In the air, the black soundwaves swept back and forth like sword lights, causing immense pain on Chu Feng's skin. He might've been ripped apart if he hadn't circulated his energy defense.

A flood serpent roar rang out as Chu Feng utilized the Demon Flood Dragon roar in order to counteract the sound waves. At the same time, he condensed fist seals and smashed forward.

Within moments, the cries of dragons and rocs interweaved. The two types of ripples collided with each other and caused thunderous rumbles in the air. After the air exploded, a certain grey mist-like substance spread out from their midst.


The Dark Roc King wanted to kill off Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was indifferent. The draconic cries were still echoing from his mouth as golden light shot out from his eyes, which condensed into two beams and shot through the Roc King with pffts.

However, something odd happened at this time. After the Dark Roc King's blood splashed everywhere, they condensed into numerous chains which moved to entangle Chu Feng.

"Dragon Binding Technique!"

With sizzling sounds, the Dark Roc King's characteristic black blood formed a black golden divine chain which locked Chu Feng down.

At this time, both of them stopped the use of sound techniques.

"Native, I still want to say that your techniques are still too coarse and inferior!" the Dark Roc King sneered.

At the same time, he materialized his real wings. The black and lustrous wings blocked the front of his body as he erupted with energy to resist Chu Feng's golden beams.


After he let out such a cry, the chains formed of blood suddenly began to tighten. He wanted to crush and break Chu Feng alive.

"What technique? Too weak!" Chu Feng roared and exerted violent strength. The chains on his body immediately broke apart and completely collapsed.

At the same time, he stretched his limbs and delivered a blow straight to the Roc King's face with a crack. Apparently, some bones had been broken.


Chu Feng rose up and kicked the enemy away. Afterwards, he chased and pounced upon him with heavy blows.

Just within this moment, the Dark Roc King was struck silly. Those were chains he had formed from energy and a portion of his true blood. It was actually torn apart just like that?

One had to know that these chains contained strands of a true Roc's blood, the essence of his body!

If the current roc were to return to its roots, it would definitely be an existence comparable to divine beasts. It was a type of divine bird that could destroy a whole star on its own.

However, it was rare to see a couple of genuine rocs even across the whole cosmos.

The Dark Roc King was naturally a mere descendant of a roc. Its black feathers indicated its mixed breed. In any case, it had already purified a portion of its roc blood.

However, this energy mixed with true blood still wasn't enough to capture Chu Feng.


He let out a shrill cry of fury and directly transformed into his true form. His body was enormous and could easily crush a mountaintop.

Chu Feng wasn't afraid at all. He spat out metallic qi from his mouth and drew dozens of bloody lines on the gigantic body.

One of the white metallic sword intents almost cut off his opponent's neck.


The Dark Roc King shrunk his body to a little over three meters, spread his wings and claws, and pounced towards Chu Feng. With his true body, he could display his full innate powers.

This sharpness of this single claw was frightening.

Woof, woof, woof…

Chu Feng shot out the flying knife to contend with the claws. It was setting the dogs on the bird.


The Dark Roc King's wings slashed towards Chu Feng. Their sharpness was even more frightening than a heavenly knife.


In the end, Chu Feng blocked it with a single punch.


Chu Feng opened his mouth and spat out a stream of snowy white sword intent which pierced several bloody holes on the Roc's body. The bird was immediately soaked in blood.

"Ah…" The Dark Roc King let out a long howl. The intense pain was difficult to bear. At the same time, he wanted to use the sound wave attacks again.

But this time, Chu Feng didn't give him the chance. The two were so close that he was able to directly deliver a violent blow—the true forms of the Demon Ox Fist and the Demon Flood Dragon Fist condensed together and smashed the Roc King's mouth.

"Bang! Bang! Bang…"

Following which, Chu Feng approached and beat down on him continuously. Feathers flew in all directions in the vicinity.

The cracking sounds of breaking bones rang out.

Chu Feng was now berserk. He didn't give the opponent the slightest opportunity and wanted nothing more than to kill him immediately.

But the roc indeed possessed a powerful body. Although many bones were broken, his wings were dangling, and his claws were bent out of shape, it was still emitting powerful energy.

Of course, it was still alive because Chu Feng had shown some mercy. Although he really wanted to kill the bird, there were some valuable things he needed to pry out from his mouth.

For instance, the utilization of energy. This was something Chu Feng wanted to learn.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Chu Feng carried the bird and beat him viciously, causing his chest to cave in and his wings to break in many places.

With a snap, a section of its beak was shaved off by Chu Feng's metallic sword intent!

"Ah…" the Dark Roc King cried out in misery and pain in the face of this inhumane torture. He had never thought that he would be beaten up like this.


Chu Feng's final strikes fell and broke a couple of dozens of bones on the Dark Roc King's body. He was now completely limp and unable to move.

"How's that? How's my technique? This is the beauty of savagery and violence!" Chu Feng mocked.

He was quite upset with this overly arrogant bird who kept on looking down at him since earlier on. He had kept on calling Chu Feng a native savage as if he was a high and mighty god.

"Serves you right! Why don't you keep on being cocky?!" The eager toad rushed out and shouted, "The Overbearing Dragon Has Regrets!"

With a loud bang, it directly gave the Dark Roc King a toad slap, sending it flying into the distance and rolling on the ground.

The Dark Roc King collapsed on the distance ground and almost passed out. What did he just see? A toad actually dared to move against him.

Chu Feng glared at the toad and said, "Hey, be careful! I've already beat it into such a miserable state. If you keep on torturing it, the flesh will become damaged. Damaged meat doesn't taste good!"

"If it's too mushy, we can make congee!" the toad cried out cruelly.

On the ground, the Dark Roc King was about to cough up blood. A mere despicable insect wants to eat it?

The toad raised its head and shot the bird king a glance, saying, "What are you looking at? This grandpa is a divine beast. My bloodline is even higher than yours. A mixed breed bird like you is nothing before me.


The Dark Roc King was so furious that he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. He felt that it was truly being bullied by a toad. It actually dared speak to him in such a manner. This was unacceptable!

"Stop glaring. You really are inferior to this toad," said Chu Feng.

"Pfft!" The Dark Roc King really couldn't stand such a provocation. He would rather spurt out blood and go unconscious.

"Wake up!" After an unknown length of time, the Dark Roc King felt a voice calling out to him. He immediately let out a furious roar after opening his eyes.

That was because most of the feathers on his body had disappeared and his whole body was in immense pain. A toad was hard at work, plucking out his feathers.

"You…" He felt his vision grow dim and almost fainted from the anger. This proud roc was actually being done in by a toad. He felt it was better to bang his head on something and die.

At the same time, he saw Chu Feng, the Elder Ape, and the other prisoners. They had all been released from the back mountain.

"Mom, dad, go and clean yourselves first. Take a rest to calm yourselves down. We'll have a huge feast afterwards.

The Elder Ape wore a complicated expression and was greatly emotional. He had never imagined Chu Feng would be so heaven-defying that he could half cripple this Dark Roc King. It was simply unimaginable!

Chu Zhiyuan and Wang Jing were both dirty and messy from being held captive for so long. If they weren't mutants already, it would've been quite dangerous.

They were both all smiles after seeing Chu Feng. They were delighted that their son had grown so powerful that he had defeated the extraterrestrial and saved them.

"Speak. You know what I want from you." Chu Feng pressured the Roc King.

"Pah! Don't even think about it. I won't tell you even if I die." The Dark Roc King was still arrogant and untamed. He glared at Chu Feng and wouldn't cooperate.

"Then there's nothing more to say." Chu Feng turned around and said to the little apes, "A single pot won't fit, so prepare two more roasting racks."

"You dare?!" The Dark Roc King was furious.

Afterwards, it began to cry out wretchedly because the toad was plucking out its feathers with great fervor. Swoosh, swoosh! The black feathers on his body were all gone now.

"Is this really a roc? Why do I feel that it looks like a featherless rooster?" The toad was suspicious.


The roc was enraged and immediately reverted to its true form and size. His gigantic body was almost 800 meters long and immediately filled the whole summit. This caused the group of monkeys to jump about frantically.

"So big! We might not be able to finish it," the toad shouted.

In the distance, water was already boiling in the iron pot and the roasting racks were already.

Chu Feng said, "Ah, this is the first ever extraterrestrial I've caught, and it's a roc no less! It would be nice if I can subdue it and make it my follower. It'll be quite an auspicious omen If even an extraterrestrial recognizes me as his big brother." Chu Feng's evil tendencies had resurfaced.

"What delusional thinking!" the Roc King rebuked coldly.

Chu Feng's face immediately sunk as he cried out, "Roast this bird for me! Cumin flavor, spicy flavor, I want all of it!"

"Actually, it'll also taste nice stewed!" the toad added.

This was too cruel. The group of monkeys was in a difficult position. This was a roc who had suppressed the whole of Mount Song and captured everyone here. But now, it was about to become food for Demon King Chu.

"If you don't submit, then you shall die!" I'll eat you slowly. Chu Feng gave the roc a final chance.

Countless people were waiting down the mountain. None of them knew what was happening up there.

Earlier on, they had heard sounds of battle, but now everything was silent and indistinct. That was because the domains on the mountain had isolated everything.

"No need to think too much. There is no way Chu Feng will survive. Challenging a roc?! Ha! I reckon he's already been slaughtered."

"Mmn, if he hasn't died, then it's probably because the roc spared him in order to torture him."

At this time, the evolved beings from various countries were waiting for news.

So much that, a multitude of people from around the world were watching live streams. Unfortunately, the recording equipment atop the mountain couldn't capture the images inside the domain.

"Ha, do we even need to discuss further? Chu Feng overestimated himself and should've died already. Who else but our Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave can save him? As it happened, he doesn't know what's good for him and refuses to join us."

The life forms from the north pole shook their heads and said coldly.

"Princess Lin, what's the point of wagering with him. He's a dead person now," someone said thus.

At this time, the live streamer suddenly cried out in astonishment because the figure of a person had appeared in his lens. Someone was walking out from the domain!

At the same time, some bold people went up the mountain and were completely stunned. That was because they smelled an indescribable aroma so dense that it simply wouldn't disperse. The fragrance of meat rushed into their nostrils and made people drool.

Oh god! A weird thought appeared in some people's minds. Could it really be…

"Impossible! I'm guessing it's Chu Feng who's being roasted by the roc!"

Soon afterwards, those halfway or even at the base of the mountain could smell the fragrance.
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