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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 371: Barbarians vs. the Heavenly Kingdom

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Chapter 371: Barbarians vs. the Heavenly Kingdom
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The Dark Roc King arched his body. His eyes were suffused with a savage glow, and his Adam's apple was moving as it let out a bestial roar. His whole being was surging with killing intent.

Energy began to form around him as giant rocks took to the air and even the temples behind him were uprooted one by one!

He had never been humiliated like this before. He was actually slapped square in the ear twice until he was rolling on the ground. How humiliating!


The Dark Roc King's arched body was just like a fully compressed spring. He then rapidly charged forth surrounded by a mass of black energy. A great explosion ensued.

The whole of Mount Song trembled. If it wasn't a divine mountain containing various runes within, it might not have held out under this force.

The metallic fingers on his right hand were spread apart like the claws of a divine bird and swiped towards Chu Feng's head. The speed was simply too fast.

The five fingers were accompanied by radiation as suffused by nuclear power. A small mushroom filled with the aura of death cloud rose up. The scene was fairly terrifying.

Behind Chu Feng, the toad was shocked out of its wits. It shrunk its neck in and edged away.

Chu Feng's eyes constricted. He was also quite astonished that this extraterrestrial being could grasp energy to such a level. He was actually able to materialize a small mushroom cloud?

Everything happened too fast and allowed no time for extra thoughts. The attack came in the form of a blurry bolt of lightning, and the enemy's attack was already in front of him in the blink of an eye.

An ordinary person would have no way to react to such an unbelievable speed and would've had his skull clawed away by the Roc. This was his gift and ability.

Chu Feng raised his fist. He wasn't the slightest bit careless while fighting against this extraterrestrial being and immediately used the Demon Ox Fist. The roar of a desolate ox rang out amidst booming thunder as his fist image shot out.

With a huge boom, a small mushroom cloud appeared where the fist and claw clashed with each other, resulting in a completely jet black explosion.

The giant rocks and ancient temples behind the Roc King were immediately shattered and disintegrated.

Chu Feng's fist was struck by a certain burning sensation. This demonic bird was indeed extraordinary and was clever in his use of energy. It could even be considered exquisite.

Chu Feng immediately realized why the extraterrestrial beings were so terrifying. They possessed systematic inheritances and old schools, each with their own secret techniques, while he himself had never learnt such secret techniques systematically despite his rapid evolution.

He possessed a breathing technique but had never joined a sect before. It was difficult for him to understand many techniques.

The Dark Roc King's fingers were also in great pain. He revealed an astonished expression after finding that this so-called native whom he had looked down upon was actually so powerful.

He retreated over 50 meters with a swoosh. He was like a black streak of lightning, rapid and violent.

The Dark Roc King stood straight with his black hair flying behind him. His face was handsome and his skin was pale and fair. His eyes were deep and profound, containing a hint of unbridled arrogance.

"I've underestimated you!" he spoke. Previously, he had heard that Chu Feng was a cripple and thus he had been careless. That was precisely why he had suffered two slaps to his ears. The humiliation made his eyes turn cold.

"No one has ever slapped me in the face before. I'm not a roc if I don't kill you today!" he swore.

His feather began to erupt with black radiance as a pair of divine wings appeared behind his back. He rose into the air, emitting frightening levels of energy. The earth's surface was torn apart as numerous cracks began to extend outwards, each over a meter wide!

Even the air was suffused with black light and distorted to the point of collapse by the might of his energy.

The Dark Roc King dived down. He took a step mid-air and tore through the void. He seemed so powerful that it was intimidating, and it felt unbelievable when he released his energy.

Black-colored spider lilies began to bloom beneath his feet, the reflection of his mastery in energy utilization. He could actually materialize flowers!

Chu Feng's expression froze. He had never thought about this—what was the meaning behind condensing energy into such shapes?

The next moment, he personally experienced it. The roc tore through the air with black spider lilies bursting into bloom beneath his every step.

That was a type of energy release—it allowed him to hear the call of death and listen to the gushing waters of the yellow springs. Was this an illusion?

Chu Feng was shaken. So energy could be circulated in such a manner?

At this critical juncture, he actually thought of many things. The legends surrounding the other shore flower was largely related to death and was supposedly connected to the land of yin and yang. However, he had never taken such a story seriously.

But now, it seemed that it was also related to cultivation and energy circulation.

When energy was compressed into such a shape, it could actually produce a certain odd ability. This was extremely bizarre!

Chu Feng let out a muffled roar. The twelve true forms of the Xingyi Fist were immediately utilized. At the same time, he merged the Demon Flood Dragon and Demon Ox fists into it and allowed the true forms to reach perfection.


A pensive toll of a bell rang out. A huge bell materialized outside of his body and enveloped him completely. This was the secret ability he had found out himself. There were a number of animal true forms on the sides of the bell, suffused by mist akin to the primal chaos.

The spider lilies blasted apart with the aura of destruction, destroying the earth and distorting the air. It was as if he could hear the song of dead spirits. This was too mysterious.

But the flower petals and the might produced after blooming didn't come into contact with Chu Feng as it was blocked by the giant bell.

Almost at the same time, Chu Feng brandished his fist and struck out in a counterattack. He also tried to condense some odd flower petals. For instance, he was imagining lotus flowers at the moment.

That was because, in the legends, this was a pure and holy flower used by Taoists to reconstruct the body of law and the Buddhists lands were filled with golden lotuses.

A single silver lotus appeared in the air, but it exploded like a bubble before it could fully condense into shape. It was unable to fully materialize itself.

Chu Feng was shaken. It seemed such an energy condensation was difficult to achieve.

"Native savage, your methods are too coarse. Even if you can grasp a couple of inheritances, you're far from our level without any systematic training. Your level of evolved civilization is like a barbarian tribe compared to our heavenly kingdom!"

The Dark Roc King sneered with a disdainful expression.


He was still hovering in the air, but a reed had appeared beneath its feet. Apparently, that was also constructed from energy. It extended through the sky and rushed for Chu Feng.

This was quite odd. Could this be considered a method of attack? Chu Feng was astonished. Today, he had come to a better understanding of extraterrestrials.

The energy reed was connected to the Dark Roc King's legs and was linked to the energy in his body. It was like a fuse that could ignite a whole sea of energy!

Chu Feng recalled a certain legend—that of Bodhidharma crossing the river with a reed.

He became alert. It seemed this so-called legend had some truth to it. This was a form of energy utilization.

As expected. That reed floated over and burst into flames just before reaching Chu Feng. Following which, the Dark Roc King's claws erupted in blinding light. It was like a volcano, but it was also comparable to a sea of energy. His claws could almost shatter the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers as it stomped towards the bell around Chu Feng's body.

The use of such a method was the embodiment of his proficiency in the use of energy.

"Clang! Clang! Clang…"

The bell tolled pensively and its sound waves reverberated throughout the mountains. Its sound spread far and wide even despite the obstruction of domains, causing the ears of those at the base of the mountain to ring.

The current Dark Roc King was extremely violent. Vast amounts of energy gushed out of his claws as it clashed against the bell.


The bell collapsed, but the Dark Roc King was also in a miserable state. He opened his luminescent wings with a swoosh in order to evade the gigantic explosion.

However, he was still affected by the shockwaves. A mass of energy struck his legs, causing blood to spurt out in all directions.

He didn't pay it much heed. The wound healed on its own after he swiped it lightly with his hand. He looked down towards Chu Feng from the sky and said, "As expected of the barbarian style. You have no technique at all and your control of energy is quite elementary, much like a savage from a primitive tribe."

He sneered disdainfully because this kind of enemy was easiest to deal with. It was a sure kill.

He believed that such an enemy wasn't his match even if they're energy levels were close.

"Come, let this seat teach you how to condense lotuses. This kind of energy form is indeed mighty and extraordinary!" The Dark Roc King laughed.

A snow white lotus, formed from energy, bloomed from the tip of his fingers and appeared in his hand. It illuminated the sky with great brilliance and was accompanied by a pristine aura.

"Kill!" The Dark Roc King roared as he waved the lotus in his hand, whipping it towards Chu Feng.


The roar of an ox emerged as Chu Feng activated his Demon Ox Fist. He directly utilized the true form this time. He had a feeling that the so-called strongest true form was an application of energy forms.

This black primordial ox seemed to be stampeding through the stars and plowing through the cosmos. It crossed the starry skies charged at the enemy with great savagery.


It swallowed the lotus and caused a huge explosion.

The Dark Roc King was stunned and muttered, "A savage indeed. Truly… an ox eating the peony!"

Following which, he said, "There are tens of thousands of techniques yet you know none. You were only lucky to have obtained a number of inheritances. Come, come, come, this king will teach you how to utilize all kinds of energy forms by hacking you into pieces!"

Within moments, the whole sky was filled with numerous types of flower petals which turned into an incomparably dense rain of energy capable of corroding the body and soul.

Chu Feng frowned. This was the first time he had encountered such a method of doing battle. He felt something was off and that the other party was trying to lead him astray.

At the same time, he sighed emotionally. If only he could head into the outer realms for a short while to enter a school and learn some energy utilization techniques.

He felt that he was separated by a thin window paper and that he would comprehend things completely after piercing through it. At that time, he would have no more problems if he met such an opponent again.

"Come, I'll teach you the charm of gods plucking flowers!" The Dark Roc King was acting in a leisurely and contented manner. He felt this battle was too easy. He stood high in the sky, releasing energy forms continuously.

A sparkling and translucent divine flower made of energy bloomed in his hand. It then swayed gently and shot towards Chu Feng.

"Are you a female? Do you only know how to work with these flowers and grasses? Come, this grandpa will use brute strength to teach you a lesson!" Chu Feng was furious.

At first, he had wanted to learn from the extraterrestrial's methods, but now he was no longer in the mood. He decided to use everything at his disposal to kill the opponent first.


A dazzling and resplendent sword beam rushed out and hacked towards the Roc King in the air.

"Woof! Woof! Woof!"

A series of dog barks reverberated throughout the peak. This stunned the Dark Roc King because he thought an evil dog was charging at him.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

The sound of swords echoed through the sky as Chu Feng controlled the blade with his spiritual power and slashed at the Dark Roc King with its sharpest attacks.

"Roc King Beheads the Dragon!" the Dark Roc King shouted.

Countless feathers formed from energy appeared in the blink of an eye. They turned into blade lights which ambushed the flying knife, hoping to entangle it.

At the same time, he himself rushed towards Chu Feng and once again materialized energy bodies such as spider lilies, reeds, and divine lotuses in order to bombard him to death.

Chu Feng raised his head and shouted, "Since you say my attacks are barbaric, then I'll go all out with the savagery and suppress you completely!"

The little grinding stone in his body rotated and crushed various forms of energy while he himself dodged a fair number of flower petals. Following which, he rushed thousands of meters into the sky and directly came into physical contact with the enemy.

"Trying to fight this Roc King physically? You're just courting death!" The Roc King sneered as he threw a continuous flurry of punches and kicks.

His physical body was fairly powerful but his expression immediately changed. Chu Feng's fist seals were shockingly fierce. The impact almost caused his arm to go numb.

The two of them clashed continuously amidst surges of energy!

Chu Feng finally landed back on the ground with a swoosh and gestured provocatively from atop a mountain.

The Dark Roc King sneered and dived down towards him with an all-out eruption of dense energy surrounding his body. He didn't want to drag this out any longer and hoped to end the battle immediately.

Planting golden lotuses in the air!

Boundless red spider lilies!

At this time, Chu Feng's eyes suddenly opened—two beams of golden light shot out from within and ground apart all the energy bodies in the air. This was the ability he had gained from severing his sixth shackle.

He then let out a long hiss and spat out brilliant metallic qi from his mouth which continuously hacked away at the energy bodies, causing them to explode. So much that he hacked apart the Dark Roc King's luminescent wings.


Chu Feng rushed out at seven times the speed of sound and broke through the sound barrier in the blink of an eye. The air exploded as he arrived before the Dark Roc King and tangled with him in melee combat, preventing him from rising up into the air.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

This dark demon king was shocked to find that Chu Feng's current physical body was significantly stronger than before. It was somewhat abnormal—the impact threw his qi and blood into a turmoil, causing him to cough up blood.

He was currently being entangled and all his techniques were rendered ineffective.


Chu Feng's fist struck it square in the chest and caused fresh blood to spurt out in all directions amidst an eruption of energy. The Roc King's face was now fairly distorted.


The Dark Roc King wanted to rush towards the sky and put a safe distance between them, but Chu Feng had held onto his ankle and pulled him down, smashing him to the ground like a scarecrow.


The ground collapsed and sent debris flying in all directions.

"You…" The Dark Roc King was furious.

Black energy feathers appeared around him and hacked towards Chu Feng.

"Clang! Clang! Clang…"

The metallic qi spat out from Chu Feng's mouth swept through the air and caused the feathers to burst apart.

Swoosh Swoosh!

Following which, his eyes began to glow. The Fiery Eyes shot out two beams of golden light which pierced through the Roc King's body and caused blood to flow incessantly.

"Let me teach you about brute force!" Chu Feng rushed over and threw out continuous smashing blows. He kept beating on the Roc King's arms until he was trembling, limp, and numb. They had almost been born apart.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Following which, his face received a barrage of fists and was directly sent flying. He collapsed midair but Chu Feng followed suit and stomped his body into the ground.


The Dark Roc King spat out a large mouthful of blood.

"How does it feel? This is a savage technique. Beautiful isn't it?" Chu Feng asked while looking down at him.
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