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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 359: Immoral

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Chapter 359: Immoral
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They had arrived at their destination, but Chu Feng was still holding the princess's hand without letting go.

"Are we really here?" Li Canghe asked.

"Correct. We came here before. It should be just up ahead," a young man from the Pre-Qin Research Institute confidently said.

"Rest and reorganize. We will set out again after some preparations!" Li Canghe instructed.

The thoughts of the young people weren't on the holy ground but rather on Chu Feng and Princess Lin. Their eyes were almost frozen because they saw Chu Feng still hadn't let go.

"This Chu Feng is too shameless. This is a blasphemy against Princess Lin. He's truly… a model of our generation!" someone whispered. He wasn't angry, but instead, his eyes were burning with envy.

Some descender scions wore odd expressions. They were quite clear because many of them had been "harmed" by this Princess Lin. Back then, they thought they would be inseparable with her, but in the end, they could only look on sorrowfully from afar.

There were also some angry people with malicious expressions. They were gazing fixedly at Chu Feng and waiting to see how he would conclude this business.

That was because, at this time, Chu Feng was still holding Princess Lin's hand. He was dawdling and speaking constantly.

"See? You're holding my hand right now but I still don't have any feelings. That's why we're not suitable for each other," said Chu Feng.

With that, everyone else glared at him. Did he not know what embarrassment was? He was obviously the one holding Princess Lin's hand, and yet he was acting so narcissistically.

He was taking so much advantage and yet he actually dared talk so shamelessly. Everyone was furious and secretly blamed Princess Lin for not slapping him away.

Even Zhou Yun couldn't watch any longer. She laughed coldly and warned Chu Feng, "Chu Feng, you're the one holding our Princess Lin's hand and you still have the audacity to posture like this? Aren't you embarrassed?"

"Absolutely shameless!" The group of youngsters resonated with each other and nodded in unison. Many people were angry because none of them had held Princess Lin's hand before.

"Ah, my mistake. It should be like this. Look, this is the correct position." Chu Feng switched his hand into Princess Lin's and made it so that he was the one being held.

"So embarrassing. I feel ashamed for him!" It was at this time that the toad spoke, covering its face with one hand as if it was greatly ashamed.

One had to know that it had never spoken in the human tongue before in front of everyone. It was only croaking all this time. The first time it opened its mouth was to expose Chu Feng's shortcoming.

"Even the toad is embarrassed. Even such a miserable creature can't bear to watch anymore. Just how terrible is this man surnamed Chu?" Someone sighed lightly and mocked Chu Feng.

But the toad flipped out and cried, "Which gigolo called me miserable? I'm a divine beast. To me, you're an inferior race."

Damn your grandpa! That fair-skinned youth wanted to curse out loud. He had only played the profound thinker for a while but had provoked a verbal attack from a toad. This was too embarrassing.

He directly shut his mouth because it was too shameful to quarrel with a toad.

"What a pair of weirdos! It's true that the mount makes the man," another man said with a gloomy tone.

The toad glared at him and said, "You sickly brat, where's your master? Whoever rides you will be struck with misfortune. Your master certainly doesn't have a good taste to choose an ugly mount like you."

Everyone was stunned. This toad's mouth was excessively poisonous. Did it want to anger people to death? Its verbal attack power was off the charts.

That feminine young man was trying to mock Chu Feng but had included the toad in passing. In the end, it suffered an intense counterattack.

Additionally, the toad's mouth was quite malicious in saying that the feminine man was a mount. It was simply too evil.

As expected, the feminine man's eyes became increasingly malicious and his teeth began to shine with a cold glint. He was surging with killing intent and wanted nothing more than to slap the toad to death.

Earlier on, some people were dissatisfied with Chu Feng, but now, that feminine man glanced towards the toad and then at Chu Feng with a gloomy aura.

It was practically a combat toad from its race as it bulged its cheeks. It sprayed saliva in all directions and said, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen such a handsome divine beast before? You low-grade mounts should stop staring at me. I'm not a swan! There won't be any benefits in provoking me!"

Everyone was petrified!

"I'll slaughter you!" The feminine man was infuriated. As a descender scion, he would be in the spotlight wherever he went. But today, he was being cursed at by a toad. This was too miserable.

"Zhao Chong!" Li Canghe shouted at him.

Zhao Chong calmed down and stopped acting up. That was because he would be the one shamed in the end if he fought against a mount.

He no longer looked at the toad and gazed coldly at Chu Feng instead.

At this moment, Qi Lin had long since shaken away Chu Feng's hand. Her beautiful eyes were flowing with divine radiance as she glanced sideways at Chu Feng and said with a faint smile. "You're quite bold."

"That's one of my good points," Chu Feng continued speaking with a straight face.

Princess Lin was dumbfounded. She had really never met someone with such a thick face. Normally, she could be considered the bright moon amidst a group of stars. She was the center of the group even amongst the descender scions.

"Although I feel that you're quite special, I must teach you a lesson since you dared to act so irreverently towards me."

Qi Lin let out a spurious smile and slapped Chu Feng's body with her slender jade hands.


As she struck Chu Feng's shoulder, a mass of abnormally intense silver light entered Chu Feng's body and disappeared within moments.

In the distance, some people drew in a breath of cold air. Those who understood this method were shocked. Very soon, some people were secretly delighted in Chu Feng's plight.

"This is the Qi family's wondrous art. It can dissolve one's path to evolution and is an absolutely terrifying technique. It should currently be the number one wondrous art on earth." Some people sighed as they looked at Chu Feng with a mocking expression.

In the distance, people like Li Canghe and the old woman didn't move to stop her. It seemed they were deliberately ignoring the younger generation to let them resolve things on their own.

"Why aren't you apologizing to Princess Lin and begging for forgiveness?" said Zhou Yun. She was somewhat anxious as she stared at Chu Feng and advised him to lower his head. It was apparent that her advice came out of goodwill.

She transmitted her voice telepathically, telling Chu Feng the power of this wondrous art. It could cause a person's constitution to worsen and reverse one's path to evolution. It could make one drop realms.

"I only gave him a small punishment and made him fall a minor realm. It's not big deal," said Princess Lin.

Afterwards, she smiled as Chu Feng and said, "How does it feel? I can help you recover if you apologize."

Qi Lin was indeed an absolute beauty and her smile could topple cities. Her long hair was hanging behind her and she wore a smile on her fair white face. Her fluid glance had a certain charm to it.

Chu Feng's expression was quite odd because the silver mass was immediately absorbed by the grinding stone after entering his body and transformed into energy with which to supplement his body.

If he had to relate it to a certain sensation, he would say that it was comfortable because his body was being nurtured by the silver energy.

At this moment, he further realized the heaven-defying abilities of the small grinding stone. If news were to spread that he could transform an attack into his own energy, it would inevitably shock the world!

Many people were looking at Chu Feng. The corporate descendants were smiling inwardly, but they had disguised it quite well. None of them wished to see Chu Feng return with the beauty in his arms.

As for the descender scions, they were watching a good show. They felt that Chu Feng was about to suffer big misfortune.

"He's already a cripple. What would he become if he falls another rank?" Some people laughed.

"He was asking for it. He took advantage of Princess Lin. What audacity!" Others jeered.

However, they looked again and found that there was no special expression on Chu Feng's face as if he wasn't suffering at all.

"How do you feel?" Qi Lin smiled.

"What feeling? What did you do to me?" Chu Feng shrugged as if he was puzzled.

"Stop pretending to be tough. I've brought you down a minor realm. I'll consider helping you recover if you apologize to me," said Qi Lin.

"You decided to punish me like this just because you were holding my hand just now?" Chu Feng asked while staring into her beautiful eyes.

"It's you who held my hand!" Black lines appeared on Princess Lin's forehead.

"Fine, it's the same either way. So if I go further and hold your hand for a longer period, the punishment will be even more severe?" Chu Feng asked curiously.

"Correct!" Princess Lin wasn't happy. A cold expression surfaced on her kingdom-toppling countenance.

"Very well then, let's touch some more and then you can give me more of that silver light. It feels quite comfortable." While saying this, Chu Feng had already picked up Princess Lin's hand and began to gently caress her wrist.


Everyone was petrified and their eyes were frozen. What situation was this?

They felt that it was too odd. Did this brat think he was shopping?!

The group's jaws almost dropped to the ground. They could hardly believe what was going on.

Princess Lin couldn't bear the embarrassment. Her face was completely red. She had never met such a shameless person. At the same time, she was puzzled. Was the other party not afraid of dying or being crippled?

She somewhat angrily shook away Chu Feng's hand and slapped his body seven times in succession. Seven balls of silver light entered Chu Feng's body, aiming to reduce him to an ordinary person.

In the end, Chu Feng seemed as if he had just smoked weed—he let out an indolent moan and his voice was even trembling. This made people blush because it made people think of certain things.

"So comfortable! I'll keep touching you so keep giving me more of those." Chu Feng held Princess Lin's hand again with great ferocity and began to reach towards her forearm.


Princess Lin removed his hand with a slap. She herself turned away in embarrassment. She was about to fall apart because she had never encountered such an incident.

Her heart was full of questions. Why did her family's secret art lose effectiveness? She noticed that the fellow was feeling quite comfortable and his cultivation wasn't affected at all.

Princess Lin ran away towards the forest. A pair of beautiful long legs stepped away. She was as swift and beautiful as a floating angel with her dress fluttering in the wind.

Everyone was shocked. Qi Lin's family arts were ineffective against Chu Feng? How was this possible?!

The descender scions and corporate descendants seemed as if they had just seen a ghost. They absolutely couldn't believe that Princess Lin would lose out and run away in embarrassment while Chu Feng remained as if nothing had happened.

"Princess Lin, I think I have some feelings for you now. Your continuous massages are extremely comfortable."

In the forest, Qi Lin's lustrous forehead was full of black lines. She was infuriated quite badly.

To her, men were her prey as she roamed the red dust of the mortal world to experience the many facets of human life. The so-called dates and romantic relationships were all a game to her.

But today, Chu Feng had taken liberties with her. He was completely undisguised and was never at a disadvantageous position. This was the first time she had experienced something like this.


Even Li Canghe was alarmed. He walked over pretending not to know and asked what had happened.

"Princess Lin let me touch her and then poured energy into my body. It was quite comfortable," replied Chu Feng.

Everyone who heard this, once again, experienced his shamelessness.

Even the toad opened its wide mouth and secretly screamed, "How shameless!"

Princess Lin was humiliated and angry. "Who said you could touch me?!"

Chu Feng withdrew his smile and explained seriously, "Perhaps some of you may have heard about how I was stained with a black substance and that any energy entering my body will be corroded into nothingness."

He was informing everyone the reason.

"I've heard before. It should be so." Li Canghe nodded.

All the corporate powers knew that Chu Feng was a heavenly talent in the past who had suppressed them until they couldn't raise their heads or even breathe well. But he was infected by the black substance at Hollow Jade Temple and had his path to evolution cut off.

"Heh, heh…" Some people were laughing coldly.

After understanding the cause and effects, the gazes with which some of the descender scions looked at Chu Feng changed. To them, it was a great treasure!

Once they finished using him and no longer had need of his domain knowledge one day, they would kill him and extract the black substance from him.

Once they reached the golden arhat level, this item would be comparable to a peerless medicine, one of their most valuable treasures. They could use it to temper their bodies and step on the path to sagehood!

"No matter what, it's your fault for taking liberties with Princess Lin. I'll teach you a lesson in her stead." The feminine young man Zhao Chong spoke.

Li Canghe's face turned gloomy as he berated the latter.

Chu Feng shrugged and cast a sidelong glance at Zhao Chong. "Do you dare fight with me at the same realm?"

"Why are you imitating me?!" The toad glanced sideways at Chu Feng.

Everyone was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say.

Zhao Chong laughed contemptuously and said, "You think you're so great. You feel that you're peerless at the same realm and think that people like us are not your match? I can only say that you're a frog at the bottom of the well. I'll fulfill your wish by suppressing my level and fighting with you at the same realm!"

"Damn your grandpa. You dare say frog at the bottom of the well? What kind of comparison is that?!" The toad was dissatisfied.

Chu Feng looked at Zhao Chong and said, "Very good. You have guts." He then looked at the group of young people and then at Li Canghe and the others. He had them stand witness.

Those looking on at the liveliness weren't afraid of the matter growing out of hand. They called out and urged to make their moves.

"Come!" Zhao Chong said.

Chu Feng turned towards the toad and said, "Why aren't you going yet? Go fight a thousand bouts with him!"

Zhao Chong exclaimed: "F*ck [email protected]#[email protected]$%!"

The toad glared at Chu Feng and also went, "!#!%[email protected]$"

"Let's go, senior, we should go and study that cave residence!" Chu Feng moved forward and gestured for Li Canghe to follow.

Of course, before leaving, he ordered the toad to go forth without delay and fight with the opponent.

The toad was completely disgruntled. Why was it made to take action? In the end, it gave up after seeing Chu Feng's glare. It was afraid of being beaten up later on.

But it wasn't very happy either and transmitted telepathically. "Do I have to fight a huge battle with such a weakling? I'll definitely slap him to death very soon!"

"You dare?!" Chu Feng replied telepathically and warned, "You must fight a thousand rounds with him and then defeat him afterwards!"

"Do you want to tire me to death by playing around with him?!" The toad was dissatisfied.

Chu Feng felt that only by fighting a thousand rounds with a toad would such a genius fall apart. This was his punishment to Zhao Chong.

"You're too immoral!" Finally, the toad compromised.

As for Zhao Chong, his eyes were burning up. They dared play him like this.

Chu Feng didn't care at all and walked away with Li Canghe towards the mysterious ancient cave.
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