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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 358: Chu Feng, the Royal Son-In-Law

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Chapter 358: Chu Feng, the Royal Son-In-Law
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This lady seemed about 25 years of age, precisely the most beautiful and mature period of a woman's life. It could be said that she was in her golden age and blooming with warmth.

Chu Feng's heart was shaken. Her age didn't match that was a descended being.

She was indeed extremely pretty. She appeared cold and unapproachable when not smiling. She seemed so ethereal and aloof that one simply couldn't bear to profane her transcendent self. There was a certain aura about her which gave one the impression that she had never eaten the food of common mortals.

But when she smiled, just as she was doing now, her clear and watery eyes, her incomparably beautiful lips and lustrous teeth made her seem exceptionally tender and beautiful. Her neck, as white and fair as a heavenly swan, her tall chest, and her thin waist, etc. made her look like an alluring enchantress who descended to the mortal world.

Her tall figure was peerless and clad in ancient style clothing which accentuated her rising curves. Even though she was surrounded by ladies with pretty facial features, she looked like a crane in a flock of chickens.

Standing in the crowd of beauties, her outstanding grace and brilliance were difficult to conceal. There was simply no way to hide her radiance.

"Meeting like this is fate. Naturally, we are friends," Chu Feng said to the girl beside him. At the same time, he nodded to Princess Lin with a smile.

"Our Princess Lin doesn't just want to be simple acquaintances. She wants to be an intimate and close friend," the girl beside Chu Feng whispered.

Chu Feng was astonished. He turned back to see a tinge of foolery in the girl's eyes. It didn't seem like a complete jest—it was partly true and partly false.

She introduced herself as Zhou Yun. Her looks were quite exceptional and at the same level as Xu Mei. She can also be considered a rare and somewhat alluring beauty.

But compared to Princess Lin, both Zhou Yun in front of him and the somewhat jealous Xu Mei in the distance seemed became relatively dim and unable to display their brilliance.

There was such a type of lady. Standing beside her would cause one's original beauty to be overshadowed.

"Let's go, Princess Lin wants to become acquainted with you. Don't get stage fright now." Apparently, Zhou Yun and Princess Lin shared a good relationship. She brought Chu Feng before the latter, unafraid of her brilliance being overshadowed.

Chu Feng wasn't nervous at all. His manner was relatively natural as he followed the girl.

The people in the vicinity glanced sideways and revealed expressions of astonishment. This was especially true for those corporate scions because they came with a goal in mind but have made little progress so far.

But now, Chu Feng was actually being invited over by the most dazzling lady of them all. This made them flabbergasted and some were quite jealous.

This place was a mountainous region. Naturally, there were thorny forests and deep ravines.

The special group of young people was standing on a highland some distance away and there was a ravine in between. It was naturally easy for evolved beings to cross such a distance.

However, the current Chu Feng had fallen from the king realm and it was too difficult for him.

At this point, Zhou Yun stepped out with great agility and crossed hundreds of meters through the air and arrived on the other side of the ravine. She left Chu Feng there with a smile.

"You have to come on your own," she said with a smile.

At this point, many people on the highland were glancing towards this place. There were scions of descended beings and corporate successors. All of them revealed different expressions.

Some were looking on attentively, some revealed a mocking expression, some began to laugh out loud, while some began to frown. All eyes were on Chu Feng. They wanted to see how he would perform.

That Princess Lin was quite calm. She smiled sweetly and gestured for him to come over like an affectionate enchantress.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded. What situation was this? Didn't they know his path to evolution was already broken? What's the meaning of this?

"Fool, Princess Lin is testing you. You have to find a way to cross over," Zhou Yun reminded him telepathically.

Chu Feng looked askance at the crowd. Recently, the toad had been casting such glances at him so much that he had contracted the habit.

On the other side, the group of young people was observing the liveliness with secret delight.

After hearing Zhou Yun's words, Chu Feng immediately gestured towards the toad who begrudgingly walked over slowly.

On the highland, the descendants were all laughing. Even the corporate successors were dumbfounded. How unconventional was this ex-Demon King Chu? He had actually summoned a toad?!

Although they had already heard of it, these people still found it extremely funny and ridiculous.

On the contrary, some young ladies from the corporations sighed softly with complex emotions. Even their elder generations were once suppressed by Chu Feng but, at that time, he was indeed extremely dazzling. He was once the focus of many a young lady. They admired him despite their different standpoints.

Now, some of those ladies secretly shook their heads. It was truly unfortunate and regretful. They sighed in relief as if they had let something go at last.

"Croak?!" The toad tilted his head and impolitely looked at Chu Feng sideways.


Chu Feng gave it a kick. "What's with that look? Don't you have any foresight? Carry me over."

He immediately sat on the toad's body and had it jump over.

At this point, some descended being scions could no longer hold back. They broke into un uproarious laughter.

Some successors from the corporations couldn't conceal their chuckles either. They felt that the once brilliant and arrogant Demon King Chu was actually riding a toad. It was too miserable.

At this time, the originally calm Lin Naoi also glanced towards him with a sigh.

"Brother Chu, shall I help you over?" said Qi Cheng.

He was a successor of the Pre-Qin Research Institute and was also the grandson of Qi Honglin. Back then, he was stirring up trouble in Shuntian, provoking the marine race's White Dragon to deal with Chu Feng. In the end, his grandfather had to appear and save him by gifting Chu Feng the jade with records of the Demon Flood Dragon Fist inside.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Chu Feng shook his head calmly. He wasn't the least embarrassed.

However, the toad couldn't take this anymore because the people were all looking down on him with mocking expressions. They were making fun of them.

"You shallow-sighted people. This grandpa here is a divine beast with sage blood flowing within me. I'm destined to rule over the starry skies and look down on myriad races. What the f*ck are you laughing about?!"

The toad cursed continuously, but of course, the others only heard croaking.

"This Brother Chu is truly unconventional." Someone shook his head with a laugh.

Princess Lin, on the other hand, was quite calm and didn't reveal a different expression. She looked at Chu Feng and the toad with intrigue.

"Croak!" the toad cursed.

"Stop shouting so noisily. Jump over quickly," said Chu Feng. He stomped on the toad from above.

The toad leapt up with a swoosh like the soaring clouds and rushed over the ravine.

"Hey steady now. Don't throw me down. I'm afraid of heights!" Chu Feng hammered the toad with his fist in the air.


Many people began to roar with laughter.

This was especially true for those corporate scions. Their eyes were even glowing, and they felt that Chu Feng was simply too embarrassing. Although Princess Lin had invited him over, his current manner would surely deduct from his score.

The toad rolled his eyes and cursed in secret, "You won't die even if I throw you down from tens of thousands of meters in the air. How shameful!"

But it had to obey—its four legs glowed with exuberant energy and landed fairly lightly without any vibrations. He was afraid of being beaten up by Chu Feng.

It was a divine beast, but in the end, it was being abused by someone from an inferior race. Chu Feng had beaten the fear into it. It was difficult to imagine just how big the shadow in its heart was.

At times, the toad pondered whether it really was a divine beast. Why couldn't it overcome this despicable human scoundrel?

Doubtlessly, Chu Feng and the toad became the focus of all attention. Not only the youths on the highland, but also those behind them were observing.

"Not bad. You've improved quite a bit. As expected of a divine beast." Chu Feng patted the toad's head as he got up.

The toad was almost about to cry. "Damn your grandpa! Isn't this too easy for a divine beast?"

Others on the highland were also laughing. They simply couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Brother Chu, that's a divine beast?" A descender scion chuckled. Even though he knew he shouldn't offend Chu Feng and should actually be roping him in, he simply couldn't resist the present urge.

"This is truly a… rare divine beast." A corporate descendant chimed in.

The toad arrogantly stared at everyone askance.

The group was dumbfounded because this toad's eyes were too repulsive. It didn't look at them in the eyes but was instead gazing at them contemptuously.

It was fine for a real divine beast to act this way, but this one was a mere toad.

Chu Feng calmly replied, "I named it divine beast, also known as sage beast."

Can he be any more senseless? Everyone wanted to mock him. How was a toad worthy of being called such a name.

Some people laughed out loud.

Even Zhou Yun couldn't restrain her laughter despite it was her who had invited Chu Feng over. She felt it was somewhat immoral of her.

Only Princess Lin wasn't laughing and even seemed to be enjoying herself as she walked over.

She revealed a curious expression and asked, "It's called divine beast and also sage beast?"

It had to be said that the princess was indeed very tall and lithe. She was almost the same height as Chu Feng and looked like a divine lotus in bloom, slender and elegant.

Upon hearing this, the toad stood up with its hands behind its back and once again assumed a proud posture.

"Ah, you should just call it little toad. I'm afraid it'll grow too arrogant." With that, Chu Feng kicked the toad to one side.

"Don't treat it like that. It's going to cry," Princess Lin persuaded.

There were tears in the toad's eyes. It had finally met a good person who actually spoke up for it. It really wanted to go over and rub against the princess's thigh to express its friendliness.

But everyone was staring at it, including Chu Feng.

"Go and find your swan. Go play somewhere," Chu Feng warned.

"You're such an interesting person and quite different from the others." The princess smiled as she evaluated Chu Feng.

Her single smile was city-toppling. The damage was so great that the whole group of people was stunned, attracted by her grace and fawning manner.

Indeed, she no longer appeared transcendent and otherworldly when she smiled but was instead comparable to an enchantress. Her large watery eyes were enticing and full of spirit.

This kind of change in temperament was extremely natural for her.

"I also feel that I'm quite outstanding and overly handsome," Chu Feng spoke shamelessly as he glanced sideways at the crowd. In fact, it could be said that he had learnt this from the toad.

Goddammit! Some people wanted to curse out loud. This man was too shameless. Who boasts about oneself like that? And what was with that gaze just now? Why does it look so familiar?

Very soon, they realized that he and toad were acting the same way. They were looking askance at everyone.

Princess Lin spoke, "You're quite confident. You're calm, collected, and unafraid while facing the scions of descended beings like us. You have no fear of the peculiar gazes. This signifies that you're either strong enough to look down on them or your heart is extremely strong and able to stand aloof. This is a quality of experts. I admire you greatly, whichever category you belong to."

Chu Feng was astonished. This Princess Lin was quite extraordinary. She had seen everything clearly despite having met for the first time. She had grasped many things just based on his nature.

This woman wasn't just a rare beauty but also extremely sharp. Chu Feng was alarmed.

Beside them, Zhou Yun smiled and said, "That's not wrong. You used to be very strong and could look down on many people. Now, you are a domain researcher with your own pride. That's why you act as you wish and pay no mind to what others think."

After hearing this, Princess Lin only smiled and didn't express her opinion. She only hinted at Chu Feng to accompany her on the road towards the depths of Mount Qinling.

Apparently, her temperament was mesmerizing. The other descender scions all cared about her. She possessed great charm and would attract everyone's attention.

Perhaps only the distant Lin Naoi could stand shoulder to shoulder with her. Although they possessed different temperaments, both possessed national goddess level looks.

"I feel that you're very special. I've decided to engage in a romantic relationship once more. I choose you."

At this time, Princess Lin suddenly turned to towards Chu Feng and said with a serious tone. She sized him up and observed his calm and handsome face.

Even the usually calm and confident Chu Feng was stunned. He glanced back at her—this was simply too sudden and unimaginable.

He was certain he didn't mishear that this peerlessly beautiful Princess Lin wanted to enter a romantic relationship with him. He didn't find this a pleasant surprise but rather an absurd development.

That was because it was too sudden. The two of them had neither known or seen each other before this, much less understand one another. Making such a decision was too trifling.

The corporate youngsters nearby were all astonished and apparently found it hard to believe what they had just heard. Jealous emotions welled up from their hearts uncontrollably.

They had come here with certain goals in mind and that was to form relationships with the descendants of the descended beings. It would be perfect if they could take the relationship one step further and marry one of them.

Chu Feng had only just arrived but his accomplishments were heaven-defying. This made them feel angry and frustrated.

At this time, even Lin Naoi revealed a surprised and complicated expression. She glanced towards them in puzzlement.

Most of the descender scions, on the other hand, were relieved. They all wore different expressions—some understanding, some jealous, and others of mockery.

What did she mean? Chu Feng was puzzled because he noticed many things from their expressions. It seemed some of those descended beings were secretly delighted.

"I just know it. Princess Lin has found new prey. She's definitely going to fall in love. I'm guessing this relationship won't last even a day."

"Isn't that too long? I feel half a day should be enough until the curtain drops."

"This is a memorable time for her. It should be the 99th time, right? It's quite the auspicious number."

"Tsk, how is that called love? Princess Lin always acts on a whim, trying to experience that feeling of love. But no one has ever even held her hands before. She's treating it as a hunting game with which to experience the worldly affairs."

Those people were whispering with voices only they could hear. Even the corporate descendants nearby couldn't hear clearly.

But Chu Feng was an exception. His divine instincts were too sharp and could vaguely catch their words. He immediately revealed an odd expression.

Afterwards, he smiled and said to the princess, "Unfortunately, I don't feel that way towards you. Please find someone else."

"Eh?!" Zhou Yun was shocked as if this was the first time she had seen Chu Feng. There was actually someone who could resist the princess's allure and directly refuse her?

The other descender scions were also looking at Chu Feng with astonished expressions. No one had expected such a development.

As for the corporate descendants, they looked at each other in puzzlement. The men were envious and jealous, while the ladies were somewhat delighted that Chu Feng had declined. That was because the princess's graceful bearing truly outshone them.

"Why?" the princess asked with an odd expression. She felt odd because this was the first time she was declined.

"I simply have no feelings for you. This isn't something that can be produced just by squeezing things," Chu Feng replied casually.

"How indecent!" Princess Lin exclaimed softly.

"What about it was indecent? Your thoughts are truly unhealthy," Chu Feng said calmly as he shot a glance at the Princess's chest.

Everyone felt defeated. This Chu Feng actually dared take open liberties with the princess?

The toad was cursing in secret that Chu Feng was too shameless. It now understood the difference between Chu Feng and itself—it wasn't shameless enough. That was why it kept losing.

Naturally, that was its own wishful thinking.

"Are you really not willing to try dating me?" Princess Lin blinked her clear eyes and asked with peerless allure.

Before Chu Feng could reply, Zhou Yun sent a telepathic message. "Princess Lin isn't like us. Her bloodline is extremely powerful and her potential is frightening. Most importantly, she's a true descender. Don't miss this opportunity."

This astonished Chu Feng quite a bit!

"If by any chance I have feelings for her and marry her, wouldn't I have married an extraterrestrial?" Chu Feng blurted his thoughts out. This caused the whole group to roll their eyes because there were a lot of descender scions. They all felt he was too overconfident. Did he think he could marry her just because he wanted to?

"What feelings do you think you need?" Princess Lin asked him.

"Let's not discuss this topic, okay?" said Chu Feng. That was because he knew Princess Lin was just hunting. He had heard the other descender scions' words.

"Why not?" Princess Lin inquired.

"This topic is too profound. Additionally, this is too awkward in the presence of my ex-girlfriend. The effects are truly bad." Chu Feng shrugged.

In the distance, Lin Naoi's expression froze after hearing Chu Feng's words. She felt complicated emotions after seeing Chu Feng spoke of it so calmly.

She saw that Chu Feng wasn't the slightest bit awkward about it.

"This makes it even more interesting!" Princess Lin said. Her large eyes erupted with brilliance and actually seemed even more intrigued. He began to pressure Chu Feng to tell her what kind of feelings were required.

"It's like this. When you hold my hand, I should feel peculiar, my heart should flutter, and there should be feelings of longing and anticipation. Only then can it be said that we have feelings," Chu Feng replied as he stepped forth and held Princess Lin's delicate and fair hands as if he was demonstrating.

Everyone was dumbfounded. What did they just see? That fellow was holding the princess's hand?!

The toad was crying out loud. "You're too shameless. You're clearly the one holding her hand but you're talking about what should happen when she holds your hand!" It began to realize the extent of Chu Feng's shamelessness.

At this time, everyone realized that they had arrived at their destination!
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