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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 351: Gods

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Chapter 351: Gods
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A total of four lights hovered in outer space, emitting divine radiance like gods.

All the major characters from every country on earth were shaken. What kind of scene was this? Some life forms had arrived from the cosmos and were approaching earth.

As they approached, one of the creatures became clearly visible. It was human-shaped with long golden hair and a pair of snow-white wings. This shook everyone's minds.

"Oh heavens, oh god, have you arrived?!"

On earth, some people spoke with trembling voices as their breathing became labored. They stared fixed at the scene on the screen which made all living souls throb.

Following which, the human-shaped creature approached a certain satellite with a somewhat surprised expression. He stood on it and traveled rapidly along its trajectory.

Nearby, the other three life forms also approached. One of them was a jet-black bird and another was a brightly-colored tiger. There was also a young girl with a tall slender figure, long black hair and clad in purple robes.

They were all glowing brilliantly.

"Life forms from the outer realm are coming! They've really appeared. The earth will soon undergo a huge change!" Many people were trembling. They were anxious and terrified.

That was because no one knew what would happen in the future. The unknown had always been a source of fright.

At this time, the white-winged and golden-haired man was standing on the satellite and seemingly saying something.

"Quick, see if we can receive the extraterrestrial's special signal. Try to decode what he's saying." On earth, relevant personnel were in urgent action.

This was an important matter with profound implications.

At the same time, some people cried out in surprise because they had decoded another set of mysterious signals. This wasn't transmitted from the current space but something they had received earlier. They were only able to crack this message after some time.

"Sir, this is the signal we captured from deep in space. It was transmitted some time ago but we were only able to truly decode it just now."

Someone was reporting within a certain space research base.

Similar incidences were occurring in some of the stronger nations of the world. They had obtained new information, or it could be said that they had decoded some old information just now.

At this time, some new signals appeared before the higher-ups of certain major powers and were transformed into images.

This was something happening at quite a distance from earth. Originally, there was only cold darkness in this space. Everything was filled with a deathly stillness.

But suddenly, a beam of terrifying light appeared and tore through space in the area. The darkness was suddenly broken as if a silver border was suddenly embedded therein.

Naturally, this looked like a bolt of lightning which abruptly broke the silence.

After seeing this scene, many people let out cries of astonishment.

Some people wanted to say this wasn't scientific but too many things were unscientific since the upheavals. They can't be explained by conventional logic.

Following which, several figures rushed out. It was precisely these four creatures—a silver-winged man, a purple dressed girl, a black bird, and a brightly-colored tiger.

"These images were caught the earliest but the probing equipment in the vicinity received horrible interference and parts of it were damaged. Thus, the transmitted signal was defective, increasing the decoding difficulty. That's why the image was only successfully decoded just now," some scientists explained.

This was the earliest image showing how the four entities appeared.

This was rather shocking. The dark space had actually exploded and these people had appeared from within!

"Could it be some form of wormhole technology?" Some professionals were trembling. Their eyes went wide and wanted nothing more than to go and see it themselves.

Wormholes were narrow tunnels connecting two different points in space. With earth's current technology and methods, they had no way to understand or master this concept.

Presently, they had seen four people use such a method to arrive.

Suddenly, all the higher-ups watching this scene turned silent. They could hardly accept this. From their point of view, entities walking the path to evolution were no different from the demonic gods of legends, but now they also seemed to grasp certain advanced technology.

"Perhaps the path of evolution and advanced science would lead to the same destination?"

Was this a kind of enlightenment? Or perhaps the intrinsic truth? Perhaps during ancient times, certain forebears had already grasped such advanced technology.

It was difficult to accept that such vicious beasts who devoured their prey with great savagery were associated with advanced technology.

It was pure coincidence that there was surveillance equipment nearby. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to capture such an unbelievable scene.

"Look, they're moving."

The four entities bowed solemnly towards the silver crevice after emerging from it. It was as if they were performing some sort of serious ceremony.

"Oh heavens!" some people cried. They were deeply shaken and even their spirits were trembling. The scene they witnessed was too astonishing.

There was a hand within the silver crevice. It was extremely big and one could see its boundless majesty even from a great distance. However, it was quite blurry.

The four people were paying respect to this hand which slowly receded and gradually disappeared into the silver crack.

Everyone understood that these four lifeforms were extremely strong and heaven-defying. And that large hand was what sent them through the wormhole.

Finally, the opening healed and the silver crevice disappeared. The narrow tunnel between the two different spaces vanished.

"Mark down the coordinates. There's a hidden wormhole there connected to a new world!" someone cried.

However, no one replied. So what if they marked down the coordinates? If someone one earth were to cross over, what fate would befall him? In the eyes of those demonic gods, they were perhaps only ants.

Everyone turned silent. Such a scene overwhelmed everyone.

Afterwards, the four moved out. They produced different equipment and began to emit divine radiance.

One was holding a glowing sheet of silver paper with many indecipherable characters written upon it. Another was holding a banana leaf, upon which were inscribed many runes and symbols.

If Chu Feng were to see these things, he would definitely cry out in astonishment. All of them were similar to the Golden Arhat Talisman—they were coarse products made by powerful evolved beings.

The indecipherable characters were projected outward as the equipment began to shine. Only then did the surveillance equipment capture them.

Following which, the four creatures were enveloped by the light and runes as they rapidly approached earth which led to the scene just now. That was how they had arrived.

Now, some of them were standing on the satellite while others were flapping their wings and flying around its trajectory. This was an astonishing scene.

"Sir, they are trying to contact the surface!"

Someone shouted in delight.

"It's good that they're communicating!"

What they feared most was that these lifeforms would be cruel and indifferent. That would be the most troublesome to deal with. Judging from the current situation, it wasn't so bad.

Very soon, this news was disseminated. Not only the higher-ups of major powers, but many ordinary people also heard of it.

Chu Feng was also aware of this and had also seen the clear images. That was because some major corporations had given him this information while discussing future cooperation.

People coming to find him were now no longer limited to the Eastern agents but also included major Western powers and even races from the vast ocean.


Chu Feng muttered. He had a certain sense of urgency. He needed to reach an unbeatable position rapidly. Otherwise, nothing could be made certain in the future.

Naturally, he believed that these four entities wouldn't dare come down to earth in the short term. They would have to pass through the gate of death to descend. If they really could come so easily, they wouldn't have opened the wormhole outside of earth.

"How strong are these extraterrestrials?" the toad asked with a smirk. He was still glancing at people sideways out of habit.

The old grandmaster was frowning with worry. He was already considered a peerless expert on the continent who could be ranked within the top ten.

However, with the appearance of these descended beings, the current situation would shift, and the power balance would be destroyed.

"They shouldn't be too excessively powerful since they have to borrow equipment produced by powerful evolved beings to travel to earth after appearing from the wormhole. They can't travel here by themselves," said Chu Feng.

"Handsome big brother, my grandpa wants to talk to you. He's already calmed down." The alluring girl ran over.

She had already been staying on Mount Wudang for two days and had visited almost every place. As for the old Taoist, he was still stuck at the entrance. He failed to charge his way into the mountain, but the sounds of dogs barking were continuously transmitted onto the mountain.

The old Taoist was truly aggrieved and indignant. When he recalled his own identity as an expert of the outer regions and his current situation, he wanted to bang his head on the wall.

When all was said and done he was still a disaster level bastard. But in the end, he had not only failed to trick the little brat but fell to the latter's scheme instead. And that little bastard was still irritating him continuously.

But now he had softened his attitude because he heard news of more entities about to descend. After pondering to and fro, he decided to make up with Chu Feng because the latter's identity was important in the upcoming struggle for famed mountains.

He reckoned war would soon erupt on earth as those divine sons and faeries began to pass through the gates of death and arrive on earth in succession.

Furthermore, they would come in large numbers. It would become a battle royale between countless orthodoxies and would involve many ancient stars!

At this time, it would be much easier for him to capture famed mountains if he had Chu Feng on his camp.

Naturally, capturing famed mountains and harvesting mutant fruits wasn't his final objective. There were also certain cave residences on these famed mountains. It might even involve the residence and orthodoxy of that mighty expert who elevated earth to rank 11 in the cosmos.

At the same time, the old Taoist had also heard of some other bizarre and unfathomable inheritances on earth.

Hence, he wanted to obtain them.

So many extraterrestrials—those saintesses and dao children—were coming over to contest these treasures. Wasn't it all to become saints in the end?

Perhaps it was time this withered earth produced a saint.

Chu Feng reconciled with the old Taoist, but not before making him swear various deadly oaths that he wouldn't seek revenge against him. This made the old Taoist so angry that his beard was almost standing on end.

It wasn't because Chu Feng had forced him to compromise, but because the oaths he had to take were simply too outlandish and vile. He could hardly say them out loud.

"Brat, you're too perverted. What kind of hardcore oaths are you making me take? Are you tired of living?" The old Taoist was enraged, but he compromised in the end.

However, the old Taoist almost beat Chu Feng up when he let him onto the mountain. The old Taoist had a thunderous temper and claimed not to at all in these dog sh*t heart demon oaths. According to him, all of these things were nonsense.

He mocked Chu Feng about how he had read too many mythologies to believe in such oaths and restrictions.

Of course, he didn't overdo it either. He didn't actually dare to beat up Chu Feng violently because his barking buttocks would require a domain researcher to dispel.

The Taoist threatened Chu Feng, saying that he must help resolve this barking problem.

"Rest assured, Taoist grandpa, we're destined to be family. No need to speak like strangers. Grandpa should just wait and see. I'll definitely help treat your butt when my attainments reacher higher levels."

"Brat, what words are those? What is this about treating my butt? This is too unpleasant to hear!" This old Taoist didn't like it.

Following which, his eyes turned round and his expression turned dark. That was because he was immediately enlightened after seeing Chu Feng and his granddaughter flirting around. What was this so-called "destined to be family"?

"Little scoundrel, I'll beat you to death. You dare fool around with my granddaughter?! We are irreconcilable!"

"Dammit, you shameless old fogey! It's your granddaughter secretly casting me flirtatious glances. And what's the meaning of your own words? Are you trying to fight me over your granddaughter?! I think you're the real hardcore pervert here!"

"Handsome Big Brother Chu Feng!" The little demoness rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction.

"Oh my mother, what a messed up relationship!" The toad cast them sidelong glances while sitting near the door. He was watching a good show.

The old Taoist was already in a rage when the happened to see the toad casting sidelong glances at him. He immediately said with an unhappy tone, "A mere toad dares to stare at me like this? I'll stomp you to death."

He delivered a flying kick, prompting the toad to scream. "Ah… You shameless old man. You indecent elder!"

The old grandmaster, who was looking on from afar, was completely dumbfounded. The scene here was an absolute mess.

Chu Feng read both Jiang Luoshen's and Lin Naoi's letters.

In the end, he agreed to go with Bodhi Biogenetics because the silver book personally delivered by senior monk Qian Jia shook his heart.

It was a secret book of immense value, an inheritance all domain researchers would yearn for. It was extremely complete and touched on many subjects. It was a priceless treasure for Chu Feng.

There was a lot of knowledge regarding the secrets of certain domains recorded within this book, hence opening up a new field for him.

Elder monk Qian Jia laughed in satisfaction because Chu Feng had agreed to go with him.

The agent from Deity Biomedicals was astonished. His expression changed as he left swiftly for Mount Lao, eager to report recent developments.
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