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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 350: Extraterrestrial

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Chapter 350: Extraterrestrial
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Mount Wudang. Flying waterfalls hung from its precipitous green ridges and poured down torrents of divine radiance while glowing springs gushed out from below.

This place was completely different from before. Chu Feng was confident that there were even stronger fruits in the mountain. They were in the vicinity and maybe even within a few dozen meters.

Everything was because of the domains. They concealed the entrance to the mysterious space and even covered the whole mountain in a hazy shroud.

There was another mountain above Mount Wudang!

Doubtlessly such a ritual ground, such an ancient spiritual land, would give birth to primordial medicinal gardens and abundant fortunes.

He couldn't immediately find a way in although he had sensed certain traces. He was thus observing and trying to find the doorway first. He believed that, at this rate, he would be able to open the greater divine mountain gradually.

At that time, experts with seven shackles would be born because of him. These fortunes would belong to him, the old grandmaster and perhaps the toad.

Mount Wudang couldn't enjoy any peace these days because too many guests were arriving.

Chu Feng still went to receive the visitors personally in the beginning because he was looking forward to the gifts presented to him by those corporations. It would be a waste if he declined them so he had to "kindly accept" the sincerity of his former adversaries.

He felt no guilt at all because he understood their thoughts. They only wanted to use his skills in the field of domains.

But he stopped paying attention after this went on for so many days.

These groups delivered such large amounts of magnetic stones and jade pieces that Chu Feng suffered cramps receiving them. However, the books and volumes on domains which he wanted were few and far between. Even then, they consisted of only a few mottled pages or some fragmented books which left him hanging.

These people were tactfully saying that they would gift him whole books if he went back with them.

This astonished Chu Feng. There were only supposed to be a small number of books on earth related to the study of domains. But judging from the current situation, there seemed to be at least half a dozen different inheritances.

He reached this conclusion after comparing all the ruined volumes he had come into contact with. These domain books all came from a number of different lineages.

Chu Feng was busy studying mount Wudang and thus no longer appeared in person. He had the old grandmaster receive guests in his stead. This disappointed many people.

The old master tactfully expressed that Chu Feng would cooperate with anyone capable of presenting him with complete volumes on domains. He told them that Chu Feng could no longer evolve in this lifetime so all of his passions had been devoted to studying them.

Even the old grandmaster felt embarrassed while saying these words for Chu Feng.

As for that toad, he lay near the door glancing sideways in anger. Which bastard was crippled? And he was even talking about passion? Outrageous! What a load of rubbish!

If Chu Feng was really crippled, it wouldn't have been beaten up so badly.

It really wanted to tell these greedy idiots that the bastard wasn't crippled at all and that cooperating with him was like asking a tiger for his skin.

However, it didn't dare to do so because it had been warned beforehand. Chu Feng had threatened to throw caution to the wind and announce the toad's identity to the world should it speak out of turn. Many people would be more than happy to capture a divine beast and perhaps even refine it into blood medicine.

"Hoodlum, ruffian, rascal, you actually dare threaten me!" The toad was furious.

Many people left disappointed because Chu Feng wouldn't let loose the falcon without seeing the rabbit. He would only go with them if they could present him with a complete volume of domains.

At the same time, there were also peerless experts who came to assassinate Chu Feng. They actually worked together to attack, erupting with terrifying auras, but all of them were blocked by the domains.

That night, the old grandmaster was wearing a solemn expression. According to him, he had

sensed two experts with terrifying strength approach.

"These two people are older than me by a generation. One of them is an invincible existence from the Bagua School. He's actually still alive at almost 130 years old. The other comes from the Baji School and is also close to 130 years old. That person had almost developed an ability from the fist arts even before the changes!" These were the old grandmaster's words.

Deep at night, he sensed a vast ocean of blood energy appear on Mount Wudang.

In the end, the domains kept them blocked out. Neither was capable of breaking in so they could only leave in silence.

However, Chu Feng was shaken and hurried over from the back mountain. There were actually such powerful characters? He almost had to take action in person!

However, he was stopped by the old grandmaster who didn't wish for him to be exposed. The latter informed him that the two enemies had retreated.

That was because the old grandmaster felt that Chu Feng's current situation was the best. All parties were trying to rope him in and even enemies wouldn't try to kill him.

But once the truth about his recovery was made known, he would become a character to be feared and perhaps even targeted.

Naturally, the most important was that the old grandmaster was worried Chu Feng would be targeted by the descended beings from the outer realm. If he didn't reveal his talents on the path to evolution, he wouldn't be troubled even if the divine sons and fairies descended soon. On the contrary, he would be recruited for his astonishing attainments in the field of domains.

"I'm not that apprehensive," said Chu Feng and continued with a thick face, "I've always wanted to hunt some divine sons and saintesses. This has always been my wish."

"Hunt?! Are you taking them as wild beasts and birds?" The old grandmaster shook his head.

"I'll act within the limits of my competence. I plan to capture 100 extraterrestrials and learn 100 different inheritances. Those who should be subdued will be subdued, those who should warm beds… hmm."


"What grand aspirations! Why didn't you say sooner? We're on the same path then! I've always wanted to capture some extraterrestrials too." The toad came to join them with an excited expression.

"Stay still on one side. You're just a one-year-old tadpole, what do you understand?!" Chu Feng kicked it away before proceeding to study his domains.

"This is child abuse!" The toad was about to cry. It had truly been beaten into submission. The other party was always using violence!

Chu Feng's peace didn't last long as he was alarmed again the next day. This made him unable to focus on the domains.

"Little thief, come out! Your Taoist grandpa is here to beat you to death!" The old Taoist appeared. He was standing outside the door with a dark face.

"Old Taoist, long time no see. I've missed you." Chu Feng appeared in the distance and waved at the Taoist.

"Miss your head! You little bastard, come out this instant!" The old Taoist was absolutely furious. He had suffered greatly on Mount Tai and now this brat was still mocking him in leisure, fearless and unbridled.

But he didn't dare charge into the mountain recklessly because he sensed the place was extraordinary and filled with the aura of domains.

"Long time no see, handsome Big Brother Chu Feng. I've missed you!" The problem lady waved her hand and repeated Chu Feng's words passionately.

"Shut up!" The old Taoist was livid. He wasn't willing to see his granddaughter flirting with the repulsive brat.

"Tsk!" The rebellious lady rolled her eyes at the old man but didn't really care about his words.

Although she wasn't that old, her height was around 170cm with a slender waist and puffy chest. Her face was exquisite and beautiful like an elf.

Whenever seeing her, Chu Feng would always find the urge to ask the old Taoist how they were raising their children. Just what were they feeding her? She had matured into a woman of calamitous allure. She was simply too charming!

In the end, he accidentally blurted out this question. This infuriated the old Taoist so much that he cursed Chu Feng for being filthy and impure while pointing a finger at him.

"Old Taoist, don't speak nonsense. I think you're the one with improper thoughts. Why did you raise a mere 12-year-old loli into this shape? What evil intentions are you harboring?!"

After seeing Chu Feng defile smear his name like so, the old Taoist was so enraged that even his beard was about to point upwards. His so-called sage like temperament was nowhere to be found.

"Brat, come out here. Let's have a good talk and dissolve our enmity. Otherwise, you'll have to face the consequences." The old Taoist threatened.

"Old Taoist, let me ask you. You're a religious figure, so how did you get a granddaughter?" Chu Feng then looked towards the rebellious lady and asked, "Little sister, could it be that he's forcing you to stay with him and call him grandpa? Is he harboring unfathomable motives?"

"Oh damn the boundless heavenly deities!" The old Taoist stomped his feet. Even his pointing finger was trembling as he issued death threats.

"Taoist grandpa, why are you cursing people?" Chu Feng smiled happily. He was intentionally taunting and mocking the old man. He felt this old Taoist wasn't a good person. He would've been in big trouble on Mount Tai if not for the black and white grinding stone. There would be dog barks whenever he circulated his energy. That would be too miserable!

The little demoness was chuckling as she looked on at her sullen grandpa. She almost seemed delighted and without a shred of sympathy.

"Handsome Big Brother, you're too powerful. You don't know my grandpa's identity. He's known as the peerless old disastrous. In order to descend to this world, he…"

"Shut up!" The old Taoist glared and stopped her from speaking.

The problem lady stuck out her tongue. She was always going against her grandpa's wishes but she didn't dare speak recklessly regarding such things.

Chu Feng's heart surged with tidal waves as he recalled the things Yellow Ox said. The more powerful the life form, the greater the difficulty and price for descending.

He gazed at the old Taoist time and again.

At the same time, he no longer had to confirm that these two were indeed descended beings.

This gave him a sense of uneasiness inside. He had thought this old Taoist was someone who appeared 22 years ago, married on earth, and got this demoness of a granddaughter. But now it seemed not to be the case.

"Little sister, it seems we're quite fated. Let me invite you onto the mountain," Chu Feng issued an invitation.

"Okay, okay!" The problem lady happily agreed. Her large eyes were blinking as she waited for Chu Feng to bring her in.

"Don't worry, just walk straight in. The domains are currently very safe," said Chu Feng.

"Hei! Hei!"

The old Taoist laughed coldly. He memorized his granddaughter's footsteps and then charged after her in the form of a tempest.

"Brat, you're too arrogant. You think this Taoist grandpa is a weak cat? You think I cant follow her in?"

Naturally, he instantly experienced what it means to be in heaven one moment and in hell in the next. He immediately lost sight of his granddaughter as the ground lit up and the surroundings erupted in mist.

"Grandpa Taoist, I'm truly sorry. This is a domain I comprehended on Mount Tai. It can change rapidly at any time and can also be controlled by me. You should study it slowly."

The old Taoist replied, "Brat, let me in. This old Taoist wants to pay his respects to the mountain. I heard there's a Taoist sacred ground here. I want to light some incense."

"Taoist grandpa, you can be considered an extraterrestrial who had crossed over millions of miles to arrive here. You need to have a positive outlook. How about we forget about our previous grievances? From here on out, we can work together to claim the famed mountains of this world and ransack other extraterrestrials. Your cultivation is high while I'm a domain researcher. It'll be profitable for both of us."

The old Taoist felt unhappier the more he listened. What kind of address was this? It sounded so uncomfortable.

"Stop talking nonsense and let me in!" The old Taoist continued his threats.

Chu Feng laughed out loud. "Since it's like this, then I won't be polite anymore. Taoist grandpa, I'll ransack you first because you're too hostile towards me. Your granddaughter is in my hands so toss all valuable treasures onto the mountain. Otherwise, I'll ransack her instead."

"Brat, you dare rob me?!" The old Taoist was so angry that he kept on shouting.

As for the granddaughter on the mountain, she wasn't the least afraid and was even crying out excitedly, "Big Brother Chu Feng, ransack me! I won't run away."

"Little evil creature, are you trying to anger me to death?" The old Taoist cried out in distress.

Chu Feng naturally wouldn't take advantage of the problem lady. On the contrary, they were very congenial as they gazed down at the old Taoist trying to forcefully break through the domain.

In the end, "Woof, woof, woof…" The sounds of dogs barking could be heard.

The old Taoist's butt began to bark as he was circulating his energy.

This sound infuriated the old Taoist even more. He truly wanted to kill someone.

"This is truly…" Chu Feng didn't know what to say.

"Big Brother Chu Feng. This kind of symptom can be resolved. You can help my grandpa remove this problem when your attainments in domains improve." The little demoness wasn't without kindness. At the important moments, she was still considerate of her grandpa.

In the end, the old Taoist still failed to arrive on the mountain. The problem lady, on the other hand, was quite happy there. She had already been staying here for a couple of days.

Later on, people from Bodhi Biogenetics arrived. The old monk brought a book with silvery white pages and handed it to Chu Feng, telling him that this was a complete volume on domains which Bodhi Biogenetics had collected.

Chu Feng was moved. This was something he yearned for. With such a book, his chances of opening the famed mountains would increase.

"There's also a letter from Luoshen. She wants to invite you to Mount Putuo," said the Monk Qian Jia.

In the end, Jiang Luoshen didn't come along but sent a letter to him.

Then people from Deity Biomedicals also arrived with a letter from Lin Naoi, inviting him to go to Mount Lao.

That very day, there was something odd in space. Some probing equipment detected a beam of light flying towards earth from deep space.

Descended beings, those extraterrestrials were coming.

Many people were shaken after the image was transmitted back to earth.
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