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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 348: Divine Knight

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Chapter 348: Divine Knight
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The toad, glowing with electric light, whistled through the air and spat out golden radiance—it was extremely powerful but was defeated after fighting Chu Feng for a short period.

With a bang, it was sent flying by a slap from Chu Feng.

Chu Feng's palm strike contained an intense amount of energy sufficient to collapse a mountain peak. How terrifying! The damage would be even more pronounced on a creature of flesh and blood.

However, the toad possessed coarse skin and thick flesh. It trembled fiercely but wasn't badly wounded. It could still hop around.


Additionally, it stopped croaking and was letting out bestial roars instead. It was quite astonishing—the forest grounds were blasted apart, and the vegetation was decimated. Even giant rocks thousands of kilograms in weight were thrown into the air.

It charged once again to fight it out with Chu Feng.

"If you don't submit I'm really going to roast you," said Chu Feng.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

He decided not to show any more mercy and instead deal the toad a heavy blow. His finger erupted with bright radiance. The energy contained within was shocking and almost seemed to be radioactive.

Finally, the toad was rendered immobile with blood seeping out of the corner of its mouth.

"Are you convinced now?" Chu Feng crouched down and asked him.


Chu Feng was forced to evade even more mouthfuls of saliva.

"I see, you're not convinced yet. Then let's fight more!" said Chu Feng. He was no longer considering "using virtue to win people over". This eccentric toad looked down on him, saying he was illiterate and spat at him. It was obvious at a glance that it wouldn't yield to normal methods.

He might as well use force to subdue it.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The toad was now listless, but Chu Feng kept on beating.

"I'll fight it out with you!" The toad was furious. It extricated itself and once again entered battle with Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, it wasn't Chu Feng's match and once again suffered a round of beating.

Just like that, Chu Feng continued to beat it intermittently until it lost all resistance.

"Illiterate, give me two more years if you dare. At that time, I'll kill ten of you with a single slap!" Golden radiance rushed out from its head to toe. Its eyes were burning as it shouted loudly at Chu Feng.

"I don't need you to give me time. I can beat ten of you to death right away!" Chu Feng's onslaught continued.

The toad wailed loudly, "You're too shameless! Can't you be more honorable? Let me go and we'll have a confrontation two years later. At that time, I'll submit to you if I lose."

"Wimpy brat, stop speaking nonsense. I won't let you go no matter what. I'm giving you a last chance. If you don't submit, I'll roast and eat you!" Chu Feng warned.

With a bang, the toad was once again struck flying. This time, Chu Feng brought it to the river to wash it clean.

Following which, his right palm glowed brightly and erupted in flames. He utilized his energy flames to start roasting the toad.

"Oww…" The toad cried loudly and struggled with all its might. It was in so much pain that its eyes rolled back.

However, Chu Feng had it in a death grip. His whole body was surging with energy as he began to roast the toad directly.

"Ah, I'm being cooked! I'm being cooked! Let me go!" the toad cried out in misery.

"Do you submit?!"

"I submit." The toad was dejected because it saw that Chu Feng was really going to roast it. How could such a slick creature wait to suffer physical pain?

The mad spitting toad definitely wouldn't allow itself to become a piece of cooked meat just to uphold unflinching righteousness.

Finally, Chu Feng sat down and began to roast some fish. After finding them quite tasty, he threw one to the toad and asked, "Just what is your true form?"

At the mention of this, the toad dejectedly lowered his head and scratched it in distress. "I don't know what I am either."

"You want to be roasted?" Chu Feng felt this guy wasn't being honest and needed more "fixing".

"It's true. I'm not lying to you. I was full of scales like a true dragon when I was born, but before long I became a bird. Then, unexpectedly, I became like this after some time. I'm so pissed off. Everyone else grows stronger with each transformation, while I grow more and more miserable, even becoming a toad in the end."

It was enraged and ate the roasted fish ferociously.

Chu Feng was momentarily puzzled. There was such a transformation? He felt relieved after he remembered seeing golden scales and feathers. This fellow was indeed odd.

"You're already so miserable right now. What will you become next time? A cockroach?" Chu Feng laughed.

"Die! Go to hell!" The angry toad opened its mouth and was about to spit again.

"I'm warning you. You're not allowed to spit next time. It's so disgusting. Especially if you dare do it while eating, I'll toss you straight into the fire and roast you!"

The toad sighed and said, "I'm becoming more and more miserable. Do you think I'll become something outrageous next time?"

It was quite uneasy and feeling sick if its current body.

Chu Feng was full of questions that he wanted to ask. "How long have you been born?"

"How should I know? This place doesn't differentiate between day and night. There's no concept of time here."

"How did you learn to write bone inscriptions if no one taught you?" Chu Feng asked.

The toad slighted Chu Feng once again, "Illiterate, you don't seem to know about energy language. It's probably considered a common language among evolved beings."

"You dare say I'm illiterate. You merely know some ancient words!" Chu Feng smacked the toad until it was rolling on the ground and held back only after it was begging for forgiveness.

"You're too violent. It's said that knowledge makes a gentleman. You are indeed lacking!" It didn't dare directly call Chu Feng an illiterate so it mocked indirectly.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

"Ah, ah, ah… I give up! I give up!"

Chu Feng proceeded to subdue by force. He beat the toad up until it was completely subdued. In the end, it lowered its head dejectedly and no longer dared to be arrogant.

"You were born from the golden egg. Who taught you the language? How much do you know? How did you know about evolved beings?" Chu Feng asked various questions.

The crestfallen toad told him a few things.

It was already on Mount Tai since many eons ago, waiting to hatch here in the Pilgrimage Grounds.

It already possessed some sentience at that time. However, it spent most of its time sleeping and would wake up only occasionally.

After a period, some people discovered it when they came to offer sacrifices to the heavens. They talked to it through the eggshell and taught it various languages.

Chu Feng was astonished. The ancient evolved beings offering sacrifices to the heavens—that was during a very ancient age!

"One time, more people discovered me and actually began to fight. They said I was a cursed divine egg and it's unknown just what kind of creature would be born from it. Later on… there was no later on."

It completely fell into a deep slumber that time. It revived only during this era and broke out of its shell.

Chu Feng was astonished. Just what was this cursed divine egg? It was already on Mount Tai since the ancient era and had experienced the age where the ancient experts offered sacrifices to the heavens.

This was so both astonishing and frightening!

Chu Feng asked, "Don't divine beasts have bloodline inheritances? Can't you sense any memories from your blood?"

"No, I might really be cursed. I can't find any kind of bloodline imprint at all." The toad shook its head.

It felt that it was a true dragon, a roc, maybe a phoenix or even a qilin.

Of course, this was complete narcissism. It named so many top grade mythological creatures in one go. Not one of them were low-level creatures.

"I only see you as a toad!" said Chu Feng.

"I'll be the one to beat you into a toad two years later!" It challenged Chu Feng in dissatisfaction.

"You're quite confident," laughed Chu Feng.

"Of course! That's because although it's hard to calculate the time because there's no day and night here, judging from intuition alone, I think I was born less than a year ago. Even so, I'm only a little bit weaker than you are. I'll really be able to beat you until your mom doesn't recognize you after two years."

"You damned toad. You're asking for a beating!"

Thump, thump, thump…

The toad cried out miserably after undergoing yet another bout of beatings.

Chu Feng couldn't calm down in his heart because what the toad said made sense. It was quite likely that the toad was born less than a year ago.

That's because the time point happened to coincide with the recent upheaval.

Was there still a heavenly law? It was so powerful at less than one year of age and had even surpassed many king level entities. The strength of its bloodline was quite excessive.

But then he recalled Yellow Ox's words. Some creatures from those powerful stars were boundlessly terrifying and could stand at the top of the food chain on earth.

Chu Feng suspected whether this creature before him was from a lineage left behind on earth by an expert from a highly ranked star.

"Eh, perhaps…"

Suddenly, he recalled another possibility. Earth used to be ranked 11 in the cosmos during its most glorious era.

Could it be that this egg was left behind by an expert from that era? Then its origins were pretty big.

"Are you sure you're cursed? Is that why you don't know what you are?" Chu Feng asked.

The toad became depressed again and said, "Yes. The people who came to offer sacrifices before I was born told me that I was problematic and that there was no telling what I would become in the end."

"Okay now, don't be sad. You're already a toad, it can't get any worse than that. Maybe next time, your luck will turn around and you'll transform into a turtle, rat or a cricket."

"Enough! What a disgraceful consolation! I'd rather not change anymore and stay as I am." The toad was enraged.

"Fine, fine, fine. I won't say any more. Let's strive to transform into a fairy. Let's go, we need to leave this place first." Chu Feng got up.

He brought the toad out of the area and walked through the air along the cobblestone road to reach the outermost world.

"This is the divine beast?!" The old grandmaster was stunned—he had been waiting outside all this time only to see Chu Feng come out with a toad. He was at a complete loss for words.

"What are you looking at, you old geezer. Haven't you ever seen a handsome toad before? 500,000 years ago, I was a true dragon, a roc, and a qilin."

The toad was bold and confident as he slighted the Wudang grandmaster.

Chu Feng directly gave him a slap saying, "This is my master. You have to show some respect."

"Respect your ass. I'm leaving. You two go and have fun somewhere!" The toad laughed oddly.

It stood up and rushed out with a swoosh. Its whole body was glowing with golden light as it ran away like a bolt of lightning.

It was simply too fast and reached a speed exceeding five times that of sound, not so different from Chu Feng's.

However, after undergoing the energy purification of the little grinding stone, Chu Feng could reach six times the speed of sound if he went all out. His speed was terrifying.

"Goodbye, illiterate!"

The toad's figure had almost disappeared when the sound reached Chu Feng. It laughed happily like a dragon returning to the sea.

However, its happiness didn't last too long. It had just reached the base of Mount Tai when someone patted its shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"The dragon palace under the sea. You… Ahhhhhhh!"

The toad first replied subconsciously but then screamed loudly in shock. Chu Feng's speed was too fast. He had caught up and grabbed ahold of the toad.

Bang, bang, bang…

Another round of beating ensued.

By the time the old grandmaster reached the base of the mountain, Chu Feng was sitting on the toad and using it as a mount. He was using every method possible to subdue it.

"I won't be your mount even if you beat me to death. I'm a divine beast, a sage beast, a peerless existence. When I mature, even those at the level of demonic sages will have to be polite towards me. What qualifications do you have to make me your mount? On the contrary, you should be my mount right now. After I become a sage, I'll remember this favor and bestow immortality upon you."

"If you won't submit even if I beat you to death, then I'll just have to keep on beating," said Chu Feng.

"Stop! You have to convince people with reason. You're too coarse and violent!"

"I use strength to subdue people."

"Ah, ah, ah, I submit!" The toad once again surrendered and actually agreed to become Chu Feng's mount. That was because Chu Feng had beaten quite a bit of fear into it and its bones were almost broken. It saw Chu Feng's attitude and felt that this demon would do just about anything including roasting it.

"Didn't you say you won't submit and become my mount even if I beat you to death?" Chu Feng asked.

"Haven't you already beaten me to death?" The immoral toad had no shame at all.

Chu Feng began to test the toad's pace along the journey. The old grandmaster had also come aboard because, after transformation, the toad was as large as a house.

Its whole body was golden and was flowing with a golden radiance. It seemed rather divine.


Chu Feng was dumbfounded because the toad was too capable at jumping. Every leap seemed as if they were harnessing the soaring clouds as they leapt across the great mountaintops.

"You keep jumping up and down. It's truly uncomfortable. Ordinary people would fall apart if they sit on your back," Chu Feng complained.

The toad was definitely doing this on purpose because he didn't want to carry them. "This is just how it is with my current body. When one day I turn into a true phoenix, I'll grow feathered wings to carry me through the sky above."

"You keep on jumping. I'm not afraid. You can be considered a divine beast, so I'm now a divine knight," said Chu Feng.

The toad's cheeks bulged up with the urge to spit. Was he really supposed to become a long-term mount? It wanted to devour Chu Feng, but unfortunately, it couldn't prevail against the latter. It decided to run away at the first opportunity.

Chu Feng and the old grandmaster didn't dare to return to Mount Wudang because, just as they came down the mountain, they heard the old Taoist had gone mad with fury and was searching for Chu Feng to settle the scores.

At the mention of the old Taoist, everyone on the road revealed odd expressions. The Taoist seemed as if he was being chased by a dog but no one could find where the dog was.

"Isn't he too vengeful?" Chu Feng mumbled.

The old grandmaster was dumbfounded. How could the Taoist not be vengeful when his buttocks were barking whenever he circulated energy? Who could bear it? This revenge had to be taken.

The toad said insincerely, "Where's that old Taoist, I hate Taoists the most. Let's go and settle the scores with him. See if I can't beat him to death!" It inquired about the Taoist energetically and wanted to chase after him.

Chu Feng beat the toad from atop its body and said, "Don't think about borrowing another's hand to extricate yourself. Let me tell you, that Taoist is even more ruthless. He'll immediately throw you into the medicinal furnace and refine you into a divine beast pill."

"This world is too frightening. Let it be, I'll just follow you." The toad was listless.

Many days later, after investigating the situation, Chu Feng and the old grandmaster rode the toad back to Mount Wudang.

Upon their return, Chu Feng immediately laid down various domains to disguise the whole of Mount Wudang. He was afraid the old Taoist would arrive to settle the scores with him.

Currently, he had too many magnetic stones and jade pieces on his body. They were piled into small mountains within the Pristine Jade Bottle.

The corporations had delivered too many materials to him on Mount Zhijin and Mount Tai. He had stuffed most of them into his Pristine Jade Bottle.


"Luoshen, your father says he wants to recruit Chu Feng as his son-in-law. What do you think?"

That day, Jiang Luoshen's mother contacted her. She was immediately flabbergasted.

At the same time, many corporations and top-grade powers were in motion. That was because the incident on Mount Tai had impacted them greatly.

If they had Chu Feng on their side, the defenses on the famed mountains would become non-existent as his attainments improved over time. Later on, they would be able to obtain terrifying fortunes.

"Naoi, write a letter to Chu Feng and invite him over to Deity Biomedicals."
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