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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 346: Catching the Divine Beast Whelp

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Chapter 346: Catching the Divine Beast Whelp
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Chu Feng's expression was odd as he looked on at the flying knife. He knew the weapon was simply too powerful. It flew past him while emanating astonishing levels of energy.

It possessed frightening spirituality and could draw upon the free energy in the air on its own.

But it was simply too odd. It would let out dog barks during battle—was this supposed to frighten the enemies or cause them to roar with laughter?

"Should I be calling you flying dog from now on?" Chu Feng mumbled as he continued to flee swiftly.

He stopped after reaching the place with the golden eggshell and ran over to the place where he had deployed the domains. He observed in detail and found that it hadn't been broken yet.

"Let's just leave first. We can come back and catch this whelp later on." Chu Feng pondered. He was afraid the old Taoist would catch up and fight it out with him.

However, he laid down even more domains here for fear of the trapped creature running away.

"Go, go, go!"

Chu Feng and the old grandmaster hurriedly ran away.

As for the items on the altar, he was no longer in the mood to touch them because there was currently no way for him to climb up there. The stone bowl falling down was the work of the small grinding stone.

Before the altar, the old Taoist was sitting cross-legged, his whole body enshrouded in purple mist. He possessed astonishing strength which made even the crippled old woman quite apprehensive.

His appearance was solemn and dignified like an old immortal. He sat there silently while his body glowed with lustrous radiance. There was a certain transcendent temperament about him.

However, the sounds of barking dogs occasionally came through despite his attempts to suppress them. This caused many people to glance at each other with odd expressions.

Finally, he opened his eyes swiftly and cried out in rage. He simply couldn't erase the spiritual glow on his body.

He stood up with a dark face and paced about, but he could no longer think of any more methods.

Soon, his eyes were drawn to a certain place! He found magnetic stones hidden within random rocks nearby. Following which, his eyes grew wide open as he found more and more of them.

"You little bastard! This Taoist grandpa will get you for that!"

The old Taoist was now anxious. He no longer had that sage-like elegance as he stomped in exasperation.

"Where is he?!"

"Goddammit! That little bastard has run away? You dare trick your Taoist grandpa here?!"

The old Taoist was so utterly furious that even his fingers were trembling. He wanted to teach this boy a lesson, but in the end, he was tricked. How could this old swindler accept this?

"Granddaughter, let's go! Let's chase after him!" The old Taoist, seething with anger, grabbed onto the girl's wrist and frantically chased after Chu Feng at lightning speed.

The rebellious lady found it difficult to disobey after seeing her grandpa's miserable condition, so she could only run along.

However, barking sounds could be heard when the old man circulated his energy to run, growing louder as the flow of energy grew more violent with an increase in speed.

The group was dumbfounded as they watched him leave.

At this time, the problem-lady spoke, "Grandpa, it feels like we're running away frantically after being chased by dogs. It's quite alarming."

"You little evildoer, do you want to anger me to death?!" The old Taoist was so angry that his face was almost black.

"But that's the truth. Who told you to go and harm other people? Now you're feeling the effects of instant karma! I heard this thing is related to the field of domains. You should request Big Brother Chu to help you solve this problem with domain methods."

"I have to beg him? I'd rather beat him to death than do that!" The old Taoist ran swiftly, causing the barking sounds to grow louder and louder. He was so angry that he wanted to bang his head into the ground.

Seeing the old Taoist disappear, everyone glanced at each other.

"This old Taoist's possesses a transcendent temperament but is actually quite the scoundrel. Serves him right, haha!"

Everyone broke out in laughter. They realized that Chu Feng likely didn't fall for the trick and had instead schemed against the old Taoist. Otherwise, why would he flee with a guilty conscience? It seemed Chu Feng understood this secret liquid.

After laughing, they wandered around for a period of time before withdrawing helplessly. With Chu Feng missing, they had no one who understood domains, so they didn't dare to charge in recklessly.

Now, everyone had noticed that Chu Feng's value was too great. Working with him to open mysterious spaces on famed mountains would result in great rewards.

Some people were hesitating whether they should rouse those slumbering "foundations".

In the end, Mount Tai was once again silent. They went back along their original path and found their way out without any problem.

Some people looked back repeatedly. Would this place become Chu Feng's "private plot"?

The offerings on the altar were too astonishing. They were sufficient to make people go mad with envy. Would they be able to get their hands on all of them after Chu Feng improved his attainments in the field of domains?

Some people could hardly calm down.

That day, an old Taoist frantically ran down from Mount Tai and crossed over 400 kilometers. Sounds of barking dogs could be heard all the way, making it seem as if he was being chased by dogs.

He stopped many times along the way to investigate. He really wanted to chase down Chu Feng.

Many people along the way refused to talk with him. "Taoist grandpa, don't come over here. I hear dogs chasing you. Stay away!"

"Taoist grandpa, don't drag me down. That's odd, where are the dogs?"

The old Taoist was so angry that he wanted to beat people up. "Do you lot even know how to speak tactfully? All of you shut up! I'm the one chasing down a certain disgraceful brat!"

Chu Feng didn't go very far and was still on Mount Tai. It was just that he had deployed a domain to hide himself and the old grandmaster.

Chu Feng moved out only after a long time when he reckoned the people had probably left. He was going to enter the mysterious space once again to capture the young divine beast.

He didn't let the old grandmaster enter the mysterious space for fear of unforeseen events.

"Senior, please guard the outside. Take action to seize it if the little thing scuttles out in misery. If it's a terrifying and aggressive creature, then just hide. Don't take the risk!"

Chu Feng wasn't afraid if it was a young beast. He could probably capture it alone. If it really was a terrifying creature with the strength of a demonic god, then it would be impossible even with the old grandmaster's help.

There was mist in all directions. A certain cobblestone path hung in the air, along which Chu Feng walked in calmly.

"Just what race is it? It hatched from a golden egg and possesses both scales and feathers. This is too odd."

Chu Feng suspiciously approached the place once again and picked up the shells to observe.

Suddenly, Chu Feng raised his head after sensing someone nearby. The other party had just walked out of the forest.

At the same time, those people also saw him.

A young man smiled and said, "Look who we have here? Our domain grandmaster Chu Feng has returned secretly."

His name was Zhu Ming, a genius who had just joined the Hollow Jade Temple recently.

He wore his hair short and was clad in comfortable sportswear. He held a silver spear in his hand.

Obviously, Zhu Ming was quite surprised and delighted to have found his prey.

Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression. He knew that this person was a newly risen king level entity who had entered the Hollow Jade Temple because he was with the Hollow Jade Temple Master a while ago.

He hadn't expected Zhu Ming's group to have stayed behind after everyone had left Mount Tai.

"Chu Feng, you sure have guts. You dare come back alone?" Zhu Ming revealed a mocking smile and said, "You left the Hollow Jade Temple once, but how about I 'invite' you back today?"

The man felt that he could make great contributions today by capturing Chu Feng and bringing him back to the Hollow Jade Temple.

As for the rumors saying that Chu Feng had broken off relations with the Hollow Jade Temple, he didn't care that much. Right now, Chu Feng was his prey.

"Ha! Quite interesting. You dare come back alone. It seems we will gain something valuable here after all," another man spoke—his name was Liu Tong.

He wasn't very old, but despite seemingly about 25 or 26 years of age, he was emitting powerful energy fluctuations. His eyes were resplendent and possessed a purple glow to it.

Liu Tong had entered the Eight Visions Temple and also belonged to the new rising king level experts.

"Chu Feng, why don't you follow us back to the Eight Visions Temple?" Liu Tong revealed a faint smile. He believed this was a good opportunity to capture Chu Feng.

Not to mention his old enmity with the temples, his current ability as a domain researcher was already sufficient for the two temple masters to covet him.

"You two want to capture me?" Chu Feng finally spoke.

"If you are understanding, then we might not need to," Liu Tong said lazily.

"Ah, before that, you should take us to continue searching for fortunes. Did you come back secretly because you have a method to climb the altar? Perform well now!" Zhu Ming's eyes were glowing brilliantly with expectation.

Chu Feng broke into a laughter. These people really thought he was crippled and that they could suppress him easily.

He laughed coldly and said, "You two sure are confident. You dare threaten me?"

Zhu Ming laughed loudly and said, "You still think you're the great Demon King Chu? The times have changed. After the world underwent another upheaval, we have become top-grade kings while you are now crippled."

"Chu Feng, let me warn you. You better not move recklessly or you'll meet an ugly fate," Liu Tong threatened.

They were afraid that Chu Feng would deploy domains. But they weren't too scared because the latter's hands seemed empty and there weren't any magnetic stones in the surroundings."

Chu Feng's expression turned solemn. "Who do you think you are? Even the Hollow Jade Temple Master and Eight Visions Temple Master wouldn't dare talk to me like this!"

"Are you kidding? You should know your own situation, yet you dare speak so arrogantly. There will be serious consequences if I'm not happy," Zhu Ming spoke with a cold expression as he approached step by step.

"Haha…" The others all broke into laughter.

There were actually beast race members and humans among them. They had been lying in wait under the Hollow Jade and Eight Visions Temple Masters' orders to see who would come back in secret.

The group included experts with four to six severed shackles.

"So, the consequences will be dire if you're unhappy, huh?" Chu Feng sneered as he strode forward to meet the other man.

Zhu Ming moved with a swoosh and attacked Chu Feng swiftly to prevent the latter from deploying domains. He was prepared to capture the other party directly and give him some lessons.

However, the cold smile on his face froze. That was because Chu Feng had moved even faster—he grasped Zhu Ming's neck and broke it with a crackling sound.

"Ah…" He was terrified. There was astonishment in his eyes as he fell twitching onto the ground. He didn't die immediately and lay there staring fixedly at Chu Feng.

"What, you… weren't you crippled?!" Liu Tong felt his hair stand on end. He was terrified and began to retreat swiftly.

The others also felt their blood run cold. The Demon King Chu of the past was a peerless entity. They couldn't help but feel apprehensive even though there were top-grade experts with six severed shackles among them.

That was because they had all looked up to Chu Feng at one point. They only rose rapidly during the recent upheavals.


He caught up to Liu Tong in the blink of an eye. He broke the latter's neck and tossed him onto the ground.

"Run!" the others cried loudly.

"So weak! And you dare call yourselves kings?!" Chu Feng chased them down.


The radiance from a single fist strike drowned out the heaven and earth as a person in front of him burst into pieces.


The next moment, Chu Feng appeared once more in front of another person and delivered another fist strike. The victim resisted with all his might, but in the end, both arms were broken and his body was torn to pieces.

Chu Feng whistled through the air with brilliant radiance like a great sun crossing the skies.

He finished off everyone here with a few fists.

On the ground, Zhu Ming and Liu Tong wore expressions of fear and astonishment. They didn't die immediately after their necks were broken. After seeing the scene playing out before them, they were almost shocked to death instead.

They wore dreadful expressions and were gasping for breath.

"Comparatively, I prefer taking action myself instead of studying domains in silence. You lot are just too weak," Chu Feng said.

The two on the ground were alarmed.

Bang! Bang!

Chu Feng's stomps descended and trampled the two to death. He didn't want to wait until they gradually lost their breath.

In the end, he arrived at a certain area and began to unravel his domains.


He heard movement. There was a startled creature within.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to bring you home." Chu Feng softened his voice as best as he could and prepared to catch the divine beast whelp. He was curious as to what it would be.

He felt that it might be an object of primordial legends!
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