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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 339: Opening the Pilgrimage Grounds

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Chapter 339: Opening the Pilgrimage Grounds
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Han Fei, the man with the red mark between his brows was overcome by an intense sense of defeat. To him, it was too outrageous for a native to actually be able to compete against a genius of the outer realm.

This was especially true for someone whom he felt was a cripple. This was too laughable.

There was unwillingness within his frosty eyes, but he was able to disguise them quite well. He had to report this matter and remove this potential threat during its budding phase.

On earth, whoever capable of grasping the critical moment and obtaining top-grade resources would be able to take the lead.

But how was he to escape? This was the biggest problem!

Although Han Fei felt quite restless, he was still felt relatively fortunate compared to the other person. He wore a smile on his face and told Chu Feng that he had no ill intentions. He explained that he was truly appreciative of talents and only wanted to invite Chu Feng over to study domains.

According to him, there were secret volumes to be found on Mount Lao, which was now occupied by Deity Biomedicals.

Chu Feng didn't pay attention to him and began his interrogation immediately.

Chu Feng had Han Fei's neck in a tight grip akin to clutching a dead duck. Killing intent rose within his heart due to the fury and humiliation.

Chu Feng asked questions continuously. For instance, where his father was, from which realm and lineage they came from, how strong they were, etc?

Han Fei's replies weren't smooth because he wasn't quite clear regarding these matters. Several inconsistencies appeared in his last-moment fabrications, which were immediately uncovered by the keen Chu Feng.

Han Fei was immediately drenched in cold sweat.

"Your role as a bastard really isn't too big," Chu Feng said.

Han Fei didn't dare express the killing intent in his mind. He inwardly swore that he would have people strangle Chu Feng later on and kill off this native.

However, he put on as much of a smile as possible and actively mentioned various things about Lin Naoi. He spoke of many details about her and wanted to draw himself closer to Chu Feng.


In his terrified eyes, he saw Chu Feng directly break his neck mercilessly and resolve things on the spot.

"How hateful!" At the last moment, his throat moved with great difficulty and let out a growl. As the descendant of a descended being, he had always considered himself an outer realm disciple who would, one day, return to the mother star and live a resplendent life. How could he die in the hands of a native?

Chu Feng tossed him to the ground as if he was throwing away the carcass of a dog and watched him draw his final breaths.

He had gotten as much information as he could out of Han Fei, but Chu Feng was quite disappointed because the man knew too little.

He roughly understood that Han Fei's father was resting in a hibernation-like state at the north pole, probably around the so-called Qilin Lair.

However, he didn't know the actual location.

At the same time, he had also unexpectedly discovered that there was a secret within Lin Naoi's body and she was viewed as someone with great importance. She would likely be sent back to their so-called "mother star".

Before long, the old grandmaster returned and informed Chu Feng that he had dealt with two bird kings.

Even kings who were able to fly through the air had been beaten down. This was astonishing.

"Even outer-realm descenders have appeared. Will this attract a lot of trouble?" The old grandmaster frowned.

"It doesn't matter." Chu Feng shook his head. He wasn't worried because Han Fei had arrived here of his own volition and hadn't told anyone about this. He had ascertained the situation thoroughly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have squished the man to death immediately.

He was just disappointed that Han Fei didn't know too much.

Han Fei had entered the misty domain in secret, hoping to capture him in secret. This provided Chu Feng with a convenient opportunity—he didn't even need to consider the consequences.

"Sigh, I'm a bit regretful," Chu Feng mumbled.

"How so?" the old grandmaster asked.

"I should've let him capture me to Mount Lao and comprehend the domain books there." With his strength, he wouldn't need to fear even if he was taken to Mount Lao. After all, Han Fei's father hadn't come into being.

"I hope other corporations will come and capture me. If their mountains and sects have benefits for me, I definitely won't resist and just let them capture me."

After hearing such words, even someone with great moral values like the old grandmaster didn't know what to say.

If it was the black yak and the Manchurian Tiger, they would definitely respond intimately. The group of evildoers would be extremely happy to cooperate and drain the corporations of their hidden resources.

The very same day, the sky was still filled with clouds when more people came in.

"You lot want to capture me?" Chu Feng revealed an excited expression and his eyes were fiery.

A total of three people had charged in. After seeing the situation and the look in Chu Feng's eyes, they were shocked out of their wits because they felt something was totally off.

But the three of them soon calmed themselves. A lady from among them said with a cold laugh, "What a joke! Why should we want you? We're here to kill you!"

It didn't take a lot of thinking to know that these people came from the southern sea. They wanted revenge probably because they had connections to Hei Teng and Hei Chi.

Chu Feng's expression immediately broke down and said furiously, "What's the use if you don't have secret domain books and want to bring me away to study them?"

Goddammit, what was this situation?! The three people were speechless. This wretched fellow was hoping to be captured?!

"Kill!" Two men and one woman charged towards Chu Feng.

Their fate was naturally very miserable. Chu Feng, who had flown into a rage due to disappointment, slapped them all to death. They all reverted to their true forms which Chu Feng promptly tossed into the Pristine Jade Bottle.

After the refinement of the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace, the bottle showed no visible change on the exterior but the space inside had increased by several times. It was now 800 cubic meters.

Chu Feng suspected there were restrictions within this treasure and that it was lifted during the refinement on Mount Zhijin, hence resulting in the increased size.

"Why isn't anyone coming to capture me?"

During the two days that followed, Chu Feng was full of complaints because the thing he was expecting didn't happen at all. Everything was peaceful.

The following day, the centenarian monk Qian Jia from Bodhi Biogenetics appeared. Chu Feng had met him back on Mount Putuo, but now his strength had increased to become an extreme king level entity.

"Amitabha Buddha, excellent, excellent."

The old monk's skin was a light golden color and his countenance appeared extremely amiable. Even a Buddhist radiance had begun to appear behind his head. He possessed a certain Golden Arhat Breathing Technique and thus his strength was quite terrifying.

What's the meaning of this? The old monk immediately muttered excellent after meeting him. What was the matter? Chu Feng was puzzled but very soon he understood that the old monk was announcing his contributions.

Jiang Luoshen was following beside the old monk. Her figure was slender and elegant—she had become even more alluring after becoming a king level entity. She said with a sweet smile, "Chu Feng, you should be thanking us. Master Qian Jia drove away four groups of people with evil intentions."

"What people are those?" Chu Feng asked.

"Don't worry. I'm guessing they were here to capture you because they lack any killing intent." Jiang Luoshen smiled. Her red lips were bright, enticing and even shining.

Chu Feng was immediately dissatisfied after hearing this. As it turned out, the old monk had blocked his "fortune".

He was truly… angry but couldn't vent. He was hoping to be captured because Mount Tai could be visited any other time.

Of course, people would definitely be flabbergasted and curse him in their minds if they heard his thoughts.

"How are you going to thank us?" Jiang Luoshen's figure was impressive and her skin was sparkling and almost translucent. Her fair countenance was pure and beautiful. At this time, there were waves flowing within her charming eyes. She was on the attack.

Chu Feng shot her a sidelong glance. He was dissatisfied at heart because he had been deprived of good stuff. He immediately placed his hands on Jiang Luoshen's shoulders and gazed into her eyes with deep emotion. "You treat me too well. I understand your feelings."

Jiang Luoshen could no longer endure. She trembled with goosebumps appearing all over her body. She urgently slapped away his perverted hands because she knew this fellow was doing it intentionally.

The old monk Qian Jia pretended not to see and began to recite Buddha's name in meditation without looking sideways.

Some commotion was heard in the distance.

Chu Feng turned around to discover that many people had already arrived. The various major powers had completed their preparations and most of their people had already assembled. They had come to ascend the Pilgrimage Grounds with Chu Feng.

Lin Naoi had also come and was standing in the distance. Her countenance was limpid and beautiful as she gazed towards him in silence.

The old woman had also arrived, carried by other people. She sat there with a hearty spirit despite having lost half her body.

Chu Feng nodded towards them. He had killed Han Fei three days ago. Hopefully, these people wouldn't be able to tell. Presently, there shouldn't be any problem.

Mount Tai. There was no mountain bigger, no mountain with more history than it.

Mount Tai was vast and majestic. After the great upheaval, it reached up countless kilometers into the sky and stood tall between the heaven and earth. Its loftiness and majesty truly shook one's heart.

Along the road, one could see the cliffs glowing and rosy red clouds. The scenery was very divine.

This place was no longer the same as before. A hazy brilliance from the summit was flowing down along the precipices.

Chu Feng's group began to climb up the mountain and arrived at the Jade King Peak.

The heavy mist still hung in the air.

Jade King Peak wasn't very big before the upheavals. Now, it was impossible to walk to its ends because of the enshrouding mist. It was like the abode of an immortal.

"A peerless domain." Chu Feng sighed.

This time, his vision was no longer the same after coming here. He could see through the essence of everything. This area was naturally caused by the opening of folded spaces.

The most important part was the extension of domains. The whole place was simply too extraordinary.

He vaguely sensed a geography akin to a flying immortal soaring to the skies. He could even hear the indistinct sounds of the forebears offering sacrifices here!

Chu Feng's eyes glowed brightly as he activated the Fiery Eyes. Immediately, he saw through the talismans and symbols buried under the earth. He became extremely excited because everything was too profound.

The domains here were the work of the gods!

"Why are your eyes a light golden color?" Jiang Luoshen asked suspiciously.

"It was burnt and still hasn't recovered. Luoshen, don't keep swaying in front of me. I still need to concentrate on work," said Chu Feng, untrue to his own desires.

Chu Feng paused repeatedly along the way. Sometimes, he would dig into the earth and observe carefully, and in other times, he would lower his head in silence for some time. This area was truly extraordinary and the ancient domain symbols here were astonishingly abstruse.

Finally, they arrived at the depths of the bewildering mist. It was also where it was easiest to get lost.

The fragrance of flowers suffused the area and the scent of fruits assaulted one's senses. It was an absolutely unfathomable space, but they were unable to access it because they couldn't find an entrance.

Chu Feng began to ponder and would occasionally carve symbols onto magnetic stones and arrange them into a small domain. He was performing some experiments.

"This won't do. We'll likely fall into a soul-stealing domain if we walk straight in. This is an upgraded version of the ghostly labyrinth!"

"It's not good if we walk diagonally either. We'll arrive at a solar essence gathering cave and be immediately burnt to ashes."

Chu Feng studied and experimented repeatedly. He felt that this area was dotted with domains not so far from each other. All of them were the fruits of the meticulous care invested by the ancient beings. They seemed to have attached incomparable importance to this place.

He used a total of eight days, spending a large number of magnetic stones and jades before he made progress—but the progress was stunning. Only these major corporations would be able to afford such an investment.

A cobblestone path materialized. It seemed like a floating bridge because there was only empty air below and around the path which extended into a space emitting a hazy splendor.

"Did he really succeed?!"

Everyone was astonished and sighed in secret admiration of Chu Feng's heaven-defying methods.

Was the great treasure of Mount Tai about to be opened in advance?

After the great changes, countless experts had come to attack this place. Although they had charged up many times, few have ever obtained anything.

Everyone knew that back then, this place would be extraordinary in the future. As the domains on the famed mountains dissolved on their own and the main peaks were revealed, there would definitely be all types of divine trees and sage fruits just waiting to come into being.

Who had expected that Chu Feng would be able to open a path and let everyone in?

The Hollow Jade Temple Master and the Eight Visions Temple Master were also within the crowd. Their faces were so gloomy that water was about to drip down from them. They had considered this place to be their private plot but now they were about to be forced to share it with everyone.

They were truly regretful—they really shouldn't have let Chu Feng go that day. If he was still in Hollow Jade Temple, they could have him attack the domains and the fortunes would belong solely to them.

At this time, the gazes with which everyone looked at Chu Feng had changed. There were so many famed mountains in the world. If they had Chu Feng on their side, the road to evolution would be full of brilliance and splendor!

This type of person must be kept within one's grasp at all costs!

Under Chu Feng's leadership, the group of people walked forward along the floating cobblestone path. The surroundings were filled with white mist. Everyone proceeded cautiously and didn't dare to be careless for fear of falling down.

In the end, they arrived at the entrance of the space. There was a stone platform here that could bear the weight of all the kings.

"Eh, is that…" Chu Feng was about to drool as he stared towards the front with brilliant eyes. He was able to see everything clearly because his Fiery Eyes afforded him stronger visual acuity than anyone else.

"What did you see?" Jiang Luoshen inquired, touching his shoulder from beside him.

Chu Feng turned back and glanced at her chest before answering subconsciously, "How big!"

"Where are you looking at? What nonsense are you spouting?!" This time, she saw that Chu Feng's eyes were too abnormal. They were overflowing with a golden glow which gave her goosebumps.

"Your thoughts are so impure! What nonsense are you thinking about? I'm saying that there's a golden egg in the depths of this space. It's so large and round," Chu Feng replied in all due seriousness.

At this time, others also began to see. Everyone was shocked as the mist was dispersed by the wind. Was that a divine egg? There were some golden trees nearby and in their midst was a single round golden egg. It was too magical and flowing with dazzling radiance.

Everyone swallowed hard. They wanted nothing more than to rush in and grab the treasure. But no one dared to move after glancing at Chu Feng because there might be dangerous domains in there.

Chu Feng pondered for over two hours and found a safe path through which he walked in directly. Everyone else became excited and immediately rushed in with a loud rumble.

"I have trouble seeing through the area up front. Who wants to go and test out the waters? Could that be a dragon's egg?" Chu Feng urged.

The group immediately became excited and began to rub their palms together. They wanted to take action.

However, many among them were old demons and each was more intelligent than the other. They didn't dare rush in blindly after seeing that Chu Feng wasn't moving.

"Let me say this beforehand. If you lot don't take action right now, don't fight with me if I get it first!" Chu Feng announced.

"Brother Chu, don't worry. You made such a major contribution, and it's natural that you get the first pick of the fortunes." Some hypocritical people began to speak. The whole place became momentarily chaotic with the sounds of discussion and debate.

"Did Han Fei come to see you?" At this time, Lin Naoi approached Chu Feng and asked quietly.

"No!" Chu Feng decisively denied.
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