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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 337: Next Stop, the Pilgrimage Grounds

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Chapter 337: Next Stop, the Pilgrimage Grounds
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Lightning? Was that some sort of joke? The sun was shining brightly in the blue skies. Where would lightning come from?

With a pfft, Jiang Luoshen broke into a laughter. "Maybe you did too many evil things and now you're scared of being struck by lightning.

Chu Feng's heart thumped hard—he wanted to say that it was somewhat true.

He naturally wouldn't admit to this and replied with all due seriousness. "I feel a little bit guilty about you, but I'm definitely not ashamed."

"What did you do to be guilty?" Jiang Luoshen became alert. She found it odd and became uneasy. Especially when his golden eyes lit up, her heart would start to race.

"What are you looking at?" she scolded gently. That was because Chu Feng was too unrestrained—his eyes were sizing her up from head to toe in the presence of so many people.

"Do you really need to be so uptight? This isn't the first time we've met."

"Oooh, why do I feel so attracted to his cool eyes? There's lightning in his eyes when he's gazing at big sister." The young but alluring problem-lady chuckled.

Chu Feng's face turned red. Although he understood that these people had no idea that his eyes had been refined into the Fiery Eyes within the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace, he still felt somewhat guilty. It felt as if he was an adulterer who would soon be caught red-handed in bed.

At the same time, he rubbed his nose because he feared he would overheat and erupt into a nosebleed. He felt he was already growing a sty.

Glancing at his surroundings, he, himself, felt this was too unrestrained. He really shouldn't be doing this. What a sin!

However, he couldn't solve this problem immediately. The Fiery Eyes were too tyrannical. He had no idea how to hide the special ability at the moment.

Otherwise, if he kept on staring at people like this, it would be interesting in the beginning but would become unbearable later on.

For instance, gazing at Jiang Luoshen and the problem-lady was, in fact, a beautiful and visually impacting feast.

Naturally, he believed this was a form of art—just pure art and nothing else. But even so, he felt his conscience being strained and started to blush.

However, what he was seeing wasn't just Jiang Luoshen, but everyone else. For instance, he could see the old Taoist walking over with a very ugly expression.

Additionally, the old Taoist wasn't in the crowd. He was approaching from right in front.

"Old Taoist, you're so filthy!" Chu Feng cried out oddly. At this time, his eyes felt similarly pained. He wanted to wash off his eyes because this scene wasn't enjoyable at all.

The old man was limping and his robes were in tatters. Even though he had changed into a new purple outfit, it was already torn once again.

That wasn't the main point. The most important was that the old fellow was swaying towards him from the front.

Chu Feng was able to see right through everyone. No amount of clothes could hide the innate qualities.

When he had faced all the male kings earlier, they were all sideways and only Jiang Luoshen was facing him directly.

But right now he felt this old shameless man, despite his absurd strength, was simply too unpleasing to the eyes!

The old Taoist was full of resentment. However, he hadn't even said anything when that little bastard actually started calling him filthy! This was absolutely unbearable!

"Little bastard, you're really capable, huh? Not only did you burn this Taoist grandpa half dead, but you also kept moaning in weird voices. Are you courting death or are you courting death?!"

The old Taoist scolded Chu Feng while grimacing from his injuries. It almost seemed as if he was grinning in a sinister manner.

To Chu Feng, the old Taoist's smile in combination with his "indecent swaying posture" made him seem like… a pervert!

"You shameless old man!"

Chu Feng felt his eyes hurt because the scene was simply too nasty. As such, he had to glance at the rebellious young lady to seek some mental balance.

"Brat, what did you say?!" The old Taoist was furious. He hadn't even flipped out yet, but this little fellow dared treat him disrespectfully?!

Chu Feng didn't look at him but instead said with a dry cough. "Old man, what I wanted to ask was how is your family raising their children? What do they eat? Look at her peerlessly exquisite little face! She seems quite young but her figure simply too well developed."

"Big Bro Chu Feng, if you put it that way, I'll feel quite embarrassed." The rebellious lady was quite young but her figure was tall, thin and extremely alluring. After seeing her current flirtatious attitude, many people couldn't help saying in secret how much of an alluring lady she was.

The old Taoist began to fold his sleeves in dissatisfaction.

"You dare have thoughts on my granddaughter? I'll beat you, you little bastard!" The old Taoist glared. He had long since had an unfavorable impression of this youngster after repeatedly being made into reverse teaching material.

The problem-lady twisted her waist like a swaying willow and rapidly moved in front of Chu Feng. "Grandpa, I'll cut all ties with you if you continue to be unreasonable and keep on interfering with my personal life!"

"Move!" The old Taoist was furious.

"Old man, everything can be discussed as long as you don't keep swaying right in front of me!" said Chu Feng. He then added, "Furthermore, I think your situation isn't too good right now."

"What did you say?!" The old man felt Chu Feng to be too insolent. How dare this youngster tell him not to appear in front of him again. How... arrogant!

"Don't misunderstand, senior. You've been infected by the tomb's poison. A dark energy is appearing between your brows. You should deal with it fast," said Chu Feng. His eyes were extremely sharp and could see everything clearly. There was a dark mist coiling in the old man's body and was beginning to rise up.

The old man's expression changed rapidly. In truth, he had long since discovered this and had come over to bring his granddaughter away. He didn't want to stay here any longer.

He hadn't expected there to be such a terrifying tomb on earth. This had completely exceeded his expectations. The legendary character buried there should be someone of great origins.

"Senior, you must undergo a bone-scraping procedure right away. Otherwise, you'll be in mortal danger!" Chu Feng said solemnly.

"Why is there a rotten odor?" someone asked.

After hearing this, the old Taoist's expression turned ugly. His buttocks were struck by the black hairy hand. Could it be rotting already? He also noticed the rotten scent.

"Let's go!" The old Taoist grabbed the problem-lady and left without any more delays.

This time, the rebellious lady realized the problem was quite serious and thus didn't retort. She left swiftly with the old man.

"Brother Chu Feng, what exactly happened just now? Why were there flames rushing towards the sky? Why were those people burned to death while you're… unharmed?!"

At this time, a group of people had surrounded Chu Feng and was bombarding him with questions. Everyone was suspicious and some were emitting killing intent.

With so many experts dead, the implications were quite serious.

The powers that had lost their experts were naturally heartbroken and furious. As for those unrelated people, they were feeling quite relaxed and only wanted to know the truth.

"I already told them in advance not to rush into the restricted area, lest they invite a huge calamity. I warned everyone but some people just won't listen to my advice and even dragged me into it!"

Chu Feng pointed at the surface of his body which had been charred black. Apparently, he had suffered significant injuries—at least it seemed that way.

"You all saw what was going on. Especially my eyes! I can barely see right now. Those bastards have harmed me!" Chu Feng appeared extremely resentful. He blinked his shining golden eyes as he spoke.

This made everyone momentarily speechless. Were his eyes really damaged by the flames? Why did they feel as if his eyes were even more spirited right now? They looked like two golden lanterns.

"Chu Feng, are you alright?" Lin Naoi walked forward. Her countenance was the very picture of beauty and purity.

Chu Feng glanced at her and almost choked. Although he had long since known her and was once her boyfriend in name, this was the first time he had sized her up this way. The scene was white, shining and brilliant.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm fine. I was just burnt by the flames and overheating inside."


The sound of thunder resounded in the sky. Chu Feng's body tensed up and cursed, "Goddammit! Am I really about to be struck by lightning?!"

He was petrified as he gazed towards the sky.

However, there wasn't any lightning there and only a blue sky as far as the eye could see.

"It's coming from near the domain on Mount Zhijin, not from the sky!" someone reminded.

"Oh, I see. That's wonderful!" Chu Feng let out a sigh of relief. This must be the so-called guilty conscience.

He added, "My degeneration is severe and I'm already a half-cripple. My divine instincts are no longer as sharp."

Chu Feng activated his internal vision as he spoke and suppressed his energy levels a step further by directing them into the black and white grinding stone.

The group of people all acknowledged his words whether or not they had thoughts towards Chu Feng. His present attainments in the field of domains were unrivaled on earth. Many of them still needed to work together with him.

Those people died too wrongly. All related parties were about to vomit blood!

The group of people accompanied Chu Feng back to the mountain and observed from the distance.

"An evil monster is running rampant in the tomb underground. It's actually attracting lightning from thin air. The thunderbolt just now was evidently threatening it!" someone said with a solemn expression.

Chu Feng observed for a good while before saying, "We can't use this place for the time being because the balance here has been broken. That ancient corpse might just climb out of its tomb next time."

An agonized voice was transmitted from the area as a chunk of coal began to move and clambered up with great effort. This scared the whole group.

After a closer look, it was actually the old woman from Deity Biomedicals—she had actually survived despite missing the lower half of her body—her vitality was quite shocking.

The young man with a red mark between his brows glanced coldly at Chu Feng before rushing in swiftly to support her.

The group crowded over because they already knew she was probably an outer realm life form with great origins.

Unexpectedly, she had almost died before accomplishing great things. She had come into being just recently but now she had been burnt into a cripple.

However, all parties were cautious and treated her with respect. They wanted to form a relationship with her and open up a future path.

"Senior, your vitality is miraculously powerful." Chu Feng walked up and praised spuriously. Following which, he said solemnly, "Where is your divine mountain? I want to go back with you and study domains."

Now he really wanted to go because his strength had already recovered. He had nothing to fear with the diamond chakram in hand. Hence, he had set his eyes on the secret domain books collected by the old woman's party. He wanted to pack everything up.

Naturally, if these people had evil intentions, he wouldn't mind starting a massacre at Deity Biomedicals.

The old woman was enraged. She was completely sullen because she had been crippled right after emerging from obscurity.

Now Chu Feng was asking to enter the mountains with her. This made her quite suspicious and even somewhat apprehensive. The domain just now had surged with eight trigram flames and incinerated enemies in all directions. Was it related to this young man?

Everyone left the place together and returned to Jiangning City.

It was impossible to deploy more domains here in the short term.

However, all parties hoped to borrow Chu Feng's strength to nurture and upgrade their divine weapons.

At this time, someone was staring fixed at his diamond chakram with burning eyes.

"We can switch to another location and deploy again," a corporate agent suggested.

"Let's go to the Pilgrimage Grounds. Is there any place with more astonishing geography than that place? Yes, especially since brother Chu Feng's attainment in the field of domains is so astonishing, we might even be able to open up new paths that will lead us to the altar. There are mysterious spaces with ancient sacred trees where we can gain a great fortune."

Some people thus advised. That was because Mount Tai had recently become suffused with medicinal fragrance but no one could find the entrance.

But the place was of utmost importance, and up till now, very few have ever obtained any fortune from that place. This was obviously abnormal.

Everyone felt that the Pilgrimage Grounds, being the number one holy land, would yield astonishing fortunes once the correct path was found.

The Hollow Jade Temple Master's expression changed. He didn't wish for other people to go there.

Chu Feng said after hearing this suggestion, "Very well, let's go there then!"

That was because he wanted to probe the real situation behind the Pilgrimage Grounds.

Mount Zhijin possessed the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace. What could there be in the Pilgrimage Grounds?
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