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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 334: Refining Kings

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Chapter 334: Refining Kings
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Chu Feng's awkward demeanor seemed to many people that he was feeling rather helpless and distressed. They thought he could no longer control the situation.

In the distance, a seemingly kind old man with sagelike features, clad in ancient clothing, was teaching his little granddaughter.

"See? Those so-called domain researchers are the most useless. They seem well-regarded, but in fact they don't amount to much. See how weak he is before absolute strength? What can he do with so many people pressuring him? He's become meat on a platter."

The tall old man was wearing ancient clothing and possessed an immortal temperament. In the distance, Chu Feng was astonished. He couldn't help but think if this man was an ancient person from the outer realm.

There was a little girl beside the old man who seemed to be 12 or 13 years of age. She was extremely beautiful despite her age and was already quite stylish. She wore smokey makeup around her large charming eyes and had polished her nails red. Her red lips matched her exceptionally mature apparel. Everything about her was enchanting.

Additionally, she was extremely rebellious. She blinked her large eyes and rolled her eyes at the old man. "I don't care, I just like domain researchers! You have to save him. I want to take him as my master!"

"Nonsense! Our lineage is considered supreme. How can we allow you to go to another sect?" The sagelike old man glared momentarily. He had already lost his wise demeanor.

"Then I'll marry him! I understand his past. He's just too handsome. I love this kind of demon king!" The extremely beautiful problem-lady chuckled.

"You dare!" The old man was now anxious, but in the end, he let out a cold snort and said, "Look closely. See what will happen to him when I go and reveal my suppressive might. He's bound to crawl on the ground and submit beneath my feet. At that time, will you still think he's the cool demon king?"

The white-haired old man strode forward revealing a faint smile and also arrived in the domain. He wanted to trouble Chu Feng because the latter was getting on his nerves.

Looking closely, the old man was wearing a Taoist robe. He was actually a Taoist!

"Old geezer, you better be careful. Don't get suppressed instead!" The 12-year-old girl mocked her grandpa with a brilliant smile.

Her figure and curves were developed beyond her years. However, he face was extremely young and tender. One could see at a glance that she was quite young despite her excessive beauty and great figure.

Chu Feng revealed an odd expression. Counting the old lady and this old man clad in Taoist garb, it seemed two ancient beings had already appeared. He was looking around to see if there were even more.

Fortunately, he didn't find a third such person.

At this time, the people within the domain were all confident in their identities and appeared rather calm. Although they were apprehensive of each other, they didn't care much about Chu Feng and completely looked down on him as he was already in their grasp.

The old woman appeared amiable but her words contained a certain threat. "Young man, you have to understand propriety. Some choices are related to your whole life. A single mistake will leave you in regret for life."

She glanced at Chu Feng with a smile. At this moment, she arrived from the north-west direction and stepped into the critical area of the ancient domain.

The revered eight trigrams furnace possessed astonishing energy in eight different directions. The great tomb was buried below where she stood from which vast amounts of extreme yin energy could be drawn.

Chu Feng smiled secretly. This old fellow was taking advantage of her seniority and thought she could easily take him down. However, she had no idea that she had already entered the pot and was just waiting to be cooked.

He would long since have taken action if he wasn't waiting for "everyone to get into position" so that he could deal with them in one go.

"Chu Feng, I've given you an opportunity, so don't squander it. You must know to appreciate this," Abel said courteously. His golden hair was shining resplendently. His spirited blue eyes were somewhat sunken, making his nose even taller. His complexion was fair and was indeed a handsome man. The distant female evolved beings were moved. After all, he had proclaimed himself a messenger of god and possessed astonishing origins.

"Everyone is in position." Chu Feng realized that these people had arrived at their respective positions while talking.

He mumbled rather faintly and almost no one could hear clearly. Those with better divine instincts were able to vaguely hear some parts of it and felt rather odd. Why should everyone get into position?

At this time, Hei Teng's second brother, Hei Chi had also arrived. He was calm and unruffled amidst all the chaos, laughing satirically and looking down on Chu Feng.

Hei Chi had already seen that all parties were targeting Chu Feng. That old woman and the messenger of god were both tyrannical. If neither would give away, Chu Feng's ultimate fate wouldn't be so great.

"Oh ordinary man, you'll never know how small and weak you are. Did you think you can shift the earth and sky just because you've grasped some domain arts? How laughable!" Hei Chi made fun of him openly. He wasn't afraid anyone would hear him as he advanced towards Chu Feng to threaten him.

Chu Feng stood at his original spot—his expression was shifting frantically—it seemed to others that he was panicking and did not know how to choose.

In truth, he was having a hard time picking a candidate! He was planning to choose the most annoying person and "entertain" him first.

This group of people would likely be badly enraged if only they knew Chu Feng was actually examining them with picky eyes as if they were goods.

During this time, people such as the old grandmaster and the Dragoness were communicating with him via telepathy. They wanted to rescue him but was declined by Chu Feng. He warned them not to come near.

Lin Naoi glanced towards Chu Feng with a worried expression. She tried to convince him once again, telling him to give in temporarily and leave with the old woman. But she, too, was declined.

"I'll say this once again. Everyone, don't move recklessly. It's very dangerous here. Even I can't see through this place despite studying domains. I advise you all to leave quickly."

Chu Feng kindly reminded them one last time with great sincerity. He still appeared somewhat helpless, but to everyone, it seemed as if he was lacking in confidence and at his wit's end.

The old woman revealed a wisp of disdain and was no longer as amiable. That was because she felt that the constantly rejecting Chu Feng was not "obedient" enough and needed to be "educated". She planned to punish him.

The messenger of god appeared quite courteous but an expression of disdain flashed past his countenance. He felt that Chu Feng was so dumb that he hadn't even realized the dangerous situation he was in.

"Heh heh, my darling granddaughter, see now? It's said that scholars are absolutely useless. Right now, he's just a piece of meat on the chopping block waiting to be cut, sliced and tossed into the pot."

The sagelike old Taoist smiled as he stroked his beard and squinted his eyes. He was teaching his granddaughter from a distance.

Chu Feng's face turned dark after hearing this. He had already begun to move and was already activating the domain. At first, he was still hesitating on whom to test the waters. But after hearing his words, Chu Feng picked the old Taoist immediately.

Radiant veined patterns began to appear in the area as the power of the domain became evident. Following which, a giant mass of solar essence rushed out from the ground and towards the old man's butt.


This old man clad in Taoist robes was originally quite confident and possessed the character of an immortal. But now he was crying out miserably and hopping about.

The old man bounced and hopped with loud cries. Before this, he almost seemed like an immortal but now his sagelike temperament was all but gone.


It seemed as if he was imitating the wail of a ghost. He truly couldn't take it any longer because his buttocks were being immolated. Those weren't ordinary flames but the purest of solar essence, and the amount was quite abundant too.

Everyone was staring, flabbergasted.

How come the old man's buttocks had ignited?!

"Grandpa, damned geezer, weren't you going to reveal your suppressive might and have my master submit at your feet? Why is your butt on fire?!"

This evil little lady shouted consecutively. She was actually delighted at the old man's plight.

"Little witch, your grandpa is in pain! What's with your attitude?!" The old Taoist wanted to smack someone because he could no longer bear the intense pain. His whole body began to glow and was emitting an extremely terrifying aura as he tried to extinguish the flames of solar essence.

At this moment, everyone was overwhelmed. This old man was absurdly powerful and had exceeded everyone's expectations. He was almost like a demonic god!

In the distance, the old woman and the messenger of god were shaken and oddly apprehensive.

They had a bad premonition and wanted to escape but it was too late.

Although there was a sequence to Chu Feng's activation, the delay was rather negligible. The ancient domains in eight different places were revived at almost the same time.

Some places surged with solar essence flames which covered the earth with a layer of gold. The rolling conflagration almost distorted the air!

Everyone's spirits were shaken. They were stunned with their hairs standing on end.

What kind of place was this?

Many people wanted to leave but found themselves incapable of doing so. It was extremely frightening after the domain took form and this doubly so with the immediate geography.

The effects of the domain were naturally different according to the topography.

The air almost seemed as if it was walled off. The overwhelming phenomenon appeared in the area—eight masses of fire soared towards the sky and set fire to the firmament. The scene was extremely shocking.

Meanwhile, origin magnetic radiance condensed at the central area to form a simple furnace. It was divine and free from all blemish. This stunned everyone and made their spirits palpitate.

This was simply too unimaginable. Flames surged towards the sky from the eight locations and transformed into an eight trigrams symbol which provided the divine furnace with energy. It was as if the Elder Lord was refining pills and immortals!

This was simply too bizarre!

The place was evidently only a mountainous terrain. How could it produce such bizarre phenomena?


Many experts cried out in misery, but all who had entered the area found themselves trapped and wounded regardless of their strength.

Eight different flames burned in eight different places—there were flames that possessed a bone-deep chill and flames containing indefensible solar essence. Some flames were emitting metallic sounds while certain purple dragon flames emitted draconic cries...

This was too terrifying and bizarre!


Among them, the sagelike old man was jumping vigorously and shouting the loudest. However, it wasn't because he was about to die. In fact, his wounds were the lightest among them all and he was still trying his best to extinguish the flames.

That was because he was the last to enter and hadn't yet reached the most dangerous part.

The old man's location was at the gap between the extreme yin and extreme yang flames, suffering from sudden bouts of hot and cold. His buttocks were burnt and the flames hadn't yet been extinguished. It was both painful and humiliating.

He had originally wanted to prove his theory and use Chu Feng as teaching material to educate his granddaughter but he became the reverse teaching material in the end.

"Grandpa, old man, are you alright? Your buttocks smell well done!" The little demoness laughed happily as she mocked the old man.

"You little evil creature!" The old man was both furious and anxious as he scolded his granddaughter and cursed Chu Feng at the same time.

"Sigh, you've all dragged me into this. I'll probably be refined into a human pill!"

Chu Feng spoke from within the origin magnetic cave which had transformed into the eight trigrams furnace. The area was suffused with a divine light while raging flames surged outside.

Evidently, he was acting because he had no idea if the group of people could actually be burnt to death. In order to ensure his safety, he had to pretend to be trapped in great danger.

"Sigh!" Chu Feng sighed in lamentation but his eyes were observing the people from various powers.

Those who had charged in were completely miserable!

The old lady was scorched until her hair was disheveled and her whole body was charred. She was drowned in black colored extreme yin power and was struggling with great difficulty. Later on, even her hair had been burnt away by the extreme yin flames. Her rosy countenance became shriveled and lost its luster.

"Ah, ah…" She was crying out in misery.

On the other side, one of the so-called divine messenger's arms had been burnt away. Being located within the solar essence, he was enveloped by the golden flames which soared up from the ground.

He wanted to take this opportunity to escape. However, he was pushed back by the power of the domain and soon drowned in the flames.

His long hair had been burnt away and his whole body was emitting the smell of charred flesh.

He was carrying a lantern within which was a flame of extreme yin. It was able to protect him and make him invincible because it was an astonishing magical weapon.

But now it was rendered completely useless because he was standing within the solar essence flames and drowned in flames of extreme yang. The onslaught had extinguished the lantern completely.

However, the empty lantern still had some protective effect. Otherwise, he would have already been burnt to ash.

"Brother Chu Feng, save me! I don't want to be any goddamned messenger anymore. Let me out of this place!" the divine messenger Abel cried out in misery.

After having one arm burnt away, his faith had completely collapsed. That was because he didn't want to die and the only one who might be able to save him was the domain researcher Chu Feng.

"Ah, I'm also quite miserable. I'm trapped in this furnace and unable to escape!" Chu Feng stood there competing in misery with Abel and would even cry out from time to time.

In truth, Chu Feng really did want to cry out in excitement. Beside him, the scarlet flying knife was becoming increasingly red. It was lustrous and glistening after being refined by the revered furnace.

Additionally, he removed the diamond chakram from his hand and placed it in the furnace. With the rise and fall of mysterious energy, the bracelet became increasingly white and mysterious patterns began to appear upon it.

"To have the revered eight trigrams furnace refine the diamond chakram… this is simply the will of the heavens!" He couldn't help but cry out. [1]

As for the black and white grinding stone within his body, it was rotating rapidly and materializing. It even seemed as if it was completely remodeled!

"Ah, ah…"

Hei Chi screamed in misery as he rolled on the ground. Unfortunately, he fell into the metallic flames. Not only was his whole body burnt and charred, but the flames also contained metallic qi which slashed at him like sword beams. He was in an extremely wretched state after having all of his arms and legs cut off.

The others were also in a sorry state. Many experts had already turned to ashes.

"Little friend, do you have a way to bring me out? This old woman apologizes," the old woman screamed in agony. She simply couldn't bear it anymore. Her body was being corroded by the extreme yin energy from the tomb and had almost shriveled up completely.

"Senior, I was hoping you would come and save me. Take me to your divine mountain. I'll go with you!" Chu Feng cried out loudly as if he was trapped.

In truth, he was feeling rather comfortable as he observed the sparkling diamond chakram. He was incomparably excited to see patterns being carved on the radiant white bracelet.

At the same time, the black and white grinding stone within his body was transforming. It would become a fortune enabling him to become a saint in the future. Everything was perfect and he was far from being miserable.

The eight flames weren't laid down by Chu Feng. It was the power of the ancient domains transforming into an eight trigrams flame to provide an endless supply of mysterious energy to the revered furnace at the center.

One would witness a marvelous scene if he were to gaze from afar. The mountains and rivers were forming an eight trigrams to gestate the divine furnace. It was as if the elder monarch himself was refining pills and true immortals.

"Little brother, please stop. This old man was wrong and shouldn't have tried to use you as a reverse teaching material. I'm the actual reverse teaching material. Please let me go. I'll let my granddaughter, the most beautiful lady under the heavens, marry you!"

The old man whose buttocks were burning wailed in misery. His previous sagelike demeanor was completely gone. Furthermore, he was completely immoral and wanted to trade his granddaughter.

"Ah…" This was Chu Feng's reply. He cried out painfully from within the furnace to show that he couldn't extricate himself from the furnace at the moment and that he couldn't help the old man.

It was just that the old man was able to sense his over-exaggerated cry and realized that Chu Feng was pretending. He wanted to curse out loud—this was too shameful.

"Ah, ah…" the old Taoist cried out wretchedly. He called to Chu Feng once again but was cursing in his heart.

"Aou…" Chu Feng replied. This time, even the other people were starting to be doubtful. That was because his cry was simply too ecstatic.


[1] According to Chinese mythology, the diamond chakram belonged to the revered elder monarch, Taishang Laojun, as did the eight trigrams furnace.
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