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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 332: The So-Called Foundation

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Chapter 332: The So-Called Foundation
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Lin Naoi was a rare beauty. Both during school and after graduation, she had always been a goddess level character who attracted attention wherever she went.

Her skin was fair and lustrous, her eyes were like lacquer and her nose, tall and beautiful. It's been so long since she'd left school, but when she was silent, her demeanor was just as tranquil and elegant as she was back then.

"Are you alright?" she asked Chu Feng. It had been quite some time since they parted on Mount Wudang.

"I'm fine." Chu Feng nodded. If not for his study of domains and appearing once again in the outside world, it would've been difficult for the two to meet again.

They walked side by side. Their current location wasn't far from Mount Zhijin and from here they could see the interconnected mountain ranges enshrouded in purple mists.

The two of them were rather silent and only held simple conversation. Lin Naoi glanced at Chu Feng with some uneasiness in her heart. Although she knew his unwavering character, she hadn't expected him to set out on another path.

But she couldn't help but shake her head after recalling a certain power which far exceeded this world. No matter how extraordinary Chu Feng was, he was still lacking just a bit.

Lin Naoi brought up the topic of domains and chatted with Chu Feng about them. The words exchanged were limited and they took care not to cross over certain subjects.

Chu Feng noticed there was something on her mind and that she was even somewhat apologetic. It was as if she wanted to tell him something but was finding it difficult to say it. Chu Feng felt his heart thump momentarily—he had a certain premonition.

Before long, Lin Naoi asked Chu Feng if he really intended to focus on studying domains after giving up on the road to evolution.

Chu Feng replied, "Yes. I want to go deeper into this field. A person should have something to strive towards. You could find enjoyment in any field as long as you're serious and devoted, forgetting all other troubles."

Lin Naoi hesitated somewhat before asking Chu Feng if he would be willing to go to a special place where it was safe, quiet and isolated?

Chu Feng was stunned and immediately shook his head. He felt extremely disappointed although he already had a premonition. He told her directly that he preferred freedom.

Lin Naoi told him in a whisper that there were books related to domains there which he could read. The geography of the area was special and he would be provided with a large amounts of top grade materials for research.

"I don't want to go."

After hearing this, Lin Naoi softly said, "I'm sorry."

The two became somewhat taciturn and no longer spoke.

After a long time, Lin Naoi sighed. She asked Chu Feng not to blame her and that she was doing this only because she was worried for his safety.

Chu Feng was astonished and somewhat puzzled.

"I know you used to be very strong, but you're still lacking compared to certain people. This is doubly true now that you've encountered a problem with your body." Lin Naoi hesitated once again.

She turned to glance towards the distance once again before continuing.

"You might not be safe even with the old grandmaster protecting you." She sighed.

"There are already such powerful forces?" Chu Feng was amazed.

Lin Naoi didn't reply but instead raised an old topic. There had already been several mysterious changes during the post-civilization era, the latest one being 21 years ago.

Chu Feng's pupils constricted as if he had recalled something. Some life forms had already become kings 21 years ago but they had stayed hidden.

He even began to guess whether people had already started to evolve during the much earlier upheavals.

He revealed his suspicions directly.

Lin Naoi shook her head and said, "That's not what I wanted to say."

Following which, she stopped speaking and transmitted her voice telepathically.

"Now, life forms from the outer realms are about to descend and such people will appear at any time. All of this is because the great changes have opened certain paths," she muttered telepathically and gazed at Chu Feng solemnly.

"In truth, some pathways had already opened during the most recent changes 21 years ago and there were certain life forms who had successfully crossed over!"

Lin Naoi's words exploded near Chu Feng's ears like thunder. This was a major event!

At this moment, he finally understood why certain corporations possessed great confidence and were said to have great foundations. As it turned out, this was what they were relying on!

There were already people who had crossed over from the outer region 21 years ago. No wonder the corporations were able to understand the essence of these upheavals more deeply than the others.

In truth, Chu Feng couldn't be considered too late in his realization. He also had his suspicions and tried to connect the dots before but they were ultimately left unconfirmed.

During the time when he came back from Tibet with Zhou Quan, something happened to their train and they were forced to stop on the tracks for one night.

Plants started growing wildly that night and a certain vine had dragged a satellite down from space. When they went to investigate at dawn, they found the corpse of a certain man in ancient clothing armed with a black dagger.

Back then, Chu Feng already suspected if this man was an ancient human but ultimately excluded the possibility after finding a communicator on the latter's body.

Now that he thought about it, there were simply too many doubtful points. This person might've been someone from the outer realms who'd lived on earth for a period of time. However, it was unknown why he'd encountered misfortune.

Perhaps he was killed by enemies while exploring new pathways.

Right now, that black dagger was still in Chu Feng's hands. It was just that he rarely used it anymore. That was because he had made many associations in his mind and was afraid the dagger would be recognized, thus drawing the attention of an expert.

He had always felt that man possessed extraordinary origins.

Lin Naoi had already walked on quite the distance while Chu Feng was distracted.

He caught up and the two continued their slow walk once again. Chu Feng's mind was filled with a great many thoughts after realizing many things.

Lin Naoi glanced at him and told him that there was little choice for him with his current situation. She hoped that he could live in peace and that it would also be a good choice if he chose to live as an ordinary person.

"Where are those people?" Chu Feng inquired about the people from the outer realm, their so-called foundation. He wanted to know where they were hiding.

"Some are in the magnetic field of life at the north pole and some are near the Qilin's lair. Some others are within certain medicinal gardens that had appeared after the domains on the famed mountains opened up." Lin Naoi knew certain things. She didn't talk about them before, but today, she told Chu Feng everything.

She had long since known certain things that other corporations only recently became aware of.

Chu Feng said nothing as he continued to ponder. Seemingly, it wasn't yet time for those so-called foundations to come into being.

"They are not coming into being just yet because the fruits and pollen of the current world are ineffective for them. They require fruits of an even higher level in order to evolve," said Lin Naoi.

Chu Feng now understood. He was thinking whether he could make the first advantageous move if his research on domains became sufficiently profound?

If these people held ill-will towards him and wanted to imprison him to nurture weapons, he would rather lay down a major domain and deal them a heavy blow!

In any case, these people are living in places with special geography like the origin magnetic cave. These places would be the most suitable to lay down terrifying domains!

Lin Naoi left and returned to Deity Biomedical camp. Right now, all major powers were making a move and heading towards Mount Zhijin.

"How did it go? Is he willing to come under our protection? Will he enter the mountains and devote himself to the study of domains?" asked the man with skin as lustrous as jade and a red pattern between his brows.

Lin Naoi shook her head.

The old lady with the childlike face was leaning on her black walking stick with a kind expression. "That child is truly disobedient. He should be spanked," a golden gleam appeared in her eyes as she said this.

After hearing this Lin Naoi said, "Give him some time. Isn't it better to cooperate?"

"He needs to be obedient," the old woman said with a light smile before adding, "of course, we still need to observe his attainments in the field of domains. If he can't mature, perhaps he doesn't even have the qualifications to receive our protection.

Mount Zhijin was special. The mountaintop had always been enshrouded in purple mists even before the upheavals. Now, it was even more extraordinary.

After approaching this place, one would see lustrous green flora growing from the earth. They contained a certain spirituality and glow as if they were carved from jade.

Although the cliffs and rocks were all bald, there was a brilliant purple glow around them and there were even Lingzhi growing between the rocks.

Unfortunately, there were no wonderous flowers and mutant trees here. Otherwise, this place would've been occupied by a major power long ago.

"I must return to my peak here and break through once more! What foundations? If they dare come and target me, I'll turn them all into dregs!" Chu Feng was determined.

After arriving at Mount Zhijin, Chu Feng began to measure the land and observe the surrounding geography. He analyzed the area attentively.

This place was indeed extraordinary. It was suffused with a faint glow and vague cries of dragons could be heard.

There was inevitably a magnificent peak here, but it was hidden within the mist and clouds, apparently concealed by a certain domain.

This was Chu Feng's assessment of the place. He clearly sensed that Mount Zhijin was astonishingly extraordinary and was far beyond everyone's expectations. There should be a heaven-defying fortunate here.

During the several days that followed, various corporations and major powers were busy shipping large batches of magnetic stones and jade pieces for Chu Feng's use.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng walked through every part of this area to survey this mountainous area covered by purple mist. He became increasingly certain that he would make his rise here!

The area seemed peaceful and away from harm but the region itself was located within a domain. It was just that the domain wasn't yet active and hadn't yet displayed its might.

Otherwise, outsiders would have no way to step into his land. This was a land of soaring dragons—it was most suitable for him.

The sea monkey, whom the Dragoness had dispatched to the eastern sea, returned the following day with hundreds of stone carvings. This transportation was only possible because of the marine race's great power.

Chu Feng didn't pay much attention initially but was immediately drawn in after he truly started to study them. Before long, he was shaken inside.

There was an ancient evolved being known as the Domain Master who had once thought to open the true dragon lair of the eastern sea. He wanted to lay down domains around the lair and use them to achieve a grand evolution. Unfortunately, he failed to do so in the end.

He died at the bottom of the eastern sea where he left some of his insights and experiences in the field of domains.

This was too important for Chu Feng. Other people might not understand, but it was all clear to him. He was able to grasp many of its secrets and quintessential symbols.

These stone carvings explained less about traditional domains and more about how to make use of the topography of the mountains and rivers. It explained how to determine the future leylines.

The path of domains was indeed astonishing. It was simply too vast and there were simply too many things to study. The Domain Heavenly Book in his hands primarily explained the uses of symbols.

These stone carvings, on the other hand, paid particular attention to the study of special geography. It was too astonishing.

After studying for a full three days and three nights, Chu Feng memorized everything and was able to comprehend many techniques. He felt very thankful towards the Dragoness of the eastern sea.

When he rose and stared at Mount Zhijin once more, he discovered something extraordinary. He discovered that this mountain was much more than just a soaring dragon.

This place was too wondrous!

According to the records on the stone carvings, the geography here was complex and full of numerous arrangements.

For instance, there were spirals of purple mist rising from the direction of Jiangning. This was draconic qi being drawn in from the capital of six dynasties, the ancient capital of Jiangning.

Following which, Chu Feng glanced towards the south and found waves of burning heat. He could tell, from the color of the rocks on the ground and the arrange of the local flora, that the place contained solar essence. The area was able to attract large amounts of essence from sunshine.

All of this could be attributed to the stone carvings from the ocean floor. If it was before, Chu Feng wouldn't know these things at all and would be unable to assess them.

Moments later, Chu Feng once again discovered rolling yang energy in a certain direction. The power of the sun was flowing deep under the ground.

"There's a great mausoleum there that can actually provide solar power?!" Chu Feng was amazed.

This was also figured out according to the knowledge recorded on the stone carvings. He proceeded to observe the geography, soil, the vague aura of the area and the strength of the magnetic fields, etc. He guessed that there should be a great tomb beneath the ground. This place might involve legendary beings.

In truth, there had been historical records of certain famous people being buried on Mount Zhijin—from famed monarchs and nobles to obscure Taoist priests.

Chu Feng was confident that this tomb was related to certain legends!

However, he had no intention to touch it at this stage. He only wanted to borrow the local geography to rise up once again!

Two hours later, Chu Feng discovered some life-death energy. He carved a small domain to investigate and sensed a torrential killing intent surging out from underground.

He dismantled the domain rapidly, realizing that the area was incredible. There was murderous intent gestating underground.

Chu Feng searched throughout the area and in the end, he was astonished. This kind of geography was extremely rare. It was somewhat similar to the ones recorded in the stone carvings.

He suspected that the domain master who'd died at the true dragon lair of the eastern sea had come here before. That was why there were such records.

There were eight different types of energy in the eight different directions surrounding Mount Zhijin. For instance, the draconic qi from Jiangning, the solar power from beneath the great tomb and the soil containing solar essence…

He made his way to the very center of these eight points and found an origin magnetic hole permeated by life energy!

"Eight different energies from eight different directions are burning the center area like wind and flames. This is simply akin to an eight trigrams furnace!"

Chu Feng suspected whether the Grand Elder Lord's Eight Trigrams Furnace wasn't an actual object but a certain topography!

That was because according to the stone carvings from the ocean floor, this area was a rare eight trigrams furnace land. After laying down a suitable domain, one could nurture weapons, body and spirit.

Chu Feng was very excited and couldn't calm down for a long time. His heart was full of contentedness because this place was simply too heaven-defying!

Although he had been trying to convince himself that he could deal with the hidden danger in his body, in truth, he wasn't too confident about the black and white grinding stone. He felt that it might not be completely perfected even after nurturing it on a famed mountain.

That was because the similar part-energy-part-material medicinal mortar within Yellow Ox's body was left behind by a golden Bodhisattva.

In truth, there were also similar objects within the heirs of various ancient holy lands. All of them were left behind by Bodhisattva and demonic sage level evolved beings.

Chu Feng's, on the other hand, was formed on his own. This made him feel uneasy and less confident.

He was crippled precisely because he was lacking the foundation of a Bodhisattva.

But now, he was confident!

According to records, this was an eight trigrams terrain. It can definitely perfect the black and white grinding stone. This was the most powerful weapon and pill nurturing location.

Which other place dared to claim to be number one? There was no other topography more suitable than this!
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