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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 320: Global Evolution

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Chapter 320: Global Evolution
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The world was turning around as all living things recovered.

Old trees were budding and fresh grasses were growing on Mount Kunlun. A layer of green had grown anew.

Nine days had changed many things—the wind and snow had subsided while the clouds covering the sky had opened up. The scent of spring was overflowing everywhere.

There were fresh grass and vegetation as far as the eyes could see. The world was full of vitality.

Additionally, all the plants now possessed a certain spirituality. The leaves were verdant and lustrous with beautiful flowers. The free energy of the heaven and earth had become much denser.

The world was changing. Various regions in the world were undergoing similar astonishing changes.

The number of mutants and deviant races rose sharply within these few days as large numbers of creatures awoke to become evolved beings.

However, this also came at a cost. With the world covered in snow, the bitter cold had gone on for so long that at least one-third of the world's population had died.

That was because the ice and snow came too suddenly and continued for so long. Many regions in the world were caught unprepared. Especially since the temperature was shockingly low, much more so than normal winters.

In many places, whole houses were buried in the ice and snow.

After the passage of this great calamity, many places were taking action to cremate the corpses and bury them in order prevent an epidemic.

The world had been in a tragic state all this time. People everywhere were crying in sorrow for many of them had forever lost their relatives and friends.

The melancholy continued even after many days had passed. The world had never encountered such a calamity before. World population plummeted and many families were left shattered.

Chu Feng's heart felt heavy. The death toll was simply too high, but he was helpless to change the circumstances. No one could've prevented the world's rapid and violent change.

Now all living things were recovering and there was surging vitality everywhere.

The most evident change was the mutant grasses and trees—their numbers had increased by more than ten times. The number of evolved beings were also increasing every day.

Some people guessed that, at this rate, all living things on earth would step on the road to evolution. At that time, there would no longer be any ordinary people.

Spiritual energy was dense on all famed mountains. All the withered ancient trees were now budding and accumulating fortunes. In the near future, they would certainly be laden with fruit.

The change in the fields was the most astonishing after the ice and snow receded. Some crops actually hadn't been frozen to death. They were growing once again, and their growth was rapid. They would be mature within days.

There were a large number of crops that had begun to sprout from their roots. They grew steadily and reached a man's height within just a few days.

The five crops were bountiful in harvest and were emitting a faint luster.

Many botanists could no longer sit still because the changes in these crops were simply too shocking. Every grain of the silver-white rice was sparkling and the bountiful wheat was surrounded by a light golden radiance.

Then there were the soybeans, millet, etc. All of them were lustrous and very much different from before.

After some testing, all the crops had become high energy food. Even their composition had changed and contained mysterious energy within them.

"It has finally begun. This is the earliest phase of the spiritual grains," Yellow Ox thus said after hearing the news.

He told Chu Feng that this was normal. The earth, during its powerful era, was ranked within the 100 most powerful realms and possessed extremely intense energy. Grains selected by the great characters from back then were all quality goods.

Now that the earth was reviving and the world was changing rapidly, the food of the ancient evolved beings would naturally reveal its proper value.

One month went by in a flash. During this time, many people and animals who had eaten the grain became evidently stronger in their constitution. The effects were overwhelming.

Even ordinary people who had eaten the grains saw an increase in strength.

Some people deduced that, even if there were no mutant fruits and even if people only ate normal grains, there would no longer be any ordinary people left on earth after several years. Everyone would become evolved beings.

There were similar shocking changes in the ocean. The seaweeds began to glow. Many marine life forms who ate them as food saw swift growth in their constitutions.

The whole world was changing rapidly and it was no longer the same as before. Could this be the start of an era of demons and gods? Everyone was apprehensive.

Many scientists were theorizing and predicting what state the world would be in after several years. The result was that there would be super-humans everywhere.

Perhaps after a few years, creatures like true demonic gods would appear and they would be able to depend on their own abilities to fly in the air and flee into the ground. They would be able to rush towards outer space and roam the stars. It was no longer just an imagination and would perhaps become a reality.

The world only underwent a true upheaval after the wind and snow receded. New life forms began to appear on earth about 50 days later. This astonished everyone.

Small numbers of diamond creatures began to appear in specific mines in Africa. Formed from the evolution of diamond stone, they were impervious to swords and spears and difficult to wound with guns and cannons. It was as if they possessed immortal bodies.

This species was extremely powerful and possessed the momentum of a latecomer who would surpass the veterans. They matured swiftly and began to madly absorb all types of knowledge after gaining sentience. Their physiques were incomparable.

Additionally, various shocking metallic life forms began to appear on various parts of the continent.

Also, numerous types of vegetation took root in outer space and grew in the void. They multiplied on the continent and in the sea, gaining sentience and intelligence.

Now, even a nearby rock might talk to you when sitting down to rest in the wilderness.

The whole world had changed completely. It could be considered a global evolution.

However, there was no optimism at the base of Mount Kunlun. Chu Feng's group had returned for over a month and all of them were in bad condition. If not for the Snow Leopard King carrying them back, they might not have been able to return on their own.

Both Yellow Ox and the powerful old llama had fallen to the mundane. They became ordinary people after having their cultivation cut away. This caused the Snow Leopard King to be dumbfounded.

They kept this news a secret and didn't dare to let it leak. Otherwise, a great calamity would descend upon Mount Kunlun.

Fortunately, Yellow Ox and the old llama had begun to recover in the recent days and were finally able to draw in the gradually increasing energy of the heaven and earth.

"This is a fortune and not a calamity!" Yellow Ox revealed an expression of delight after he recovered and arrived at such a conclusion.

They thought their cultivation had been broken when, in fact, it was a misperception. That was because the benefits began to appear after their recovery—their physical bodies had grown stronger after having their foundations reconstructed, their potentials were unlocked, and they became much stronger than peers of the same level.

Especially after Chu Feng gave Yellow Ox the Thunderous Breathing Technique, he became increasingly delighted during the process of recovery. The Thunderous Breathing Technique was the most tyrannical in refining the physical and spiritual body. Its effects were astonishing.

Only the two of them knew this technique. They didn't dare hand it to the old llama because this was an ultimate Buddhist breathing technique. It would bring forth a certain calamity once leaked.

When the Buddhist race descends in the future, any one of their young Buddhist sons would kill them to take back their technique. They wouldn't allow it to spread externally.

The old llama was a Buddhist and would definitely join the race. Who knows what would happen then? Even if he himself didn't say it, the Buddhist race would investigate and find out during his initiation.

Unfortunately, Yellow Ox and the old llama were still in the awakened realm even after 50 days had passed. Although their strength was increasing, it would still require some time before they stepped into the King realm.

As such, Kunlun was extremely weak at the moment. The whole of Mount Kunlun would be in danger if people found out that they weren't in their peak states.

Under such a situation, they naturally declined the marine race's invitation politely.

At the moment, the sea regions were thriving. The appearance of the Rubik's cube provided the various marine races with greater opportunities. Some of the inheritances were grasped by the powerful races and served the increase their strength explosively.

This time, they had invited the continental life forms in compliance with the words of the oracle. An aphorism appeared on the Rubik's cube which warned them that there would be more enemies and fewer friends when the life forms from the outer regions descend. It told them that they should work together with the life forms of the continent to encircle and kill the descending divine children and saintesses, etc.

At first, some of the marine races were unwilling as they viewed the continent as enemies. So much that some of them wanted to kill their way onto the continent after the substantial growth in strength and occupy the famed mountains.

However, the sleeping lady within the Rubik's cube actually appeared in their dreams and warned those marine races that there might be a great calamity if they didn't stand united against the experts from the outer realm.

As such, part of the marine races decided to obey the oracle. They wanted to alleviate the tense relationship between the land and sea by inviting some of the continental experts to a banquet.

Yellow Ox and the old llama had the energy in their bodies destroyed and thus they wouldn't go. As for Chu Feng, he had even more reason not to go because some of the marine races viewed him as a great enemy.

Additionally, his current situation was even worse than Yellow Ox and the old llama.

This was also what Yellow Ox had been worried about recently.

The substance within Chu Feng's body was switching rapidly between silver white and black at a frightening frequency. He would fall to an ordinary person within a flash and then become a peerless expert in an instant.

He wanted to use this opportunity to sever his sixth shackle but the time left for him was simply too short. That kind of condition lasted only for a moment and was completely insufficient for the sprint.

Even Yellow Ox was unable to understand this situation and had no idea how to solve it. He also couldn't predict its future state.

Many days later, he decided to go and save people. That was because they had already delayed for too long—the great demons of Kunlun might pass away in their sleep within the ancient temple.

Without food and drink, ordinary life forms would've long since died.

This time, Chu Feng, the Snow Leopard King, the old llama and Yellow Ox entered the Buddhist holy ground together, borrowing the protective effect of Buddhist objects.

Unfortunately, Yellow Ox and the old llama hadn't fully recovered and weren't at the king level yet. They could move with the Snow Leopard King as the main force and the fluctuating Chu Feng as support.

But the Snow Leopard King immediately fell asleep upon approaching the Bodhi tree and wouldn't wake up at all. This made them flabbergasted. One had to know that they had already warned the Snow Leopard King about everything.

The old llama and Yellow Ox's strength hadn't recovered up to the king level, so in the end, Chu Feng had to take action once more.

Things could be considered to have gone smoothly. Amidst rumbling noises, the old tree shook and several rotten branches rustled and fell.

The great demons strewn across the ground began to wake up in succession.

Unfortunately, there were no scriptures being recited this time. The old tree was cracked and was about to collapse.

A vast and majestic temple appeared once again near the withered Bodhi tree, emitting Buddhist lights. A number of scripture tubes appeared before the temple. Chu Feng wanted to go over because it was too close to him.

At this moment, his body was lacerated just like last time as he stared fixedly at the stone cylinder. He felt that it was holding the Thunderous Breathing Technique.

"Chu Feng come back. I know why your body has become like this. That cylinder is made from stone containing black material and is stimulating the terrifying substance within your body," Yellow Ox shouted anxiously.

According to him, only demonic sages were able to refine this odd and extremely rare substance. They would be encased in special stone covering. Ordinary people simply couldn't discover it.

Now, this scripture tube was that kind of special stone skin. It was resonating with the black substance within Chu Feng's body, causing his situation to be troublesome.

Chu Feng didn't retreat immediately. The substance in his body had gone crazy and was shifting at an incomparable frequency. At the same time, he also felt the stone skin was resonating with him.

So much so that he could even sense the scripture within!

The Thunderous Breathing Technique he had obtained last time wasn't complete. It was only part of the whole because the scripture on the Bodhi tree had been torn in half.

Right now, he really wanted to obtain the missing part.

"Come back. That scripture tube is empty, everything is an illusion." The old llama let out a sigh.

"Really?!" Chu Feng walked forward. His whole body was being torn apart and it felt abnormally painful, but he kept striding forward. He just wanted to touch the scripture tube.

He tried using his spiritual energy to move it but it was covered up by the Buddhist light and blocked. It couldn't approach that place.

In the end, he shifted his feet and expended every ounce of energy he had to finally grasp that stone cylinder. As expectedly, the scroll vanished the moment his hand came in contact.

Behind him, Yellow Ox and the old llama couldn't help but sigh in regret even though they already knew it was merely an illusion.

Chu Feng grabbed the stone scripture cylinder and turned back immediately. His whole body was drenched in blood—pools of red liquid would form wherever his feet struck the ground. It was a ghastly sight.

Chu Feng's heart was shaken during this process because he knew his reaction couldn't be wrong. The special stone skin cylinder was resonating with the black substance within his body and was pulsating unanimously.

The scripture sounds from the past from within the cylinder began to reverberate weakly within his body and materialized on the special substance.

Very soon, the stone skin cylinder shattered and broke into fine powder before falling onto the floor. However, a certain breathing technique appeared within his body, and it was complete!

Even the Buddhist race powerhouse from the past wouldn't have thought the stone skin cylinder would be able to materialize and restore the scripture from the past on the black substance.

Chu Feng was on the verge of collapse and was drenched in blood. His body was about to fall apart. He was in a condition far worse than the previous time, but his heart was delighted. He walked back and had only approached Yellow Ox and the others when he immediately fell unconscious.

A group of great demons rushed over to support him.

They had just woken up and were in a daze just now. They only understood how long they had been sleeping after Yellow Ox's explanation. The Snow Leopard King was also awake, feeling somewhat ashamed.


Behind them, the Bodhi tree collapsed and finally turned to dust, vanishing completely.

However, the majestic temple behind them was still there. The other scripture cylinders were still shining and the scripture scrolls within them continued to flicker.

"Perhaps the Golden Arhat Breathing Technique was only left to safeguard the Buddhist race's inheritances on earth. However, Bodhisattva level breathing techniques won't be left here so casually. Those scrolls are also illusions." The old llama let out a gentle sigh.

In the end, all of them retreated.

Chu Feng woke up on the road. His heart was filled with delight due to the harvests he had obtained this time. This time, the scripture should be consummate.

Two breathing techniques would allow him to fight with the outer realm people for resources.

The whole world had evolved and everyone was becoming stronger. The people from the outer realm would appear any time soon. To him, obtaining the Thunderous Breathing Technique was too timely and too important.
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