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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 311: Unjoyous

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Chapter 311: Unjoyous
Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy

Who wouldn't be astonished? Who wouldn't tremble?

Chu Feng stood towering above with brilliant silver light seeping out of his pores. Even his hair was of the same color as if it was refined from white silver and his whole body was flourishing with silver energy.

Blood-stained golden feathers rained down from the sky. The plumage was extremely sharp—they would pierce into the earth and rocks upon impact like blades, producing a series of clanging sounds.

Chu Feng tossed the two pieces of carcass onto the ground. A top grade bird king with six severed shackles lay dead beneath his feet, dying the Hollow Jade Temple red with fresh blood.

The battle had hardly begun before he had killed the three-legged Golden Crow King with his bare hands!

The scene turned absolutely silent as everyone was stunned. Was this a man with a problem in his body? This ending was simply too shocking.

How many people in this world were able to kill a top-grade bird king by himself? Reportedly, even the Hollow Jade Temple Master wasn't able to gain an advantage just now.

Everyone was dazed. Was there really a problem with Chu Feng's body? He had killed a top grade king on his own! This was completely different from the rumors.

Not far from Chu Feng, the young boys and girls all shut up immediately. They didn't know what to do and were quite nervous.

Intentionally or otherwise, they had just suggested Chu Feng transfer his breathing technique to the Hollow Jade Temple Master and allow him to suppress the beast race experts, lest they all be in danger.

But now everything had turned around. Without needing anyone's protection Chu Feng had killed a powerful assailant all on his own.

Within the Hollow Jade Temple, those who had designs on Chu Feng's breathing technique or weapons felt quite restless and were even terrified.

The audience wasn't limited to the people from the Hollow Jade Temple. There were also many who had rushed over from the outside world after hearing the action. At this time, they were all greatly alarmed.

Chu Feng's performance was too astonishing—he was still living even without depending on the Hollow Jade Temple Master. Dragging his problematic body, he had killed the enemy on his own without the slightest sign of weakness.

Apparently, this result impacted many mutants. Some glanced at the distant Hollow Jade Temple Master and then glanced back at Chu Feng.

This comparison was quite obvious. Hollow Jade Temple Master who was at his peak had claimed that he would protect Chu Feng but was unable to restrain the Golden Crow. They battled for a long time without any results.

However, Chu Feng had taken action when his life was endangered and killed two great experts with extreme ferocity. This was shocking to everyone.

This forced some mutants to secretly ponder whether Chu Feng was too powerful or if the Hollow Jade Temple Master wasn't giving it his all? After detailed consideration, things appeared somewhat complicated.

Chu Feng who was shining brilliantly from head to toe appeared like a god of war. He stepped on the golden feathers, jumped over the gigantic carcass of the golden crow and headed towards the Peacock King.

The air exploded—long purple hair fluttering in the wind, the handsome and mysterious Peacock King was extremely decisive. He spread his wings, broke through the sound barrier and fled Shuntian.

Following which, the other expert blocking the Roaming Jade Temple Master also revealed his true body and fled in panic. This canary also disappeared from Shuntian in haste.

Two great kings fled without fighting.

This ending caused everyone to be speechless. No one could speak for quite a while. All the evolved beings who had witnessed this scene were badly shaken.

There was no such thing as an air-tight wall. Especially since there were many outsiders who had rushed over to Hollow Jade Temple who had personally witnessed everything. Those people spread the news and immediately caused huge waves.

"This has surpassed godliness! How heaven-defying!"

The outside world was aflame despite the fluttering snow and ice. Everyone was in heated debate. All of them were clear as to how strong this generation's Golden Crow was. He was termed a peerless expert and yet Chu Feng had torn him apart with his bare hands. This overwhelmed the world!

Some people were guessing that there might be nothing wrong with Chu Feng's body and that everything was a pretense in order to draw enemies in and kill them.

But very soon, another refuted this claim. He believed there definitely was something wrong with Chu Feng's body because he had attended the banquet at the Hollow Jade Temple. He had found out the truth and it couldn't be fake.

"Chu Feng said this was his last battle and he would use up his final strength. Perhaps it's the truth!"

Many people agreed with this theory. This should be the truth. His body had indeed encountered a problem but he had put his life on the line to commence a final battle. The results were absolutely shocking.

Many people in the outside world were talking about this matter. Just how powerful was Chu Feng? He was actually able to kill the Golden Crow with such ferocity. This was quite frightening.

At the same time, there were a small group of people who suspected that the Hollow Jade Temple master wasn't actually trying too hard despite saying he would protect Chu Feng. In the end, Chu Feng had to kill the enemy by himself.

This theory made Hollow Jade Temple extremely passive.

At this time, the most nervous was the group of young boys and girls. They were extremely uneasy but Chu Feng didn't say anything. It was as if nothing had happened.


Chu Feng was no longer able to control himself and the ground beneath his feet torn asunder. The silver glow around him disappeared and black light gushed out from his pores. His energy was out of control and he became rapidly weakened.

This incident which happened a certain period after the battle alarmed many people from the Hollow Jade Temple.

"How are you feeling?" The Roaming Jade Temple Master approached. He was rather tall with dense black hair and bright eyes.

"That should be my last battle," Chu Feng replied.

The one-handed Eight Visions Temple Master and the calm Hollow Jade Temple Master walked over. They placed their hands on Chu Feng's body and examined him.

In the end, they were convinced that Chu Feng's current situation was extremely dire. The black substance had merged with his energy and was causing a steep decline in his strength and level.

"Judging from energy levels, you've directly fallen below king level." This was their diagnosis. They believed it couldn't be wrong.

At their level of strength, they need only touch the other party's body to be able to tell the real situation. There was no way to disguise.

"Brother Chu's body really has a problem. The battle just now is probably his final burst of power. He probably can't exhibit such strength anymore."

"I think he will pass on his legacy and allow someone to replace him."

The young boys and girls occasionally glanced at Chu Feng while discussing this matter.

"How are you feeling now?"

Lu Tong appeared after the temple masters left and everything became quiet. He appeared worried and brought over people from the lab to examine his situation.

This time they didn't dare draw his blood. They only used some equipment to measure him—many vital parameters had declined steeply and was far less than before.

"You've really fallen below the king level. This… sigh!" Lu Tong let out a soft sigh. He was completely helpless in this matter.

"I've already said I'll return to my hometown to live in seclusion. I'm already tired of such a lifestyle and wish to find a more diverse way to live. You don't need to worry too much," said Chu Feng.

He told Lu Tong clearly since he was about to leave. He would withdraw from the Hollow Jade Temple hereafter. He no longer cared if he could recover or not.

Lu Tong opened his mouth after hearing this but he knew not how to urge Chu Feng to stay. That was because he felt the people within the temple were too excessive. Now, what would they have to convince Chu Feng to stay?

He turned around and left, his melancholy figure appearing somewhat stopped and aged. He felt mentally tired and physically exhausted.

This news naturally couldn't stay hidden. Chu Feng's departure caused a huge stir within the Hollow Jade Temple. The group of young boys and girls hurried over immediately.

They were somewhat apprehensive but also eager. They urged him to stay and didn't wish for him to travel far.

"Brother Chu, the outside world is covered in ice and snow wherein the beast races run amok. Now that there's a problem with your body, it'll be extremely dangerous alone out there. It's better for you to stay."

Chu Feng replied calmly, "I have many friends outside. I'll just wander here and there. It should be fine."

A beautiful little girl said nervously, "Brother Chu, can you teach us a breathing technique? We want to take you as our master. If we become stronger, we can intimidate the beast race. We can follow you and protect you."

"Yes, Brother Chu, we wish to train fist techniques with you and learn your breathing technique. When the marine race comes ashore in the future, we'll fight for you!"

The young boys and girls all began to speak.

Chu Feng was speechless and his emotions were somewhat complex. In the end, he only patted a young boys head and said nothing. He walked towards the window and gazed at the wind and snow—judging from the time, black yak's group should arrive soon.

Following which another group of people arrived at Chu Feng's residence. All of them were mutants from the Hollow Jade and Eight Visions Temple who wanted to learn the Imperial Sword Technique from him.

"Brother Chu, we know we're being presumptuous and our faces are burning but we had to summon the courage to come over to you. After all, you're also someone from the Hollow Jade Temple. You can't watch as the beast race rises and we become weakened."

At this time, they had already gotten definite news that Chu Feng's strength had decreased to below the king level after that final battle. It has been confirmed that Chu Feng intended to leave the world of experts.

This caused these people to feel complex emotions. After all, Chu Feng used to be so powerful that these people were given due respect when they went out and few dared offend them.

At the same time, waves rose within their hearts. They felt that they might have a chance now that Chu Feng had been weakened. If they were able to obtain his breathing technique and learn his Imperial Sword Technique, they might have a chance to become the second Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was moved after seeing these people. Originally, he had wanted to impart some things but later on he felt that these people were too excessive. This made him change his mind.

The Hollow Jade Temple Master's nephew, Yuan Hong, came once again. This time, he wasn't here to demand the purple gold lightning hammer but to directly ask for the diamond chakram on Chu Feng's wrist.

Everyone knew this was Chu Feng's most important weapon and had special meaning to him.

"Brother Chu, you can recuperate in peace. In any case, you won't be able to use the diamond chakram anymore. Why not leave it at the Hollow Jade Temple to intimidate the beast race. After all, you're also a member of the Hollow Jade Temple. This place had reared you so you should repay it somehow. We will appreciate it greatly."

Quite a few people came accompanying Yuan Hong. Those people were more polite and amiable but they were of a similar opinion. They wanted Chu Feng to leave the diamond chakram.

"Your greed knows no bounds. This time you skipped over the purple gold lightning hammer and directly ask for my most important weapon?" Chu Feng's expression sunk.

His condition was still unclear—the black and silver substances were shifting between each other. There was danger, but there was also an opportunity. Even if he had already lost all hope he wouldn't need to leave all of his things here. He would give them to Yellow Ox and the black yak.

"Brother Chu, how much did you accomplish after joining the Hollow Jade Temple? You only developed so fast because you received the temple's assistance and protection. You should be grateful."

The Hollow Jade Temple Master's distant nephew Yuan Hong was extremely serious. He words contained a degree of blame and exhortation.

"After you demand the diamond chakram, will you also ask me to give up my fist techniques and breathing techniques?" Chu Feng asked calmly.

"Brother Chu, the Hollow Jade Temple is your home. It's also your backyard. What's the harm in leaving some arts and techniques? It's not like these things will fall into outsider's hands. There's no need to separate yourself from this place. We're bound together for better or worse. If the Hollow Jade Temple becomes powerful, we'll be able to protect you even if you're no longer a mutant and your power greatly diminished."

"Is this your idea or the idea of the Hollow Jade Temple executives?" Chu Feng asked.

"This is unrelated to the others. It's only advice from us hot-blooded youths. Brother Chu, this place is your foundation. If this place becomes powerful we can ensure your safety even if you become an ordinary person," said Yuan Hong.


At this time, a large head with a black horn appeared outside the window. It suddenly reached out with a large arm and tossed Yuan Hong out of the window.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Within moments, Yuan Hong suffered a series of violent strikes.

The black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, the Donkey King and the Golden Condor King had arrived. Their bodies were covered in snow because they had traveled all night through the icy weather and had charged in directly.

"You bastard. You actually dare to act so rudely before my brother. What do you think you are? What does my brother's rise have to do with the Hollow Jade Temple? He had always depended on himself to step forward and on the contrary had brought your Hollow Jade Temple a multitude of benefits. He helped you flatten mountains and raze forts, he delivered king level flesh and blood for your research and to refine king level blood medicine. Who gave you your cultivation? You have surely taken a king level blood medicine, haven't you?"

Black yak got angrier and angrier. He stomped violently on Yuan Hong, causing him to scream in misery. His skin had been lacerated in many areas and some bones had been fractured.

Naturally, the black yak exercised proper control over his strength and didn't kill him.

The Manchurian Tiger closed in and let out a loud roar which almost scattered Yuan Hong's spiritual power, "Even if my brother wants to retire to seclusion, there's no need for your Hollow Jade Temple's fake benevolence. We are enough to take care of him. Who needs you? You think you're so great but you're not even worth a dog fart!"

Black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the old donkey went up to deliver some more punishment. The beat up Yuan Hong until he was howling miserably with his bones and tendons broken. This shocked everyone accompanying him until they all turned pale with fright.

"Let's go, Brother Chu. Let's leave this place and go back to Kunlun. There we can be free and unrestrained. What dog sh*t Hollow Jade Temple? Go to hell!"

With that the group took Chu Feng and left Shuntian.

Such a large commotion naturally alarmed may others. Several people ran over to see what was happening.

Lu Tong had also come over and began twisting his hands in anxiety after hearing what had transpired. He was greatly dissatisfied at Yuan Hong.

The Hollow Jade Temple Master also arrived. He shot a glance at Yuan Hong then cupped his hands towards the Manchurian Tiger and said, "Good beating. This worthless thing only wants to take shortcuts and won't amount to anything in this lifetime!"

The Manchurian Tiger didn't want to turn hostile towards a peerless expert like the Hollow Jade Temple Master. It was best to part without hard feelings. Hence, he cupped his hands politely and stated that he had lost his temper and attacked after seeing his brother being wronged.

The black yak said frankly, "We'll be taking Chu Feng away to verdant hills and clear waters in order to recuperate."

The Hollow Jade Temple Master shook his head with a sigh but didn't let them pass. "Chu Feng had done great service to the temple. How can we abandon him in such a critical juncture. We must do our utmost to help him recover. We'd been searching for methods within various Taoist depositories and ancient books. Now we have grasped a general idea of things and certainly must cure Chu Feng.

"We appreciate the goodwill, but no need. We'll naturally find a way to help him recover!" The black yak declined.
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