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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 299: Bell of Primal Chaos

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Chapter 299: Bell of Primal Chaos
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"Insolence! You can't turn the sky upside down!" The 3-meter tall Octopus King moved his eight arms and charged towards Chu Feng. All the tentacles were glowing brightly as it bombarded Chu Feng with great momentum.


The mountain rocks were blown apart and the earth was split open. Its strength was simply too great. The eight glowing tentacles were surging with energy and rumbled like a thunderbolt.

Chu Feng circulated his golden bell to resist this attack. The bell outside his body resounded loudly.

After seeing the black yak and the others disappear over the horizon, Chu Feng had no other worries. He possessed the Divine Feet and could escape easily when required.


The Sea God Tiger's dense golden scales released beams of light towards the sky as they opened and closed. He had entered a peculiar state—he dived down from the skies after gathering energy for some time.

"Die human!" The Sea God Tiger's words were short and precise. He had only one motive and that was to kill Chu Feng and not let him leave this space alive.

Otherwise, he would've left long ago. The azure calabash was becoming more and more dangerous. He knew it wasn't wise to stay for too long.

At this time, the Sea God Tiger wasn't like before. His scales were chiming loudly as thunder rumbled from within his bones and his energy was rising rapidly!

The clouds obey the dragon and the wind obeys the tiger. At this time, a golden hurricane appeared from his body and swept towards the mountain ridge.


A whole mountain was swept up and exploded in the air.

Chu Feng was astonished. He hadn't even displayed his might but this Sea God Tiger had taken the initiative to go berserk. The latter had used extreme power to fight it out with him.

A vague tiger image could be seen behind the Sea God Tiger, moving along with him and releasing a bitter and baleful aura which surged towards the skies.

"What situation is this?" Chu Feng was puzzled.

"This is my race's killing palm strike! Hand over your life!" the Sea God Tiger roared with peerless ferocity.

A primordial tiger's killing palm strike was comparable to the attack of a true dragon or a vermilion bird. This was a commonly known legend but no one believed it to be true. Everyone just treated it as a story.

But now, this Sea God Tiger was using such an energy.

A pair of gigantic claws swiped down and once again pierced through Chu Feng's golden bell. It was domineering beyond compare with surging killing intent.

"You can be proud of forcing me to use this killing technique, but you'll die without a proper burial!" The pair of tiger claws stirred the air and immediately drowned Chu Feng within an energy hurricane.


Chu Feng shouted loudly. Sensing great danger, he interweaved the demon ox and demon flood dragon fists amidst an eruption of black light.

Two true forms flew out from his fists—a black flood dragon and a black primordial yak. The two merged together and charged at the baleful tiger within the hurricane.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

The hurricane was torn apart and scattered.

Furthermore, the black flood dragon and yak were coming together to form a vicious beast. Not only the fist seals but also the true forms were merging.

This was the true essence of merging these two fist techniques.

Later on, when Chu Feng brandished his fists, the demon flood dragon and demon ox fists were no longer separate entities but had merged together, raising his strength explosively!


Within that split moment, as his fist seals burst out with black radiance and smashed down, even the Sea God Tiger was shocked. However, the second form of the latter's killing attack had also appeared.

The tiger's body trembled slightly as he slashed down diagonally with his wings. At this time, his whole body was surging with energy, all of which spread towards his wings to reinforce it.

At this moment, the Sea God Tiger's wings were as brilliant as the sun and possessed extreme vigor. It was even more dazzling than a heavenly blade as it slashed over.

Chu Feng's fists felt intense pain as if they were about to be cut apart.

But after merging the fist intents and true forms, his fist technique had improved once again and his energy had risen dramatically. He suppressed the lethal wing attack and repelled it.

If it was before, he would probably be in danger.

The Sea God Tiger's wings were odd. After shifting all of this energy into the wings, it seemed to be able to conquer every obstacle and could even slash a great mountain into two or kill an expert with six severed shackles.

This was an ultimate killing move!

Clang! Clang! Clang…

The sound of clashing metals resounded—the Sea God Tiger's wings dimmed down under Chu Feng's smashes, causing him to retreat in rage.

"How hateful!"

The Sea God Tiger was furious. He was certain that his strength had grown exponentially and should've been able to kill the other party. He had never expected Chu Feng's fist technique to increase in might.

"The true profundities of a fist technique can only be comprehended in battle." Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

Earlier, he felt he had already merged the Demon Ox and Demon Flood Dragon Fists, but only during the intense battle did he realize that it was merely a merging in appearance.

It was only now that he could be considered to have reached a higher level after fully comprehending the fist intent.

The fusion could only be considered successful when the true forms become one.


As the Sea God Tiger flew away diagonally, his tiger tail whipped out. It was wholly covered in dense golden scales and possessed great strength. The air exploded amidst a loud boom akin to the explosion of a thunderbolt.

The most important part was that numerous fine patterns appeared on the tiger's tail—they looked like tadpoles but also seemed like a primordial divine language—the whole tail was emitting baleful intent.

Chu Feng believed this Sea God Tiger had grasped a mysterious inheritance. This was definitely an exceptional killing move.

Fortunately, he had completely comprehended his fist intent and could resist calmly. His hands formed fist seals and materialized a single true form—it was as berserk as a yak and yet, it could roam the earth and skies unhindered like a flood dragon.

His fists now contained less craft and more freedom and truth to it—it was now unrestrained and powerful.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chu Feng's fist smashed down on the Sea God Tiger's tail. The spiral and oscillatory forces worked together to tear the enemy from the outside and burst out from the inside.

This inflicted great pain on the Sea God Tiger. His talisman-ridden tail was actually starting to show traces of blood where some of the scales had come off.

The pain caused him to let out a loud cry as he charged towards the sky, flapping his wings amidst strong whirlwinds.

The Sea God tiger was furious—the enemy had broken through his killing move with relative calmness.

"Once more!"

Chu Feng rushed towards him with a shout. He was currently in a good condition and was greatly suited for the further comprehension of his fist techniques.


He suddenly moved his body sideways and dodged a dozen or so arrows.

In the distance, the Octopus king was actually drawing his bow—his many tentacles allowed him to rapidly fire off arrows capable of killing king level entities.

"It's also fine to use you as a training dummy!"

Chu Feng rushed over as the golden bell covered him once more. This time, he decided to try something bold—he merged the demon flood dragon true form into the Xingyi 12 True Forms.

Following which, he merged the demon ox fists into them to attempt an advancement.


At this moment, the golden bell covering his body was somewhat different. It was still golden in color but with the addition of black patterns all over it.

These patterns formed a vague and faintly discernible outline of a dark flood dragon and a jet black yak.

Following which, the gold and black radiance joined together to form a purple gold color.

It almost seemed as if the large bell had become thicker and compact. Its every shake would actually a generate a spiritual attack.


Chu Feng pounced towards the Octopus King and crashed into the latter. He naturally had no problem catching up to the sea beast with his speed at five times the speed of sound.

As expected, the variant giant bell had become more solid, the sound it produced was able to penetrate one's body, and its energy was able to attack the spirit!

"Is this a spiritual attack produced by the Demon Ox and Demon Flood Dragon roars?" Chu Feng was astonished. He naturally knew the wonders of these two fist techniques.

But he had never expected them to incorporate such offensive fluctuations.

The Octopus King was frustrated—the penetrative sound waves shook him until his head spun and his blood and qi were boiling. It felt extremely uncomfortable. Any other king might've nursed quite a grievous injury by now.

He was extremely powerful, but while the sound waves couldn't kill him, they caused him no end of disturbances.

The next moment, Chu Feng's moves had changed once again. He utilized several true forms. Just as before, his every movement and true form were according to the standard, containing many changes which compacted on the golden bell. However, his breathing technique had changed—he was now using the one Yellow Ox had taught him.

It could be said that he was now quite relaxed. After merging the Demon Flood Dragon and Demon Ox Fists, a feeling of freedom and truth overcame him. Even his mental realm was somewhat different. It was as if he had arrived at a certain path of comprehension where he dared to try many different things.

"Oh, it has really been activated?" Chu Feng revealed a surprised reaction. He hadn't dared to try this out before because he was afraid of straying from the right path and cause problems for himself. But now he discovered that there wasn't much of a problem.


The golden bell rumbled, carrying with it a fuzzy mist comparable to the primal chaos. He felt an indescribable change after being activated by Yellow Ox's peerless breathing technique.

This bell was absolutely indomitable and the various true forms imprinted upon it were now even more vivid.

The shaking bell was surrounded by mist as if it was a bell of primal chaos. The attack forced the Octopus King to let out a loud cry with blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth. He was actually wounded by the large bell.


Chu Feng was greatly delighted as he rushed forth ferociously once again.

The Sea God Tiger revealed an astonished expression. He gazed from a distance and saw Chu Feng carrying a bell of primal chaos to completely suppress the Octopus King. The latter had no way to deal with this situation despite having 8 hands.

The Octopus King's eight arms smashed onto the Bell of Primal Chaos only to have his own finger webs wounded and bleeding.

Chu Feng was absolutely overjoyed. His experiment this time had resulted in a great success!

However, his smile was soon frozen as he found that the Bell of Primal Chaos wasn't stable. Cracks began to appear from inside out and were actually about to explode!

"Die, you little octopus ball!" Chu Feng shouted loudly to provoke the Octopus King.

He pounced forward with full strength to smash the Bell of Primal Chaos against the Octopus King.

It was clear that the Octopus King was enraged—anyone would be upset after being suppressed and pounded like this. Just a while ago, they were evenly matched, but the other party's fist intent suddenly shifted, causing him to suffer a great loss.


He refused to believe he couldn't smash this bell. This time, he went all out and smashed down at the bell with all of his tentacles.

The bell was formed from compacted energy and was emitting frightening and forceful fluctuations.

At this moment, Chu Feng's figure lowered itself and escaped from the energy bell. He immediately abandoned the bell and cut off the energy link.


A gigantic rumble took place as the Bell of Primal Chaos exploded. The Octopus King cried out in misery as his body became ragged. Six out of his eight tentacles had been cut off and half of his body had been pierced through.

All of this happened too suddenly!

Chu Feng had only been using the golden bell for defense since the beginning of the battle. In the end, he had actually abandoned it. Such a self-destructive method exceeded expectations.

In truth, Chu Feng wasn't feeling too well either. He felt a sense of emptiness within this physical body as a large chunk of physical energy was expended. This caused his body to sway momentarily.

However, the enemy was even more miserable. He was almost torn apart on the spot.

The bell of primal chaos was extremely powerful but it was unstable and required further improvements. Chu Feng had no choice but to let go of it midway, attacking the enemy in passing.

However, he saw potential in the Bell of Primal Chaos and felt that it could be further evolved. He could add the Xingyi Fists, the Demon Ox and Demon Flood Dragon Fists in addition to the peerless breathing technique to materialize it.

"Ah, go to hell!" the Octopus King roared loudly as he brandished a silver conch. It released terrifying ripples which hummed loudly, aiming to obliterate one's spirit.

This was a great killer weapon which he had brought from the sea and had previously caused the continental experts a great deal of difficulty.

Chu Feng brought out the Golden Arhat Talisman without hesitation and activated it. With a bright radiance, the free energy of the heaven and earth was aggregated, forming a tempest which then exploded.


The whole area was drowned in surging amounts of energy.

The Sea God Tiger was in midair and was just about to rush down. However, he leapt upwards after seeing the situation and no longer dared to descend.

By the time everything calmed down, the Octopus King's expression was quite unsightly—the silver conch in his hand had been shattered and destroyed.

Naturally, Chu Feng's Golden Arhat Talisman had also been burnt to ashes and had completely disappeared.

"How hateful!" The Octopus King's heart was bleeding. He felt extremely upset because a weapon worth several cities was lost just like that.

Chu Feng couldn't help but sigh in admiration. The Golden Arhat Lineage was indeed terrifying—a crude item left casually possessed such power.

A single talisman was able to destroy a top grade king level entity.


Chu Feng pounced. His actions were keen and his reactions swift.

The Octopus King was in a miserable state. He was first wounded by the great bell and only had two arms left while half his body had been ruined.


The Sea God Tiger rushed down from the air and wanted to intervene.

The Octopus King was defending madly. He knew his situation was bad and he was likely to be killed—he had to hold on.

However, Chu Feng was simply too fast. He arrived at five times the speed of sound and grabbed the badly wounded Octopus King before tearing him apart ferociously.

With a pfft, the Octopus King was torn in two and then tossed to the distance, reverting into two gigantic halves of his true form with various fluids squirting out.

One of the leaders of the marine race force attacking Mount Longhu had been killed tyrannically by Chu Feng!
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