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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 297: The Seal Breaks

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Chapter 297: The Seal Breaks
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Chu Feng didn't dare to be careless while fighting against the Sea God Tiger because he had heard too much about this marine race expert along the way. He was one of the most powerful among them.

His combat power was said to be at the top, and even powerful entities like the White Shark King were merely favored by him but not treated as equals.

He had heard too many of these rumors about him. For instance, how he had torn off one of the White Crane's wings, the Hollow Jade Temple Master's heart, and one of the Eight Vision Temple Master's arms. Even the black yak's horn was cleaved off by a stray energy beam which he casually shot out from afar.

If Yellow Ox and black yak didn't have the Golden Arhat Talisman and the Buddhist staff, they would've long since been killed.

This golden Sea God Tiger was notoriously powerful.

His claw slashed down, causing the air to explode—this was not only due to the raw power of the strike, but also because the speed was almost as fast as Chu Feng.

One had to know that Chu Feng possessed the divine feet!


Chu Feng roared and circulated the demon ox and demon flood dragon fists in full force. His strength surged with the merging of two fists as he clashed head-on against the Sea God Tiger.


The majestic mountain was immediately blasted apart—Chu Feng was below and the Sea God Tiger was above—the two violent attacks clashed with one another. A fist imprint and a golden claw struck one another to cause the eruption of an astonishing energy radiance.

At this time, Chu Feng hadn't held back at all!

But the final result was that they were equally matched.

The whole area exploded. A man and a tiger flew backwards accompanied by resplendent energy beams. The two experts seemed as if they were enshrouded by a sun as they moved to protect themselves.

The Manchurian Tiger arrived at this time. His movements were swift as he grabbed the Mastiff King who was coughing up blood due to this explosion and retreated swiftly.

As for the Donkey King, he ran while cursing all sorts of vulgarities as he carried the one-armed Eight Visions Temple master to safety. He was enduring the energy shockwaves which arose from the great explosion, coughing up blood all the while.

He became so brave and dared to rush in to rescue people because he had tasted the sweetness. He followed Chu Feng into the depths of this world and risked dangers alongside him, overcoming the trials of life and death. In the end, he was given the Thunderous Breathing Technique.

He felt that following Demon King Chu was as profitable as it was dangerous. Now that he was tasked with saving people, he naturally moved with great willingness and didn't do a sloppy job.

As cowardly as he was, he definitely wouldn't dare to do such a thing in the past.

The Thunderous Breathing Technique, although extremely wondrous, was still an incomplete method at the moment. Chu Feng and Yellow Ox weren't afraid of it being leaked.

In truth, Chu Feng and Yellow Ox had decided that after all of these matters had been settled, they would work together with the old llama to seek the complete breathing technique at the Thunderous Temple in the Himalayas.

Yellow Ox suspected that it was the most important Buddhist site on earth and perhaps it was the place to search for clues regarding the inheritance of the Thunderous Breathing Technique!

That was because the place continuously emitted sounds of thunder despite being buried deep beneath the snow.

At this moment, both the Mastiff King and the Eight Visions Temple Master were like arrows at the end of their flight. They would die at any moment from the grievous wounds they had sustained. Their five organs and six viscera were all torn apart.

The Mastiff King and Eight Visions Temple master was drenched in blood as they were brought out of the battlefield. Yellow Ox split a fist-sized fruit into two and fed them one half each.

The effects were immediate and visible. The two experts' vitality recovered rapidly and their wounds were wiggling as they recovered.

The Sea God Tiger possessed a great killer weapon, while Chu Feng had brought along a Golden Arhat Talisman. However, both of them were fighting with brute strength and hadn't used them yet.


The two rushed at each other for the second time—Chu Feng activated his speed of over five times that of sound and was frighteningly swift. He almost tore through the air and ascended over 1500 meters with a single leap.

The Sea God Tiger dived down with his golden wings spread open. He also reached five times the speed of sound and, although slightly slower than Chu Feng, was a whole level faster than the average expert with six severed shackles.


The two suns collided mid-air. The scene was truly terrifying—energy gushed out and raged in all directions.

Any normal person where wouldn't dare look for fear of being blinded.


Chu Feng landed on a certain mountain peak. The moment his foot touched the ground, the mountaintop burst apart and almost collapsed.

The Sea God Tiger roared. He dived down once again with his golden wings widely spread and arrived within an instant. These wings were even more terrifying than blades and were emitting intense energy fluctuations.


Chu Feng leapt up and delivered a fist strike. A flood dragon and a yak let out a long howl and were faintly visible in front of his fist. The earth-shattering fist strike was accompanied by the glow of lightning.

As expected, the mountain was blasted apart once again.

The two engaged in an intense melee battle and clashed repeatedly.

Within a few moments they had crossed blows at least over 100 times. Both of them were using their full strength and didn't hold back at all.

This was the first time Chu Feng had met such a strong enemy since his great increase in power. This entity with dense golden scales all over his body was incomparably valiant and indomitable as he passed through the mountains.

Chu Feng leapt from mountain to mountain, sometimes dodging and sometimes fighting head-on.


The tiger spread his wings while diving down and cut apart the mountain Chu Feng was standing on. This damage was caused by his blade-like wings. They could cut apart mountains as they flew past.

Before long, the two experts had exchanged hundreds of blows.

In the distance, the marine race experts were all astonished. How come this human was so powerful that even the Sea God Tiger couldn't subdue him easily? This was impossible!

White mist circulated between Chu Feng's nose and mouth. His pores were all relaxed as he circulated the special breathing technique to draw in the free energy between the heaven and earth, merging it into his body. He was about to erupt with his greatest strength.


The Sea God Tiger's bones crackled as he activated a primordial peerless breathing technique specifically belonging to the tiger race. His body automatically released a tiger's roar.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

The two experts crashed into each other repeatedly. Even experts like the Golden-Winged Roc and the Mountain Tortoise were surprised. They had never expected Chu Feng would be so powerful!

That was because they knew just how powerful the Sea God Tiger was!

With a huge boom, the azure calabash rocked and swayed in the distance with blood energy gushing out like a cloud of red smoke, blotting out the sky. The scene was absolutely terrifying.

"Luo Tian, are you looking to die!?" the Sea God Tiger called out while fighting against Chu Feng. He was furious because that calabash was obviously a malicious device with its own universe inside. How could they provoke it so rashly?

However, the marine human Luo Tian had thrown all caution to the wind in his desire to obtain the bronze lamp and was launching continuous attacks.

Chu Feng was anxious. The marine race had a madman on their side. If by chance they released the ancient evolved being sealed within, everyone here might die.

He knew he couldn't drag this on any longer—they had to leave.

"Chu Feng, the old grandmaster is over there!" At this time, the Manchurian Tiger called out as he discovered the Wudang Grandmaster.


Chu Feng shouted and bombarded the enemy with his most powerful strike, forcing the Sea God Tiger back. He himself charged about 5 kilometers out because he had sensed some energy fluctuations over there.

The Sea God Tiger chased after him to attack.

Chu Feng turned back and was prepared to utilize the Golden Arhat Talisman but the Sea God Tiger was cautious—the latter also possessed a terrifying weapon—he slowed down his steps and maintained a safe distance.

The air trembled as Chu Feng crossed over 5 kilometers, landing only three times along the way. He found the old grandmaster still alive albeit in bad condition.

On the old grandmaster's right shoulder was a bone-deep sword wound. There were several holes on his chest as if he was pierced through by a spear. His arms were bent into unnatural angles due to the fractures he had received.

His abdomen and legs were all flowing with fresh blood. His wounds were simply too serious and it was a miracle that the old man was still alive.

That was because he had been attacked by a powerful killer weapon previously and then encircled by the marine race experts. His situation was terrible.

Now he was exchanging blows with an extremely powerful expert form the marine race, the Octopus King. This expert wasn't weaker than the Sea God Tiger and was also one of the leading characters of the marine race.

Chu Feng was deeply astonished to see the grandmaster still able to fight against this powerful enemy even with his arms broken. He hadn't been defeated and was still holding on.

The old man was brandishing his Taiji Fist. His attacks seemed soft and without power but in fact, he was able to continuously dissolve the enemy's lethal attacks and maintain his own vitality. It wouldn't be easy to kill him.

But he was extremely miserable. There were several holes on his body that were obviously pierced through by the octopus king's tentacles.

At this time, the Octopus King was in his human form. Even so, he had eight arms and was over 3 meters tall. The mountains were shaken whenever his eight arms attacked and his almost boundless energy was shocking.


Chu Feng made his way there and shouted loudly. He was like a heavenly horse crossing the skies as he charged directly at the Octopus King.

At this moment, a golden bell appeared around his body. He felt that the Xingyi Fist would be the most effective in facing off against this eight armed freak.

As expected, the moment he closed in, the man's eight arms moved in unison and launched an attack which caused the bell to rumble loudly.

"Senior, don't worry. I'm here!" Chu Feng's fist seals erupted and blasted towards the Octopus King. He blocked the enemy's advance and separated him from the Wudang Grandmaster.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

The Sea God Tiger roared as it caught up.

"The both of you should die!"

Chu Feng blasted the octopus away and received the Sea God Tiger's blow. The flying knife was also mobilized at the same time that he swung out his fist amidst the eruption of brilliant light.

At this time, the Manchurian Tiger had arrived and brought the old grandmaster to safety before feeding him half a demon refinement fruit.

The old grandmaster's vitality was extremely weak and his eyes had grown dim but after seeing Chu Feng's valiance and how he had trained the Xingyi Fist to such a level, his eyes grew brighter with admiration.

Chu Feng was alternating between the Xingyi Fist and the demon flood dragon and ox fists in mid-air. His body was glowing with resplendent light as he respired the energy of the heaven and earth.

He was now clashing periodically against two powerful experts. This shocked all the marine race experts.

Even the experts from the continent were astonished. They felt that his potential was absolutely stunning.


"Go to hell!"

Finally, the black yak made his move. He was worried that Chu Feng would encounter danger since both his opponents were not weaker than he was. Their strengths were too great. That was why he had gone all out and used the Buddhist staff.

Unfortunately, the Sea God Tiger and the Octopus King were cautious and immediately pulled back a great distance.

"Things don't look good. Run!"

It was at this time that Yellow Ox let out a loud cry, his expression incomparably nervous.

In the distance, the giant azure calabash was swaying wildly as if it had burst open. Terrifying peals of thunder could be heard from within.

At the same time, the mouth of the calabash spewed out fire and blood energy which surged towards the firmament!

"Run! The ancient evolved being is about to come into being!" Yellow Ox warned. That was because the seal was about to be broken and there was no way to prevent it at this point.

There was obviously a living being within the azure calabash and hadn't been refined to death. It was a peerless kingdom-toppling beauty—who knows what kind of world-shaking things would happen the moment she comes into being.
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