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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 296: A Powerful Enemy

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Chapter 296: A Powerful Enemy
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The marine race group also sensed something and turned back to look into the mouth of the calabash.

However, it was completely empty at that time. The pale lady was nowhere to be seen and had likely returned to the calabash, leaving only a spiral of steam in its place.

Chu Feng felt his hair stand on end because he was quite certain it wasn't a hallucination. There definitely was a peerless beauty there who, apart from lacking the color of blood, was a beauty without rival.

He believed this was a powerful evolved being from the ancient era because there was no other way she could've survived in the demon refinement ground until now!

In truth, the Manchurian Tiger and the others were also stunned. They felt their vision swim and at a glance, and they all felt their hair stand on end with fright.

"A peerless and kingdom toppling beauty rarely seen in a hundred years. She and another person can be considered number one in this world," the black yak mumbled.

The Donkey King was shocked badly just now, but being his chattery self, he couldn't help but ask, "Who's the other person?"

"I met a beauty at the base of Mount Kunlun when I was 15 years old. She was graceful, lithe, warm and beautiful. Her figure had all the right curves and was an outstanding beauty, peerless in this world." The black yak reminisced.

"You met a fairy!?" The Manchurian Tiger was astonished.

The black yak seriously replied, "Yes. A blue-haired female yak, I still can't seem to forget her to this day."

The Manchurian Tiger and the Donkey King both rolled their eyes. How ridiculous was this? However, they thought about it and felt that perhaps the blue-haired female yak looked like a fairy in his eyes."

"What the hell are you blabbering about!?" a marine race expert from the other side shouted. They have no time to listen to his nonsense. He had discovered that something wasn't quite right. It was precisely the reason why they wanted to pick the stone fruits quickly. Otherwise, they would've gone over to participate in the fight. They knew something was odd about this place.

"You people don't understand. That's a saintly beast… die!" The black yak was speaking quite amiably during the first part of the sentence, but as he got to the latter half, he suddenly activated the Buddhist staff and smashed forth!

This was naturally done with intention. He was acting dumb just now as if he was immersed in the past but he was actually gathering energy to deal the fatal blow.

There were many marine race experts here and it was very suitable location to use the Buddhist staff.


A gush of energy surged towards the sky and engulfed the whole area. A golden arhat image appeared—its body was wholly made of gold and was accompanied by the faint sounds of Buddhist chants.

"You dare!"

The brown-haired man shouted loudly. He drew a meter long golden sword from his back and hacked forward.

The sword light was as fast as lightning and extremely brilliant. It illuminated the whole area around the mouth of the calabash and even caused the surrounding space to destabilize.

The most important thing was that this meter-long golden weapon had blocked the Buddhist energy from the staff. Even though it couldn't win against the Buddhist staff, it was evidently not much weaker.


The whole area exploded and the brown-haired man's bronze skin erupted with light. He was strong and sturdy. He borrowed the protection of the golden sword to rapidly retreat and evade this calamity.


But not everyone was able to evade this attack. Some of them were able to retreat along with the brown-haired man and leave the area of effect but the rest were badly wounded.


Blood sprayed out in all directions as two people in front were directly demolished by the energy from the Buddhist staff and had turned into meat paste. There were also some that lost limbs, legs and even some with half their bodies missing.

The most important factor was that the space within the calabash mouth was limited and it was difficult to evade!

"Only two!?" The black yak was dissatisfied. He thought he could at least smash half a dozen of them to death with this ambush.

"Be content!" the Donkey King said. He took over the Buddhist staff and was eager to try it out. The black yak, at the moment, had already gone limp and was being supported by the Manchurian Tiger.


Chu Feng drew the old yak into the Pristine Jade Bottle to heal and prevent anything from happening to him.

"You lot really do deserve death!" Some of the marine race experts on the other side were furious.

Only the brown-haired man was looking on with cold eyes. He held an azure gold sword in his hand and was silently releasing a powerful killing intent.

Chu Feng immediately understood who this person was—the marine human race!

The azure gold sword in the latter's hand was a great killer weapon that had once ambushed the White Snake and cut her into two!

This race was known as the marine human race and they were extremely few in number. They appeared similar to humans but breathed through gills instead and were different from the merpeople stated in legends.

"Come if you're not afraid of death!" the Donkey King shouted. He had already transformed into his human form. His hands on the Buddhist staff were glowing as he injected energy within.

This marine human was called Luo Tian. He brandished the meter-long sword and told the people behind him, "You lot fall back!" He himself began to move, hoping to charge forward.

"Fall back your grandpa!" Seeing how things were developing, the Donkey King decisively unleashed the Buddhist staff. He wasn't afraid that the marine human Luo Tian would charge at him because the area of effect of this weapon was extremely wide.


As expected, a huge explosion rang out near the mouth of the calabash. Energy surged wildly, forcing Luo Tian back.

As for those wounded and crippled marine race experts who hadn't been able to retreat in time, three of them were smashed to a pulp while quite a few others in the distance were wounded.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

At this point, the marine race experts all jumped down the calabash in succession. This was simply too unjust. They couldn't fight any longer because the other party was using such a killer weapon to suppress them. This made them extremely sullen.

In truth, they had also ambushed the continental experts, in the same way, some time ago.

Luo Tian's eyes were frosty as he retreated to a safe distance. If the azure gold sword in his hand wasn't such an extraordinary weapon, he would've long since been forced to run away.

"Things don't look good!" Yellow Ox transmitted his voice. He had been observing the mouth of the calabash all this time. "This kind of fighting might have loosened the seal. The ancient evolved being within the calabash is about to come into being!"

According to him, the lady was only able to reveal her head and probably couldn't leave yet. But now, she might be able to charge through the seal if they continued to fight here.


Chu Feng noticed something different. There used to be a suppressive force here preventing people from approaching the stone trees near the calabash mouth. However, after the attacks from the black yak and Donkey King, the invisible force seemed to have weakened quite a bit. He could now approach.

With a swoosh, he drew the Donkey King into the Pristine Jade bottle and charged forward to pluck the stone fruits.

Within but a moment, he had already rushed towards the front and taken four of the stones fruits.

"Stop him!"

The marine race people shouted loudly. They had spent so much time and effort to pluck six fruits but, in the end, Chu Feng's harvest was so much bigger than theirs.

The ones who had jumped down began to rush up again. They let out long whistles to summon the other peerless experts with killer weapons to come over and hunt down Chu Feng 's group.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…

Chu Feng utilized his spiritual arts to pluck 15 more of those fruits. Some were fist-sized, while others were as large as a man's head, all of them emitting intense fragrance.

The harvest was simply too astonishing!

The marine race experts' eyes were all turning red. They already knew the uses of these fruits, but in the end, Chu Feng had claimed 20 in the blink of an eye. This caused their blood to boil with incomparable jealousy.

At this time, Chu Feng was about to continue plucking when he felt a dangerous aura which shook his consciousness and thus he duly retreated.

A bronze lantern appeared at the mouth of the calabash and a flame began to flicker weakly within it.


Chu Feng retreated immediately and left the mouth of the calabash. He felt the invisible energy had returned once again and it would now be difficult to move forward.


Chu Feng leapt down the azure calabash with Yellow Ox and the Manchurian Tiger.

The marine race experts had wanted to chase after them, but they were surprised to find the bronze lantern. They murmured, "Divine lamp!"

That was because they had seen certain stone carvings of ancient evolved beings holding such a lantern to illuminate the earth and sky, conquering the world peerlessly.

They looked forward to finding such a treasure back then. Now they had found a bronze lantern exactly like the one they had seen!

Yellow Ox turned back and gazed fixedly at the lantern and revealed a suspicious expression. He knew this lantern was extraordinary and looked quite similar to a weapon belonging a glorious holy land from a resplendent great realm.

A large number of marine race experts rushed towards the mouth of the calabash while only a few chased after Chu Feng to kill him.

"Whoever wants to die can come here!" At this moment, the Manchurian Tiger stood beside Chu Feng with the Buddhist staff in hand.

The black yak and the Donkey were already eating the stone fruits and had soon recovered with the spirit of dragons and tigers. They emerged from within the bottle and stood beside Chu Feng.

With the demon refinement fruits, they could use the Buddhist staff continuously!

Suddenly, they were emboldened and unafraid of the marine race troops.

"Golden Winged Roc, catch!"

Chu Feng leapt over a thousand meters into the air and tossed half a fist-sized fruit to the Mount Hua sect master and had him swallow it.

In truth, this golden bird king had already learnt the effects of this fruit. At this moment, it swallowed it immediately without the slightest bit of hesitation. Very soon, its body began to glow and erupted with terrifying amounts of energy. Its grievous wounds rapidly healed and it recovered to its peak state.

"You're courting death!" The sea beast fighting against the Golden Roc King charged towards Chu Feng and wanted nothing more than to kill him. It was surrounded by astral winds and surging murderous intent. This strong expert looked like a jackal but with spikes all over its winged body.

"Scram!" Chu Feng threw out the flying knife and hacked down at the incoming enemy.


The sea beast rolled off from the impact of this immense energy.

It was very powerful and malevolent, but it was still almost badly wounded by Chu Feng's all out attack.

"I'll recover immediately, and when I do, your death will be imminent!" The Golden Winged Roc threatened as it charged towards the sea beast.

"Crane King, Kong Tong sect master!" Chu Feng followed the same pattern and fought his way over. He found the other White Crane, the Mountain Tortoise and the Roaming Jade Temple Master to give each of them half a fruit.

"Where are the Mastiff King and the Wudang Grandmaster!?" Chu Feng inquired.

The few experts had recovered their strength. The wound on their hearts rapidly healed and they were all surging with explosive auras. They stopped evading and went in for the kill.

"They're deeper inside!" the Roaming Jade Temple Master informed.

Chu Feng's party no longer lingered here and rushed towards the deeper region. It was more important to save people—he had to find the old grandmaster and the others.

They couldn't stay long in this place because the sealed expert could emerge at any moment!


The marine human Luo Tian unleashed attacks madly at the mouth of the calabash. He wanted to retrieve the bronze lantern despite knowing the dangers involved.

"That madman will likely harm everyone!" Yellow Ox whispered.

As expected, the scent of blood overflowed from the mouth of the calabash like an erupted volcano

"Luo Tian, stop this instant!" a marine race expert berated him.

"You can't order me around. Run away if you're afraid of death!" Luo Tiancoldly replied .

"You're mad. This place isn't safe. Plucking a few stone fruits is enough. Don't be greedy!" A sound was transmitted from afar. A golden tiger appeared—it had scales all over its body as if it was refined from gold and possessed a pair of golden wings. It was standing on top of a mountain and roaring in anger.

He was the Sea God Tiger, one of the strongest among this batch of marine race experts and wasn't lower than Luo Tian in position.

"Mastiff King!"

Chu Feng discovered the Mastiff King as he turned towards the place where he heard a tiger's roar. The latter was wounded badly and on his deathbed. His chest and abdomen had been torn open by the Sea God Tiger and was soaked in blood.

Additionally, the Eight Visions Temple master was also there. One of his arms had been torn off at some point, and half his body was drenched in blood. He was a peerless expert but had fallen to such a miserable situation with no guarantee for survival.

"Mastiff King, hold on! I'm coming!" Chu Feng loudly shouted. The air exploded, and although they were separated by over five kilometers this distance, to him, this was crossable in the blink of an eye.


Chu Feng tore through the sky as if he would destroy this mountain.

"Scram!" The Sea God Tiger roared and spoke with a cold and merciless expression, "Where did this human bug come from? You don't know the immensity of the heaven and earth. Scram to one side!"

With this, he extended a scale-covered arm and swatted at Chu Feng. This great claw was completely unstoppable and emitted terrifying energy fluctuations, enough to smash a mountain into several pieces.
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