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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 295: The Showdown

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Chapter 295: The Showdown
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The mountainous ground in front was completely charred black. Some places had even melted and crystallized as if the ground was made of glazed ceramic.

The battle was intense—experts were fighting high in the skies and deep within the forest of rocks. Those who were able to fight their way to this place were naturally powerful experts.


They had just arrived when a great tidal wave of energy smashed a rock thousands of kilograms in weight into the air.

The area here was extremely vast with relatively sparse vegetation. It was the perfect place for a showdown.

The sect master of Mount Kongtong, the Mountain Tortoise, the other White Crane of the Mount Shu Sword Palace and the Master of the Roaming Jade Temple were all locked in battle. All of them were stained with blood.


A sea monkey surging with wild blue flames suddenly attacked a continental expert, incinerating the nearby trees and causing the land to flow with bright red lava.

Such a life form was extraordinary—it hailed from a primordial lineage and possessed powerful bloodline but they were few in number.

It roared as a lava tide hundreds of meters tall swept towards the sky and engulfed the white crane.


A rainbow of sword lights erupted as the White Crane opened its mouth to shoot out white essence energy which merged into its flying knife. The brilliant blade hacked downwards at the incoming attack.

Not only was the lava tide slashed apart, but that sea monkey was also forced to stagger and roll backwards. Sparks flew out from the bronze scales on its body. However, its defenses were astonishing—only part of its scales was damaged with blood seeping out of them.


On the other side, a flying sea beast tore through the air at lightning speed.

This winged sea beast looked like a jackal but with dense purples spikes growing all over its body. It clashed against the Golden Roc with great strength.

With a split second, bloodstained golden feathers were seen scattering down from the skies. One had to know that the Golden Roc King was an expert ranked within the top ten among the eastern continental experts. Even such a being had been wounded.

Its opponent was a spiked jackal but it almost looked like a hedgehog. Add to that a terrifying pair of wings capable of slicing off a mountaintop, this being was as bizarre as it was frightening.

"Ho, they actually have more reinforcements coming to die!"

A certain sea beast roared. Its body was huge and appeared like a small hill. It resembled a giant dog opening its bloody maw. It roared blood-thirstily as it charged over.

It lowered its head to swallow Chu Feng and the others whole. It came emitting a terrifying suppressive force and its teeth were longer than Chu Feng's height.


The light emitted from Chu Feng's saber was like the explosion of a starry river. The radiance was resplendent as it hacked towards the enemy's bloody jaws.

This sea beast which looked like a giant dog was extremely fast. It dodged and almost rolled over to one side and evaded the saber attack.

Even so, there was a blood flowing wildly out of its mouth. It seemed to have brushed against the saber intent and had its lower lip deeply lacerated.

The "giant dog" wore a truly ugly expression. It thought it had found a soft persimmon and jumped at the opportunity to come in for the kill, but never did it expect the enemy's sword light to wound him.

"A difficult enemy. Let's kill him together!" it called out to the three other sea beasts in the distance.

At the moment, the marine race's held the advantage in the number of experts. There were some marine race experts who hadn't joined in on the fight and were observing the azure calabash which stood as tall as a mountain.


Chu Feng wouldn't wait for the enemy to surround him. He made a decisive mood at full force and immediately went in to confront this "giant dog".

He had come to save people and naturally couldn't avoid killing. Now that he had made his move he would go all out and gain the initiative.

The white saber erupted with extreme brilliance. Chu Feng swung the blade with extreme swiftness. All his pores were gushing with energy and his whole body was inundated with radiance as if a god of war had come down to earth.


The "giant dog" screamed in shock. That was because this man before him had slashed out over a hundred times in but a moment—it couldn't block this terrifying series of attacks.

Many bloody wounds appeared on its body immediately. Some were so deep that the bone underneath had become visible. There was even one slash which almost cut open its forehead bone.


Some sea beasts roared in the distance. The mountains shook as they rushed over to help the giant dog, their terrifying auras surging wildly.

However, Chu Feng didn't give them the chance. His snow white saber swung out its 500th slash and cut off the dogs defending claw with a pfft, which fell into the ground with a stream of blood flowing out of its cut end.

"Ah…" the dog cried out in misery.


The 501st slash descended during the time it had lost the ability to defend and, with a flash of blinding light, cut off the dog's gigantic head. Thus the enemy lost its life.

Its gigantic body fell down with a boom and smashed to the ground below, sending a cloud of dust and debris into the air. Following which, blood gushed out of its severed neck and formed a stream of blood.

"Kill him!"

Some marine race members were shouting furiously in the distance. Three experts were rushing over at this moment. They had never expected Chu Feng to be so ferocious as to kill as soon as he arrived.

Not only did they attack Chu Feng, a certain sea beast extended its 10-meter-long claws and swiped down towards the Manchurian Tiger.

The Manchurian Tiger was enraged. He revealed his true form and clashed with the incoming sea beast.

The black yak grasped the Buddhist staff and was ready to release a peerless attack at a moment's notice. He held back forcefully because he knew he had to kill the strongest enemy. At the moment, he was still choosing his target.

The two experts attacking Chu Feng were fish. They flew through the air at lightning speed as if they were swimming in the ocean. They would flash by from time to time and launch continuous assault at Chu Feng.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

Chu Feng brandished his saber and welcomed the two fish. Their bodies were glowing and covered with dense purple gold scales. Sparks would fly off in all directions everytime the blade came into contact with their sturdy scales.

The most important difference was their stance. They were like true fish swimming through the air like bolts of lightning. Their blade-like tails would attack Chu Feng every time they passed by.

"This stance is worth referencing." Chu Feng found that the arching trajectories of the fish were not only beautiful but also very useful. They could evade the enemy strikes while enhancing their own attack.

This method of energy release was indeed special. The two fish were able to directly defend Chu Feng's saber slashes.

But even so, this had to stop!

Chu Feng erupted with full force. His left palm began to glow with a resplendent electricity glow—dense arcs of lightning flew out and struck the two fish. Despite their strength, their bodies turned sluggish and their scales fell off. Fresh blood leaked out everywhere.

Pfft Pfft!

At the same time, Chu Feng slashed out with his saber, and finally, the fish were no longer as agile and had also lost their defensive capabilities. The blade connected and immediately cut off their heads.

A huge confusion ensued immediately. The marine race warriors were all terrified after seeing three of their experts die within a few moments. This had far surpassed their expectations.

"Everyone, prepare to retreat!"

Chu Feng secretly contacted the continental experts and told them about the demon refinement ground underneath and that a terrifying ancient evolved being might soon escape from within the azure calabash. He told them that staying here would be extremely dangerous.

The others replied in astonishment. They couldn't shake off their assailants for the time being because the marine race experts had them tied down. Additionally, there were also flying marine race experts who could chase after them.

At the moment, there were marine race experts near the azure calabash looking for ways to pluck the stone fruits from the trees. Not all of them had taken action, otherwise, the battle would've been even worse.

The important part was that the continental experts had all suffered from the marine race's killer weapons. They were all badly wounded and far from their peak states.

Blood energy gushed out in strands near the mouth of the calabash. The aura being emitted therein was extremely unsettling. Even the marine race experts had sensed something was wrong there.

A group of them were still lingering about and wanted to forcefully approach the stone trees, however, there was an invisible force blocking their way.

"Kill these people first!"

The marine race experts on the calabash and those down below had all noticed Chu Feng and felt that he was a great threat. All of them started moving to encircle him.

Chu Feng circled around the calabash and saw that there were also people fighting in the distance.

"Old black, get ready. We'll also rush up the calabash and snatch a few demon refinement fruits!" Chu Feng told the black yak to ready their killer weapon.

The experts standing near the mouth of the calabash were all extremely powerful beings.


At the same time, the Manchurian Tiger had obtained victory. He was in his peak condition while the enemy wasn't too powerful. In the end, he slashed the enemy sea beast into two with his claws.

"Let's go. Rush upwards!" Chu Feng dashed towards the calabash.

The demon refinement fruits were extremely important. If they could snatch a couple of them, they would be able to allow the continental experts to replenish their vitality and turn the tables around.

However, there was some difficulty in achieving this because the group of marine race experts was all gathered around there. They had only plucked three of 4 of these fruits because there was an invisible force surrounding the calabash.


Chu Feng swept forth as if he was pulling out dried weeds and sent several marine race experts flying. He charged towards the calabash tyrannically and arrived above it.

"Who dares act so unbridled?!" someone shouted from within the calabash mouth.

This was a brown-haired man about 180 centimeters tall. His skin was bronze colored and he appeared rather strong. He looked downwards and sneered, "Courting death!"


He lifted his hand and sent it pressing down with great force.

This was a terrifying scene—he had enlarged a single hand and slapped down immediately amidst the glow of terrifying energy radiance as if a Buddha's hand was descending to suppress all evils.

The other marine race experts were all afraid of this man. It was evident from the look in their eyes that this person was a top level character among them.


Chu Feng shouted loudly as the saber in his hand glowed with great brilliance. He emitted an incomparably resplendent light from the saber which rushed hundreds of meters high and slashed forth to receive the golden giant hand.


A huge explosion ensued—the sword light was scattered and energy permeated the whole area.

Following which, the white saber in Chu Feng's hand exploded with a crack. This was the weapon of a top grade expert but was actually shattered by this light golden palm strike.

Chu Feng was immediately shocked. He knew he had encountered a powerful enemy. This was a true peerless expert of the marine race. He was one of the most powerful experts within this mysterious space.


After narrowly escaping danger, Chu Feng brandished his fist to clash against the gigantic hand.

A huge tempest emerged and following which, blinding lights burst out from their midst as if a falling star had struck the earth. The light inundated the earth and sky, emanating an aura of pure destruction.

Chu Feng felt his hand go numb. His fist was in great pain. The energy behind the golden palm was simply too great, almost as if Buddha was subduing demons. It was powerful and tyrannical.

"Interesting," the brown-haired man said from within the mouth of the calabash. His lustrous bronze-colored skin was glistening as he looked down from above and said, "Come up and receive your death!"

At this time, the Manchurian Tiger and the black yak were all apprehensive. They were clear how strong Chu Feng was but now he had encountered a terrifying enemy.

This man was able to shatter the white saber with his bare hands. Just how hard were those palms!?

Chu Feng ascended the calabash. He had to get his hands on those demon refining fruits no matter what. Only then would he be able to restore the continental experts to their peak state and allow all of them to charge out of this encirclement.

"Eh!?" He was suddenly shocked.

That was because he found something odd while approaching. He happened to notice the blood energy there was getting more and more intense.

Furthermore, at this time, he saw a girl's head emerge from within the calabash. Her face was pale but she was peerlessly beautiful.

At this moment, Chu Feng momentarily became absent minded—the girl was a kingdom toppling beauty on one hand, but on the other, she was emitting an invisible energy fluctuation which caused him to shiver and palpitate. Even his mind was almost seized.

This was a peerless beauty from ancient times. She was so beautiful that it seemed almost ephemeral. However, the feeling she gave off was of extreme danger. Chu Feng couldn't help but take a few steps back, wanting to leave this place.
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