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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 294: Demon Refinement Grounds

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Chapter 294: Demon Refinement Grounds
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The White Crane of the Mount Shu Sword Palace didn't know who it was that betrayed them and reported their plans to the marine race. This was what brought all the continent's experts into lethal danger.

No one knows who the actual culprit was.

That's why when they were encircled and attacked everyone found it difficult to be unified. Everyone was being cautious in secret and afraid that someone beside them would turn to attack.

Chu Feng frowned after hearing this. This certainly wasn't good news.

Following which, he thought of the Peacock King and the Golden Crow King and then recalled the Xingyi Grandmaster Xu Qing—these people were the most suspicious.

This was especially true for the white-robed Xu Qing. He was once seen meeting in secret with the marine race expert Qian Yue. It seemed they were quite close.

"The Peacock King had escaped after being badly wounded and almost died. His heart was torn apart after being struck by one of the marine experts' killer weapons."

The White Snake spoke. Her condition wasn't looking good at the moment. Her body had been cut in two and was merely reattached forcefully. It would take several days at least if she wanted to truly recover.

Even as an expert with six severed shackles who possessed great vitality she couldn't regenerate within a short period like Chu Feng.

"As for the white-robed Xu Qing you mentioned, he didn't even come to Mount Longhu. We've never seen such a person," said the White Crane.

Even if the young Xingyi grandmaster Xu Qing did arrive, he wasn't with the main group and shouldn't know about the plan to deal with the marine race experts.

The Manchurian Tiger mumbled, "Wanting to lure the marine race into a domain but was killed instead? This is too miserable."

"The situation at hand was critical. The marine race was already planning ambush us even if we didn't attack them. That's why we had to make hurried arrangements. We suffered greatly because of that and the leaked information."

The White Crane was struck by the "Divine Flood Dragon Talisman" and almost died on the spot. It made quite the narrow escape.

The Wudang Grandmaster and the Mastiff King were similar. They were struck by the marine race's terrifying killer weapon. Otherwise, they wouldn't have fallen into such a miserable state.

Chu Feng was prepared to make his move and kill the marine race experts to save the continental experts.

He had come here after being beseeched by Lu Tong. AT the same time he wanted to return their favor by saving the masters of the Hollow Jade, Eight Visions and Roaming Jade Temples.

As for the Wudang Grandmaster, he definitely had to be saved at all costs.

The White Snake and the White Crane told Chu Feng about the things he should be aware of, which experts were terrifying and which of them held powerful killer weapons so that he can be prepared beforehand.

Chu Feng nodded in gratitude. This information was important to him!

"You should all leave, this space is too dangerous." Everyone present was badly wounded and couldn't fight any fierce battles.

"Very well. You take care of yourself!" The Manchurian Tiger replied swiftly.

The black yak stared at the latter, blaming him for the lack of heroism and said to Chu Feng, "I'll go with you. I can strike out with the Buddhist staff at a critical juncture and deliver a fatal attack."

"I'll go too. I can also activate the staff once." Yellow Ox nodded, unwilling to leave.

"Woof... woof… I'll leave with brother tiger and not drag you guys down anymore." The Old Donkey ran into the distance after saying this.

The black yak glared at him while Yellow Ox threatened him to come along, saying that he can also activate the Buddhist staff at least once.

The Buddhist staff was simply too extraordinary. It would drain the user of any and all energy.

Yellow Ox, black yak, and the Donkey King were able to activate it and badly wound or even kill an expert with six severed shackles.

If Chu Feng used it, the might of the weapon would grow exponentially but would still, likewise, drain him to the point of exhaustion.

At last, the Manchurian Tiger also returned dejectedly. He truly didn't want to stay here any longer because he felt it was too dangerous.

The Golden Condor King was too badly wounded to follow them. Chu Feng gave the former a calabash seed and had him follow the White Crane and snake outside.

Chu Feng retrieved the black spear and continued on his journey with the black yak and the others.

"Don't worry. I can bring you all into the spatial bottle once things become too dangerous. As long as I'm not dead, you'll all be unharmed." Chu Feng told the Manchurian Tiger.

In truth, that fellow was an expert. After the tiger had mastered the Xingyi Breathing Technique.

, he could even fight against two enemies at the same time. He was able to go against the two sea turtles who possessed astonishing defensive power. However, his character was difficult to change and was always looking to make himself scarce without taking risks. His words were: "Will valiance feed me? Why would I risk my life meaninglessly?"

These words caused everyone to be dumbfounded. They all wanted to clobber him.

"Yellow Ox, do you recognize this fruit?" Chu Feng produced the stone fruit from his spatial bottle. The dense fragrance immediately inundated their vicinity.

Everyone turned to look in astonishment.

The stone fruit was as large as a peach and the shape was also similar. But it was completely grey and made of stone. There were cracks on the surface revealing the red flesh within.

"How strange. Let me appraise this!" The Manchurian Tiger extended his claws but was slapped away by Chu Feng.


"Where did you pick this one?" Yellow Ox revealed an astonished expression. His little face tensed up and became quite solemn as he inquired about the details.

Chu Feng recounted everything that happened.

"Things don't look good. We have to leave immediately after saving these people!" Yellow Ox appeared anxious as he looked around.

"What's the matter?" Chu Feng was puzzled.

The others were also suspicious. It was just a fruit, why all this mysteriousness?

"This is a demon refinement fruit!"

Yellow Ox's little face was the picture of worry. He glanced at the surroundings from time to time while explaining the origins of this fruit.

Extremely powerful ancient evolved beings such as the Taoist Spiritual Master and the Buddhist Golden Arhat would put the demons they subdued into a domain in order to suppress and refine them.

Yellow Ox suspected that this demon refinement ground was likely suppressing a great demon underneath!

And this fruit was precisely the product of demon refinement. Some of these ancient beast race evolved beings were so powerful that they couldn't die easily. Their blood energy would seep out and form these demon refinement fruits.

"Can it really be like that?!" The Donkey King looked left and right, afraid that a great demon would clamber up from the ground.

Yellow Ox nodded. "Some of the more powerful orthodoxies in the outer realms all possess such demon refinement grounds used to rear these demon refinement fruits."

"Mount Longhu is the Taoist Ancestral Court of this world. The ancient heavenly masters frequently subdued demons. It isn't surprising that there exist such demon refinement grounds." Chu Feng commented.

This is Mount Longhu. At one time, there would be a heavenly master holding the fort here at all times. These people were the best of the best among ancient evolved beings.

"According to your description, this demon refinement fruit wasn't cultivated intentionally but appeared when cracks appeared in the domain from which the blood energy of a great demon seeped out."

This was a warning sign according to Yellow Ox's theory.

If only those great demons had already died or were refined with the passage of time.

If, in case, they were left with a single breath and hadn't died completely, this whole region might be in terrible danger once it escapes.

Even a normal entity would be quite insane after being sealed for so long. It might even cause a bloodthirsty calamity.

Such things weren't uncommon.

Some great demons had escaped from the suppression of certain schools in the past. Once free, these people would wreak havoc on the whole area in their insanity.

Their minds were no longer normal after being locked up for so long. Their thoughts were dominated by vengeance and hatred—this made them even more terrifying.

"Why is this getting more and more frightening? Do I need to consider running back to the West and change my name to Siberian Tiger?" The Tiger King mumbled.

He was somewhat scared after listening to the ongoing conversation. He felt that Mount Longhu was simply too dangerous. If disaster struck, he would have to be worried about his life in the East.

Yellow Ox said, "The heavenly masters of the ancient era were all people of great ability. It's unlikely that they wouldn't leave anything behind—I'm guessing that mysterious weapon we saw last time can subdue these demons."

He recalled the weapon which struck down the flying saucer. Back then, a dragon and tiger had materialized in the air and formed a golden mushroom cloud which ground away the flying saucer.

"However, we should just leave this place as soon as possible." Yellow Ox added.

That weapon is buried underneath Mount Longhu and not within this space. They would still need to leave this place to even think about it.

Yellow Ox reckoned that once the domain splits open, the demons who hadn't breathed their last would be struck down by the mysterious weapon once they escape out of this space.

Everyone was now quite solemn. They found that they shouldn't be staying in this space for too long.

"Oh right, what effect does this fruit have?" The black yak asked.

It can heal wounds and replenish essence energy. The most powerful of them could even revive a dead person who had turned to bones. The prerequisite was that there had to be an extremely frightening demon underneath the fruit.

This wasn't difficult to guess. The more powerful the demon under the demon refinement grounds, the more astonishing the fruits refined will be.

Chu Feng gave the stone fruit to Yellow Ox and told him to use it to restore his vitality. The little fellow had forced himself to attempt a severing on his own. Although his foundation wasn't harmed, he was still badly wounded.

Yellow Ox didn't stand on ceremony because there was no telling what kind of hidden disaster would form if he didn't recover as soon as possible.

He absorbed the red flesh from within the fruit as he walked. The intense fragrance assaulted everyone's senses. This was formed from the essence of an ancient great demon and could be considered a divine medicine for injuries.

Before long, his empty vitality was restored.

"How wondrous!" Everyone was stunned.

At least half of the fruit still remained.

"All of you are wounded, try it out." Chu Feng said.

"Great!" The Manchurian Tiger extended his claws.

The black yak was also looking forward to it. He'd been wounded miserably and had even lost one of his horns. He really needed some treatment.

Before long, the Manchurian Tiger, the black yak, and the Donkey King all cried out oddly. Their whole body felt itchy as their open wounds began to wiggle and close up at a visible rate, expelling the odd energies left behind by enemy attacks. The rate of recovery was simply too fast.

The Donkey King's tail began to grow back gradually and might even recover completely.

The black yak was crying out in joy after seeing his grievous wounds all healed. Even the base of his broken horn felt numb and was suffused with vitality and slowly started to form a small segment of a new horn.

He knew that this horn would grow back completely after recuperating in peace for a period of time.

"The effects are so strong!" Chu Feng was astonished.

"Naturally, otherwise why would these powerful orthodoxies have such refinement grounds? These demon refinement fruits were too important for any sect."

"Won't this cause a lot of trouble? The experts of these great sects would subdue demons and refine them into demon refinement fruits. Won't the beast race resist and retaliate?" Chu Feng asked.

"There are certain rules. Only those entities with grave sins could be suppressed in this way." Yellow Ox replied.

But everyone felt that there should be loopholes within such a rule. There were many great battles in the outer realms—even those brilliant saint grounds would surely be stained with blood underneath.

"The demons from the outer realms are too miserable." The black yak grinned. He felt those places were simply too dangerous.

"There were many times of lifeforms apart from demons underneath such demon refinement grounds. There might also be humans and vicious devils. It's been said that a certain demon subduing ground held heavenly masters and Bodhisattva level evolved beings underneath." Yellow Ox explained.

Everyone was astonished.

They felt the brilliance and power of the outer realms.

Following this, they continued on the road and arrived at the deepest parts of this mysterious space. They hadn't expected this place to be so vast.

After arriving here, they heard the sounds of battle.

They saw many figures and surging sword intents. There were people fighting in a fierce battle with blood staining the grounds.

The most astonishing part was that the earth in this area had been split open to reveal a gigantic azure calabash vine as tall as a mountain.

This calabash vine had just broken out of the earth some time ago and was gushing out strands of blood energy from its opening.

The most surprising thing was that there were numerous stone fruits growing near the mouth of that calabash vine, all bearing fruits of various sizes, their fragrance permeated the surrounding air.

Yellow Ox felt his scalp go numb at this point. "The demon refinement ground has been torn and the refinement core has appeared!"


Golden light erupted from midair as a winged sea beast rushed towards the sky to clash against a bloodied golden-winged roc.


On another side, a silver-scaled crocodile was entangled with the Roaming Jade Temple Master in a direct confrontation.

The whole area had been blasted apart by the fierce battles.

There were also certain marine race experts surrounding the azure calabash, trying to claim it for themselves.
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