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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 293: Convergence

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Chapter 293: Convergence
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The two marine race experts were indeed shocked out of their wits. That man was simply too terrifying. He had slaughtered the Seagull King high up in the sky like a heavenly god descending to earth, peerless and brave.

They fled in a flash and didn't even look back.

One had to know that these two were experts with six severed shackles, and yet they were actually terrified to this extent. This goes to show just how much the previous battle had affected them!

The landslide had covered a large area within the valley with large rocks rolling down from above. The Donkey King cursed with every vulgarity he knew of. He had been smashed black and blue; all his previous wounds had reopened and was now dripping with blood.

He was, fortunately, able to dodge all of the Seahawk King's energy beams.

The Golden Condor King was listless after being smashed quite badly. Previously, one of his wings had been fractured but he was still able to fly. Now, however, he was completely incapable of flight.

Fortunately, none of them were in mortal danger.

The Donkey King had done his best to keep the spatial bottle steady even as he dodged left and right. He didn't let the bottle sway too much for fear of affecting Yellow Ox inside.


The Seahawk King's corpse fell in the distance, causing the whole of the mountainous woods to shake and tremble. The whole area was dyed a bloody red.

Chu Feng appeared within the devastated valley with a swoosh, somewhat worried about Yellow Ox.

The Donkey King was the first to display his efforts. He showed Chu Feng his bruised face and nose, claiming that he had kept the spatial bottle safe and steady as rocks thousands of kilograms in weight came smashing down on him continuously.

Chu Feng received the Pristine Jade Bottle and cautiously released Yellow Ox. The latter's pores were releasing diffuse blood energy while his eyes were shut tight. This scene caused everyone to shudder.

Chu Feng had personally experienced the process of severing a shackle on his own and knew just how difficult it was.

Yellow Ox's present condition caused him to worry. After all, he was very young and it was too risky.

Without a doubt, Yellow Ox was circulating his specialized breathing technique. He was completely concentrated on the process and had become practically isolated from the world. His thoughts and consciousness were almost completely sealed off.

Chu Feng slowly transmitted his voice to Yellow Ox, trying to wake him up and tell him not to force himself.

However, Yellow Ox couldn't sense anything.

Chu Feng pondered for a while and proceeded to circulate the mysterious breathing technique in tandem. The two became connected and their energy pulsations unified!

Finally, Yellow Ox began to respond. He slowly opened his eyes and seemed to know what was going on. His blood energy was gradually withdrawn and the agitated energy began to calm down. He sighed, "That was a close call!"

He was too absorbed in rapidly gaining more power and had almost encountered a great calamity. In the end, he was simply too young and unsuited for such a tyrannical undertaking.

Additionally, he had almost lost himself just now.


Yellow Ox coughed up a mouthful of blood while his body swayed backwards and fell down. It seemed he had still been wounded.

A shocked Chu Feng hurriedly supported the calf. Could Yellow Ox's foundation be damaged? This didn't look good.

Even the Donkey King was nervous at the moment. He was worried Yellow Ox would encounter some misfortune.

"I'm fine, I'll recover after a period of cultivation. It's fortunate that I woke up when I did or else I would've encountered danger if I continued down that dark path." Yellow Ox was frightened after thinking of the possibility.

The black yak's pained cries came through from the distance and startled Chu Feng. He thought powerful enemies had arrived.

"Go! We need to rescue someone!"

The black yak could finally move now. He had run towards the collapsed valley in great anxiety and was calling out to Chu Feng, urging him to go and save the Manchurian Tiger.

At this time, the White Crane of the Mount Shu Sword Palace had also regained his breath and had entered the valley along with the White Snake. Their wounds were serious and they needed to recuperate in peace.

Chu Feng had many things to ask them about the current affairs but the black yak was urging him to go to the tiger's rescue with a worried expression.

"I heard his cries from over there some time ago, but there's no more movement now."

"You all wait here and be careful!"

After saying this, Chu Feng leapt up with a boom and rushed over five kilometers into the distance at maximum speed.

All the dense trees in the area had fallen and many areas had become barren as if a falling star had impacted here. The temperature rose so high that the bumpy ground melted down and then crystallized.

All of this was caused by a showdown between king level entities.

Chu Feng's heart sank. He ran for almost 50 kilometers in one go and found some of the Manchurian Tiger's skin fur on the way. It seemed the tiger had been badly wounded.

It was a rare occasion to see the Manchurian Tiger so unyielding. He had actually fought a great battle with the marine race in order to draw the enemy away from Yellow Ox.

Chu Feng hadn't expected this and was now somewhat worried after discovering the tiger's current circumstances.

Finally, he heard the roar of a tiger after following the tracks for almost 100 kilometers.

Chu Feng crossed through the mountains and swiftly closed in, leaping from peak to peak. Finally, he was relieved to see that the Manchurian Tiger hadn't died yet.

"How rare! He can actually wage such a long war when he decides to stand strong." Chu Feng's impression of the tiger changed. Before this, he had always felt this tiger was lacking in morals and temperament befitting a "king of beasts".

The tiger's cries were resounding loudly in the distance.

However, Chu Feng was stunned and his expression froze momentarily.

That was because he heard the Manchurian Tiger shouting as he ran.

"Stop hitting me. I give up!"

"I surrender. I've decided to turn over a new leaf!"

"I want to defect and join hands with the marine race to accomplish great things! Stop attacking!"

"I'm acquainted with many marine race experts during my time in the Jiangxi region!"

"Damn your grandpa! Do you hear me? I'm surrendering!"

Chu Feng was thoroughly dumbfounded. It was truly difficult to change this tiger's disposition. He still has no regard for face and was still pestering the enemy about surrendering.

However, the two marine race experts weren't willing to pay him any heed and were intent on finishing him off.

"Can't you see I resemble the Sea God Tiger? I'm related to him by blood. Why aren't you willing to let me go? Help! Someone, please save this king!"

"Dammit, why did I have to meet two idiots who can't speak a single word or communicate. Are you guys letting me live or not? Help!!!"

The Manchurian tiger cried out loud.

Chu Feng could no longer keep watching this pathetic scene. He walked out of the jungle and headed towards the tiger who had become bald from being beaten.

"Hold it. I'll take you to Chu Feng. I know where he is. I'll sell him out to you!" the Manchurian Tiger shouted.

Damn you! Chu Feng's expression became wooden and directly appeared near their battleground.

"Ahh… speak of the devil!" The Manchurian Tiger cried in astonishment. He couldn't believe his eyes and had to rub them a few times to confirm things.

"Aou…" He howled like a wolf and bounced about.

"Brother, you've finally appeared. Please hurry up and kill these two bastards [1]. I've beaten them almost half dead and are already very weak. I'll leave the rest to you." The Manchurian Tiger made himself scram after saying this.

"Weren't you going to sell me out!?" Chu Feng asked with a dark expression.

The Manchurian Tiger had tears streaming down his face—how come such a thing had to be discovered? He explained hurriedly, "Am I such a person?! I would never do such a thing! I'm only stalling for time and fooling those two marine race bastards!"

In truth, Chu Feng didn't have a bad impression of the Manchurian Tiger this time. If he really wanted to defect, he would've led the two marine race experts back towards Yellow Ox.

He had drawn the two marine race experts so far away just to protect Yellow Ox and the rest.

The two experts across from them had green hair and lustrous green skin.

"Let me remind you. Those two bastards' bodies are too sturdy. I can't even put a dent in them!" the Manchurian Tiger reminded.


The saber in Chu Feng's hand emitted a cold brilliance. He fearlessly dragged the sharp blade and walked towards them.

"The White Shark King's weapon!" At this time, the two experts' expression finally changed and revealed traces of apprehension.

However, they attacked instead of retreating.


One of them charged over towards Chu Feng with green mist surging out from his body.

With a clang, Chuy Feng's sword slashed out and landed on the person's body. Sparks flew in all directions but the blade was actually unable to hack him into two. This caused Chu Feng to be quite astonished.

The other person also began to move. He transformed into a green light and charged into a melee against Chu Feng.

"They really are sons of tortoises!" Chu Feng was flabbergasted. It seemed the Donkey King wasn't merely swearing at them. These two monsters were sea turtles.

Normal people would be hard-pressed to overpower their astonishing defenses. Their shells were simply too sturdy.

The Manchurian Tiger shouted from behind, "My strength was greatly reduced because I was previously attacked and wounded. Otherwise, I would've already killed these two turtle bastards!"

Chu Feng circulated his breathing technique and threw out an attack at full force. He refused to believe he couldn't crack these turtle shells. White mist lingered around his nose and his pores were all glowing.


Chu Feng shouted loudly as the saber in his hand erupted with brilliance.

"Run!" The two sea turtles had a bad premonition and decided to turn tails and run.

"Stop right there!" Chu Feng shouted.

One had to admit that the two turtles were indeed extraordinary. Their speed was astonishing, but they had met Chu Feng this time and failed to escape.

Another clash ensued after Chu Feng caught up to them.


Finally, the saber in Chu Feng's had drew a terrifying beam of light across the air and cut one of them into two halves amidst a shower of blood. The true form of the sea turtle emerged.

"I'll fight it out with you!" the other one shouted loudly.


Chu Feng was even more resolute this time. He was cold and expressionless as he unleashed several strikes at full force—the remaining turtle was finally killed.

The Manchurian Tiger was quite astonished. Chu Feng's strength had risen once again during the few days since they last met. He had killed the two virtually invincible turtles. This was shocking.

"Did you improve so much just by pursuing Buddhism? Next time I'll also go to Greatwoods temple to chant scriptures and become a vegetarian!" the Manchurian Tiger mumbled.

However, he was quite happy to have escaped danger and asked Chu Feng how he had arrived and about the dangerous people he had encountered.

"Let me tell you. One of my relatives here is extremely powerful. He's called, what was that again, the Sea God Tiger. You have to be careful, he's truly dangerous," the Manchurian Tiger reminded.

"One is from the sea and the other from the continent. You're still trying to say you're related." Chu Feng shot him a sidelong glance.

The two rushed back to the valley and met up with the others.

Chu Feng had too many things he wanted to ask them.

"This time, the eastern sea, southern sea, and the northern sea experts teamed up to deal with us. They naturally had many experts!" The White Crane sighed.

Hei Teng and the three-eyed marine race expert, Qian Yue, were both from the southern sea.

This time, experts from the three seas had formed a coalition and attacked together. Their lineup was incomparably strong.

"Some experts from the continent defected to the marine race and harmed us!" the White Crane said with certainty.

The marine race and the continental entities had cooperated while fighting their way up Mount Longhu. However, they got into conflicts from time to time due to the great enmity between them.

Originally, the continental experts had made plans to ambush them by sending them into a natural domain.

But in the end, someone from their side leaked this information and everything went south.

The marine race possessed great killer weapons!

"Are the Wudang Grandmaster and Mastiff King… still alive?" Chu Feng asked.

"They might still be!" the White Crane replied.

"I need to go and save them!" Chu Feng asserted.


[1] 王八 — also means Turtle/Tortoise but the word is usually used as "bastard". 王八羔子 means young turtle or son of a turtle.
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