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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 289: Rescue

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Chapter 289: Rescue
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Chu Feng observed the entrapped marine race experts for a period of time and found no problems. This delighted him greatly.

The effect would be astonishing as long as he could find a suitable area and bury the four pillars.

However, it wasn't easy to fulfill the prerequisites of the ghostly labyrinth. Not every region was suitable.

"Chu Feng, we can talk things over. There's no need for us to become enemies."

The Crab King spoke from within the ghostly labyrinth. He had almost gone insane because he couldn't escape the area no matter how he tried.

Chu Feng didn't deny him flat out and asked him about the locations of Yellow Ox and company, the rumors regarding the Wudang Grandmaster, and the fate of the Mastiff King.

However, oddly enough, those from within the area could transmit their voice to the outside but they couldn't hear what Chu Feng was saying. The interference with their perception was too powerful.


Chu Feng didn't hesitate to shoot out the flying knife and behead the expert who had been nailed to the ground just now.

Following that, he urged the flying knife towards the other marine race expert and killed him. Now, only the Crab King was left. Naturally, the latter had been badly wounded and deprived of his fighting capability. His two pincers hand also been cut off and had fallen to the ground.

Only at this time did Chu Feng lift the four pillars and stowed them into his spatial bottle.

The Crab King turned to flee the moment he regained his freedom. He still wanted to escape even though he had lost his pincers.

Chu Feng was somewhat speechless. How come this fellow was running sideways even after taking on human form? Was this out of habit?

Chu Feng moved his feet to give chase.


The Crab King received a heavy blow and was sent flying. His body immediately reverted to its true form—a crab the size of a small hill was unheard of.

In the end, the unyielding crab refused to submit.

His body erupted with light and exploded with a boom, releasing all the energy within his body. It was as if a volcano had erupted, truly a terrifying scene to behold.

He wanted to take Chu Feng down with him.

However, Chu Feng had long since dodged out of the way. Chu Feng was surprised and gained a renewed respect for the crab's moral integrity.

"I'm the crab general of the Southern Sea Black Dragon Palace. The Dragon King will avenge my death today. You won't be able to survive!"

The Crab King roared. In the end, even his spiritual body disintegrated.

"The legendary shrimp soldiers and crab generals?" Chu Feng mumbled. It was indeed odd.

The Snow Leopard King was rendered speechless for a while. Four great experts had all died to a single Chu Feng. His martial accomplishments were truly terrifying.

These were all top grade ingredients but Chu Feng was in no mood to collect them. Saving people took precedence. He was afraid Yellow Ox and the others would encounter a more fatal danger as time passed.

The Snow Leopard King told Chu Feng that he had met Yellow Ox and the black yak. The two oxen were indeed wounded but not in mortal danger.

The Snow Leopard King guessed that the two oxen didn't go into the depths of this space and should be in a relatively exterior portion. Peerless experts were killing each other in the deeper regions.

"Snow Leopard King, I suggest you leave this space," Chu Feng said. It was too dangerous here. It would be suicide without sufficient strength.

The Snow Leopard King nodded. "I should be able to leave now."

He walked towards a corpse and searched for a calabash seed.

Chu Feng was puzzled.

"You probably also climbed up here along a calabash vine and through the hole in the sky, right?" The Snow Leopard King inquired.

"That's right."

"Climbing up is easy but going down is difficult. You need to have a calabash seed in order to pass through. The hole in the sky is pervaded by a mysterious energy which blocks one's return."

According to him, the marine race had great gains at Mount Longhu and had possibly obtained an ancient device with great destructive capabilities, including a shriveled yellow-skinned calabash.

Finally, the Snow Leopard King left with a lustrous calabash seed.

Chu Feng set out once again. He had come to understand a lot about the current situation after talking with the Snow Leopard King. The great killing weapon the marine race had obtained here was in the hands of an important person.

The leopard warned Chu Feng to be prepared. He had to be extra careful if he encountered that person.

Chu Feng found some mutant trees along the way but they had all been plucked clean.

Chu Feng was suddenly struck by a bright idea. There might be fruits in the depths of this space that can help peerless experts to evolve once more. He felt a fire light up in his heart—there might even be enough of that astonishing soil to grow the seeds in his stone box.

He thoroughly looked around and wanted to get in touch with Yellow Ox. He looked around for quite some time in the outer regions but decided to move inwards later on.

Admittedly, this land was indeed vast. He had been moving inwards for over 50 kilometers but still hadn't reached the end.


Finally, Chu Feng saw traces of battle in front and donkey footprints. It should've been left by the Donkey King. It seemed as if he was fleeing in disarray after being chased.

It was doubtless that this spineless donkey was in a miserable situation, since even part of its tail had been cut off.

Chu Feng searched all the way. He had long since left the volcanic region behind and entered a forested region with exuberant vitality.

Before long, Chu Feng found more donkey footprints but this time they were stained with blood. It seemed the old donkey wasn't in a good situation. He had been wounded.

Chu Feng had already heard from the Snow Leopard King that the donkey wasn't together with Yellow Ox and the others. They had been split up.

The old donkey's speed was extremely fast. He wasn't, at all, inferior to experts with six severed shackles. It could be said that he had escaped one calamity after another.

"Let's save the old donkey first."

Since he had discovered traces, Chu Feng naturally had to take action.

He followed the trail and entered the depths of a mountain range where he finally found his target. He heard the old donkey's cry from far away.

"Heehaw, heehaw…"

Chu Feng was first surprised but then became speechless. This old donkey was still taking verbal advantage of others even in this situation.


Chu Feng raised his speed, destroying all the rocks and trees in his wake. He was like a human-shaped tyrannosaurus rex as he swept through the mountain range with great momentum.

Ten kilometers went by in a flash and he arrived in a certain mountains forest. He found the marine race and heard the old donkey's curses. The latter was being surrounded. He rushed left and right but found no way to break through the encirclement.

"Heehaw, heehaw, you little bumpkins from the sea. Don't you know who my little brother is? It's Chu Feng, Demon King Chu! If you dare hurt grandpa donkey, my little brother will come to deal with you and make you into seafood congee!"

Chu Feng was able to hear the Donkey King's threats from far away. The latter was hurling challenges at the marine race.

This dumbfounded him. When did this spineless fellow become so unyielding?

At the same time, black lines appeared on his forehead. This old donkey has the guts to call him little brother!

"Donkey, if the White Shark King didn't order us to catch you and the two oxen alive in order to lure Chu Feng, you would've died long ago!" the marine race expert shouted.

"Damn that White Shark, I'd kick him to death with a single hoof if only I had six severed shackles!" the Donkey King retorted.

Following which, he screamed miserably. Apparently, he had been wounded.


Chu Feng didn't tarry. He tore through the skies after leaping over 1500 meters with a single jump. With a thump, he landed with the forest region and shattered all the trees around him.

The four marine race members here were not experts with six severed shackles but they weren't weak either. At least, they were sufficient to encircle and deal with the Donkey King.

At this time, both the Donkey King and his assailants were shocked out of their wits.

"You…" The Donkey King let out an odd cry. He was truly overjoyed. He had planned to break through this encirclement at the risk of more injuries. He never expected Chu Feng to drop down from the sky.

It came as a stunning delight to him.

"Oh, peerless Demon King Chu. I've been longing to see your esteemed self for days and nights. You finally came." The old donkey's tone changed almost immediately. How would he dare mention anything about this 'little brother'? He felt somewhat guilty and was afraid that Chu Feng might have overheard his voice just now.

Chu Feng wanted to teach the donkey a lesson, however, he stopped himself after seeing the latter riddled with wounds and missing half a tail. There was also a cross-shaped injury on its buttocks that was still bleeding.

This old donkey was simply too miserable. It was fortunate that his life wasn't in any danger.

"Are you alright?" Chu Feng asked.

"I certainly am not. I've been bullied into a miserable state. Especially by the White Shark and Tiger Whale. I want nothing more than to stomp them to death." The Donkey King was almost in tears.

Thump! Thump! Thump...

Chu Feng took immediate action and killed them off after seeing that the marine race experts wanted to turn tail and run.

The Donkey King sighed in dissatisfaction. The beast kings who had chased him around were like scarecrows before Chu Feng. They couldn't even stand a single blow.

"The Tiger Whale has been killed. Where is that White Shark?"

"Really? That's great! The Tiger Whale bastard wounded my tail. Serves him right!" The Donkey King was delighted.

Chu Feng knew who the White Shark was. Before entering the mysterious space, he had seen a white-haired main on Mount Longhu carrying a bloody long sword. The people at the base of the mountain mentioned that he had previously trapped the Wudang Grandmaster and wounded the latter with a slash from the back.

"Come with me. I know where the White Shark is!" the Donkey King said.

"I wasn't expecting you to be so bold. You actually didn't submit right away?" Chu Feng stared at him with an odd look.

"I wanted to. Living a bad life is better than a good death. But these marine race bastards were supremely arrogant and none of them accepted my pleas. I could only flee for life," the Donkey King replied as if all was right and proper.

Chu Feng was speechless. This bastard sure has thick skin. He didn't even try to hide his disgraceful behavior.

"Where are the two oxen?" Chu Feng inquired on the way.

"They used the Golden Arhat Talisman to kill off a peerless expert but we were separated while breaking through the encirclement. I don't know where they are now."

Chu Feng was astonished. Yellow Ox and the others actually killed a top grade expert!

The Donkey King said, "I reckon they've found a place to hide themselves, hoping to break through a shackle on their own. They wanted to become peerless experts before doing battle with the marine race."

Chu Feng frowned. The two oxen were in a dire situation.

He knew it would be too difficult for the black yak if he wanted to break through a shackle on his own.

Yellow Ox could be considered to be blessed with superior talents and practiced a peerless breathing technique, but he was still too young. He had considered this path before but his blood energy wasn't vigorous enough and wasn't suitable for such a tyrannical breakthrough.

His age could be considered too young in the outer realms. He should be focusing on solidifying his foundations. It wasn't good for him to breakthrough at the cost of self-injury.

"White shark, your grandpa donkey is here. Come out and welcome me!" the Donkey King shouted loudly.

They had arrived in the deeper regions of the forest.
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