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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 285: First Blood

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Chapter 285: First Blood
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Chu Feng recovered his spiritual energy as he moved forth in powerful strides. The free energy in the vicinity were attracted by his breathing technique and swiftly formed a treasured halo around him.

He silently appeared behind the crowd. There were simply too many life forms in the region, with some of the beast race and others humans.

So much that some beasts didn't even bother to hide their true forms. They stood there among the dense crowd with their shiny scales and colorful feathers. It seemed a great battle had apparently attracted many.

"How heartrending! Could the Wudang Grandmaster have fallen in battle? What a great pity!" a certain human girl said with red eyes. She felt it difficult to accept.

"The old grandmaster's fist techniques are unfathomable. Perhaps… he'll survive," a middle-aged man spoke out but it appeared he himself didn't believe so. The blood-stained grandmaster was drowned in the flash of sword auras after being surrounding by a group of marine race experts and fell into the mysterious space on Mount Longhu.

Not only were the humans discussing this matter but also several beast race members were whispering among each other. It appeared they, too, were incomparably worried.

"But it's the Golden Roc were talking about. He's the sect head of Mount Hua and deemed one of the top ten greatest experts. Could he really have been killed?!" an agate-red bird whispered dejectedly.

It wasn't willing to believe things because it would be a great blow to them if one of the most powerful experts of the bird race fell.

Chu Feng kept his silence and calmed his breathing. His physical condition was recovering rapidly and was already quite close to his peak state. He was preparing to assault Mount Longhu.

However, he became wary after hearing the discussions. He felt the place was like a tiger den or a dragon pond. The continent's experts weren't weak but even they couldn't help but bleed.

Chu Feng had witnessed the Golden Roc's demeanor before and knew the latter had already evolved its ancient avian bloodline. It had easily torn the Black Dragon apart during the battle of Mount Kunlun!

But how did such a divine roc die here?

"How boring. The skills of the continent's experts are only so. I wanted to practice my sword intent but didn't get the chance to kill enough."

A lazy voice was transferred from the summit. The speaker was a white-haired man carrying a snow white longsword dripping with fresh blood.

He looked down the mountain with casual brashness.

Chu Feng learned from the people at the base of the mountain that this White Shark King was a powerful character. The Hollow Jade Temple Master had suffered a slash from him.

Additionally, he had participated in besieging the Wudang Grandmaster and had cut the old man's back, inflicting severe damage and sending blood spraying out in all directions.

"That's enough. You may go and kill the enemy, White Shark. I'll keep watch here."

A black-haired youth appeared halfway up the mountain and took the White Shark King's place. The White Shark King revealed a faint smile before he hoisted up his bloody longsword and disappeared.

"The Tiger Whale King!"

Some people became restless as they whispered among themselves. Many involuntarily lowered their heads and didn't dare to look up because this expert was also extremely ferocious.

The Tiger Whale King was tall and sturdy. His long hair was dense and black while his eyes carried a hint of savagery. With a bang, he tossed out an object from his hand and hung it on a tree halfway up the mountain.

"I've cut off half a tail from one of Chu Feng's brothers. I wonder if he's arrived, but I've been waiting for quite some time now."

The Tiger Whale King spoke with a cold tone of voice.

The grey tail hanging on the tree was dripping with blood.

It became absolutely silent at the base of the mountain. A small section had been cut from the tail of one of Chu Feng's brothers?

"Chu Feng's sworn brother is a donkey and is rather adapt at running away. I'll spare his life for now," the Tiger Whale King said indifferently.

Chu Feng has a donkey for a brother? Everyone found it hard to believe. They thought the Tiger Whale King must've been trying to dirty Chu Feng's name deliberately.

"He killed my sworn brother Hei Teng. Does he think I'll just let him be? I'll kill all of his brothers one by one!" the Tiger Whale King said as he glanced down the mountain.

Everyone immediately understood that their relationship was extraordinary. The Clam Fairy and Tiger Whale King were the first to rush towards Mount Sanqing when news of Hei Teng's death came out.

The Donkey King has been badly wounded? Chu Feng's heart surged with killing intent!

He avoided the other people and moved through the forest. He wanted to slaughter this Tiger Whale King!

However, there were no fluctuations on his body and his steps were steady as he climbed up the mountain. He didn't want to be found out by the marine race as soon as he appeared.

The kings of the continent and those from the marine race had climbed Mount Longhu together. It was truly an eye-opener; one could see the blood stains all along the road as they opened up a path.

This path wasn't the one Chu Feng had gone up before. This bloody road was longer and definitely exceeded the halfway point.

Not all the marine race experts on the mountain were at the level of six severed shackles. Some of the more mediocre ones had been tasked with sentry and patrol duties.

The whole area was riddled with holes and trenches after the battle. Many of the stones had melted and cooled off. Bloody bones, scales, and feathers lay scattered across the battleground.

These were all left behind by king level entities!

Chu Feng had already recovered to his peak state by this time. He traveled along the forest bordering the bloody road. He arrived at his destination without encountering any of the dangers posed by existing domains.

He was close. Only a distance of three hundred meters separated him from the gigantic Tiger Whale King!

A small Taoist temple stood between them. It was only as large as the average pavilion. Its walls were cracked and seemed ready to fall apart anytime.

Old and dilapidated, the only thing exceptional about it was that it was releasing a faint light.

According to the people at the base of the mountain, this Taoist temple was connected to a mysterious space. A group of experts with six severed shackles had killed their way in.

This broken down Taoist temple was the entrance!

No one had noticed it previously as it was buried in the overgrown grass. Only after someone charged in by mistake did they realize it was connected to another space.

Apart from the Tiger Whale King, there was also a beautiful lady nearby. She was the Clam Fairy. With long black hair, exquisite facial features, and sparkling eyes, she could be considered quite beautiful.

She bore a pair of white jade-like clamshells on her back. It shone lustrously and added an otherworldly charm to her beauty.

But the hands of this beautiful lady was, in fact, stained with fresh blood.

There was a jade table there with various fruits and desserts placed upon it. The Clam Fairy was quite calm and appeared much more dignified than the Tiger Whale King as she sat there and enjoyed the pastries on the table.

She spoke rather carelessly, "Why are you so anxious? We can do all of this slowly, one by one. You should kill the two oxen inside first, then we can kill that old tiger. We'll let that surnamed Chu experience the pain slowly."

She wore a long white skirt over her beautiful figure. Exquisite and refined, it could even be said that she possessed temperament which exceeded this mortal world. However, one couldn't help but feel intimidated inside.

"You have a point. I'll go and start killing them. None of them will be able to escape!" The Tiger Whale King revealed a somewhat cruel smile, revealing the white teeth within his wide jaws.

"Yes, I'll assemble a gourmet ranking later and invite this man surnamed Chu over to review it. I wonder if braised beef or roasted tiger meat is better in the end?"

The Clam Fairy was still smiling as she said all of this but her eyes were somewhat cold.

It was no secret that she fancied Hei Teng and her will to kill Chu Feng was no less than the Tiger Whale King.

"Haha, this idea isn't so bad. Wait for my news! We'll be eating good food very soon." The Tiger Whale King turned around and disappeared into the small Taoist temple.

Chu Feng was approaching them and was less than 100 meters away!

He had prepared to start a massacre and the opportunity at present was quite favorable. He would kill the Clam Fairy first and then slaughter the Tiger Whale King.

However, the Clam Fairy suddenly got up and turned towards the base of the mountain. "Chu Feng, have you arrived? If you still haven't come, then your brothers will surely die!"

She laughed heartily and added, "There are truly few experts on the continent. Their numbers are too few to hunt down. Speaking of which, Chu Feng, your brothers are truly in a miserable state!"

At this point, she walked leisurely over to a higher location and picked up a piece of blood-soaked cloth. "I personally ripped this off of the little fellow. Yes, quite the pity. I was only able to wound him and couldn't kill him on the spot."

Chu Feng stared at her location with fire spewing out of his eyes. Undoubtedly, that was Yellow Ox's shirt.

There were many blood-stained items on the ground, including a portion of black yak's horn and feathers from the Golden Condor King—even part of the Wudang Grandmaster's robe.

"Here are the trophies I obtained in battle. A small part of it I obtained with my own hands while others I asked other people to bring to me."

The Clam Fairy laughed brilliantly and stomped here and there over the bloody items on the ground. She seemed absolutely radiant.

Chu Feng made his move. He leapt forward to attack and kill this woman.

In his eyes, this so-called Clam Fairy had nothing "fairy" about her. She was venomous and sinister. Wasn't she hoping to provoke him into climbing Mount Longhu?

This woman, in order to avenge Hei Teng, had gone mad. If he couldn't kill her on the spot, there would be many frightening problems in the future.

"Die!" Chu Feng roared.

The Clam Fairy's pupils constricted. She hadn't expected Chu Feng to actually come. Moreover, he was already within 100 meters. Such a distance was too close for entities at their level!

"Chu Feng!"

"Oh god, the Demon King Chu has really arrived!"

Many people at the base of the mountain let out gasps of astonishment. Both human mutants and beasts were looking on in anticipation and wanted to see how he would perform. They wanted to see him kill his way into the mysterious space and slaughter the marine race!

"I've waited too long!" The Clam Fairy wasn't flustered. She raised her hand and produced a jade box which opened with a pang. A flash of sword radiance shot out from within.


An astonishing rainbow appeared. It was so resplendent that many found it difficult to open their eyes.

It was as if an immortal sword was crossing the sky to slaughter the realms!

"Not good!" someone shouted.

Many people wished to see Chu Feng kill the marine race members tyrannically. However, they were already scared by the scene before them.

The murderous weapon was hidden inside the jade box. Previously, others had witnessed how it gravely wounded the Mastiff King of Mount Kunlun. With a flash of the sword radiance, the Mastiff King's chest was split open.

Chu Feng's hair stood on end because he noticed that the item wasn't a flying knife but a silver-white paper with several symbols inscribed upon it.

He immediately knew that it was an item similar to the "Golden Arhat Talisman" he had found at the Archaic Alliance. It was likely an item casually left behind by an ancient powerhouse.

However, the damage caused by such items was too great for people at their level. It could badly wound or even kill experts with six severed shackles.

It was fortunate that he hadn't carelessly underestimated his opponent. With a flash of prismatic light, Chu Feng vanished.

He had entered the space within his spatial bottle. Several clangs rang out when the sword radiance arrived, but he was unharmed apart from the intense vibrations.

He had long since performed tests on this bottle and found that it was ridiculously resilient. He couldn't put a dent in it no matter what method he used. He had planned to use this Pristine Jade Bottle for defense if he ever encountered grave danger at Mount Longhu.

He never expected the Clam Fairly actually possessed a weapon similar to the Golden Arhat Talisman.


The talisman disintegrated after attacking half a dozen times. It was no longer in the form of a sword radiance but turned back into pieces of paper which turned to ash.

"How is this possible?!" The Clam Fairy was astonished. This Divine Flood Dragon Talisman was an item left behind by an ancient divine flood dragon. Even if the item wasn't made meticulously, it wasn't something ordinary people could resist.

She was standing guard outside and appeared gentle and delicate while, in fact, she was carrying such a killer weapon. The aim was probably to kill all those unsuspecting experts who had come to rescue the others.

She had never expected Chu Feng to be able to escape this tribulation unscathed!

With a swoosh, Chu Feng appeared once more. He rushed out of the bottle and stowed it away before raising his fist to bombard the enemy!

The Clam Fairy's expression changed. As an expert with six severed shackles, she looked quite young, but in truth, she was several hundred years old and possessed an extraordinary cultivation.

With a thump, she closed the clamshell to protect herself.

Furthermore, the shell began to glow with light. Strands of energy transformed into beams of light which shot towards Chu Feng.


Chu Feng was fearless. He had just mastered the merging of the Demon Flood Dragon and Demon Ox fists which caused his strength to increase by a great margin. He was much stronger than before.


With a single punch, he pierced through the snow white shell and caused the Clam Fairy to scream in misery.

Even if she was an expert with six severed shackles, she was no match for Chu Feng at the moment. The latter could be termed peerless while she wasn't.

The Clam Fairy's hands glowed radiantly and intersected in front in order to block Chu Feng's attack.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng's single punch was peerlessly ferocious. After he pierced the shell, the attack broke one of the fairy's arms and shot through her body. Blood splashed out in every direction.

"With just a single punch!" Many people down the mountain were astonished.

Everyone was stunned silly. A majestic Clam Fairy, a marine race expert with six whole severed shackles, was pierced through by a single punch from Chu Feng!

"Ah…" the Clam Fairy's screams rang out.


With a shake of Chu Feng's arms, she was torn into several pieces.

Following that, Chu Feng entered the small Taoist Temple in large strides. He needed to chase after the Tiger Whale King!

Everyone was shaken. They felt, from Chu Feng, a momentum akin to a landslide or a tsunami. They all had a premonition that Chu Feng was about to start a massacre!
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