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Chapter 275: Tremble
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"Chu Feng, I was compelled by certain circumstances to contact you. I hope you can let those from the Huo Family go." The Eight Visions Temple Master indeed wanted to protect the Huo family.

Chu Feng calmly smiled. "No problem, but I already killed two of them just now."

He told the Temple Master frankly that a fully armored Huo Yan had once cooperated with the beast race to besiege him and that he had killed her in battle today.

Additionally, he had also killed a certain young man named Huo Lin who had spoken to him irreverently.

"Dead. Huo Yan is already dead." The Eight Visions Temple Master hung up.

Chu Feng turned around to face the others.

The black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the Donkey King menacingly stepped forth, their unmasked king level auras suffusing the area.

"Brother Chu, sigh… Huo Yan is already dead. I hope this is enough to appease your fury. Let's end it here," an elder spoke.

Chu Feng was smiling calmly as before. "Huo Yan was the one who had tried to kill me. Even death cannot wipe away her crimes. Stop acting as if you're the victims! This doesn't end here!"

Many felt extremely restless after hearing this. They were all frightened because it would be all to easy for Demon King Chu to deal with them if he could even kill Huo Yan.

"Brother Chu Feng, what else do you want. Can't you resolve your hatred even after killing the person responsible?" an elder complained with a miserable expression.

Chu Feng replied, "Huo Yan deserves to be killed and you lot also deserve to die. Don't act like you're all grieving. Get rid of the delusions of extracting yourselves. It's precisely you lot that made the decision to scheme against me and are perhaps even more repulsive than her."

"You, why are you so intent on killing? This has nothing to do with us. Huo Yan is already dead. Do you plan to eliminate us all?" The elder's expression changed.

Chu Feng pointed at his forehead and released a burst of brilliant hypnotic light.

The next moment, this elder began confessing everything. It was indeed the Extraterrestrial Research Institute's dignitaries who had plotted together to take advantage of the situation. They had dispatched people to kill Chu Feng and obtain the peerless breathing technique.

In their eyes, Chu Feng was already half dead and couldn't live much longer whereas the breathing technique would be split among the participants. They naturally wanted a share of the profits.

"We only suggested it out of convenience. It was all Huo Yan leading the operation!" another elder cried.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft…

Blood spurted out and heads rolled.

The elders were all executed along with the middle-aged man called Yang Jingxuan. The whole scene was filled with the smell of blood.


The others screamed in terror. They were terrified after seeing their higher-ups being beheaded.

"I've already decided before coming here that heads will roll!" Chu Feng stood there and calmly proclaimed.

He added, "So what if its a corporation? Anyone who chooses to become enemies with me and makes a move against me will be massacred!"

These tyrannical words made everyone feel as if their hearts had come up into their throats. All of them went pale and their knees were trembling—everyone was incomparably frightened.

Even mutants couldn't stand the suppressive might flowing out from Chu Feng and fell weak to the floor.

Some of them realized that Chu Feng was killing them as a warning to the other corporations.

Chu Feng gestured towards the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the Donkey King, telling them that they should start taking action. The party ignored the ordinary mutants and charged right into the depths of the garden.

"You, come back!" Chu Feng's gaze was fixed on the mutant who had sneered at the Donkey King earlier.

The mutant felt his scalp go numb and immediately rushed towards the sky only to be cut down with a single slash. Feathers flew in all directions and his body trembled uncontrollably.

The outside world was already boiling over while Chu Feng and the others were invading the Extraterrestrial Research Institute to settle the scores.

"Disaster has struck the Archaic Alliance!"

This single stone stirred up colossal tidal waves!

Everyone in the outside world was stupefied as news regarding the Archaic Alliance's string of perilous situations was leaked.

Liu Ziheng was first killed on the 28th floor of Archaic Alliance Headquarters where he usually cultivated.

The executioner placed the bloody human head in the parlor of the 28th floor, shocking everyone from the alliance.

Three days prior, everyone was sighing at how extensive the Archaic Alliance's reach was to be able to extract their expert from danger.

One had to know that all king level enemies who had fallen into Chu Feng's hands were usually beheaded and had very little chance of survival. The alliance, on the other hand, had actually taken Liu Ziheng away from Chu Feng's hands.

This caused a great commotion!

Who would've thought that Liu Ziheng would die in his own residence after three days?

Then, another major commotion ensued.

"What shocking news. The Archaic Alliance's treasury has been forcefully opened!"

This news caused quite a stir everywhere. It was normally impossible to raid a corporation's secret grounds or even approach it.

People realized that the commotion had grown quite big. The Archaic Alliance had probably been taken over. How otherwise could their underground treasury be opened?

Not many people knew of the Zhang family's fate initially. They only found about their misfortune much later.

"Oh god, the Zhang family is done for. Many of their major characters were slaughtered, staining the whole villa district with traces of blood."

Many people felt their scalps go numb after this news spread out. Everyone's attention was drawn to the sudden elimination of the Archaic Alliance's Zhang Family.

"Everything was done by... Chu Feng!" One of the lucky survivors from the Zhang family cried out in terror.

These women and children who were knocked out by Chu Feng immediately began to cry out after regaining their consciousness.

It was like a mountain flood that broke the dam. Experts of all affiliations were alarmed. They were still stunned by the news even though they had more or less guessed this was the case.

All of this was done by Demon King Chu. He had truly pierced through the skies!

He actually attacked a corporation with ridiculously fierce momentum.

Wasn't it said that the Hollow Jade Temple Master had suppressed Chu Feng and protected the Archaic Alliance? How did this result come about? All parties were shocked.

The young master of the Archaic Alliance had revealed that Chu Feng has been suppressed and no longer dared to cause them trouble.

He was at a gathering with his friends at the time. He was quite disdainful of Chu Feng when he brought it up with great confidence. These words were later spread to the outside world.

Many people sighed at how Chu Feng had finally bumped into a wall. His name had suffered quite a bit as even a youngster from the Zhang family could talk to him this way. Something like this could hardly be made up.

"Everything has changed. After a mere three days, the Archaic Alliance suffered severe damage and the Zhang family was destroyed. The only ones left were the weak, the elderly, the women and children. Their descendants and higher ups are all dead!"

The explosive news shook the world.

"How laughable! This Zhang family young master truly knows how to joke. He's simply blowing his own trumpet. How is this suppressing Demon King Chu? He paid with the lives of his whole family in the end!"

"As expected of the Demon King Chu. He even dares to swing his butcher's knife against the corporations and start a war against them. The other corporations should all be terrified now."

"This man is truly a god. I had a premonition about this. How could he be suppressed by a single word from the Hollow Jade Temple Master? In the end, he still started a fight against the major corporations. I'm looking forward to who he'll kill next!"

The outside world was in a chaotic uproar. Everyone was paying attention and discussing this matter.

While the people were causing a racket, Chu Feng was deep within the Extraterrestrial Institute's garden. People were still unaware that he had already made a move against a second corporation!

An old man sitting on a wheelchair sighed. "Alas, don't let Yang Teng return to face Demon King Chu. He'll die without a doubt. He isn't related to this matter at all, so just let him wander the world. We need to leave a king level entity for the Extraterrestrial Research Institute or else there'll be no way for us to regain a foothold during the second upheaval."

He was an extremely important person of the Institute and a figure of great authority.

"What a pity. I have already reached an agreement with two peerless experts but they decided to renege on the deal. Otherwise, we might still be able to change things!" The old man was unresigned and rage burned deep within his eyes.

His trusted aides were all shaken after hearing this. This old man had even invited peerless experts to watch over the Extraterrestrial Research Institute?

"All of you, leave. He won't make things difficult for you." The old man dismissed the mutants near him. He knew that no number of mutants could stop Demon King Chu's advance.

Only peerless experts were a match for Chu Feng!

Heads rolled along the way as Chu Feng killed dozens of the institute's core members.

The Extraterrestrial Institute's involvement in this matter was simply too deep. No small amount of people had agreed to dispatch king level agents to get rid of him.

"Old geezer, I heard you're the mastermind." Chu Feng arrived to see the lone elder sitting on the wheelchair with no one else around.

"You must think I'm pathetic. The winner takes it all in this game. It'll be the other way round if we were successful in capturing you." After saying this, the old man on the wheelchair stabbed himself in the chest with a dagger.

"I like to deal with enemies personally. I don't like people meddling in my kill." No sooner had Chu Feng said this than the scarlet flying knife rushed out and hacked at the old man's neck, sending his head flying.

"You…" The old man was furious. He wanted to kill himself at the last moment and die with a whole corpse. Who would've thought that this Chu Feng would so decisively behead him with a single slash.


Finally, Chu Feng and party opened the Extraterrestrial Research Institute's spacious underground treasury. There were simply too many things stored here.

There were numerous flying saucers and mysterious space battleships, however, they were all damaged.

"It'll be a great breakthrough if we can research these things thoroughly. We might even be able to go out into space!" Chu Feng sighed.

"The Extraterrestrial Research Institute has been studying them for many years but these things can hardly be restored," the black yak explained. He had already heard from those hypnotized people.

Very soon, Yellow Ox's eyes shone brightly after finding a ragged flag and some pieces of jade that were stowed away in the depths of the treasury as part of a collection.

"Isn't this the Extraterrestrial Research Institute? Why are they collecting antiques instead of flying saucers?" The Manchurian Tiger suspiciously looked on.

Yellow Ox said, "These things are from the starry skies of the outer realm. Technically, these things are not from this world so it still falls into their field of study!"

Unfortunately, there wasn't a single thing here that's whole. Everything was broken and dilapidated.


There was a secret room within the treasury. It was probably the most important area in the Institute!

"Ah, we've struck gold. We've actually come across such inheritances!" Yellow Ox was pleasantly surprised.

There was a jade box in the secret room, within which was an ancient scroll made of beast skin, appearing to have been stowed for many years.

Very soon, news of the attack on the Extraterrestrial Research Institute spread throughout the world. Many heads had rolled during this massacre.

People were all stupefied and dumbfounded. One had to know that the Archaic Alliance was attacked only a while ago. How did they reach the Extraterrestrial Research Institute so quickly?

This was like a huge whirlwind that swept through the world!

All the major corporate powers were frightened.

"I can hardly believe that two major corporations were attacked in a single day. Has he left the Extraterrestrial Research Institute?"

"Chu Feng hasn't left yet. He's still roasting a large goose king."

News in the outside world could be considered quite accurate. Chu Feng was still at the institute.

Chu Feng understood that a fully armored Goose King in human form had accompanied Huo Yan on the attack against him. Today, these scores were settled and the goose was roasted.

The people were shocked after finding out that two corporate powers were struck down in a single day, but at the same time, they were guessing where Chu Feng would point his sword next. All the corporations were presumably restless right now!
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