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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 272: The Golden Arhat Talisman

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Chapter 272: The Golden Arhat Talisman
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Zhang Yuanhang’s face became ashen as he continuously retreated, "Brother Chu, let’s talk this over. Don’t be rash!"

Zhang Cheng was killed right in front of him, to his great horror. This made him tremble from head to toe.

A single word from him would normally decide the fate of many people, but it was always his subordinates who had carried out his orders. He had never personally witnessed any bloodshed. His scalp had gone numb now that his nephew had died right in front of him.

"My patience is limited and so is my time. Do you have any more major characters to suppress me with?" Chu Feng’s words were calm and indifferent as he reminded.

Zhang Yuanhang was dressed in traditional Chinese clothes. He was normally a calm and collected person but now he was frantic as he fumbled around for his communicator.

He didn’t want to die just yet. His nephew was beheaded just now because he had moved too slowly.

Zhang Yuanghang’s fingers trembled as he searched for through his contact list, his face, and lips all pale. He wanted to find the Hollow Jade Temple Master and ask the latter to help him out of this predicament.

He had heard of many things regarding Demon King Chu—like how he killed beast kings ferociously like clearing out weeds. No normal king level expert was his match at all.

"You’re really still unresigned and hope to find someone to suppress me?" Chu Feng’s lips revealed an insipid smile. Zhang Yuanhang found a man surnamed Yuan on his communicator.

Zhang Yuanhang was regretting this matter. He shouldn't have gone beyond his abilities and provoked this person.

He never thought that this demon king would visit his house in only three days after he had suppressed him perfectly last time. He couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of this.

"You’re so slow!" Chu Feng commented as a flying knife appeared—it was translucent and sparkling like agate.


The scarlet flying knife spun through the air and decapitated its target.

"I really shouldn’t have provoked this person!"

Zhang Yuanhang was incomparably regretful. His heart was full of terror the moment before his death.

As a dignitary of the Archaic Alliance, his word would usually decide the fate of many others. Who would’ve thought he would be killed so easily by another person one day?

The others from the Zhang Family was absolutely enraged. Some loudly roared claiming that they would take Chu Feng down with them.

"Careful, this Zhang family sure is vicious. There are various heavy weaponries here," the black yak reminded.

Everyone was dumbstruck after seeing the villa district equipped with laser weapons and rockets, not unlike an arms depot.

But the others from the Zhang family couldn’t do anything against the black yak, the Donkey King, and the Manchurian Tiger. They moved like violent lightning and swiftly disabled those strategic points.

"Chu Feng, are you planning to wipe as all out?!" An elderly voice came through at this point. It seemed there was a king level expert in the Zhang family.

A bright silver-haired elder walked out. His aura was powerful. As an expert with five severed shackles, he was the most powerful martial power within the Archaic Alliance.

His strength was, in fact, a secret which very few people knew.

This was Zhang Yuanhang’s father, a man who had encountered a fortune and became a mutant 21 years ago.

"I had no grievances with your Zhang family but you were all intent on taking my life. Could all of this be related to you?" Chu Feng inquired.

"The breathing technique in your possession is enough to move even peerless experts, let alone others like me. Neither will I be the last one to covet it."

Silvery light shot out from the old man’s eyes. His aura was still imposing despite the dangerous situation but he did admit to his mistake in sending people after Chu Feng.

The silver-haired elder offered Chu Feng a deal. If he was willing to let them go this time, the alliance would wholeheartedly support Chu Feng in the future.

"The famed mountains are all buried in ice and snow. An unprecedented change is about to sweep over the world. You’ll definitely be able to conquer a mountain if you work with our Zhang family and the Archaic Alliance."

The silver-haired elder was of an opinion that the famed mountains were not truly revived just yet and that their future value was incomparable. One would need to occupy one of them to be able to gain a foothold for the future.

He even predicted that the beings from the external regions would immediately fight for the famed mountains once they descend.

"You’ll only be able to negotiate with the powerful beings from the other realms if you own a famed mountain. Only then will you be able to gain more benefits and rise to power." The silver-haired elder’s eyes were almost luminous.

"You have no right to discuss conditions with me. I can easily obtain these things by myself," Chu Feng spoke calmly as murderous intent pervaded the air.

"I don’t want to fight to the end with you. Don’t force my hand." The old man’s expression was gloomy.

The black yak walked in. "Hand over the breathing technique that the Archaic Alliance gave the Hollow Jade Temple Master. We want to take a look."

"We don’t have it." The silver-haired elder shook his head.

"Then what’s the use of leaving you. Die!" The black yak was enraged.


Chu Feng’s flying knife shot out, filling the air with sword intent which tore the villa apart.

"Then let’s go down together!"

The silver-haired elder roared in fury. He was as strong as a silver lion. He had long since known that this youth was aggressive and was mentally prepared for this kind of outcome.

In this hand was an old and yellowish piece of paper on which were inscriptions of Buddhist symbols. Every stroke therein was now glowing with blinding light as if tadpoles were swimming upon the shriveled paper.

He was giving it his all as he poured all of his essence energy into the talisman, hoping to activate it and decimate everyone.

Chu Feng wasn’t quite familiar with its might but would certainly not allow the enemy to activate it. The flying knife immediately appeared in front of him to cut off his hand.

The silver-haired elder moved to the side and effectively evaded the attack. He was confident in being able to activate this Buddhist Talisman but he wasn’t sure if it could take Chu Feng’s life.


A bloody light erupted from his shoulder, causing him to stagger backward with a groan. His whole arm had been cut off.

Yellow Ox’s delicate little face revealed itself from near the window behind them. He had used a chopstick-sized silver spear to cut off the elder’s shoulder joint so that he could no longer charge the piece of yellow paper.

This silver spear along with the jade stone containing the Demon Flood Dragon Fist was a gift from the Pre-Qin Research Institute when he was going on a rampage back at Shuntian.

Chu Feng already had the flying knife so he had given it to Yellow Ox.


With a flash of his blade, Chu Feng had lopped off the elder’s head. He flashed once and took hold of the old piece of paper which had started to grow dim without the influx of energy.

"What a waste of a rare treasure! He has no idea how to use it properly." Yellow Ox had leapt over to where they stood and looked down disdainfully at the silver-haired elder.

The silver-haired elder died with a look of resent and indignation.

"This is the Golden Arhat Talisman, a type of consumable magical weapon crafted by a mighty evolved ancient entity."

According to Yellow Ox, it was like a fuse which, when ignited, would draw in the drifting energies of the world and cause them to collide. The result would be an absolutely terrifying explosion.

The paper was still useable now that they had stopped the activation sequence.

Yellow Ox observed it closely. "This should be made by the Golden Arhat. There’s even his signature here. Its destructive potential is extraordinary and should even be able to would experts with six severed shackles when it explodes."

Chu Feng, the Manchurian Tiger, and the Donkey King were all astonished. It was just an old piece of paper. Could a consumable weapon really wound a peerless expert?

"The Golden Arhat lineage is considered extraordinary even among evolved beings. Even a simple product could be lethal for those in the shackled realm."

As he spoke, Yellow Ox continued to study the scribblings on the paper, but unfortunately, all of them were unfathomable Buddhist writings.

"Unfortunately, it's not the work of a Bodhisattva level evolved being. Otherwise, a casually produced item would be incomparably terrifying."

Chu Feng was somewhat moved after hearing this and even looked forward to finding such items.

"What exactly is the Bodhisattva level?" the Manchurian Tiger asked.

"Don’t think too much for the time being. It’s quite difficult to go past even the shackled realm with the current state of this world. We can ponder more about this when we find some kind of deifying fortune."

Chu Feng then proceeded to hypnotize the remaining people and, after obtaining enough information, he killed all the men.

All of them were descendants of the Zhang family. Chu Feng had sufficient reason to kill them all. Some of them had taken part in the plan to harm Chu Feng while others were in charge of negotiating with the beast races.

But he didn’t harm the innocent. There were many women and children whom Chu Feng didn’t touch. He merely knocked them out with a brush of his hand.

They opened up the Zhang family’s underground treasury. Yellow Ox went through them and started picking out useful things. In the end, he was delighted to find three more Golden Arhat Talismans. These things would surely prove useful for them despite being the simplest of items produced by an ancient evolved being!

"Haha…" Yellow Ox was in a great mood. His exquisite little face was full of smiles.

"Too bad we didn’t manage to find the breathing technique or the fist technique manual."

"Let’s go. We still need to visit the Archaic Alliance Building!" Chu Feng told them.

He had already gained information from the hypnotized men that the Archaic Alliance’s treasury was in fact under the skyscraper. That was their true area of importance.

The Zhang family was one of the most important members of the Archaic Alliance and possessed a fair bit of authority. However, they couldn’t speak for the whole organization.

They rushed over at full speed and arrived in mere moments. They immediately rushed into the underground treasury. It was where their most important collections were kept.

The frightening traps were nothing in the face of a peerless expert. All obstacles crumbled along the way—even the alloy wall that was several meters thick couldn’t resist long against Chu Feng’s fist and flying knife—it was soon torn apart.

He had also dealt with all the booby traps and self-destructing mechanisms.

The treasury was filled with a dazzling line up of rare antiques. There was even half a flying saucer dug up from a certain ancient site.

Yellow Ox looked through everything and frowned. He had certainly found some items left behind by ancient evolved beings but all of them were fragmented and virtually useless.

"No fist technique manual!" They were all disappointed.

"No worries. I’ll teach you all the Xingyi Fist when we return. There’s a breathing technique hidden within it." Chu Feng consoled the two oxen.

Finally, Yellow Ox’s eyes flashed. He had discovered a Buddhist staff. It was completely dark but began to release Buddhist lights after activation. It emanated a divine aura and was obviously an extraordinary magical weapon.

"We didn’t waste our time in coming here. This is a great item!" Yellow Ox’s beautiful face was full of smiles.

They guessed that the Archaic Alliance must have dug up a certain Buddhist site to build up such a collection.

Finally, they gave the staff to the black yak who was soon beaming with joy and couldn’t stop smiling.

Liu Ziheng was beheaded, the Zhang family annihilated and even the Archaic Alliance’s treasury was dug open. This news was certain to shake the world.

The culprits didn’t linger very long. They immediately left Hangcheng on top of the Golden Condor and rushed towards the Exterrestrial Culture Research Institute. They claimed to be on their way to continue their efforts towards shocking all those corporations to death. Go big or go home!
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