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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 271: Attacking Once Again

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Chapter 271: Attacking Once Again
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Everyone in the parlor was looking at Chu Feng. Those from the Archaic Alliance knew what had happened and was somewhat nervous.

Chu Feng was momentarily silent before speaking, "Very well!"

He agreed to leave and not touch the Archaic Alliance’s people.

He was someone who would repay favors. He was thinking of many things during that moment of silence. His parents had always received the Hollow Jade Temple’s protection.

In addition, the Hollow Jade Temple Master and the Wudang Grandmaster had frequently stood behind him whenever he was in danger.

Now that the other party was asking for a favor, Chu Feng couldn’t refuse. He held back even though he wanted to eradicate all those from the Zhang Family.

But there will be no second time. The Temple Master wasn’t likely to stop him again either.

Chu Feng had always been helping the Hollow Jade Temple take action. He had flattened mountains, razed forts and killed many powerful beast race experts, intimidating the kings of the world. He wasn’t only performing meritorious deeds but also repaying the favor.

"Let's go!" He turned around and left in a straightforward manner.

Zhang Yuanhang immediately relaxed and revealed a smile.

"Brother Chu, I really didn’t think things would turn out like this. We’ll definitely compensate you." Zhang Cheng added honestly.

A knowing radiance flashed in the depths of the elders’ eyes. This outcome was likely the best. The whole alliance was bound to be thrown into chaos if they really let Demon King Chu erupt here.

Chu Feng left without a response.

"We’re leaving just like that?!" The black yak wasn’t satisfied at heart. The Archaic Alliance hid treacherous intentions and had viciously colluded with the beast race to encircle and attack Chu Feng. How could they just let them off like this?"

The Manchurian Tiger felt rather stifled because he had never encountered such an incident before. Although he was never a moral person, he would never let himself feel aggrieved.

But Chu Feng still didn’t speak so they left along with him and stopped trying to persuade him.

"Heehaw…" The donkey cried out one more time before leaving. The group of black-suited agents was left with a black face but ultimately didn’t dare to say anything.

While they were headed down in the elevator, the black yak couldn’t hold it any longer. "They wanted to take your life but we’re letting them off just like that? Dammit, I really want to rush up and give them a good beating. These people look amiable and polite, but there wasn’t a shred of sincerity. You can see from the way they immediately used the Temple Master to suppress you that none of them are good people!"

The black yak was absolutely furious. He wasn’t satisfied at all and even wanted to have Chu Feng withdraw from the Hollow Jade Temple.

The Manchurian Tiger nodded. "This really makes sense. Let’s conquer a mountain for ourselves after you withdraw from the Hollow Jade Temple. You’ll be free from all restrictions like a god. No one will dare ask anything of you neither will you need to do anyone favors!"

Even Yellow Ox agreed, "That makes sense. You’ll gain more freedom by occupying your own mountain. There’s no need to worry about subordinates. We can call over a group of brothers from Kunlun."

"This donkey also agrees. Why should you be bullied at the Hollow Jade Temple? Why should the supremely grand Demon King Chu give up revenge just because of a word from the Temple Master, and those who want to kill you live on in peace."

Only the human form Golden Condor was silent. He still had a knot in his heart although he had submitted and wasn’t willing to speak.

At this time, a beautiful lady with a pair of long white legs and clad in a miniskirt chased after them. Her eyes were slender and beautiful while her voice was gentle, "Mister Chu, please wait a moment."

She actually came to deliver a check. It was the one written initially for one billion.

Chu Feng turned back and, with a snort, turned the delivered check into fine powder before fixing his eyes on the lady, "Take Care!"

"What’s the meaning of this? Are you trying to shoo away a beggar? Are you trying to humiliate my brother?!" The black yak was furious.

"Any of the beast kings my brother has killed is worth more than this check!" the Manchurian Tiger roared.

"Let’s go!" Chu Feng left in large strides.

The old men in the parlor on the 45th floor of the building glanced at each other and smiled. They became noticeably relaxed.

"The Hollow Jade Temple Master’s name sure carries weight. Even Demon King Chu left without a word." Zhang Yuanhang was smiling.

The other three elders were also laughing merrily.

At this time, Zhang Cheng lifted his head and stood tall, no longer the amiable and humble character from before. The eyes of this sharp and capable person were deep and spirited. His temperament was completely different from before as the corners of his mouth revealed an indifferent smile. "At last, we’ve chased him away."

Chu Feng and his party didn’t immediately left Hangcheng but didn’t go very far. The Golden Condor King was instructed to land at a place a few kilometers away.

"Are we letting them go just like that?" The black yak was unconvinced.

"Let’s wait awhile. The Hollow Jade Temple Master personally made this request so I need to do him a favor. But there won’t be a 'next time'," Chu Feng replied.

Lu Tong contacted him before long. The old man was feeling guilty and troubled.

Lu Tong told Chu Feng that he would refuse the Archaic Alliance’s request and have his people immediately kill Liu Ziheng.

"Eh? They still want to retrieve this human king safely?!" Chu Feng’s killing intent surged wildly. The Archaic Alliance’s requests were simply too excessive.

This Liu Ziheng had gone to Jiangxi and worked together with a group of beast kings to kill Chu Feng. Now, after being captured, those Zhang family members from the Archaic Alliance have the audacity to ask for the prisoner?

"Give an inch and they want a mile. Chu Feng didn’t cause trouble for them but these bastards still want the culprit back?!" The Manchurian Tiger felt indignant.

"Let’s slaughter them all. Why should be let him go?! Off with his head!" Even the cowardly donkey was shouting at this time.

Chu Feng gave this some thought and told Lu Tong, "Since we're already doing a good deed then do it until the end. Deliver him back to the Archaic Alliance."

"Sigh, don’t say such things in anger. I’ll help you slaughter him in a moment!" Lu Tong replied.

Chu Feng stopped him. "Don’t kill him, let him go. I’m not saying it out of anger. I mean it."

Lu tong was puzzled and dumbstruck. Why would they release such an enemy?

"I’m now repaying the Hollow Jade Temple, aren’t I? I should do it thoroughly. Next time the Temple Master shouldn’t come looking for me anymore, right?" said Chu Feng.

"Sigh!" Lu tong sighed because he knew Chu Feng was completely dissatisfied this time.

But he quickly realized that the little brat wouldn’t allow such an enemy to live even if he was acting out of spite. He definitely had other intentions.

"What are you planning?" He couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Feng replied, "Old man, keep tabs on those people who come to you these days. List down all those who ask you to intercede in this matter."

"You want to go along the vines to find the melon—you plan to use this opportunity to find all the remaining corporations?!" Lu Tong’s eyes squinted somewhat.

Chu Feng nodded. "Others might use the same methods after seeing the Archaic Alliance use favors to resolve this matter."

He also added that Lu Tong should announce that it was him who had lent the Archaic Alliance a helping hand this time.

"You want everyone to think that I’m highly capable and thus come to me for help?"

"Indeed. Water down the Hollow Jade Temple Master’s merit and advertise your efforts."

Chu Feng ended the call after a simple conversation.

"Brat, you’re letting the Archaic Alliance off today not only to repay a favor but also to round up the remaining prey, right?" The black yak stared at him.

"Yeah, let’s try this method," Chu Feng didn’t deny it, "I had planned to visit the corporations one by one, but it doesn’t feel quite right without any proof. Let’s see if we can catch a big fish this time."

News spread rapidly over the next couple of days that Chu Feng had gone knocking on the Archaic Alliance’s doors only to return without daring to touch the alliance.

This caused quite a commotion. Chu Feng had gone to confront the corporation for colluding with the beast race to harm him but was forced to leave without attacking in the end.

"The Archaic Alliance sure is capable to be able to push back Demon King Chu!" Someone sighed.

"What do you know? It’s said that Lu Tong of the Hollow Jade Temple had stepped in to stop Chu Feng. It’s only due to his favor that this case was closed."

"Ha, pretending to know everything. The truth was that the Archaic Alliance was acquainted with the Hollow Jade Temple Master and had asked him to step in, forcing Chu Feng to leave."

Different kinds of news were spreading at this moment.

The Archaic Alliance’s resources were astonishing. They even had close ties with the Hollow Jade Temple.

Without a doubt, Chu Feng’s might had become quite subdued in the commotion. He had gone to confront his enemies but the other party had asked the Hollow Jade Temple to step in and force him to retreat.

Those who didn’t know the actual situation thought that Chu Feng didn’t dare oppose Lu Tong and the Hollow Jade Temple Master.

These days, numerous corporations were discussing this matter. The corporate scions were also talking about this in their own social circles.

Zhang Cheng’s friends would occasionally call to ask him about the actual situation.

At first, he was very humble. He refused to reveal much except that their grievances with Chu Feng had been resolved and that everything was just a misunderstanding.

But in the end, he revealed the whole course of events while drunk. His tone was unbridled and involved quite a bit of bragging. He said that this Demon King Chu didn’t amount to much and that they had directly called up the Hollow Jade Temple Master who suppressed Chu Feng on the spot. In the end, Chu Feng had left dejectedly and dared not bring this up any longer.

These undoubtedly unfriendly words involving Chu Feng did spread somewhat.

When the news spread, even Jiang Luoshen couldn’t help but call Chu Feng to ask about what had happened.

"Umm, it’s nothing. I just did the Hollow Jade Temple a favor and held back from attacking the Archaic Alliance. But I’m soon going to start a massacre—it can’t be that every corporation is on good terms with the temple, right? Ask around for me, will you? That’ll prevent any accidental injuries when the time comes."

Jiang Luoshen was somewhat dazed after hearing his words and pondered, "You’re not using me to intentionally spread the word. are you?"

She unintentionally shivered after realizing something.

"Do as you see fit if you treat me as a friend." Chu Feng hung up at that point.

Lu Tong contacted Chu Feng on the third day.

"Old man, there should be news right? Who contacted you?" Chu Feng asked him.

Lu tong was momentarily at a loss for what to say and then sighed. "There really is a big fish to be caught!"

"Which one?"

"The Extraterrestrial Research Institute," Lu Tong informed. He explained everything with a sigh.

Not only did the Extraterrestrial Research Institute contact Lu Tong but also went looking for the Eight Visions Temple Master. They had once gifted the latter a five-storied pagoda.

Back then, no one knew of its uses but it eventually turned out to be a powerful magical weapon, and as such, the Eight Visions Temple Master owed them a great favor.

The Extraterrestrial Research Institute hopes the Temple Master would help them make peace with Chu Feng just like the Hollow Jade Temple Master had helped the Archaic Alliance.

"Ha, do the Hollow Jade, Eight Visions and Roaming Jade Temple Masters all have secret relationships with these corporations?!" Chu Feng inquired.

Lu Tong was helpless because the Eight Visions Temple Master had already explained matters to him.

"Haul in the net. Let’s not make it too difficult for you. It's enough that we found such a big fish. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known the Extraterrestrial Research Institute’s involvement in his matter. Things aren’t turning out like I’d expected!"

Chu Feng’s killing intent surged and boiled. He didn’t intend to wait any longer to make his move.

"Calm down, don’t act rashly," Lu Tong was worried.

"I won’t act rashly but they’ll definitely bleed!" Chu Feng hung up the communicator.

"Go, we head to Hangcheng!" He rallied the party.

"Didn’t you say you’re going to do the Hollow Jade Temple Master a favor and not touch the Archaic Alliance?" The black yak asked.

Chu Feng coldly replied, "I said I wasn’t going to touch them that day but three days had passed since then. Additionally, that Zhang Cheng keeps boasting irreverently about this matter, saying that I didn’t dare touch their Zhang family and could only leave dejectedly. Since he dares to provoke a king, we have the reason to go knocking on their door and kill them without mercy!"

Li Ziheng had been recuperating these few days. He was deeply moved by these recent events. He had participated in the scheme to kill Chu Feng and was consequently captured only to be released later. It could be said he had visited the gates of hell.

Many people came to visit him; not only friends and family but also many kings who had come in secret.

"What can Demon King Chu do against the Archaic Alliance? Weren't they forced to release me in the end?" He was quite pleased with himself as he boasted ostentatiously.

But he soon regretted it because his words were soon spread far and wide.

He was feeling increasingly uneasy these days.

At this moment, he opened his eyes in terror after feeling his eyelids trembling. Was this a king’s intuition?

He stood up and planned to leave Hangcheng and the Archaic Alliance.

But he was immediately frozen in place when he realized there was a young man in the room, looking at him with merciless eyes

"Chu Feng, you… how come you’re here?!" he cried out in alarm.

This was the Archaic Alliance’s building. The whole of the 20th floor was his personal resting and training area, but Chu Feng had actually arrived silently.

"I came in an upright manner," Chu Feng replied.

"Don’t kill me!" He was frightened out of his wits after meeting Chu Feng a second time. He couldn’t find the slightest bit of strength to resist, knowing that the distance between them was simply too great.

"Give me a reason not to kill you," Chu Feng was cold and detached, "rest assured, you won’t die in obscurity. Everyone will know that you were beheaded by me!"


A head fell to the floor at that moment.

After that, Chu Feng continued his journey towards the Zhang family. Their residence wasn’t within the skyscraper but instead in a certain villa district.

"Chu Feng?!" Zhang Cheng cried out in astonishment. The others were also alarmed by this uninvited guest.

"Do you still want someone to intercede… wait, suppress was the word. You can contact them now and see if they’re willing to pull you out of this predicament once more.

Chu Feng stood in the hall observing them and wasn’t in a rush to make his move. He was giving them time to call for help.

The black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the others had already surrounded the villa district.

"So slow!" Chu Feng roared and cut off Zhang Cheng’s head with a pfft. He then turned towards Zhang Yuanhang, "If you plan to contact some important characters, you’d better hurry up. I don’t have that much patience."

Zhang Yuanhang’s face was incomparably pale.
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