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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 270: The Archaic Alliance [1]

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Chapter 270: The Archaic Alliance [1]
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Chu Feng walked into the skyscraper which entirely belonged to the Archaic Alliance’s Industries.

"Sir, please stop." A uniformed security guard blocked Chu Feng’s path. The two-meter-tall man looked at Chu Feng with cold eyes.

This was noticeably a mutant and he wasn’t weak at all. His merciless expression told Chu Feng that this was a private property and wasn’t open to outsiders.

"Heehaw, heehaw, we didn’t come to the wrong place. We came specifically to the Archaic Alliance to collect some debt." The donkey’s language sounded as if he was swearing at people.

He was in his human form which appeared as an old man in his sixties with white hair and long protruding ears. Whenever he smiled, he would reveal his large incisors which gave him a vulgar appearance.

The two-meter tall guard glared at the donkey. This old man’s words are so rude! He kept calling other people his son. [2] He suppressed his rage and once again stressed that no one would be allowed here without an appointment.

"It seems not everyone recognizes you." Yellow Ox laughed at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng didn’t speak and just walked forward. He was here to collect debt from the higher-ups of the Archaic Alliance today and wouldn’t stoop to argue with this security staff.

"Halt!" No sooner had the guard shouted than a group of black-suited machos rushed out of the building and encircled him.

Chu Feng didn’t mind them and just kept on going. The Manchurian Tiger and the black yak were walking right behind him.

To them, these insignificant characters were no different than scarecrows. They might be powerful to normal people but were still a far cry from king level entities.

"Are you looking to die?!" the security squad leader roared. The black rod in his hand smashed towards Chu Feng’s shoulder.


The powerful electric current was quite shocking. It was easily a couple of times more powerful than normal tasers and would likely kill any normal person.

"Quite domineering, aren’t you?" Chu Feng murmured. He casually pointed out with his left hand and shot out a similar arc of electricity which broke apart the black rod and sent the two-meter tall man flying.

These agents were trained secretly and had undergone long isolated periods of martial training. They were all fearless and violent towards the enemy. Even if they did recognize Chu Feng, which they did not, they would still dare attack him.

The group of people cried loudly and many stun batons swung towards Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, none of that was enough. Chu Feng’s body glowed resplendently and immediately sent them flying.

He continued to take slow steps forward and entered the building.

"You dare act so unbridled here?! Everyone on the floor, now!" Another group of black-suited men carrying high-caliber firearms emerged from within.

"Damn, this really is an underground organization. It’s like a kingdom of shadiness. You lot dare use such things as long as it's within your area? Does neither law nor moral exist here?" the black yak roared from behind.

He discarded the carrot-sized cigar from his mouth and began to loosen the buttons on his white shirt before adjusting his sunglasses. White steam began to rise from his nostrils as he prepared to take action.

Needless to say, his appearance was quite threatening. More than half of those guards had their guns aimed at him.

Thump, thump, thump…

These people were extremely violent. They directly opened fire at Chu Feng and the black yak!

Both of them were quite astonished. These people dare shoot even in the heart of the city? This was absolutely reckless behavior as they were above the law.

Although they knew these corporations were powerful and possessed a fair bit of authority in their respective areas, the domineering actions had far exceeded their expectations.


The black yak was furious. He turned into a black cyclone and spun right into the enemy group.

Bullets were useless against him. They only made clanking sounds but couldn’t damage the black yak’s diamond-like physique at all. The enemies were all swept away like rags with a single kick.

The others started to make their move. The donkey knew it was his time to shine and transformed into his true form, crying, "Heehaw, heehaw…"

His speed was simply too fast. He ran past like a wisp of smoke and struck out with his hooves, sending a whole group of black suits flying. They were all left rolling on the ground with broken bones and tendons.

Suddenly, the black yak felt a sudden shock. His hair all stood on end as he leapt towards a certain direction.


At that same time, Chu Feng shot out his flying knife and ground a room into pieces. There was actually a shocking laser weapon inside!

They had actually installed such a powerful killing weapon on the ground floor of a city skyscraper. This was too astonishing.

"Heehaw, heehaw, you lot are courting death!" The Donkey King was furious. He extended his hooves to attack with great swiftness and ferocity. He followed the black yak to destroy many of the decorative items on the building’s ground floor.

"This really is an independent underground kingdom." Chu Feng sighed.

At this moment, the clack of high heels on the marble floor reverberated throughout the halls. A beautiful lady was walking over. She was wearing a short skirt over her long snow white legs. Her facial features were nothing short of exquisite with long narrow eyes which almost seemed like they could talk.

"Chu… Feng, Mister Chu, what a pleasant surprise! We never expected you to visit our Archaic Alliance! I apologize for these people. They don’t understand the rules at all and had offended you. Please forgive us."

This uniformed lady was quite amiable. She apologized repeatedly, explaining that these black-suited guards were fresh out of isolated training and didn’t recognize Chu Feng. This led to all the misunderstanding.

At the same time, she told him that she has contacted the higher-ups of the Archaic Alliance and that the relevant personnel were all rushing over.

Her name was Li Liqiong. Judging from the attitude of the black men and other staff around the building towards her, it was obvious that her status was quite significant.

Chu Feng wasn’t one to smack a smiling person in the face nor did he want to implicate innocent people. What he wanted was to deal with those who had plotted against him behind his back.

The entered the elevator and reached the meeting hall on the 45th floor where they waited for the Archaic Alliance dignitaries to arrive.

There were also a few important characters present. A handsome and amiable young man showed up in a low-key manner and greeted them politely. He apologized profusely for their boorish security personnel.

Li Liqiong introduced him as the young master of House Zhang. His name was Zhang Cheng and was one of the members of the Archaic Alliance.

"The term young master is more of a mockery to someone like me. Brother Chu, please just call me Zhang Cheng. If you’re willing to call me brother, I’ll be overwhelmed by the favor." Zhang Cheng was extremely humble.

Chu Feng glance was simple and frank. He only told the other party that he was here to collect on debt despite their humble and amiable attitude.

Zhang Cheng was flabbergasted at first but then seemed to realize something. "Could Uncle Liu’s disappearance be related to the host of kings converging to hunt Brother Chu?"

The Uncle Liu he was referring to was the Liu Ziheng that Chu Feng had captured at Mount Yunluo.

Chu Feng revealed an indifferent but cold smile. "How does the Archaic Alliance plan to explain things to me?"

He released a stand of imperceptible killing intent. He had been twice besieged by a mob of king level experts in Jiangxi, not to mention among them, the human kings were the most vicious.

At Mount Yunluo, when the Peacock King was about to retreat, it was again that Liu Ziheng and the other human who had made efforts to persuade the kings to finish off Chu Feng.

It could be said that these corporate powers were even more ruthless than the beast race. They were intent on killing Chu Feng.

Zhang Cheng was seemingly astonished and puzzled. "Why did Uncle Liu do such a thing? We weren’t aware at all."

Chu Feng remained silent. The black yak and the Manchurian Tiger were all looking on with cold expressions.

"If Uncle Liu was indeed proven to have done something so hateful, we’ll definitely not let him off easily without severe punishments. We’ll definitely give Brother Chu a satisfactory answer."

"Severe punishment? You think he’ll return alive?!" The black yak’s expression was calm.

"It is indeed our fault. In any event, since something like this had happened, the Archaic Alliance will definitely give Brother Chu a satisfactory explanation." Zhang Cheng sighed with a regretful expression.

Li Liqiong quietly reported that the higher-ups of the Archaic Alliance had arrived.

Chu Feng stood at the parlor window and glanced into the distance. They were on the 45th floor and the room was faced towards the West Lake. The skies were filled with heavy snowfall but it was like midsummer where they stood. It was certainly a marvel.

Four elderly men entered through the door and one of them was Zhang Cheng’s uncle. His name was Zhang Yuanhang

Those elders were all shocked after hearing of this incident on the road. They were completely unaware that Liu Ziheng had actually done such a thing.

Zhang Yuanheng was clad in traditional Chinese suit and appeared to be in his fifties. He was spirited but humble as he apologized profusely, saying they were willing to compensate Chu Feng.

"In any case, Liu Ziheng was an expert under our employment. Even though he was secretly involved in such a matter, we should definitely share the responsibility."

The other elders also began to apologize.

Chu Feng looked on with cold eyes as if he was an uninvolved party. He spoke nary a word because he had already known from Liu Ziheng’s confession that someone from the Zhang Family had instructed him to take action.

And here these people were shifting the blame as if they were the most innocent people around.

The Manchurian Tiger sneered. "Then let’s see some magical weapons and a few breathing techniques."

"This… we really don’t have any. Although our Archaic Alliance does have some valuable collections, it doesn’t involve such items." Zhang Yuanheng sighed.

The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth revealed a cold smile. The fact that the human king that day had taken out the violet lightning hammer to kill him only goes to show how much wealth these corporations were hiding. How could they not have such things?

The black yak’s expression turned solemn. He felt that, although these somewhat conceited Archaic Alliance elders were apologizing, they were sorely lacking in sincerity.

"How do you wish to solve this problem?" Yellow Ox directly asked.

"From now on, you gentlemen are honored guests of the Archaic Alliance and we’ll be glad to assist you wherever we can." A certain elder stated and began writing a check.

Chu Feng glanced at the numbers and noticed a string of zeros which summed up to a total of one billion. The staggering amount of money would likely be enough for normal people to spend several lifetimes over.

Chu Feng’s expression, however, showed no change at all because the price for killing any king level entity would be more expensive than this.

The black yak’s expression sunk. "Are you looking down on my brother? A peerless expert’s life is only valued at one billion? Are you planning to shoo us away with money? What arrogance!"

"We can add another large sum if Brother Chu feels that the amount is not enough. We’ll definitely satisfy you all," the elder explained while writing another check, "Liu Ziheng’s actions are really unrelated to us. He might speak a lot of nonsense and try to drag us down in order to protect himself, but we’re being wrongly accused."

Zhang Yuanheng stressed this part repeatedly that the Archaic Alliance would investigate this matter thoroughly and that they would capture everyone named by Liu Ziheng.

Zhang Cheng chimed in, "Brother Chu, please allay your anger. We’re also helpless in this matter. But rest assured that we’ll definitely appease you. Please don’t be angry."

He wore an extremely sincere and amiable expression as he bowed in apology.

The elders all made polite gestures of apology.

At this time, Chu Feng’s communicator rang. It was Lu Tong.

"Chu Feng, sigh, I don’t know how to say this." Lu Tong sounded rather awkward.

"Just say it. Why are you regarding me as an outsider?" Chu Feng left the parlor and went off to the side.

"The people from the Archaic Alliance have come to us for help. They want us to tell you not to attack them," Lu Tong explained.

The Archaic Alliance’s abilities were indeed extensive. They had immediately gone to Lu Tong and used every method in their arsenal to have them stop Chu Feng.

"Their arm surely stretches long and had even reached into the Hollow Jade Temple. They even want you to restrict me. Old man do you care about their attitude at all?!"

Chu Feng’s eyes were cold. The Archaic Alliance’s reach was extensive and knew when to call upon relationships and favors, but how could they be so deluded as to think he would change his mind.

"I declined at first, but they contacted the Hollow Jade Temple Master in person and asked us to help them this one time," Lu Tong helplessly informed.

"The Hollow Jade Temple Master?" Chu Feng was astonished. What relationship did the Temple Master have with the Archaic Alliance?

Lu Tong sighed. "It’s said that the Temple Master owes them a favor. The alliance had once gifted him a fist technique manual which contained an astonishing breathing technique within."

Chu Feng walked out with a cold expression after ending the call. These people were certainly resourceful. They not only went to Lu Tong but also approached the Hollow Jade Temple Master for help.

A spirited glint flashed across the depths of Zhang Yuanhang’s eyes after seeing Chu Feng return.

Chu Feng sat down and said nothing. He didn’t make things difficult for them but had no plans to back off either.

The people from the Archaic Alliance became even more humble. There was no fault to be found in their behavior.

Suddenly, Zhang Cheng’s communicator rang. Seemingly both surprised and delighted, he took the call and respectfully spoke, "Uncle, please rest assured. We’ll definitely reach a satisfactory conclusion. Yes, Brother Chu is indeed here. I’ll hand the communicator over to him."

At this time, the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the Donkey King were all stunned. Who was it on the other end of the communicator. The person sounded quite excessive.

Zhang Cheng walked over and spoke lightly to Chu Feng, "Unexpectedly, Uncle Yuan has found out about this matter and is personally asking me about it."

He then told Chu Feng that Uncle Yuan was the master of the Hollow Jade Temple and that the call was from him. This astonished the black yak and the Manchurian Tiger.

Chu Feng took the communicator and heard an amiable voice from the other end, "Little Chu, would you mind doing me a favor?"

It was indeed the Temple Master who had personally made the call. He was pleading for mercy on behalf of the alliance and requesting him to let them go this time.

Chu Feng’s pupils constricted and glared at those people in the parlor. They were trying to suppress him with help from the Master of the Hollow Jade Temple?!


[1] Were changing Tonggu Alliance to Archaic Alliance because that’s what Tonggu means. The name given previously was somewhat… lazy?

[2] Remember that the donkey’s bray sounds like the world "oh my dear son/ my son"
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