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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 267: Inferior to Beasts

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Chapter 267: Inferior to Beasts
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It was indeed heavy snowfall which filled the entire sky. The whole of Mount Putuo was soon covered in white, and the millennial temple and the violet bamboo groves were soon buried underneath.

The sudden change from midsummer climate to being sealed in ice and snow was completely unprecedented. Not once in a thousand years had such a bizarre change occurred.

Chu Feng stood at the peak and gazed towards the skies and then at the surrounding lands. He was looking out for any potential changes.

Qian Jia stood on one side with a solemn expression. He hadn’t expected the second upheaval to arrive so suddenly and so soon.

A white-robed Jiang Luoshen was also there. She appeared somewhat nervous, not knowing what would happen to the world after these changes. Would the world remain as she remembered?

Myriad changes swept over the world during the last upheaval. Beasts and birds gained sentience, many of them reaching a level where they could stand on equal footing with the humans. What about this time?

No one knew what would happen!

"The ice has only covered a few kilometers in radius. Things remain unchanged beyond that." Chu Feng spoke.

"Benefactor’s divine intent is truly sharp. This old monk is truly inferior." Qian Jia sighed. Although they were both experts with five severed shackles, he was quite inferior in comparison.

Jiang Luoshen left in a hurry to find her communicator and inquire about matters in detail.

She had been busy playing the zither and reading ancient scriptures in isolation recently. She was undergoing a type of cultivation and even her communicator wasn’t with her.

Chu Feng looked down at the blood-stained Bodhi leaf in his hand and focused his gaze towards the distance. He wanted to see if that mountain would reappear after the upheaval.

He vaguely heard a certain sound from the sky in the direction of the vanishing mountain. It was both like a man’s voice and a beast’s roar.


Many higher ups from Bodhi Biogenetics rushed over at this time. They were searching anxiously for Qian Jia to inquire if the upheaval had truly begun.

They also looked towards Chu Feng and some of them proceeded to greet him. "Mister Chu."

Some of the old men wanted Chu Feng to stay at Mount Putuo and help see it through the upheaval. None of them were confident at the moment.

These people could barely be considered as some of the core members of Bodhi Biogenetics. They had already communicated with the central executives and everyone agreed that these changes were quite mysterious and difficult to fathom. Since Chu Feng was already at Mount Putuo, it would be much safer for them if they could get him to stay and oversee things.

Chu Feng’s was calm and silent. Why should he stay and help them guard Mount Putuo?

"We’re willing to share all the fortunes here with Mister Chu," an old man offered.

"Unfortunately, it might not necessarily be fortunes this time." Chu Feng pointed towards the Bodhi Tree which was as thick as a water basin. It was also the only divine tree on the mountain that was sprouting new leaves.

The sprouting leaves were shrinking. Not only did it stop growing and lost its radiance, but it was also actually reversing its growth. The leaves were shrinking back into soft shoots and had become dull in color.

The old men’s expressions became quite ugly. They dispatched some people to invite a couple of botanists over. They had been obviously meticulous with their efforts after occupying this place, even bringing over relevant specialists from different fields.

"Reverse growth. This is inconceivable!" The two botanists were quite frustrated because they couldn’t make head or tails of it.

Jiang Luoshen returned at this moment. "It’s currently snowing over the Pilgrimage Grounds. Mount Longhu is clad in a silver mantle. Kunlun has become a field of white and Mount Zhongnan is covered in 60 centimeters of snow."

It was not a large scale snowfall. Only certain famed mountains were assailed by blizzards and had frozen over.

The sky turned dark and the weather was becoming increasingly cold. Snow was still falling and had reached half a man’s height on the summit.

Very soon, more news came from the Bodhi headquarters.

"Only the famed mountains and great rivers are seeing snow. Other places are relatively unaffected."

That night, the old men wanted to invite Chu Feng to dinner but were tactfully declined. He didn’t want to associate with them.

Chu Feng actively invited Qian Jia to partake in his flood serpent hotpot but the old monk’s expression turned dark and firmly refused.

"Master [2], Buddha sits firmly within the heart while meat and wine will pass through the intestines. Don’t think of meat as meat nor wine as wine. Don’t be too fixated on the representation."

"This monk still sees meat as meat and wine as wine. These are innate qualities." Qian Jia put his palms together in prayer and slowly excused himself.

The flood serpent meat boiling within the pot was releasing a strong aroma. There were also thin slices of the Sheep King’s thigh meat, sparkling and translucent like coral, along with meat from the Turtledove King’s wings.

It was an inexplicable luxury for a foodie like him to eat such a ho tpot during the bitter cold and heavy snowfall.

The old men from Bodhi Biogenetics had someone send over a bottle of good wine to perfect Chu Feng’s enjoyment.

Jiang Luoshen arrived before his door with complex emotions. She had always teased and mocked Chu Feng, but now she was somewhat apprehensive.


Finally, she got rid of her Buddhist scroll and opened the door. She had recovered some of her confidence and stopped worrying.

"I’ve come for a free meal!" She became calm after ignoring Chu Feng’s status as a peerless expert.

Chu Feng raised his head and smiled. "This time, you don’t have your daughter, Xia Qianyu, in tow."

Chu Feng had naturally become more amiable after finding no proof that Bodhi Biogenetics had plotted against him. He wouldn’t always use his king level identity to act tyrannically.

The atmosphere suddenly became more relaxed. Jiang Luoshen sat down unrestrainedly and began to eat but she was soon shocked out of her wits.

"Is this the Black Dragon Crown Prince?!"

Jiang Luoshen was blankly staring in astonishment. The outside world still hadn’t realized Hei Teng’s death. The marine race members were still boasting about how Hei Teng possessed a great weapon which he would use to kill experts like Chu Feng with great ferocity.

Who would’ve thought Hei Teng was already on the dining table and she was fortunate enough to have personally tasted the exquisite meat.

Even though Jiang Luoshen had recovered here usual bearings and was no longer awkward around Chu Feng, she was still badly startled.

This news would surely shock a lot of people once spread. The marine race would be completely dumbfounded. Where was the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the southern sea? In the hotpot!

"This is the Turtledove King and that’s the Sheep King. As for this one…"

Jiang Luoshen’s mind was in disarray after hearing Chu Feng’s introductions. Her beautiful eyes were opened wide as she glanced at the meat on her chopsticks. Should she eat it or not?

There were half a dozen silver plates full of food on the table. Were all of these king level entities?

Additionally, they were all famous king level experts. Some had received the attention of Bodhi Biogenetics and were kings that the corporation wanted to rope in. But in the end, they had all ended up in the hotpot as food for Demon King Chu!

After seeing Chu Feng calmly introducing the various ingredients and their tastes, Jiang Luoshen decided to throw caution to the wind. What king level entities? They were merely food for the table!

Finally, the host and the guest proceeded to enjoy their sumptuous meal. Ice and snow had engulfed the world outside but the heat and fragrance were surging within the room.

A bottle of wine wasn’t quite enough so Jiang Luoshen sent for more.

Later on, Chu Feng was slightly tipsy and Jiang Luoshen had almost passed out, the long lashes on her half-closed eyes fluttering. She had recovered her inherent personality and was no longer fearful.

"You’re such a bad person. I had accompanied Qianyu on the blind date but you pushed us into an awkward predicament right on our first meeting. I was reported on the news for no good reason." Jiang Luoshen was still dissatisfied about that old incident.

"Yeah, I still remember people saying you were raising my child. But, it really isn’t mine. I swear it!" Chu Feng was somewhat drunk.

Jiang Luoshen glared at Chu Feng and really wanted to smack him right now. Being together with this bastard after letting go of her inhibitions was just as she expected. He was definitely one to make her teeth itch in anger.

She refused to back down despite being drunk and retorted with mockery, "The grand Demon King Chu who can even contend with peerless experts is always being forced to go on blind dates. Moreover, I always find out, haha…"

Jiang Luoshen was somewhat drunk. Her fair and exquisite face was suffused with a shade of red, adding to its radiance. Her figure was almost perfect and alluring.

Chu Feng’s face turned dark and felt that he was indeed quite unlucky. The first time was a blind date with Xia Qianyu, and the next was with the Undead Phoenix King. He would always run into Jiang Luoshen each time.

"Still going on blind dates in this day and age. Just call me elder sister and I’ll introduce you to a few good sisters of mine. All of them are slender, elegant and beautiful," Jiang Luoshen mocked.

"Stop adding to the mess! Are you looking for another spanking?" Chu Feng glanced sideways at her and taunted.

Jiang Luoshen suddenly felt humiliated. She had been spanked twice by this person for no good reason. This made her feel quite angry.

Finally, Jiang Luoshen completely passed out and slid elegantly onto the floor beneath the table.

Chu Feng finished off the leftovers, finally feeling full and somewhat tipsy. Only then did he carry Jiang Luoshen onto the couch and covered her with a thick blanket.

"You might let your imagination run wild and start screaming if you wake up on the bed. It’s better you sleep on the couch!"

He then staggered into the room, collapsed on the large, comfortable bed and fell asleep.

Later that night, Jiang Luoshen got up in a daze and went to the bathroom. She was still drunk at that time. Upon her return, she instinctively walked into the main bedroom and naturally fell asleep on the bed.

"Ah, Jiang Luoshen you’ve come to the wrong place. Stop molesting me!" Chu Feng reminded unceremoniously. He was a king level entity and could naturally wake up from even the movement of the grass in the wind.

However, the drowsy Jiang Luoshen fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

Chu Feng glared at her but after some thought, he decided to ignore her and continued to sleep.

The commotion come morning wasn’t too surprising.

The world outside had become one of ice and snow as temperatures plummeted. Jiang Luoshen felt oddly cozy as she woke up. It almost seemed as if she was in someone’s arms.

"Ah…" she screamed out loud.

"Stop screaming. You molested me last night!" Chu Feng hurriedly spoke. Although the other party’s tall and lithe body filled his arms with warmth, it really had nothing to do with him.

"You.. what did you do to me?!" Jiang Luoshen jumped up in surprise. Her slender and graceful figure landed on the distant ground.

Chu Feng helplessly waved his hands and replied, "You were drunk yesterday so I tossed you on the couch."

Anger was written all over Jiang Luoshen’s beautiful face. She immediately noticed the words "tossed you on the couch". This bastard actually let her sleep on the couch?! How unkind!

"But then you stumbled into my room in the dead of the night. I warned you not to molest me but you still climbed onto the bed and rolled towards me. I pushed you back several times and even kicked you off the bed by accident, but you still refuse to give up. In the end, I had no other choice but to let you harass me as I struggled to fall asleep."

Jiang Luoshen wanted to hammer him after hearing these words. This fellow was simply too disgraceful! What kind of words were these?! He’s speaking as if she was so deplorable.

"You beast!" She chided indignantly.

Chu Feng replied, "Nonsense! I was obviously inferior to the beasts. You were dead drunk, but unfortunately, I fell asleep and didn’t get the chance to become a beast."


"At most, I accidentally touched certain places while resisting your relentless approaches!" Chu Feng righteously exclaimed.


Jiang Luoshen immediately ran away. There was no way to outspeak this kind of person. She couldn’t keep on speaking either, or else she would break down from the frustration and anger.

Chu Feng momentarily observed the surroundings from Mount Putuo. The mysterious mountain hadn’t appeared despite the ice and snow.

"Old Jiang, your daughter has performed a meritorious deed. She was with Chu Feng the whole night. That brat might join our Bodhi Biogenetics in the future."

An old man was talking mysteriously with Jiang Luoshen’s father over the phone that morning.

"Old Chen, you son of a b*tch! You dare harm my daughter? I’ll fight it out with you!" A loud roar came through the communicator.

"It’s got nothing to do with me!"

Two old men began to fight through the communicator.

Chu Feng left Mount Putuo and crossed the sea. The whole world was sure to be in an uproar this morning.

All the famed mountains and great rivers were covered in snow while other areas were unaffected. This caused great waves among the people.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s string of murders was also causing a great uproar! He went from killing the host of kings at Mount Yunluo and eliminating the Ashwolf Tribe to raiding Mount Putuo to kill the Peacock Tribe members.

Both of these news were hot topics which triggered many a discussion and debate.

Chu Feng maintained a steady pace and crossed 7000 kilometers to arrive at Jiangxi before two hours had passed.

People from everywhere were talking about the snowfall on the famed mountains. The long-awaited upheaval that they had all been anticipating was starting.

At the same time, many were assessing Chu Feng’s combat prowess. He had shocked the world with one battle by killing a host of beast kings on his own. All parties were shaken and gasping in surprise.

At the critical moment, those from the marine race stood out and stated that Hei Teng would probably act soon.

"Who on the continent can contend with the Black Dragon Crown Prince once he recovers from his injuries?!"

"The Black Dragon Crown Prince has brought a great weapon with him. Not to mention Demon King Chu, it would be difficult to win even if a couple of peerless experts teamed up on him."

Most of the marine race members believed this to be the case and was waiting for Hei Teng to display his might and settle the score with Chu Feng who was currently at his peak.

Even now, none of them knew that Hei Teng had long since become food for Chu Feng.

The marine race members were all calmly waiting to watch a good show.

But another news that came out greatly astonished them.

Some people found a gigantic flood serpent skeleton on Mount Sanqing. Most of its flesh had been cut away with only fragments of it remaining.

"Hei Teng has been eaten by someone!" This news caused the marine race members to be absolutely dumbfounded.

"Impossible!" The marine race experts could hardly believe it.

[1] The title is actually somewhat of a pun in chinese. The world 禽獸不如 meant that the person was inferior to beasts or worse than a beast/ even more repulsive than a beast. But here what he wanted to say was that he didn’t quite reach the level of a beast because he didn’t do the deed.

[2] The word master here is used to address Buddhist monks.
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